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Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet E01

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This video from: Morbid.
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Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet E01

Game: Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet

Year: 2008

Developer: Frogwares


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Hi guys so welcome to the mystery of the Persian carpet a Sherlock Holmes game so I had mentioned that I was going to be playing mystery of the mummy but I actually am unable to make it work on my computer so i have read on a lot of steam forums that they've been having trouble playing it mainly because i think this is just a newer system and that is such an old game and i have games that are even like XP and they won't play on this one so i have a windows seven alienware 14 so i have a very very new computer i don't even have. The newest windows so and I'm actually afraid to upgrade because then I feel like I won't be able to play even more games so um but anywho I'm excited to. Play this and what's a hit play i'm going to make sure that it's working because i started recording a Sherlock game before and then I realized that it wasn't working so let's see here linear. Investigation let's do detective mode because I don't want to be like too easy and I will not skip any puzzles I will solve a puzzle even if I have to look it up so let's do detective mode London the seventh of August 18 something this gun.

Was decidedly stiffly homes stifling. Sorry Holmes do I'd to click yeah why. Don't you take a holiday in the country Watson an excellent idea homes will you accompany me I think I shall answer this note from Scotland Yard instead Scotland Yard do you recall that we re received little bit do you recall that we receive a plea for help yesterday yes to resolve the mystery murder of a poor miserable painter no sauce no suspects no leads but you said that you don't have time for this type of business but I had just learned that the young man was found rolled up in a remarkable carpet remarkable an expensive Persian carpets that have been stolen and it changes everything Watson will you accompany me my dear Watson let's acquaint ourselves with this affair we can go to the scene of the investigation pass by Scotland Yard as well well I literally can't check if I'm recording okay to continue playing click on the X at the top right corner all right welcome to a new.

Investigation you are portraying the famous detective Sherlock Holmes you will need to explore scenes in order to find clues and reveal suspects the crime report is available at Scotland Yard the police will make available the interrogations of suspects and the statements of witnesses make use of them of course you also have use of your lodgings at 22 1 b baker street to an analyze certain clues and draw your conclusions in each scene you must collect the objects displayed at the bottom of the screen click the mouse in order to collect it when when the cursor transforms into a magnifying glass you have access to a magnified view the cursor also turns into a gear signifies that there is an action to do feel free to use one or many tools to act in such areas you have help in the form of the hint button when you click on it one of the hidden objects is highlighted to read this letter I need to stick old pieces together to start the puzzle just drag the torn paper item above the puzzle icon okay to return to the scene.

A click on clicking on the exit button at the top right you are playing with the time limit as you are not officially authorized to investigate you can pause the game by pressing the Escape key on keyboard by clicking the clock with your mouse oh wow I'm being timed ah the.

Little gear icon indicates that a combination that a okay we found an error the little gear icon indicates that ax combinations yeah a combination is to be completed in the scene itself it also turns golden upon completion in the bottom of the inventory the puzzle piece indicates how many puzzles remain to be solved it turns golden when all have been solved alright I probably won't remember any of this because reading it in the British accent makes me not retain it um so. We're gonna we're going to do our best here saving okay crime report hits the.

Crime reporter that we have been given read the text and select the words that connect to the items indicated below okay so Vincent Gordon 20 years old.

Extracts from the report the victim is known to the police force this young artists recently arrived in London was under suspicion for having participated in various robberies he was released due to the lack of proof he moved out of the Benson boarding house where he had been lodging for a year address unknown at this time contents of pockets a few pence a handkerchief stained with multicolored paint the victim was killed with a white weapon the blows were struck to the back a white weapon like a white gun like what a white like blade whatever what are they talking about um or maybe I'm a melee item that's white I don't know how they know it's white the victim was rolled up an orca into a carpet which happens to be one of the items stolen in the great Sparrow residence robbery given you a coin lulululu point continue the investigation on your own homes okay in.

A carpet carpet okay given the quantity of blood spilled on the carpet the victim was undoubtedly killed on this carpet or rolled up in it immediately after the murder it would appear that the victim was not killed in a location where the body was discovered what was most likely transported in the carpet and abandoned at the second location.

So I'm not allowed to look at him no I.

Can't look at the body all right here's.

The crime report moving and read the text and select the words that connect to the items indicated below 0 so I had to click on words okay multi colored paint no um so I'm getting too close.

Blood and then a white weapon yay I did.

It a new witness gave his statement go to Scotland Yard to read it.

Click on the testimonies Oh testimonies here we go metropolitan police Scotland Yard mr. flawsome flawsome 35 years old.

Night watchman at the cement works I always start my rounds at six o'clock in the evening I had already checked to the route that room twice I already I always take good care because that room had been home to vagabonds at one point so my dog smelled the intruder as soon as he got near the place I was starting on my third round when my tobe started to growl so I ran towards the room and saw this carpet I thought to myself this is my lucky day I unrolled the carpet by by Jove there was blood bloods not even thick yet I didn't even faint I should tell you and I think I should tell you and I did what I had to do I ran to find a policeman at the station it was around midnight I think from the witnesses words by clicking on the green buttons you found a new location examining access it through the map click on the map to explore a new place cement works deserted room collect all objects displayed at the bottom so we have.

Okay oh is this a tutorial I guess it is.

That we take the matches from your inventory okay so that helps us see a bit better what is that to start the puzzle take the paper from the inventory and bring it to this okay this paper was ripped to reconstruct the message by placing the pieces in the proper place take a piece by clicking it with the left button right clicking rotates the piece so okay so I do end up having to.

Rotate them okay so i would say this is the bottom corner that goes there.

Okay that's not correct I must be up. Here I like to get the corners first that makes sense right you always get the corners first no matter what puzzle you're playing tada mr. golden thank you.

For your help I have deducted from your rent those you still have seven pounds fifty pence to settle miss petticott we now know where this unfortunate painter was living use the hint button to highlight hidden objects that's not hidden it's right there in the open are you serious okay um there we go whatever.

That is what is that carpet traces o green cloth that's a green cloth no this is a green cloth right well played homes congratulations homes your incredible talent of analysis have once made once again made sense of all of the clues but for most part I am no further ahead this business seems simple Watson but I already sent something out of the ordinary in it shall we see what mrs. pity cots testimony will tell us saving so click on the new witnesses for the testimony mrs. penny called 60 years old landlady what tragedy such a handsome young man I rented him a small room wait here's the key he had many financial worries so we had an arrangement he took care of my garden for example hey so now.

We can go here the cursor appears as a.

Magnifying glass oh I see okay click to.

Zoom in on the area click all the objects displayed at the bar tum we have a brush um there's like a.

Knife or something huh oh not.

Everything's in that corner eyes use the hidden button oh wow i only have like so many hints to this is not okay um click.

On the button yeah that one and then or.

The whatever that is a sponge this.

Painting was painted with watercolors curious find the hidden painting by using the moistens paint brush to soften the paint in the sponge to lift so i still need the sponge so.

I am horrible with like games like this where you had to find things I'm terrible oh that's not even the sponge.

Ah just like click on everything you.

Know just like click click click oh there's a sponge haha yeah I found it okay so now we can go to this.

How am I actually doing dining use ok so the sponge is going to wipe it away the brush we're painting the water on again this is a lot this is a lot of surface area game to be ok do I really have to.

Erase everything.

How much am I erasing off okay thank you oh my god woman's portrait is no longer in doubt a love story well played homes click on the map to explore new place

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