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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 2

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 2

September 1, 1888

Whitechapel, London

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Hello young man how are you I recognize him it's the lad who sells newspapers who is always calling outside our windows at Baker Street no your morning ll mist arms it's a treat to see you again what can I do would you happen to know an old sailor who goes by the name the captain a poor man who hits the bottle a bit hard golfer sounds is that in the street and the lefty is will be careful he can be a tough customer that one very good my young man the doctor will give you a little something Watson huh I say whose is he always such a skinful with you miss Downes well thanks to you miss delves anytime you need me.

If in order to listen to us this man imposes as condition that we find his pet cockroach there will be another murder in Whitechapel today Watson yours haha he is in a critical state Holmes.

He has barely a month left is there a way dear doctor to ensure that this last month passes in silence really Holmes sometimes you thought really I will make note of some medicine to get immediately that will relieve his pain very well I locate an apothecary or a clinic.

This building is a clinic good day sir.

Dr. Gibbons you aren't from around these parts indeed doctor it is for someone from your neighborhood that I'm here though his doctor asked that I acquire some medicine on his behalf I have the note here dr. Watson not from Randy neither this medication is quite dear certain documents are necessary to obtain them for free I don't have it you'll have to accept my spare change will it be enough enough to relieve your patient for a month would you like me to make this prescription available after that time according to dr. Watson that won't be necessary the possibility of a recovery a definitive one yes there sir thank you.

It's rather quiet here an unusual chain of events the majority of the people hereabouts went out last night to see the great fire at a warehouse the patients that I was minding and my staff were no exception the former were dramatically healed and the latter ended up sick and with the murder last night most of the people who weren't working wandered over to the scene of the crime they're little aches and pains we'll wait until tonight or tomorrow a squalid murder it would seem just like what this area has become my thanks doctor not at. All.

Here is the medication Watson is unmanned movable you should be able to stand in a few minutes and you'll no longer be suffering from his cough before long consider their hair result accompany him to his nieces while I return to the boarding house and then join me at the police station let's return to the boarding house.

I have good news for you mr. Finley we.

Have sent the captain to stay with a relative and he shouldn't bother you for a while I also have some good news I have your bag thank you did you good day oh it was nothing tell me one of my wife's friends lost another day today another day let's go to the police station so what.

News do you have mr. Holmes I'm sure.

It's the bag that you lost yes but someone attempted to force it open they didn't succeed but now the lock is stuck perhaps you could hmm let's see.

All done ah a big thank you mr. Holmes think nothing of it my friend so the reports why don't you wait till the inspectors get back you would certainly learn more if I wanted to meet the inspectors I would have done so so give me the preliminary reports and above all do not mention my visit to anyone is that clear sure if that's what you want here are the reports thank you.


You. Have you obtained the preliminary report yes we read them on the go let's to the scene of the crime at bucks room Watson.

But what are all these people doing here homes apparently they came to see the scene of the crime what about us aren't we going to see it he will return this evening Watson the circumstances should be ideal for carrying out our little experiments well Watson we're at the scene of the Polly Nichols murder imagine the victim lying in the spot where she was found and try to discern all of the clues we can Watson you are a writer I am therefore untrusting you with our deduction board it will help us to establish certain facts understood Holmes no signs of.


There's a black bonnet or the left hand the body was lying on its back legs straightened slightly apart the skirt had been lifted up to the middle of the body the left hand was touching the barn door the body was still warm let's reread the preliminary report for the details on the wounds inflicted upon this poor woman let's look at this poor woman more closely a small pool of blood. Six inches in diameter the throat was slit from left to right there are two incisions there is a bruise at the level of the right maxilla the tongue is swollen there's a bruise on the left. Cheek.

No marks on the ground the ground is muddy.

This spot is deserted homes prostitutes only come here to exercise there is only.

One streetlight lit on this street Watson and this spot is particularly poorly lit well Watson we have found all the possible clues I think but we will now attempt to recreate the scene of the murder come closer Watson I have to make you up you are joking Holmes.

I feel ridiculous Holmes now Watson come.

And stand here in front of me you shall play the role of the poor woman and I shall play that of the murderer let's try to reconstruct the facts to ensure the final result corresponds indisputably to the way that Polly Nichols was killed.

The madra had enough room to inflict the wounds to the neck and these wounds suggest the left hand was used.

This position is unlikely.

This position is an.

Yes it's quite possible the events occurred like this.

My dear Watson now that we have found all of our clues nothing remains but to subject them to our most likely hypotheses in order to deduce the facts.

The victim was most probably dead before being laid down once the heart stopped gravity drained the body slowly not in a heavy spurt that would have stained half the streets Thank You Holmes I understand why you told me not to change clothes do you realize that our behavior didn't alarm anyone the victims ordeal was even more discreet by acting in silence we have confirmed something the crime definitely took place here the victim and her murderer were able to come here without making any noise and afterwards the murder took place without the slightest cry being uttered come Watson let's go home we have spent far too long in this sinister alley.

And so my dear Watson at the day and night which we passed in Whitechapel were enlightening weren't they an adventure that I most certainly will never relate to be in the skin of that poor woman I prefer not to speak of it further but have we really learned anything about the murderer obviously a man given the necessary strength we have little to go on at least no more than the police but in my opinion inspector abberline has a trick or two up his sleeve now I want to talk about the facts and what we can draw from them we know whether crimes committed and under what conditions I would like to ask you about the possible motives for the crime according to you Watson what could have pushed a murderer to act in such a way well we are still.

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