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God of War 1 - God Mode #18, Ares Boss Fight

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God of War 1 - God Mode #18, Ares Boss Fight

Expand video description for tips on how to beat Ares on God mode.

Phase 1: As you fight Ares he gains new abilities like blocking your attacks, a 4-hit instant death combo, long range attack etc. Army of Hades does a lot of damage but don't go to phase 2 without a full magic meter. When Ares is airborne and throws fireballs roll in a square motion to avoid being hit.

Phase 2: Use Might of Hercules combo to quickly kill and throw over the edge Kratos clones. If the clones get too close to your family use Hades Army before they do any damage. When you cast Rage of the Gods spam Poseidon's Fury until the meter is low enough to allow you to unleash Hades Army and a last Poseidon's Fury before being depleted. Hug your family even if they lost a little health after Rage of the Gods because clones with Artemis sword can do insane damage with 1 hit.

Phase 3: Poke Ares with the sword's R1 attack. When he runs towards you dodge until he gets pissed and yells then attack him. If Ares blocks your first attack roll away because he will do a counter that kills you instantly. If you are too far Ares will use a power similar to Hades Army and run towards you so try to stay close but not too close because he has a move that stuns you and then 1 shot kills you. If Ares uses his Hades Army attack you can block the souls without taking damage, use a well timed roll to avoid Ares as he runs towards you.

Thanks for watching. All that is left now is the Challenge of the Gods. I will post a video with all challenges completed probably tomorrow.


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