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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 8

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 8

September 12, 1888, London Hospital

As Dr. Watson.

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Money quite simply even if this motor seems incongruous we're in no position to deny or affirm it until we know whether a market for human organs exists.

A desire for some sort of morbid trophy I'd been climbed to dismiss this motive if this were the case why would nothing have been removed from the bug for a victim black magic Watson this line of.

Investigation is far too vague we don't have a single clue in support of such a motive we can eliminate this hypothesis.

Perhaps it was intended as a study specimen I have little faith in that theory hardly anything was taken from the Bucks Rover victim Holmes what if it.

Was cannibalism even if the idea is unbearable we can't ignore it as a possibility Elementary what emerges from.

These possible motives for having removed the uterus from the second victim is that they implied that the killer could have carried out the same thing on the Bucks Road victim yet didn't this brings us to a terrible conclusion our killer has evolved in the space of only a few days and if that's the case had he already struck before the first murder to which we attribute them and if the killer strikes again what atrocity awaits his next victim we have to stop him Holmes we shall do our best this recent business of jars filled with formalin and of the American doctor might be a lead Watson inquire among medical circles to ascertain if there is a black market for human organs the chances are slim but this must be pursued very well what about you Holmes I will send word to abberline regarding our recent conclusions I should also like to become a gas man and pay a visit to Pluto of the wasps nest understood Holmes I think one of my old university colleagues who works at the London hospital will be able to help me I shall write him a note at once he should be able to see me during the day afterwards shall we meet here yes Watson see you later and good luck I must get to the London hospital where my old university colleague works.

To the London Hospital click my colleague agreed to meet me here in one of the London hospital rooms reserved to students ah John you're there already.

Punctual as always tell me you don't seem to be in good shape is it possible that your recent marriage is making you this morose ha you know me well Andrew no it's a strange and terrible affair that concerns me have you read my note yes I admit that I was surprised it just so happens that I too was asking questions about our morgue what do you. Think have you heard of any organ trafficking within no no John no doubt that exists some exchange between colleagues not quite legal of course but nothing that can qualify as trafficking since the anatomy Act of 1832 which permitted the use of unclaimed corpses for science the black market trade was definitely halted there are sufficient subjects available for all practitioners and students of this I can confirm well organ trafficking has a lucrative trade is out of the question then what is troubling you with the morgue you are talking about trafficking organs but I suspect there is trade in whole bodies what do you mean to say whole-body is a disappearing well it's confidential but I know of your discretion and your friendship with the famous Sherlock Holmes I can tell you that a few corpses have recently disappeared from the hospital morgue cadavers that were intended for this section that is to say not claimed pork unknown people if a single corpse had disappeared it might have been a bad joke there are many students who pass through here it's even a meeting spot for the majority they are here to work if you come here in secret to practice it also happens that instruments all organs go missing nothing alarming but so many corpses it's very troubling but the hospital doctors aren't doing anything no that is to say they would prefer not to call the police at this point an investigation would no doubt result in the suspension of authorizations for the use of unclaimed corpses do you think that you could intercede on our behalf with Sherlock Holmes to clear up this situation which.

Corpses are missing um I don't know exactly but I can make an exact list if you would like to wait here for a few minutes feel free to look around the room while you wait it'll bring back memories thank you Andrew.

The last lesson must have been about the human heart and for a class of beginners I expect as this diagram is rather rudimentary these wheel trolleys are.

Very handy for laying out surgical instruments this wheel won't roll despite all of the added grease curious as Holmes would say this rag is full of grease it certainly wasn't used for a dissection or someone doing some mechanical work here it's here that students come to carry out their expense.

This surgical instrument resume was a screwdriver how amusing that might come in handy I will return it later a message I'll be.

Why the devil was it hidden here.

An old prescription poor child so young. Yet terminally ill strange someone scrawled something part of it is in Latin these are instructions it would seem there is a heart in this jar based.

On its coloring it hasn't been there long and it looked like the drawing on the board this jar contains two lids with combination locks.


An encyclopedia of anatomy a page on the. Human heart is dog-eared let's see.

There is a heart in this jar this jar contains two lids with combination locks you you.



Look there was a bit of paper stuck between the two lids you.



Incredible someone has hidden a magnet in this heart but to what end.

Nothing of interest here incredible.

There is a magnet with a hook behind this pane of glass I am in need of something.

You they're all done homes couldn't have done better himself a hole I could make out something inside but how to get it out I will need a hook I found it.

Hmm a coded message I do believe I will need homes here is the list John the.

Missing corpses are those of a woman 40 years old beginning of August another fifty five years old two weeks ago and recently a young woman these corpses had nothing in common except that they didn't have any apparent lesions all of this is very troubling well I think that I have all of the information possible and I promise that I will do what I can to clear up this business I must leave you my friend and in the name of our friendship please don't cause a stare to be sure thanks again Andrew it is I who must thank you John don't forget to keep me up to date and say hello to you charming wife for me count on me Andrew I must go to the wasps nest to find this rogue that Watson dubbed Bluto he may be able to provide information on dr. tt-this lead although tenuous is well worth following I must return to Whitechapel but it would be better if I did so incognito

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