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TRAINING With The Marvel Avengers Infinity War Superhero Fun With Ckn Toys

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TRAINING With The Marvel Avengers Infinity War Superhero Fun With Ckn Toys

Thanks to the team at ACTION REACTION ENTERTAINMENT for making this video possible! Today we visited the Superhero Training Centre to have some Avengers-themed fun!

Action Reaction Entertainment's INFINITY Show will be at Supanova Comic Con & Gaming in Melbourne (21-22 April) and Gold Coast (28-29 April)! Get your tickets to the event at

Captain America and Doctor Strange outfits from Killerbody (

Spider-Man outfit from The RPC Studio (


Andrew Lutomski - Insta @thorofoz

Dane Paltmann - Insta @dane009

Jarred Welcome - Insta @jaaarred_

Jayden Rodrigues - Insta @jrod_hd

Samwise Holmes - Insta @actionreactionentertainment

Hi guys, today we are visiting the Marvel Avengers Infinity War training centre. We will be meeting up with Dr Strange Captain America Spider-Man Thor and Star Lord to have some superhero fun.

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You're not gonna hang out and watch these guys train wreck.

Three Wow you can't Royce hey Calvin how are you.

So awesome because huh come on yeah what do you reckon do you want to meet some Avengers you do who's your favorite yes that was the right answer who's your next favorite so you're at.

The Avengers training center and we've got some more Avengers for you to be this is very cool.

All right so now the next person he's a captain do you know who he is he's one of the Avengers come on Captain America Calvin right what are you doing with the fitness training center are you gonna be a superhero - yeah good stuff all right.

Now the last Avenger who wants to meet. You now he's from a planet called Asgard do.

You know who it is his from outer space he's got long blond hair and over here a little and then you.

Do a buddy cause like you were supposed. To Assad Lee.

You like to see pops training yeah. Perfect you are gonna hang out I'm gonna watch these guys train Rick.


Goes down they're in the shop.


One two three look I think we can get.

Him to do whatever one now what do you reckon should we get into the Piggy's no stop is that good yeah should we um phrasing we got some more energy more energy more energy whatever it going to be one freezing water we want to knock him down knock him down alright ready three two one oh nice work that was so good that was a terrible head try again yeah what we're.

Gonna do is give it a practice so we're gonna go to ready that you were so strong all right.

Calvin now we've got spider-man Thor star-lord Captain America and don't restrain JH now which character is missing.

Iron Man well it just so happens that I have an Iron Man suit just for you.

You're going to put that on and join us perfect

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