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Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Walkthrough Part 1 ~ 100% (PS3, X360, Wii, PS2, PC) Level 1

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Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Walkthrough Part 1 ~ 100% (PS3, X360, Wii, PS2, PC) Level 1

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Walkthrough Part 1 - 100% All crystals ~ movie game

Ice Age 3 walkthrough part 1 for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii and PC

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Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Walkthrough Part 1 ~ 100% (PS3, X360, Wii, PS2, PC) Level 1


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All right little pizzas since your parents have left me in charge it's the babysitter I thought I would tell you a bedtime story wait a minute I'm here too yes Diego but only one of us has real experience as a.

Parent Syd you were never a parent was to those weren't even your kids they.

Were dinosaur eggs Oh their real mother almost chomped you anyways once upon a time while your parents were waiting for the special day.

For you to be born actually your mother and I'm your uncle Diego here we're waiting your father was freaking out yes yes he was but he did have the idea to surprise LED with a great present in honor of your arrival and good thing too because he was making Ellie nervous you should never make a mama mammoth nervous he got me in your uncle's crashing that he just got around and find the crystals he needed but we'd have to do it all in Scripture but first they had to wake you up that was the hard part it SID you.

Think he's awake get awake means eyes open crash ahh.

Is that a slot with Porto's Bartos Naju outlet for toes.

Sid glad you're up we need to help we need you to distract Ellie so we can.

Sneak out this is a top-secret mission seek admission Roger I'm Eddie Shh.

Come on mammals we're sneaking here.

This is the perfect moment to distract Ellie yeah.

This is the perfect moment to distract Ellie keep Ellie talking beats me why.

What CIDCO fuck door hey SID you're awake is it noon already ha ha.

That's a good one I say Ellie done that's the sudden feel any more mature yet no uh not really why are you sure cuz you gotta be let it.

Soak in Sid my eyes are stinging good can't touch me just working Sid come on.

For outstanding swathi service in the field of sneakiness we salute you now to.

Find a baby gift forelli what wait a minute that's the secret mission.

Follow us and jump over that log.

Slap that shrub and see what it's got.

Let's try over here sit follow us.

Right behind you oh look a perfect gift said you gotta get that crystal guy I'm.

A sloth we're not known for a physical prowess yes but you're a tree sloth yeah.

Then I make way for the expert SID does it hurt only only when I breathe or.

Dog good thing ow owie it's a gift and your baby is on.

It oh wow it's beautiful you guys know what goes best with.

Crystals parmesan nope more crystals I saw some through that passage.

Cross over the tree and explore away are you sure this tree is solid walking on.

It's the best way to find out good luck.

Easy does it try your hand and slam for here Syd Shh.

Wow oh we've been spotted.

Sin you got to defend us me how pretend you're knocking down more bushes yeah.

Not angry rabbit beavers Oh.

We'll be right behind you.

Fancy you're bad bad fever.

Wow Sid you are on fire yeah but right now we gotta get past that Boulder oh.

Wait let me guess you want me to move it with that stick see you all on fire yeah.

Yeah okay guys I'm on my way.

Yeah a cobweb come on Syd follow us what we need is some fun.

Hello bounce on the mushrooms to reach the fire careful don't bounce off the.

Mushrooms your oboes hair.

We smoke this not.

Get back down here by sliding on that ice.

Fire check cobweb this one follow us let go let go let go I can do.

This I'm almost sure of it.

Today's your lucky day boys have I got an offer for you and you and.

What an offer I got for you not now Tony we are on a mission so sure.

Sure yeah but you're gonna need supplies I got your fruits you gadgets the whole shebang I've never even seen half of shebang how do you even keep a whole.

Shebang in this wedding talk fast fast Tony listen up and I'll tell you how you.

Yes you can buy items anywhere in the world.

Welcome to the trade check whatever you want fast Tony can hook you up now that.

Is the meaning of upgrade keep looking there's got to be something you can't.

Live without you don't look like the type of wants to buy that the type ticket you got the basics down already half fast Tony likes a quick learner.

Sid let's go collect them berries and trade them for anything in the shop.


Syd a bear the crystal Oh.

Who goes there uh nobody important is cheap for yourself oops well whoever you are you'll have to get past God's part okay Syd you heard.


Watch out more hogs here comes into the mixed air and I've done yet you think.

We're the only Mohawks around here you have defeated the last of the moe arms.

But now your destiny lies to the north I said Boulder take this stick and and.

Use it to clear the big rock.


Yeah whoa Ellie won't be able to take her eyes off that crystal assuming her eyes.

Are open God let me get it you sure about that oh yeah I got it I got it should we do anything.

He'll be fine Wow another crystal he says that you weren't.

Expecting that courtesy of air sloth thanks guys.

You're really taking her mind off her swollen ankles I heard there's another crystal by the edge of the cliff.

Hey wait up guys go get a faster yeah well it is a long way down when you look.

At it SID we found another crystal but it's tucked up on a Ledge but that's no.

Big deal cuz it's being guarded by birds nerds bird you nerd.

I'm for the loss action.

Let's go crash push on it come on crystal if that even is your real name.

Uh look after the crystal and you look after those birds.

Sit come over here have you ever seen such a perfect crystal you should feel.

Good about yourself we're getting you know I do feel good I feel really let go.

From your brothers with love you guys spoil me yeah almost makes up for all.

The other junk they do okay it does doesn't anybody want to spoil me

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