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The Lord of the Rings: Conquest - Longplay Evil Walkthrough (Legendary Difficulty) (No Commentary)

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The Lord of the Rings: Conquest - Longplay Evil Walkthrough (Legendary Difficulty) (No Commentary)

The Lord of the Rings Conquest Evil Campaign Aka (Rise of Sauron). This time around Evil finds a way. My favorite playable character in this game are the trolls, their melee swing attack is so satisfying when you hear the cry's of your enemies. Alright so legendary is extremely difficult on evil mode, especially the first nazgul mission like did you see that lever op guys op. But seriously it is really hard took me around 10-15 tries because of the orc sacrifice for the witch king you cant kill enemies fast as a nazgul you are weak. Weeeeak. The balrog is kinda weak too on legendary difficulty. Plus gimli has unlimited bombs so he killed me fast. The best level's on evil campaign, hmm probably minas tirith, rivendell, and Hobbiton. Overall it's fun, and getting them little hobbits can be hilarious as Sauron. I hope you enjoy this longplay.

Gameplay recorded by Quaver

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Weakened by the one rings power at last Frodo claims it for himself and the very foundations of middle-earth are shaken the Dark Lord desperately hopes for his very body to be restored to him but to stride forth upon middle-earth once more Sauron requires Frodo's ring and for this he will gladly pay any price at the Dark Lord's command his Nazgul now hastened to Mount Doom all other thoughts banished from their minds they obey but a single deadly aim to slay Frodo and gain the ring now that it lies within sarang's cross many oak Garrison's boldly dare to covet the ring for themselves rising up in riot and civil war and marching on Mount Doom but the onrushing nazgul shall tolerate no delay and will slay any dark servant who dares block their path.

The Petraeus hold the witch Kings boss within that prison season.

Bring forth from my scuffle which King.

The Petraeus hold the witch Kings mosque within that prison sees it.

On this road.

For our magic.

The Petraeus halter which lies within that prison sees it fools slay me oh.

Stand in your way no it's bombs for the traders we have.

The witch things mask not so much young man we'll call him back to get to the forge please master lovely furniture.

Snake more you mindless fools greater.

Volume of blocks or of magic.

They are shed sufficient blood we all do fools bewitched in fights.

Who captain's command these traitors they shall be the object of your wrath.

Yet strong chances remain will be clean.

One captain falls back down any of us who still stand.

Nicely dressed in full large as Rene's.

Your fate is to death strikes away the.

Sun's road fools those who fail shall - worse than - hi they are blocks no way shut up for them soon slay me over it with us find master.


I can sunset in what the ring then take.

It if you pack.


James that precious thing we have the ring of power Lord Rama.

Caring not at all the cost the Dark Lord's servants have regained film the one read sensing that the tide has turned the free people of middle-earth must now retreat and prepare to defend their realms the power of Sauron is restored and few who still survive this war dare hoped to oppose it but the Dark Lord's pride remains stand bygone doors recent victories and he intends to extract full retribution with new and vast powers Sauron now resurrects his fallen chattel he calls again to life many of his darkest heroes and champions to slay once more in his name.


Crossing the river Anduin under a blanket of darkness an orc scouting force begins sarang's renewed assault upon our world the orc onslaught will be launched at midnight striking like a dagger at the heart of us gilja the most deadly blow shall be struck by an elite horde lying in wait upon the far shore their siege machines are poised to rain fire down upon the hated ranges the orcs awaits signals from hidden scouts to identify their targets for those dark hearts wish greatly to see us gilja burn.

It's cluttered you maggots clear em out a signal flare.

The mouth of Sauron in our captains are wait the signal did a flare to our rallying point raising dogs get movin. Lean it affair sit in an orange.

So hurry it up slum let's see a flare burn it up let her go.

Because they're boys that slid off wounds here comes my silica trouble defend this place until our captain's get here.

Those troublemakers away run away from.

Our alien place.

On our Sabbath philosophically drag. Force sad stuffs formed a strung-out with it.

Prepare your melons Mike's order gets moving forward your Mordor scrub my face.

Scrub and battering rams worth more than your hide.

Keep telling you dogs hate smart ahead.

Bring it up cyclists.


Some guns all pitch you fight on.

You will regret that.

Like eels between their legs Oh skill EEOC's hours the Dark Lord must.

Be pleased for a ruined City has once more been ground beneath the boot of the orc Faramir and all of his men are shown no mercy nor did they expect to receive it and for Sirhan's wards the road is again laid open into the heartland of Gondor now within the camps of Mordor the Dark Lord calls forth fresh legions for this time he shall utterly crush those who dare stand against him.


Minas Tirith is breached the gates are shattered in the lower walls of the city are overrun the men of Gondor attempt a valiant defense but sarang's hordes have taken full measure of this frail city and they will not be denied the guards of the Citadel shall defend their city to the last man and it may suit to come to that they all fear the end draws near for the darkness is nearly complete.

There's a girl modest we wanna burn this place before night falls to get to the next level as a yard heir to be captured.

Nice work.

Hums birthdays.

The crown of God door is here take it to. Our Nashville must.

The cry from boys.

This rule is on the north side in the city fix the crowd in there.


What's the crown boys.

Nor sire the city the masculine side crown.

The next rule is on the north song in the city take the trouser in there.

Get back to the top of the stairs.

Where we came up.

All our nights together at the stairs.

When the speck between us about top boys that the pastorate ain't locked get there and clear away for a minute.

A finger the battering-ram star.

Shut down anything that fits in the way of a crime.

The last 8 they smashed did anybody up to the top this city's got a sick boy free up their boss they burned.

Get up one fire going guys don't we watch tree.

Chris Lee white 3a.

Little fun fire going - simply walk tree.

On what's that frame something children Johnson there.

Let's get there we had at the Chanel's.


We had everything else.

That's all of your guys come upon every.

Level ministereth is burning the gate slash shattered and the lowest circles of the city are overrun from the Hallows where dead kings of Gondor watch in horror to the white tree that burns all is now in ruin orcs now hold banquet in the white tower of ecthelion and desecrate both King and common era life thus passes minused hideth the white city and with it the best hope for the world of men the war must go on but we have been previously harmed.


Upon their relentless March the armies of Mordor must now past through the minds of muddy it is here that Gimli has chosen to make his final stand but he and the other survivors have had no time to prepare the defenses and Maria yet remains a dark and dangerous realm for all who dare enter its gates it is feared that Sauron holds knowledge of Maria's darkest secrets and has charged his force with a terrible mature for the sake of the dwarf and his followers we must hope the Dark Lord's power cannot yet call into this world a Balrog of Morgoth.

Without that pourable to boot and I bring that thankfully back we need some magic stones sorry there March with you let's go get anything nasty out of the mines we need as a place to rest up.

It wants to bring a demon thing we can.

Bleed just a tremendous.

Captain and give me this ah nice time.

You're afraid of attention in sunny South go get him.

Captain shiny stone.

SHINee says we need to kill some men the.

Powerless on Easter before it does to us telling them jokes to bring the Paula.

Bachelor master Cicilline tone shiny stands for the spell so go get the first one.

The last SS way needs to kill summon the power asagi slow the horrid town stereo Terry new jokes.

We can use the Dark Lord's magic to bring the ball of battery-life master says we need ten shiny stones for the spell so go get the first one narcissus we.

Need statue submit the power are nice.

Now that you bats start clearing them white light.

Fuck yourself a lot when your son gets spit that stereotype.

Master needs multipling the fire demon back listen maggots they are not tourists.

Smash shopping at home.

My light source.

Rest in pieces stupid dwarf boys that much there's another shiny stone one of the kids.

Adaptive feel it's the stone till our titling from him.

This town is healing him stick him quick.

Stead that sorry stay white alien now music box we need add stones of power our magic.

That magic stones is real powerful grab it.

Expose Israel powerful.

Best tummies thirsty gave up the placemats.

You know why your phones have all Robbie's coming back we shall suffice it's better Yemeni boys.

- living chillin.

I wanna treat a toast from a spouse.

Totally thing.

Not a parody the south truth.

The flame of udun has been unleashed again upon the world of middle-earth and like his kin the dwarf Gimli and all who dare follow him into the darkness have been slayed by this creature Moria now remains forever a place of evil that none dare enter and now his nazgûl venture forth once more to search out the Dark Lord's final victims.


The armies of the West have been forced to make their final stand upon the ruins of Weathertop here in ages past the witch king led his great host in terrible victory and here the northern armies of men were crushed the Tower of a monsoon reduced to ruin now the broken stones of this place shall bear witness to a last desperate struggle but they can no longer be any retreat from the onrushing forces of darkness.

The chains of men dance tonight the dogmas based lame horse business started. Destroy the tongue durian advice much.

We can't win without destroying their positions submit turret.

Together imply sluts destroy the cats infallible quick.

Father are you destroyed our dosha placemats new area.

We talk win without destroying their positions subject turret.

I'm split sports. That kill.

Outpost we better take to keep the attack dolly.


We don't come back a bit boys.

Thunderclap trains.

Harris cannot contend with the will of sorrow mine.

Here's your house captains.

Captain and teach him a lesson.

Check out those cap danger face.

Killers nasty captain and teach him a lesson.

These are those capitals.

The killer's nasty captain's and takes him a lesson.

Like a post cap danger face now.

We took those packets of bad dude matters.

Did I clean my report up on the watchtower angry.

But we have men must I hear thunder hours late.

We must not be overrun.


Moscow what she said kill King Hannah toward your false.

Under our.

So my attitude is we end this time.

For this foolin but our Lord shall rule.

Aragorn descendant of his seal door and king of all the free peoples was at last vanquished our last and greatest hope for victory was in the end thrown down by the same barbaric creatures who killed his father years before now the ranks of the Dark Lord swell as a rising tide of malice and hatred and all shall be overwhelmed by that great black wave.


Rivendell has become an island storms raging upon all sides the last Elves of middle-earth have gathered with me here to make our final stand should the elves of Rivendell failed to halt Sirhan's onrushing tired little will remain to resist the smothering darkness we must sacrifice our immortality here in service of all that yet survives in middle-earth.

We don't recruit quick grab the really sorry date.

Plus our dogs they need the self crowd for our speaks.

How this ground boys cremated.

Try the matter this place boys we need a climate.

Número for planets they say in these hours listen up.

At security area boys.

We're going to hold the other side.

Nice clearly done yet boys look at that.

Elf bell tower get a signal flare over to it.

Dail minute we tarsus signifier.

Signal fire tower you coward.

90 calories price.

Just about every memory of house.

So on myself history planets.

Let's destroy some felt history.

For us.

Ports are self-reports dog toys.

No threat all destroyed mistress bomb only orcs rumor made they lost Elrond.

The elf king shows his cowardly face.

Drop this ring of power get it and take it to the king healer Bielski bad but I love for this body.

Get that Branyan powers.

We won down Rome's pretty ring rabbit.

Get back brand-new couch.


Our top master needs a crib.

They pop many places left to hide petrol river I'll shoot dogs please touch about hostile fringo.

Let's take a little with us and see where they hi.

Sheryl's I did that their house.

Package one more person to bus stop.

She's now the all-caps boys now let's.

Finish the job find out elf kill Nigel. Estate kill the elf king elves.

To slay the rest of humanity moustache kill me.

A little world.

The Dark Lord's are the police you destroyed the last earth King.

My people could not defeat the orc horde only a handful survived to carry on the fight I was one of those unfortunately only the kindest and most pure of middle Earth's inhabitants still remain and now the shadow of the Dark Lord prepares to fall upon them as well.


At last the Dark Lord's iron fist encircles the innocence of the Shire there will be no escape for the hobbits from the war that now enters their quiet borders the last freemen might attempt to aid them but all must face an overwhelming enemy war Grider's and great war beasts mass for the attack and none left alive can withstand their power perhaps at last the Dark Lord Himself shall come forth to gloat in his triumph perhaps then with Gandalf we might sell our own lives most dearly in desperation Treebeard leads the final March of the ents with their aid and with many halfling archers perhaps the Shire can resist for a brief while.

Those words that are safe in our little public house does it'll pass houses.

We message stranded.

Lisara lead standard.

Nice not my hemorrhoid.


Soft plus massage lead the search. Started.


Nice homes graves rusty and tribute.

Don't make him can break these only on.

The play ball.

Is my heart oh my god.

Bring down that David please Easter wants to fight.

Top-down Oh mija mija.

The rest of the horrors that a modality worn was like Shari spice.


We turn on Harvard tonight so that's turned off the light the lizard let's make this one a complete.

Day stuff but he will fall to the boy like a rust.


No one missed us.

Destroyed this evil place.

He's tough but he will fall to the body like our arrest.

Stop us.

There's stuff but he will fall to the boys like the rest.

Of you down stop us.

Tide of Mordor day stuff but he will.

Fall to the blade like a rust.

Where's my sacrifice.


No one must read us.

Do not fail.

They stuff but he will fall to the blame like a rest.

Is vast.

No one will stop us.

Don't be surprised but he will fall to the played like a rust.

Surrender to fear.

But he will fall to the plane like a rust.

History is no more for this happy race their hobbit holes are now truths their party trees kindling and those who survived are now enslaved by the Dark Lord Salman Treebeard was in the end no match for the fury of the orcs he now serves as a bonfire into which halfling bodies are through even the great wizard Gandalf could not stand before the Dark Lord he is fallen and cannot be restored his purpose here has ended those who did not fight in his war shall now become the final victims their homes shall be burned and the future of their children shall be sacrificed upon sauron's cruel altar death and ruin are all that shall remain for the Dark Lord's cruelty will know no limits and in the end all shall be destroyed for now the darkness has covered all living things and it has claimed us all you.

Yeah it's time to split.


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