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Natalie Brooks Mystery At HillCrest High (NDS) Walkthrough Part 4 With Commentary

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Natalie Brooks Mystery At HillCrest High (NDS) Walkthrough Part 4 With Commentary

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Hey guys welcome back your succeed I am literally not only Brooks mystery at Hillcrest High chapter 7 for the kindle yes because the game won't ain't any time soon and let's keep going Oh what up high like how did you get here I probably escaped soul or did you get here around a bus now when you get on the bus we jumped into a bus floor it where were we that we wanted to jump into a bus it's just quiet here there's been is a perfect hiding basement of the gang well we got in a lucky draw the black cat Ganga white why we did it okay we're here now how does one go about finding it stay here I don't mess always always always have a lot of guns money and lose weight it's like that let's try the window in a picture there it is the warmest balcony I look like that keep the front door isn't lantern what are we waiting for let's get work how could we need is that that you can give this spot here in the lantern no one have used to buy English for quite a while but we don't have to look for another way in what could we use to remove the board uh no buttons find a crowbar okay.

But that was back all that rubber only it puts a lot I got down and put that there so the whole puzzle are just gonna be Donell button on the crowbar it was.

The crowbar my name is convenient.

But we got in your easily by the key and I used my favor but I are like 95 foolishly because no I have no idea where the cues what am I going to guess it put a poster okay oh damn nailed it.

Hey hey all I really wanted was a month.

Around why whether it would be wanted posters of us here's a traumatic this is.

This is a washroom so dozen of the water get to the hydrant there's no Bob it must have fallen somewhere when they were digging could be pinched at from the track got it oh it was the one cover up to park you're hiding something in your dad no kidding you think about what what.

About you think what is that PS guys graphics can barely see something oh ok love to stop I still always have an issue with. Holders again players out I mean wasn't playing just riding the clip art stuff I.

Big lately oh okay you can just did you just click on do some do one thing don't really want to look as much I didn't murder in Venice you don't have to look for stuff much that doesn't happen I. Don't know what I get through that aware something well hey thank non-accrual not.

A present us i'm waiting for playing.

If I friendly.

Postnet can i find the present no mama.

What is the phone today there i don't know that i was use the valve.

There's the key get ready tried we're going to piss I want to visit let's hope they're not anything I'm sure they are to the key from the lantern oh my gosh where's Lana here's a lighter let you.

Know Leonard I forgot all about that lately regardless a day how to learn there is no line in the wrong here here look one life I don't see no writer show me what over 50 this is guarded I can't. Describe it's got the key which means it's either going up or somewhere think about doing that but let they want to do it use a find out all I only got a final.

Wrong why can't we didn't like having is Boyd side thank you there's a little.

Like much of a five-minute Slayer all ages and life living room wait a minute the murders broke this next living room that's not a regular roulette wheel something's definitely missing more stuff to find find the mirror of forest.

They're right there o glorious wrong.

There's nothing like bashing some mirror glass.

By a lot of heart they might fight a lot part explain.

Ok this is definitely a balance layer you've got your roulette table your gun the stacks of money unless they know what they're up to quickly quickly see where do you think we could keep your important documents my gosh do a lot of cutscenes in this one is in chapter the most i thing fine nine cat statue why why do i define nine cat keep it down that thought of a bunny I'm buddy I like that buddy what does another money this.

Guy's got to see some all goofy like that I could really see that one holy crap let's all fear.

Never too played 90 caps arches when I get in oh ok you play too okay check. Behind the campaign 57 we cut da cheese.

Log kna one ever tells me anything.

Ok ok I'll stop you hear the pinning ok I'm a small gold key interesting oh we.

Gotta go key so we're not going to do open this that doesn't want to be open why I have a lot party that should be obvious please to open but that was here take.

The ball 57 who's the ball on why it was any of that.

They were I am literally at a loss for.

What I have to use to fall for.

Tell me what did I use it for what to.

The zipper part 57 make us different wizard zipper part.

He has different part by itself white castle I have no idea what you're talking about I have no idea and I can't fight that seem small let's go let's go right Oh welcome arm I forgot it right on the ground hey I won't talk TV show I with the bad guys hit stuff on inside toys and this one has a broken zipper.

Little part Pfizer my god that is the.

Key finder guess I just finally can I open this got started I still can't open it why he why you do this to me what.

Could it even be pops it already what could it possibly before I don't get it.

What how did litter the key level of.

Snow yet there's a path in the middle of partner and there's something underneath it what could I use the credit open I don't know about us ism tell me.

Find the last cat statue but haven't I.

Seen that before I've noticed in that.

I know if I got it music at that just.

For what no that's something I got at the roulette table let me look at life.

To some of this stuff this week so said here's the key unlocker finally that they have keywords after getting three keys a billiards table everywhere by now I've heard everything in here yes if you worry about it how do we open it but you ain't no bandit you don't little bandit huh I don't think Hank dresses in solve it when they change along with the rest of the room there must be something important time there must be really take Nathan read inaudible the exchange rate.

Fine I'll do that just that notes I want to do read me ok ok if I call exchange.

Rate set up the money symbol from the biggest of the small run into this guy seems like hey oh oh I didn't read that.

I didn't read that they roll I guess. What how I get to get it right no matter. What because I didn't read it properly probability of acidic food armed alert ball five four dollars okay I have to see what one looks like in.

This game oh oh they might be disappeared okay find us if you hang the wallpaper is wat wallpaper is too much.

Wallpaper in here.

What sorry what did you bother man. Poster don't do it of me what remember.

This i use those cool me add one I don't.

Use the cube I don't have to ever remember a little bit well now that was.

Really getting all the magistrate unbroken line Oh what do you mean what.

Are you talking about I'm not sure what's going about here.

Great well no no no no.

So you can't change those whatever it's. Not simple dude is that is a really exit Louis yeah actually work into the public colon I didn't realize that I didn't realize I was cleaning it makes it worse I got the debate asking museum making the mini-game was always and where everything would not be said when I didn't tell you take the jar and missing car let's play the missing part of the. Filamentous hear it out.

Imma do just telling Martin Bryson was open to say I'm late if I was radar.

Wrong no idea like to say it like it was right but hey who knows these is we didn't try to take the spider but spider I'll see you later elder later where's.

Aren't scary this fuzzy are usually hungry interesting fact Natalie it just.

Exact and almost here a miller scalable I'm not touching it all those miners are calling every red door what.

Speed the spider dynamic spider come on the warm sort of sweater his message you ever let you just start okay oh oh oh.

Oh come on.

Okay there it is. Got it yeah.

Nailed it Wow I noticed a pattern who thought they had the part of that time really gonna has a better comp I really thought I tell you.

Honestly what I should be going yeah what's known as I shouldn't going out no I should be going on right no forgetting.

Scrap come up to plug kickball all right.

Some of the flood turn on the light in the wardrobe.

Because pledge by putting both dillards in the pool table that's how that works click the yellow ball.

Okay I didn't even put in the man they still work I was even weirder now open the Knobloch find a secret number but.

It's right there 555 3402 we have to.

Remember that so mad may have already bought and folks it for the funeral why does she want to kill me now all you've also her husband a burning hair hug banker now why do we care I don't know where's my hair I week here because we need to figure out what the gang is up to you remember the number from barry i believe it's important I don't actually I really don't I've got a number now but it's a pay phone let me change that why would you I was gonna say why would try to half the coin will you tell you got me there's a good kidnapped mrs. just before morning before the name is painting we have money on.

Logically it don't make no families only car damn.

I love outside it was I knew it I just don't want to lock up the attorney is that killed behind the fun of it was surprised me anymore what the number. Layali have not enter this number damn.

How I do have to ballet oh that's convenient why actually argue I remembered it so okay I'm mistake i'm.

French slave again you see we see what it does.

Just because you want a pillow to make sure you tap awake to you there we go read the letter I'll do just.

That ha see what a lot of cutscenes ha iphone an artist who looks just like my daughter here help me without even knowing it Oh Marya banker doggy will shoot him and everyone will pick it with this Luther Chad since ever 50 number for the higher has changed its now 5553 will do is to this number 70 this brooch is a pebble in my shoe but I won't let her or anyone else taught me I'm already drunk here's a photo of my hubby the masquerade is over killing city I calories of you all the way artisans later jeez really want that money that's max Miller the banker he loves money more than like holy is my leg Madison area down the aisle I'm we're intrigued by why she want to kill him I capture me as a part of a plan mind you fool hi we.

Wish you whatever to see jolly and my clothes killing the banker yeah are you would have been long gone by that time she would avoid it all suspicion so that's why they kidnap me they want to kill me tank cars you got me off first crystal in danger I wanted by the police so let's hurry to the bank and one miller the miller listen I don't know it's all in the budget we have to meet charges ever we found a black guy hit quarter using the pages from the hideout I've never seen that much money and those many guns it was a real layer it says about modeling the fund the killer husband are set up shadows before guy I know her season but I walked know her oh let me do this when these might as well as a mind girl how we can get them inside the workers that is Mac Miller's bank well I can understand why my name is Shawna money we left with these leases are here too we can get past it come on I have an idea are you sure it's a good one I'll just have to do is little lady well your rope let's go to romance figure or something else I'm sure that my security guards left I'm damage to get that one it should resign that right we should try to get in security guys room too I shall we play something useful in the air but how do you get in Arnold buttons stopped right guys well I guess we're helping it a vast a building and Saturday guys find a place for the leaver a loser the lever leaver hurry ok.

On a bank even a sub 11 of the window screen is locked up down hi secures you man find the leaver lever ingress when I.

Find that why you just just sitting down bro I have you doing some I help me find it lover ok I ask me how you live I see.

How it is not see see you will they.

Start a fight please where is it what.

Exactly what I've known it was there why have you gone here in the subpoenas might have something useful behind what how would I have no one okay i click on.

Everything at nothing works crazy.

Hey money why don't we take the money and go.

No one's watching we can strip me the tape my money this video they like.

Physical like covering it i still don't have what I want the last thing I would.

Often be here. Primer-blast is red dragon fly on a nail.

Although I've seen this nail no I didn't click on like to come ah i see what they did there it made sure i saw the dragon i did when i was a me for expert on the damn pink icon and said the words run from here that letters on the roof but this is food please shut use the screwdriver yay where it's aware this is we just got started the bus how're you and inside the bus connect the wires.

Let's chat there's on the building of lit up or are those numbers hmm the second is always flipping things around because there is a lot more like numbers to me it's for 114 fantastic nah please check the funding laptop I know where the laptop is not just sitting there by it Natalie i'ma let you do what you do I.

Remember it you're 30 mark haha aqui.

Slid out of the laptop there is coffee and donuts in there too if only only open about a suitcase a suitcase so there's more than one now I didn't have.

To believe i yelled back.

From where I picked up their non known there. What what is going on it doesn't make.

Any sense I don't understand go to the. Office so where's the office then.

How does that the office the lift will. Hold both of us are someone has to watch group go ahead and Natalie of course I said go ahead because you don't want to do anything do you Chad examine the bind her to just Chuck randomly sitting there I'm inflatable substitute good morning what did you please sign my petition it looks like the real thing play what he just put up on me inflatable doll him right there take the freight thought well what would he do that listen because if you worried about being shot or something I should be able to solve it in no time once again was on 23 the.

Banker is that the taking inflated banker why was I to know.

Okay sick lenses great not a picture I.

Remember the big one is limited zoom second that was weird i was a weird picture that was a real pic though we're being very picture tough on the piggyback.

I did that last time I visited Miller's pig how to spell for our larger for the people back in please find a part of the water clock.

Oh they're not baby that big it's.

Normally a problem oh yeah well they'll play the way to making a problem.

You know the social Vegas schools got over anywhere right repair out the clock.

I did die and all the stuff myself.

Remember that is to be June second 915 chance to fight take some money get some.

Money oh so excited looks like to the. Window I came from fantastic and that is.

To burn a business trip already look what would it look more than a cheap but.

It like morning if you must just some of it a damn thing and then go. Use the fly swatter flying Scoob is fly see the electronic key oh I get it just.

I gave it to the house we will call that I can't remember like after find the gun rack right here I'll Christy there I has.

An alarm this is a bank after all it's double the alarm take just a little on over oh it's still on what but a mini.


Got it you'll even see it next day's round asleep stick the banker that this.

Will all return that when this inflatable doll find the fan a flip.

I don't know he will be actually angel.

Are you want to find a band I like I don't know Japan that's the stupid fan of course ative take the propeller I did that go to the office again well you're.

Awesome went up a dejarte.

I figured that much find the fireplace right here why does my gingham hopes to love your paw I really missed a grill why does my plan I don't understand so does that mean someone was here cook a while a few more minutes ago as if I were to set afire a little rascals can burn the furniture that's cool I guess.

Why do I have two girls like why do I have to keep going outside gloves are.

Just randomly appeared here all of a sudden fantastic into that one.

I'm very funny clothes other I saw that.

Oh I got it I got a hold on me think I was right soon hold it up this read this blog once.

Again there's no way to do what I need to do are there any matches in here. Let's get in the trash can we're in the trash can there it is what's in the.

Trash can Arabic and happy modelling vanilla vodka grip slime served the hawk prepared is ray ye.

Lonnie I was preparing a drink where our Miss beverages not forget it to the right degree is on your off here.

This would be taking about losing me not carry and they were taught to get read it darn it well doc there's a real part of the Millers best good phase so I'm.

Opening the bar business more i took the accents are really active start up the exercise let's up the excess energy access card one little box those are the.

Matches huh so the fire burning burning burning stars and flyers he just a lot of cooking without all looking sometimes it's a bit weird how they do that both again how put a lens on the telescope.

Why was it a high-powered also how were the girls looking at I don't anything but it now that tape isn't useful Peter that's what they're by using the helicopter okay what's on the door I did.

Well where we are the keys to the state.

Check up the monitors I did again for the difference between the boards finding all of them while obviously key to the safe.

I could just keep round to control our hope for the best at all let me see what i mean i think this do this simply do this.

I jatena confusable where the last one word what's the last one I'd love to say to me at this point I don't care this.

Playlist and i'll put the save it when.

He wasn't is this favor guys escape again oh god all style over the face.

Miller has upgraded assist these are not many I was thoughtful of him so you do Milla I know this isn't my first game anyway open the saved her together in empty in the orders for start doing it but the guys in order from the lowest of the higher afraid of the country i did not i don't know i had come on all right.

You ass give it too much.

So Deborah seventies 1060 buy a new safe ha meet Madeline and healthcare tired the realtor but I was biting a photon treponemal good for like a yeah I. Know where to find Miller let's go back to the hill cares why what did you learn my little minute ago today larissa dee noticed labor will be there too I we. Learn my only on her gang were able to kill a rich binary Wayne straight A's office to warn him but he wasn't there a portion of Lake a very well she'd arranged the medium somewhere for the large amount of you on his life but weird and those it took us to level find the note but he'll frankly gay that place is like a magnet to Martling we have to hurry and it's for free and we. Have 30 minutes land kitty we need your help what call the police say help em okay careful this is the killer somewhere nearby there's no time call us please sweetheart Oh hold it I locked it.

Guys I hope you guys enjoyed is over after they were like comment subscribe I stick around for the next part

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