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Quake 3 Arena Walkthrough ( Classic ID Game Software )

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This video from: Alberto Blaze.
Viewers: 28955
Quake 3 Arena Walkthrough ( Classic ID Game Software )

Complete Walkthrough of Quake 3 arena ( Played by Albert Blaze )

Developer(s) id Software

Raster Productions (Dreamcast)

Bullfrog Productions (PS2)

Pi Studios (360)

Publisher(s) Activision (Windows, Mac)

Sega (Dreamcast)

Electronic Arts (PS2)

Director(s) Graeme Devine

Designer(s) Graeme Devine, Tim Willits

Programmer(s) John Carmack

Jean Paul van Waveren (bot programming)

Artist(s) Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud

Composer(s) Sonic Mayhem, Front Line Assembly

Series Quake

Engine id Tech 3

Version 1.32c (2006-05-08)

Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 (XBLA)

Release date(s) Windows

NA December 2, 1999

EU 1999


NA 2000


NA October 22, 2000

EU 2000

PlayStation 2

NA March 26, 2001

EU April 6, 2001

JP August 30, 2001

Xbox 360

WW December 15, 2010

Genre(s) First-person shooter

Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer


ELSPA: 15+



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