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2019 Mega Marathon - Nancy Drew #8: The Haunted Carousel

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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2019 Mega Marathon - Nancy Drew #8: The Haunted Carousel

For a 2019 Mega Marathon, Michael plays Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel, Game #8 in the Nancy Drew series.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hello everybody in 2019 Nancy Drew games.

Mega marathon I am playing all the Nancy Drew games in preparation for Nancy Drew midnight in Salem which is coming out this year it's been too long since last game it's been four years I I I just need to play all these Nancy games in.

Advance dear Ned well here I am at captain's Cove amusement park about to try to figure out what's behind all the weird things that have been happening here lately first a horse just disappeared off the carousel one night then a little later the carousel started spinning around all by itself in the dead of night as if it was haunted or something and then last week the roller coaster suddenly stopped in it ride for no apparent reason nobody was seriously hurt but the progress shut down until the city knows for sure what caused the accident I'm here because Paula Santos the parks owner is a friend of dads she's putting me up at the Captain's Quarters Hotel which is next to the park I'm supposed to head over there right now and meet with a security guard named Harlan Bishop I hope I don't let call her down wish me luck ever yours Nancy PS there's a rumor going around that the park is cursed creepy huh okay so this was the first game I ever played so this is actually one of my favorites just because you know the member is the Nostalgia one of my favorites it's also got an improvement over glass game this phone and oh my gosh we don't have to dial phone numbers this is great that is fantastic okay so it's a game to client can people not hear hear the game dear Ned well here I am at captain's Cove amusement looks like are you sure this video gets behind all the weird things that have been happening here lately Here I am at.

Captain's Cove amusement park about to try to figure out ok I know this wasn't.

My first walkthrough this wasn't my first game I didn't watch this was the first this is what do you call it the.

First game I played so that's part of the reason why I like it will the young.

Lady who just entered the park please turn immediately and enter the whale's mouth directly to her left thank you now I'm going into the park hello yoo-hoo the whale is waiting still waiting the whale is getting impatient the whale is getting impatient still waiting yeah I really like the scenery for this game the setting is really nice too so let's let's meet Harland Bishop security guard well from the way you just march right on in here past all those sorry we're closed signs you're either who I think you are or you're one determined Gatecrasher who do you think I am you must be Harlan Palo Santo said you'd be expecting me which means you must be Nancy Drew famous team detective and. You're the security guard the only security guard sounds like I begged miss Santos to keep me on while the parks closed even agreed to a pay cut so you're not intimidated by all this curse stuff somebody swiped the horse off a carousel and now it's malfunctioning the police don't think it's that big a deal and frankly neither do I not that big a deal.

Because that kind of downplays the mystery and makes you sing makes you feel like this game isn't that big a deal it's not very fun to play and not very good so you think the carousel starts up by itself because some wires got damaged makes sense to me of course I'm no expert and in good swears you can't find anything wrong with the carousels electrical system but then I kind of think she doesn't want to who's Ingrid Ingrid Corey you'll probably meet her she's working during the shutdown - she's the parks chief engineer believes in all this wacky new-age psycho biogenic stuff like if you eat food served by a waiter who's in a bad mood you'll get scurvy or something is anyone else in the park now Elliott Chen he's the art director hardly ever see him busy guy and joy Trent Park bookkeeper in fact she's your next stop she is Miss Santos's orders joy pays all the bills so she knows pretty much everything that's going on plus she'll give you an access card miss Santos wants you to have the run of the place that would certainly help wait hang on I know joy won't give you one of these so I will here you go it's a captain's Kofun card lets you ride the rides and play the games on the Midway come back to me if you burn through that one and need another am I not supposed to have this well see Joy's just kind of joy less it had never occurred to her that you might want to have some fun while you're here of course she's a newbie - like me maybe she'll come around anyway here's a map of the park I put an X where Joy's offices what did you mean when you said you were a newbie I've only worked there for a couple of weeks I figured staying on while the park was closed would help me get up to speed on all the equipment and such where did you work before you came here oh I worked in a store department store you know as a security guard in Flemington not around here I see you have a security camera trained the carousel does that mean you got the theft of that carousel horse on tape we didn't start monitoring the carousel until after the theft but we do have one of those so-called hauntings on tape want to see it that'd be great I got the tape right here all cued up I played it for the police like I said before they weren't real impressed there's no sound.

On the tape at least the band organ started up when the carousel did stayed on for about 30 seconds then stopped I.

Guess that's kind of a haunting did you.

Notice that bursts of static just before the carousel started to turn probably just a glitch in the tape we use them over and over have you tried to prove your screwed-up wiring theory ain't no cap but now that you're here maybe you can prove it for me he around go get him well this was.

His first Nancy Drew game - I guess Nancy Drew a visit today give her a fun pass Matt the park son to Joy the phone number for the police that might come in handy that would be really rude please.

Don't open that sorry bad habit it'd be really rude of me to try to open this guy's Locker right in front of him.

I don't think we can look at anything else here he just sort of sits there all day and that's it let's see first stop.

We see joy hello hi Nancy it's Paula Santos I was wondering when I'd hear from you have you been out to the park yes I have I forgot to tell you all the rides are shut down except for the carousel I thought you might need to see in action but please take a good look at the roller coaster even if you can't ride it what did the police find when they looked at it they looked around for five minutes then left said as long as the insurance company was going to investigate why should they well I'll see what I can do miss Santos I can't wait to hear what you turn up call me as often as you like my phone's on and with me 24/7 oh and one more thing call me Paula all right goodbye Paula I should kind of like this cartoon map I mean yeah it would be cool if we actually got to see like the actual things they did make this scenery so like why didn't they use the actual scenery they made um you can see we've got the the wheel thingies here Ferris wheels but yeah I kind of like this I kind of like the the highly stylized you know cartoon setting that they've got for this game you know because we've got we've got those same cartridge if I gets out of order which which you would see in like a real theme park.

And here we go here's joy the joy list I also like Joy's storyline too because I remember when I actually went to her Interactive in real life and I got to talk to the CEO Megan and she's like. Well watch your favorite Nancy to him and I blinked and I said this one because you know it was the first game I played it's just like well why that's why is that your favorite I'm like miles I like miles miles the Magnificent memory machine it's just like yeah it really does have a good emotional story about Joe finding I mean about joy you know reconnecting with her past and her father I'm like wow she made it sound really really good when she put it that way and whereas I just like miles because he's a funny robot voice I I was just a little intimidated when I went to see her interactive do you guys.

Make these games I've played a million times so hello are you Nancy also it's totally like me to just love a character just because they have a silly entertaining voice not not necessarily because they're a good fantastic character that's right I'm Nancy Drew so MS Santos has filled you in yes although I don't know who she thinks she's fooling which excuse me you're only here because it makes it look like policy and Post had nothing to do with any of this curse garbage sounds like you're not much of a believer when it comes to curses I just know greed when I see it that's all I've seen how Paula runs the park all she wants is to get more and more people through that gate and what better way to do that than with a carousel that's allegedly haunted roller coaster I mean that would be a great you know plan to get more people into the park just just using the fake fake haunted rollercoaster that would be really good but joy waste no time in insulting her boss very rude but why would she sabotage the roller coaster she can't make any money with a park shut down she probably just didn't know the park would be shut down have you ever confronted MS Santos with your suspicions of course not I don't want to get fired besides nobody's been hurt except that glorified con artist who claims his neck got injured Lance Huffington and the truth is Paula offered me this job because she knew I needed the money and I'm not entirely ungrateful my father died recently his estate is in bankruptcy he used to be co-owner of the park two years ago he suffered a huge financial setback and he had to sell his share to Paula when he died two months ago he was flat broke Paula could have bailed him out but she didn't frankly I think the reason she hired me was guilt I love how we just meet her for the first time and she tells me her entire life story yeah the storyline about joy and miles isn't really connected to the carousel or the current-day mystery I mean they kind of connect it towards the end but they're still like barely connected storylines that is sort of a problem but like I said miles assists a fun silly joke character maybe like I think it's it's kind of a little out of place how silly and jokey he is compared to other games in this series which are more serious be that is it many I'd still like to talk to some of the other employees of course but before I forget here's your access card that should get you into all the private areas of the park but if you run into problems don't come to me ask the chief engineer Ingrid Corey her office is by the haunted house the only other people in the park right now are Harlan Bishop and the art director Eliot chin his studio is right by the treasure chest souvenir shop but try not to bug him does he not like to be disturbed he's behind in his work and needs to catch up miss Santos has been getting on my case about it well I think you have everything so if you'll excuse me oh right thanks for all your help sorry if i disturb you.

You got a phone call another listener should give detective Paris a call so the phone call changes any cue whether or not you see that's what whoever stole that carousel horse was after jewels from that heist yes oh joy meets Nancy she's like oh my boss is a jerk my father's dead and I have terrible taste in clothing yeah so basically miss Santos will call and chill either say hey Nancy you should look into the this-this-this jewel heist from a long time ago or she'll say okay Nancy I'm going to call detective Paris for you I think those are the differences between those phone calls but yeah you can't avoid that phone call so this is just a huge this is also kind.

Of like a huge Fred hearing detective Paris there's there are there are jewels inside one and the carousel it could be that jewels are hidden inside one of the carousel horses whoa I think that's it and we're gonna get Eliot mad at us because why not hang on I'll be right with you take your time out and do not.

Come back unless until joy Trent calls me okay okay always a very angry person.

And actually paula is always very angry and joy likes to complain a lot too that's why they work together so well they just they spend all their time complaining haven't heard from joy yet out haven't heard from joy yet out we go.

Back to joy and this is where we meet miles now why did she uncover miles keep.

Going over here please identify yourself miles I'm a detective named Nancy Drew and you are responses.

Who programmed you it is my turn to ask a question Nancy Drew why are you here when joy is not as a matter of fact I need to leave a message for her there is a pad for leaving messages on the desk what did you call yourself a memory machine responding through the non joy entity is an unnecessary drain on my power units under spirit to port what does that mean hello miles I guess it means he's not gonna talk to me anymore just so silly looking like handlebars and that's clearly responding.

Is an unnecessary drain on my pole I'm.

Not oh yeah looks like stenography it's a.

Memo about one of the carousel horses being sold I wonder which horse miles is practically sentient yeah like he can remember a Nancy's name this is a very very well programmed robot I can use.

This to leave a note for joy to call Elliot I mean the ghost dogs stationary.

Let's do it right now is Nancy.

Oh hey Nancy whoa you were obviously hoping I was someone else well kinda okay so who is he and where'd you meet him Oh Nancy his name's Matt and he is so cute he works the concession stand at the movie theater in the mall a cute guy with an endless supply of gummy bears and butter flavoring right at his fingertips we're talking major crush hey George good you're there - barely I almost got caught standing between Bess and the phone just now when it rings she's like a one-woman cattle stampede what happened to caller ID pass my parents yanked it she wouldn't pick up when it was some loser she didn't want to talk to her mother got tired of hearing the phone ring all the time not all those calls were from losers sometimes I was playing hard to get anyway how are things at the amusement park I met the security guard Harlan Bishop nice guy except when I asked him where he worked before he seemed kind of evasive is he cute pests what difference does that make ugly people have chips on their shoulders and are more likely to commit crimes George I read that somewhere either read it or saw it on Oprah okay watch Oprah he's from New Jersey I'm pretty sure about that well I guess that's not surprising but if he was evasive we know what that means don't we best suspect list I need you guys to do something for me I found some stenography notes that I'd really like to translate only I don't know shorthand say no more we'll do some research and get right back to you we will I barely know how to spell stenography let alone research it we'll call you when we're through we can do this best what is with all this we stuff joy Trent has a computer in her office that sees hears talks and interrupts people when they're snooping and you of course we're snooping well that's our girl why does she have such a sophisticated computer this thing is not that sophisticated in fact it looks like it was made out of spare parts do you think Jo I made it I doubt it well the next time it catches you snooping just smile sweetly then rip its little plug right out of the wall catch you guys later keep in touch keep up the good work yeah.

Interesting how the game insists Nancy was snooping around in the office when really all she does is just go to the desk and write a message and that's it you know I just had a thought there's a.

Newspaper article and photo in Joy's office that I want you to be sure to take a look at there in a frame on the wall I may have seen them what are they about they're a little piece of Park history the guy in the photo found a bunch of jewels that had been stolen in a heist years ago and stashed away on one of the rides at captain's Cove the police said there was a good chance more jewels would turn up he that's why someone stole that carousel horse because there were jewels hidden inside it my thoughts exactly I called the detective that was in charge of the investigation back then his name is KJ Paris he's going to call you oops I got a run I just wanted to give you a heads-up all right goodbye Paula.

Yeah so somebody just pointed out Nancy does have a pencil here but she has to look for a pencil and paper when she's going to Joy's office that's very strange I really do need to get this work done right sorry. Well I thought we would be able to talk about joy and talk to miles and start the miles storyline I guess we can't do that this is detective KJ Parris captain's called Police Department Paula Santos asked me to call you said it concerned that heist out at captains quarters 23 years ago yes well I was.

Thinking maybe the reason that horse was stolen off the carousel at captain's Cove two weeks ago was because somebody thought there were jewels from that heist inside it never occurred to me but it's possible I suppose the thief's name was chaste Dunning died in prison about a year ago I'll tell you what I'll make some calls try to see if there was somebody he confided in before he died somebody who was recently released that would be fantastic well know something thanks detective Paris it was great talking to you.

Accident before doing that thing with Joyce so then let's get into the roller coaster accident I like this Nancy's notes on her computer that's pretty cool spilled some paint and Elliot chin studio and he won't talk to me talk about being acolytes yeah I see I thought we have to talk to Joy about Elliot maybe this is a random flag game what is this the matching game this is the three in a row game okay so this I have no idea why that game is in this game it doesn't seem like it's important the to-do list it's very nice how the to-do list automatically marks things off for you that's great and let's see Nancy cannot send mail Nancy welcome to sassy detective magazine which will give you hints on how to solve puzzles in this game so this is how we use invisible ink I guess we have to go other places in the game to trigger things but that could be another complaint you have about the game a lot of this stuff is broken and you can't go to it we found some stuff on stenography oh so now it's we huh okay George found most of it surprise surprise but I helped thank you so much you guys are the best so go back to the hotel and check your laptop we emailed a little tutorial to you but you got a promise to let us know what the note you translate says I promise thanks again you guys this takes an employee access card I wonder what the deal is with this red tag notice these things I think if we tried to go to an.

Important access card so let's talk to.

Ingrid I think she might give us the employee access card I think I have the employee access card but it's still not work okay got it I seem to remember I try my employee access card and it doesn't work hmm hmm but it does work on demons of.

The deep right maybe that's it okay so what we do 100% need to check to know that the employee access card doesn't work doesn't work so. Now we can ask Ingrid about it you should fix it looking for someone if you're Ingrid Cori not anymore and that's me ordinarily I don't do the hands-on work and I'd be able to shake your hand miss I'm sorry drew Nancy Drew I'm helping Ms Santos discover what's behind these carousel hauntings okay if I ask you some questions sure oh my you've got b3 issues I do. Vitamin b3 niacin the vibe you're giving off tells me you're low nothing that some natural peanut butter on a slice of whole wheat bread once a day won't fix Collin Bishop mentioned that some of your beliefs concerning food were somewhat unconventional it just seems obvious to me that what you eat as well as the psycho-spiritual conditions under which you eat it results in what you are that's all got a Bachelor of Science.

Degree from Ohio State and everything I like surprising people unpredictability is what makes life interesting miss. Santos asked me to figure out why weird things have been happening around here lately and what's to figure out someone stole a horse off the carousel and now the park is cursed why would someone steal a carousel horse money I hear they can be very valuable could I see the blueprints of the roller coaster so you can show me exactly where on the track it stopped I've looked all over for those blueprints and can't find them anywhere I'm sure one of the other engineers knows where they are but I'm afraid I don't sorry the red roller.

Coaster like I said the tag I'd like to. Take a closer look at the roller coaster but the access card reader doesn't work it's got this red tag on it right I was in the process of upgrading its main circuitry board I'm afraid you gonna have to wait until I finish here unless you'd like to do it for me do you really think I could handle it it's not exactly brain surgery all you have to do is follow the schematic inside the reader here's the new macro resistor when you see the board you'll be able to see where it goes you'll need to solder it in place the park is obviously cursed because of niacin high five which means. You're going to have to get my soldering gun from Elliott Chen here's the engineering handbook I put together if you have questions about park related electronics it'll answer them keep it as long as you like asking be obsessed with. Something sensible like gummy bears that's a normal thing for engineers when.

You're all done remove the red tag and take it to Harlan that way he'll know it's safe to turn the power back on to the reader that's not my cell phone must be yours are you gonna answer it no that would be rude I'll just call them back so once you get that tool from Elliott you should be all set she just.

Explained how it's a triple chore we also wanted to use because this is. Another access card issue that I don't seem to be having much luck using my access card am i doing something wrong i deactivated most of the readers because of the shutdown soon as I get done here I'll get them online again sorry hey if you come across a pair of pliers hang on to them okay mine are missing someone must have walked off with them which is.

Kind of a shame any advice on how to go about fixing a midway game that's broken it needs to be reprogrammed open up the back should be some instructions on the clipboard check that handbook I gave you if they're too cryptic for you but you'll also need the plug-in keyboard and unfortunately I have no idea where it is one of my guys probably left it in the park so how well do you know Harlan. Bishop I know he's an ex bouncer from Trenton I also know it drives him nuts that this is one of the few places in the park he doesn't have a key for do you mind having to work during the shutdown not a bit keeping those card readers functioning is practically a full-time job all by itself plus I happen to adore my job thanks for your help one open mind sees more than two open eyes people.

Tend to dislike the chores but if you like the game you're able to put up with it so like if you like secretive shadow ranch then you're generally okay with the chores but if you hate that game you hate the chores same goes for this one. Game but that does seem to be the case.

That's it there's nothing else to see in her area bad food a hot dog a soda french fries no good food fruit and vegetables so let's get to the soldering gun from La Chen I don't know why he has her soldering gun well miss Destructo.

Returns I'm really sorry about what happened before these things happen so I hear you're out to solve the curse of captain's Cove how do you explain what's been going on around here what do I know I'm just an artist go ask our naturopathic engineer person do you have any idea who stole that horse off the carousel somebody who's into junk that's odd Ingrid said carousel horses can be very valuable well when they're the original horses they can be valuable yes but I was talking about the one that was stolen it was not an original around 18 20 years ago somebody bought one of the horses off the carousel the guy who owned the park back then commissioned some hack to replace it purchased 18 20.

Years ago so the horse the hack carved was worthless right okay somebody actually looked up symptoms of severe niacin deficiency oh my goodness so headache apathy fatigue depress memory loss thick scaly pigmented rash on skin exposed to sunlight swollen mouth bright red tongue vomiting and diarrhea Wow make sure to get your niacin everyone those sound like some really really terrible side effects of niacin deficiency Ingrid said you have our soldering gun I need to get it from you that's okay you bet here you go been meaning to return it to her but I've been a little busy great thanks the fact that the park is shut down must be kind of a relief for you you mean because I'm behind in my work I'd be lying if I said the shutdown wasn't helping me get caught up meeting deadlines has never been my forte but I certainly hope you're not suggesting that I arranged for the park to be shut down by somehow manufacturing this cursed thing because that would be ridiculous do you see much of the other people who are working during the shutdown like joy Trent or that security guard Harlan Bishop yeah joy Trent she's like invisible even when she's visible if you get my drift and that rent-a-cop I've got no desire to see anything of him did you two have some kind of run-in what like a fight or something how could we he's one of the nicest friendliest most helpful guys I've ever met totally creeps me out I'll let you get back to work thanks a lot could I have some of these.

Tissue strips be my guest it's happened to me I remember like in the crowd slowly sliding backwards use.

This to measure I don't know.

Just dis hiding.

There's really nothing else to check here we just needed to get the soldering gun which we can use to fix the title this takes an employee access card better not take the tag until I fix this.

15 and 5 I seem to remember this puzzle.

Being ridiculously unnecessarily complicated let's see this goes here where does it go that goes here and then I think we just need to solder everything we'll see if that works I'll.

Just solder the bottom area first that's not right Oh.

According to Ingrid EDA I only fried that particular card reader but you short-circuited the entire system she says it'll take days to repair the damage maybe even weeks oops guess they really blew it as it were I'm not in the mood for lame jokes Nancy nor am i in the mood for paying for any more of your mistakes so guess what you're off the case Wow paula is just kind of a jerk try that again.

It's still not right there that looks.

Right so there we go now we've we've got.

The we can go inside there yeah you're.

Off the case Nancy we need detectives who are good at soldering with electronics hey Nancy what's up could you turn the power back on to the card reader outside the roller coaster it's all fixed here's the tag you bet I'll just switch the circuit back on and you'll be all set Ingrid said you told her that you were a bouncer before you came to work here in Trenton not Flemington right I was for a while I've held almost every guard type job there is lived in a lot of different places - Trenton Jersey City Flemington Cape May I'm afraid I got off on the wrong foot with Elliot I spill paint all over something he'd been working on ooh not good the guy's already about a month behind in his work any idea why he's so far behind he's a procrastinator doesn't really like to work so he does whatever he can to avoid it puts things off to the last minute me I get stuff done right away you do - I'll bet is he in danger of losing his job way I hear it if he doesn't get caught up like fast he's gonna be waving bye-bye like soon just.

Dump the paint on the floor how did it get all over Elliot stuff he was not working on the floor that's strange if people are talking about all the bosses and the Nancy Drew games so like Manette a theoretical boss Joanna she wasn't that bad mostly all she did was just order you around and then insult you for being happy actually yeah that's a really awful boss - so paula is not not a very good boss Nancy have a boss who is just a friendly nice person I really do need to get this work done right sorry you see what's that other game the.

Deadly device bosses really mean to Nancy there too anyway we fixed this yeah it's fixed now we can go on the roller coaster of death and doom dr. Quigley forces you to do a lot of work.

Rose was kind of nice Rose is terrible when she's firing you because you you you saw a word in a book yeah.

Cady Firestone is not all that nice I mean milena and light labyrinth of lies she fires ants see he yep yeah Katie.

Firestone is not that bad that's endangered by deception island but she has a reputation for being awful the game goes out of its way to say that she was terrible at the the town hall and caused fights and I my worthless lady doesn't have her own really follow up and it doesn't cause fights for the rest of the game very strange anyway what we need to do is go in and find that pencil and then immediately when we leave we get it yeah sadly in the previous game.

Was kind of decent.

Looks like I have to reconnect these wires yeah I can turn the pallet there.

Are six ways to connect these I'll just have to try them all that's not right.

I hear let me it's this is a death scene you were electrocuted that's what Harlan said must have happened I was out cold when he found me I can't afford to have you blundering around the park getting into accidents Nancy my insurance rates are high enough in other words you're off the case you got electrocuted you're off the case intrude Oh I'm trapped seriously how her toes not broken if that giant thing is to switch the track.

Somehow because it's not possible for her to just take her shoe off or walk away so let's be pressing down on a good portion of her foot looks like I have to. Reconnect these wires now I can turn the.

Power there are six ways to connect these I'll just have to try them all.

That's not right the solution changes each time our finest.

That's still not right not right and I.

Try try again.

That's not right I thought I'd tried all six combinations did I not yeah I did.

Okay change positions nancy survives yes.

Tall was kind of mean and incompetent it was mostly she made you do stupid stuff but I guess that's not her being in a. Case poor Nancy for Nancy she never gets paid and her bosses need something.

Someone activated the roller coaster while I was standing on the tracks just now I barely managed to escape really are you sure it was on purpose maybe you accidentally tripped a switch or something it was no accident does this pencil I found by the tracks look familiar that looks like one of mine but I didn't leave it there I mean just because you found one of my pencils that hardly proves I'm guilty of something you were snooping around in.

Here well I was leaving you a note you know to call Elliot an analysis of sensory input entity alright I was.

Snooping and now if you don't mind answering a question for me what is that my father was a frustrated inventor after he died I discovered that in his study in his will he said he made it just for me I don't have room in my apartment so I brought him here I keep him covered when I know I'm going to have company as you noticed he can be kind of a blabbermouth miles just I mean.

Come on he tattletale Don me that's not very that's not very nice and she doesn't have room to keep him in her apartment how small is her apartment this miles does not look like he takes up that much space why does he call himself the magnificent men a machine my father said he invented miles in order to reacquaint me with my childhood it always bothered him that I was never as happy-go-lucky as he was what am i miles joy Creek is a party.

Pooping stick in the mud so my father programmed him with a bunch of riddles designed to reconnect me with long-lost memories from my childhood yeah it's really awful her dad programmed miles to insult her at the same time he programmed miles to help her that sounds.

Fascinating I don't see it that way at all I don't want to relive my childhood my mother died when I was four I think somebody wins the boss competition the best boss was John from Tomb of the Lost Queen who helps who helped save Nancy at the very end of the game way to go John John was John was a great boss but it's what your father wanted shouldn't you at least give it a try I should be mad that you were snooping around in here but the truth is I think it's neat that you're so gutsy especially since I'm so not gutsy Oh what the heck okay miles let's hear the first riddle here is the first riddle listen carefully to be told the truth long since put away bring me the silvery remains of a four-bit day I have no idea what he's talking about I knew it would be a waste of time maybe it'll ring a bell with somebody else I'll ask around do what you want but I'm not gonna hold my breath yeah so is Miles plugged into the wall or not you can get from this angle you can see a little bit of biles we see a wire and two buttons here so maybe Miles is plugged into the wall maybe not I can't really see that well but I just wanted to note that from this angle we get to see more of the wires and stuff as opposed to the just looking at miles from head-on which is what we normally see him from let me go back to the hotel and we wanted to look up the news from home hi Nancy toka was playing with the squeaky toy it rolled under the TV cabinet I can't reach it now Togo just lies and whimpers coz he wants his toy from the cabinet so here's the information on stenography erase stenography okay so. Now Nancy knows everything about sonography the scenography stuff was really cool though actually sassy detective tip you can get awards depending on how you try to beat the game and this was really and that was a something new in this game which is really cool the awards and then more.

News the dog has not left poor dog so.

Now I can change now I can answer this stenography the horse's name is glory. The name of the carousel horse is glory. What else is on my to-do list now yeah this is actual first useful to-do list although the one in scarlet hand was ok - I haven't checked out the carousel I haven't fixed barnacle blast keep checking email really ok check out Ingrid's found Ingrid's keyboard ok so we're gonna do the mystery and we're gonna do Ingrid's keyboard how's that unless there's something else you guys really want me to do like try to follow up on.

Follow up on the police chief what is that noise chief Paris sounds like it's coming from.


And then this area just leads to just an old radiator haunted house is kind of.

Crazy yeah very scary so Midway Games so it's km5 to the.

Keyboard is missing five to zero and.

That's it we fix it I think we fixed the game so now we can play barnacle blast I played this block I can wear seashell I'm a mermaid so it's kind of crazy because you know in real life they may never have games which give you two prizes it's either one prize or the other at the same time our time for a. Game of Barnacle blasts you have for fun credits left on your card now blast all those nasty barnacles off the ship.

And that was better than all the way.

Across the entire No okay now this game.

Is all right.

As you can see it's very tough when we we get 20 and it wasn't like that like this i won.

Okay so I got both tokens game you're.

About to place swimmers itch you have three fun credits left on your card your mission is to get the swimmer to the beach you know if it wasn't this it.

Would be more chores you know into the.

Game which feels like they're not.

Forcing puzzles into.

Sorry thinking while I'm moving pieces and it's okay so get this out of the way.

Like that why is it called swimmers itch.

I don't know but it's definitely you see this guy it's it's a somewhat common minigame that you just it's the slider. Thing in your piece all the way to the left time to place quick dose in case. You are wondering you have 2 1 credits left on your card catapult the squid through the hope oh yeah I know in real life in real life it would be this would not be super fun because you know do you want to play video games that you can play at any other place or do you want to go on a roller coaster you'd rather have a roller coaster than then play silly mini games like this.

Kind of surprised that was a fail ahoy matey welcome to the screen toss after this you'll just have one fun credit left on your card canter both the squid through the hook say that it was.

Unnecessary to give us this limit of 5 credits because then then you'll generally run out of one and then that will be sad ok let's see that's not too.

Far to the right let's go with dolphin here dolphin power power and it's gonna be.

Two to the right I missed it ok yeah.

Well Paul was gonna be bad if she sees me playing with the games how about a game of squid toss oh you are using your last fun credit so I'm keeping your card but that's no problem just get a new one can't about the squid through the hoop it costs $10 to get up give me your.


Sadly very realistic for for one of. These places well we get all the prizes.

Anyways let's go with I think we need we need to get the harmonica and we need to get this one optional optional I should.

Say these two prices are optional I mean.

There's no reason to really return to the Midway now that we've gotten the prices we got the prices so we're good.

Rich up does the phrase silvery remains of a 4-bit day ring any bells with you huh never mind I seem to have used up all the fun on my fun pass did you say I could get another one I certainly did here you go enjoy around fun still on.

The case I see this is going to sound like a really odd question but if someone asked you to get him the silvery remains of a 4-bit day what would you do same thing any normal person would do ask him what the heck he was talking about right I got your soldering gun. From Elliot and fixed that card reader does he borrow your tools a lot very rarely he's not exactly a mechanical genius how well do you know Elliot Chen not very but I've noticed he has a very strange aura very dark around the edges odd for an artist but then it's nowhere near his darkest joys her aura is a mess why do you think that is she's hiding something and she's hiding from something something very big and very dark plus she eats way too many carbs to say nothing of pencils thanks for your help one open mind sees more than two open eyes I can sense the darkness creeping.

Inside her Nancy here of procrastinators.

Dream no that come in ask me questions ask me lots of questions I know you're busy but I was hoping you could maybe help me solve a riddle if I asked you for the silvery remains of a four-bit day what would you give me a riddle I love riddles okay let's see silvery remains has to be something silver that's left over right okay now if two-bit means worth a quarter for bit would mean worth two quarters quarters captain's quarters.

Maybe the hotel adjacent to the park captains quarters day-day spelled Dae as in Sunday that's.

It there's this fantastic Sunday you can get only at the hotel they call it a fun day it's been their specialty for like centuries comes with a souvenir spoon silvery as in spoon get it Elliot you're a genius next riddle come on I'm on a roll baby I'm gonna groove bring it on I'll let you get back to work if you must. And yeah let's get that sundae yum yum I want to order a cheeseburger too though let's order a cheeseburger as well Hotel operator what do you want are you the regular operator and filling in for my cousin Amba she took the week off on account at amusement park being shut down you don't want an outside line do you actually I have a cell phone good use it and outside the line will cost you an arm and a leg besides I'm not sure how to get you one so Miss aren what do you want uh that's drew Nancy Drew sorry my cousin's handwriting reeks what do you want miss drew I'd like to order the hamburger platter with milk instead of a soft drink one hamburger platter with Moo juice it'll be there if you anything else Nancy's trying to be healthy by ordering milk thanks Nancy that's it thanks a lot no prob it is kind of funny how Elliot's like oh I'm on a roll I'm on a roll I answered one-run riddle and he didn't really answer all the riddle hmm he.

Messed up the part about the 4-bit thing right the silvery remains of a 4-bit day okay so four bit is what 50 cents right so um a 4-bit day right I don't know.

Where the 4-bit comes into play.

Hotel operator what do you want I'd like to order a fun day please mm 480 calories voice of sheer heaven place one official fun day souvenirs phone coming right up anything else that's it thanks a lot saving you has been a pleasure.

That was so good captain's Cove yeah I.

Don't know that's got to be left over.

From Nancy's burger right that big pile of ketchup cuz that's clearly not from her her Sunday that would be weird if it was from her Sunday yeah mm 480 calories.

So that's more than the recommended daily amount in just one Sunday only luck is a very tiny Sunday to have that much that many calories I'm pretty sure. Miles wants us to bring him the souvenir spoon you get when you order a fun day Sunday at the captain's quarters I have one right here give it to miles and see what happens they're gone me wait that's it captains quarters quarters two quarters is four bits two. Quarters is 4 bits that's captains quarters that's where it comes so we can bake Easy Bake Oven and we got a kind of a better look at we still can't tell if he's plugged into the wall or not I don't know if he operates on batteries sorry I can't tell I'm a sundae with.

Ketchup instead of the hot fudge yes that's what Nancy ordered way to go Nancy.

The captains quarters fun day I do remember that I was so small I always had to sit on my mother's lap to eat it I wish I could remember what she looked like your mom probably shouldn't have been letting you eat those sundaes if they were that on the healthy don't you have a picture of her you were very little when your mother died joy your grief came out as anger before your father could stop you you destroyed every picture of your mother that he had I did that no my father told me he had. Gotten rid of them he always said some things are better left forgotten oh my gosh I'm the reason I have nothing to remember her by I'm sure your father helped you shut out the truth in order to spare your feelings the older your father realized here is.

The second riddle this one is written down please remove it disappeared it's.

Just a blank piece of paper you and your mother used to love to play this game joy once again I have no idea what he's talking about you know some of the things your father wants you to remember may be pretty painful are you sure you want to go on if you still want to help me please Nancy keep going I feel like a door somewhere is starting to creak open I'm kind of scared to open it but I also kind of know I have to do you ever talk to the other people who are working during the shutdown I'm not very good at socializing I couldn't even tell you what any of them look like quite frankly I go to work I work I go home that's pretty much my life get back to you as soon as I can thanks Nancy what do you do at home you have a wife at home right what do you do at home I don't know in any case let's burn down the hotel people want to see me burn down the hotel so what you're supposed to do is.

Just turn on the iron and this is how we hire and we get a message it seems weird.

That Joyce dad did set up this job first eight notes of your favorite band organ tune plus one mouth organ plus one smidgen of talent equals one happy miles like he basically set up the scavenger hunt with puzzles for her to solve and she doesn't even like trying to solve puzzles she doesn't even want to try to solve them so it feels like maybe dad didn't know that joy hates puzzles cuz I can't explain it otherwise and fire.

Hello this is Paula Santos I'm standing outside what's left of the captains quarters hotel what happened well according to the fire marshal someone left an iron-on in your room and burned the place down oh no I forgot to turn it off you're at an amusement park not a formal dance what on earth were you earning a piece of paper what no never mind I don't want to hear it when I asked you to come out here I expected to pay for your room not the entire hotel consider yourself off the case Oh poor Nancy fired again fired for a. Real reason this time and not like what you tried to solve the mystery you're fired Nancy.

How tell operator where you I could have been anybody who set the fire in Nancy's room doesn't mean it was Nancy I'd like to order a fun day please anything else that's it thanks a lot saving you has been the pleasure mmm.

Keep the spoon okay Nance it's just gonna have a huge collection of spoons I bet okay so where. Was I we we go back to joy to solve this mystery any luck there was a message.

Written in lemon juice on that piece of paper Myles gave us we're to play the first eight notes of your favorite band organ tune on a mouth organ for miles my favorite band organ tune I don't even know what a band organ is or a mouth organ either for that matter I'm not sure what they are either the music you hear when you ride the captain's gold carousel comes from the band organ that sits inside the platform and the mouth organ is a harmonica you. Used to play the harmonica for your mother all the time it couldn't have.

Been I never rode the carousel I always thought it was stupid I thought all the rides in the park were stupid if you can't remember anything this is gonna be impossible I have been programmed to give you one hint the tune is on the third row you will have to think about this one end of him it's all yours.

Detective as usual I'm stumped I'll get back to you as soon as I can you're the greatest oh she likes me now I don't know why I mean I am trying to help her but still yeah Nancy can order as many fun days as she wants that's just the way this game is set up you can order many many many fun days I'm not sure why but that's that's the the case you thought we can't order burgers we can't order as many burgers as we want once you order all the burger which Gordo burger once it's gone forever but once you order a sundae its yes we're gonna have to call tank whoever he is this looks a little like.

The inside of my aunt's player piano I wonder what goes on this spool.

Something's missing here time to start.

Crawling this goes to the space underneath the carousel I don't think this is a wonder what that is if I don't move I'm gonna get skewered it's just curing yeah I wonder what that.

Is if I don't move I'm gonna get skewered so this device it's an electronic device it's used to turn on the carousel remotely I knew the carousel wasn't haunted there's something up there looks like a letter back in 1913 so there was a door.

To kessler's workshop by the radiator in the ballroom yeah yeah yes hello my name.

Is Nancy Drew I never heard you yes I know I'm trying to help miss Santos figure out what caused the roller coaster accident that shut down captain's Cove so I call on me I run the carousel and all from coasters well to make a long story short I need to find out the name of the band organ song that's on the third roll what poor that's kind of where the long story part comes in I haven't got time for long stories besides how do I know you even know miss Santos okay to get your number I had to get the band organ open right and it gets a band organ open I had to have an access card and to get an access card problem is I got no idea what songs.

On the third roll only way you're gonna find out is to play it where is the third roll it's in the cabinet in the gear room you mean the one that's locked 18 9 39 that's a combination oh and one.

More thing you're gonna have a problem when you're gonna load the roll on a counter holy moley I either snagged a Greyhound bus or the biggest fish in the Chapleau River is right here in the end of my line I I gotta go yeah Nancy really convinced him convinced him very quickly if you if. You select the other option you say hey I could call miss Santos he's like I'm gonna call up my boss while I'm on vacation yeah see he gives up rather easily either way let's see miles said.

This song is on the third roll this must be it lemon Aryan fall on that jewel.

Thief you know Chazz Dunning great let's hear it okay before he died he got to be real good buddies with his cellmate at New Jersey state prison and his cellmate was paroled less than two months ago do you know the guy's name apparently he's used a lot of aliases the guy I talked to wasn't sure which name he was released under but he did give me a description dark hair medium build clean-shaven heavy Jersey accent like I said I'm still in the process of making calls I thought I'd let you know what I had so far thanks detective you've been a big help Oh and that's another story line now let's do that story line so that sounds just like Harlan Bishop Harlan Bishop OMI we're gonna call Paul tell her Oh Paula Harlan might be an ex-cop right hi Paula Nancy what's going on I found an old letter in the gear room of the carousel it was written by Ralph Kessler really don't lose it I'd like to take a look at it Kessler was quite a character the letter said he had a workshop under the ballroom is there a ballroom somewhere in the park actually the ballroom was made into the haunted house about 40 years ago so K

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