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Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness FULL Walkthrough

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Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness FULL Walkthrough

Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Long play/ Full gameplay.

0:00:00 Parisian Back Streets

0:13:42 Derelict Apartment Block

0:20:43 Industrial Roof Tops

0:28:06 Margot Carvier's Apartment

0:32:15 Parisian Ghetto

1:19:16 Louvre Storm Drains

1:31:23 Louvre Galleries

1:46:10 Archaeological Dig

1:54:50 Tomb of Ancients

2:02:29 The Hall of Seasons

2:32:46 Galleries Under Siege

2:43:57 Von Croy's Apartment

2:54:30 The Monstrum Crimescene

3:11:23 The Strahov Fortress

3:29:57 The Bio-Research Facility

3:57:27 The Sanitarium

4:11:40 Maximum Containment Area

4:27:55 Aquatic Research Area

4:43:26 The Vault of Trophies

4:54:30 Boaz Returns

4:57:42 The Lost Domain

5:01:05 Eckhardt's Lab

All bosses

All cutscenes

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