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Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow - Stealth Walkthrough Part 1 - US Embassy

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Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow - Stealth Walkthrough Part 1 - US Embassy

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What's up everyone since train zero one back at you with more Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell HD trilogy time to bring you the second game in the series Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora tomorrow go ahead and hit that like button to show your guys to support for a great game number one has already done hope you guys enjoyed it if you haven't seen yet go and check it out it's on my channel otherwise hit that like button and let's do it it's time to play Pandora tomorrow.

And darn it tomorrow.

All right it's time to do this Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandor tomorrow it is finally time I'm so excited to actually get into this I hope you guys are as well don't forget to hit that like button show us some poor let's get these videos to the top we're gonna be doing this on the hardest difficulty nice perfect hopefully stealthy playthrough as well as take no damage at least those are my goals so I'm gonna probably put a video out every other day or so just to give it some views so don't forget to comment rate subscribe and let's do it it wasn't your day well.

I wasn't very good in simulation the NSA just called me we have a problem in East Timor what kind of problem a big one.

What is douglas doing here that's exactly what you have to find out soon.

Fisher welcome back to the front welcome back indeed ladies and gentlemen look at this game it looks absolutely amazing this is like a seven year old game and still today looks this great I love it let's work on stealth your gun should always be a last resort and this ability is your best weapon we've got a network of photocells on your suit connected to a disability meter on your op set the meters at three you lit up like Times Square now I do have to mention that a couple of things have changed since the first game reason being this game is actually made by Ubisoft Shanghai I believe where the original was made by Ubisoft Montreal so there are a little bit differences not too much mostly kind of just in the behind the scenes stuff as well as the HUD is a little different they're kind of a little bit more color than the original game as you can see it just brings out kind of more you know they're just a little bit more used to the tech that they're working with again this game was only made one year after the original so for what they did in the short amount of time that they had is actually pretty amazing now this commentary is after the fact that I've already played this level some episodes will actually be live commentary but some will also be just like this where the commentary is dubbed over top of it that way I can kind of explain my thought process and things like that as I go through this game I guess it just really depends on how I feel at the time.

But this first section is pretty easy just you know they kind of mixed the training level in with a real level as we if you remember the first one there is a whole training level where's this one it's just pretty much the first level is the training level but it's also part of the story so before you infiltrate the embassy let me reintroduce DP Brunton our interagency consultant he's got an update for the mission I'll keep it brief I'm sure you know I'm excited to be part of the team the Joint Chiefs want this mission kept non-lethal and alarms at flat zero we can't endanger the hostages understood and with some due respect leave anything Lambert can say to the Lambert I don't want the voices in my head to become a crowd get inside the. Embassy this situation is delicate and largely unknown so walk softly so obviously as you can see so far it's just kind of definitely taking you by the hands slowly teaching you how to jump T Jenna climb PI it's open doors things like that here's a brand new move in Pandora tomorrow which is the SWAT turn which is actually very useful because if you use this move when an enemy is facing you you're actually he actually can't see you even though it's obvious he's cross in front of them but you know it's just kind of something that they added they always wanted to add a little bit more for every game and this was kind of the second game I actually don't even remember if it's in chaos theory or not I believe it is but this was mainly something that was just used for Pandora tomorrow at least put out there to be used for Pandora tomorrow now again since this is like the training level it's kind of throwing everything at you so it's teaching you to use your thermals to use your night vision that way you can get by certain areas obviously there's mines up ahead and we have to figure out how to get by on peace cake.

All right so as you guys can see that the lighting in this game is just amazing it just gets better and better with each game and of course you're just going to be blown away when we play chaos theory which will obviously be the next game in the series and up here is definitely one of my favorite moves on all of Splinter Cell I believe only the first floor for Splinter Cell Games you can actually do the what is it called split jump and it's what's really cool is in Pandora tomorrow they added the fact that you could jump higher to get to more elevated kind of areas and stuff like that so they're always adding something in every game which kind of gives you a reason to go back and continue with Sam Fisher and all the stories rim's found you a back door avoid the main gate at all cost blueprints show an ornamental stream running beneath the entrance looks like a viable way in a little wet better than a little bit that streams your way in even if it means moving slowly to minimize your noise level Fisher be careful this village is a walk in the park compared to what needs to be done inside the embassy so since I'm going for a no alert walkthrough as well as no damage taking whatsoever it's gonna be very very difficult there's gonna have to be a lot of diversions and things like that to get around also I believe there's a different ochite or not achievements but different trophies that you can get per se only using your five five seven or whatever so I'm most likely not going to even use the SC twenty K which is the assault rifle that we get I'm just going to be sticking to the handgun I'm not going to be killing anyone if unless of course it is you know mandatory that you have to I'm gonna try to get by everybody that I can with either diversion or just sneaking through maybe being a little patient for those of you that saw the first playthrough of mine and you're understand the type of Splinter Cell guy or the type of stealth guy that I am in general and that's of course what I'm to do for the entire series hopefully I can get through the whole series without ever being alerted one time we'll see because it's only going to get harder and harder so hopefully we can keep it up I think we can it's a good challenge I like a good challenge the situation is. Getting worse in the embassy they seem to be killing hostages now I've got a. Man at my wave ambert how flexible is my zero fatality mandate as a rock in fact we want you to make a new friend from your on boards that man looks like one of Sodano lieutenants interrogate him find out what he knows about Saddam Mo's defense parameters the chatter we're sifting sounds bad but lack specifics details on your ops at.

I need information I I don't speak.

English I'd be willing to bet your neck that you do I know a little English good to hear I'm going inside to meet your friends anything I need to worry about they have guns I'm shocked and amazed what else my men planted the mines on our way out we had escort to defend the village escort who nothing escort who ah nobody I made a mistake.

Escort who I don't know his name.

Somebody important to Sodano he's got an American accent and one of his legs is fake a bald man with dead eyes a fake leg yes go ahead and kill me that's all I know. Vallum you there got some light valor you hear me definitely one thing you want to watch out is I definitely recommend just wait right here don't even worry about this guy he's gonna kind of do his rounds pretty much go back into the house and then you can just sneak by without even have to worry about it no reason to take him out again I'm not going to take out everybody in every map I'm just going to take out the ones that are kind of a necessity the ones that are exactly in my path there's no way I can think of at that moment to get around them just letting you guys know of the kind of Splinter Cell kind. Of what's going on in my mind I feel that that might help you guys as well for those of you that want to put up your own walkthroughs and playthroughs and need help with commentating and stuff like that the flash notes confirmed there was a hostage situation Indonesian militants yeah but the hostages are somebody else's game you're here for information and especially the information held by Douglas shetland your objective we need to know how much data was lost.

Freeze Fisher not a muscle Sedano is. Right on top of you if he sees you this mission is over but why me I didn't see.

Anything but did you hear something no just Pandora tomorrow and then a lot.

Of gibberish ah I couldn't understand any of it give me a month I thank you thank you.

Oh seven safely separated from the others that's Kim doesn't open the door like his fingers belong to yes.

Talk damn you where is it.

Oh I only have to keep you alive I don't have to keep you comfortable don't tempt me Douglas.

It's been a while Fisher my god man you're getting old you stole my piece were the rest of the seals I'm working alone haven't been Navy for a decade then who you with I'm here on damage control just came to smash a computer thank God Oh should I say the CIA keep guessing I tried to destroy it but who knows how much data they were able to pull down I've consulted on security for targets all over the world who work for Delta no staying anonymous uh-huh maybe you've got a use for this storage device I pulled off the gorilla ride kill Thanks how'd you hide it from your guard just wash your hands when you're done with it.

It was PGP encrypted easy stuff for all the good it did us the body Texas gibberish Bronson thinks it's a regional Indonesian dialect we're looking for a translator but we got the sender's alias mortified penguin and forwards in the body text red beard sole knee a and Springfield my CIA people came through for us the dialect is Tim Marie's mom BAE there's an agency bureaucrat working in the embassy an indonesian linguist a woman named carlson first name ingrid she's being held in a tower off the garden behind the embassy grounds Grimm's working on the way to contact her without alerting her guard Compton's your next objective details on your op set all right so as you can see I just whistled which is definitely comes in handy a lot and obviously this guy we're gonna need to take out is there's just too many things kind of are surrounding us we need to take out that guy so we can actually think they got two guys up ahead they're just looking at some glass or some floor plans or something like that so we have a bottle over here on the right so my plan is to throw the bottle somewhere get them looking another direction that way we can kind of sneak up not really behind them but just out of the way and kind of you know try to figure out without shooting anything without him that kind of stuff just use what we have in the environment around us so we got you know their attention obviously wearing the sneak around at this side because they're not looking in this area so it kind of makes sense to use something else but we also have another bottle over here so I mean pretty much we can just do the same thing in the opposite direction make them look left that way we can kind of sneak by right you know it just makes sense and of course it you don't need to take everybody out like I said I don't plan on it so you know stick to my guns.

I've also noticed that the shadows and things like that are a lot harder to read in this game there is however only three bars to your how invisible you are back but at the same time when you've got your night goggles on it's a lot harder to actually tell if you're in the dark or not you really kind of have to stare at that meter to make sure that you're still in the covered area I found that in the original Splinter Cell it wasn't as hard but in this one it is a little bit harder than it was before so you're not.

Gonna like this chances are security camera tap shows a lone guard overlooking the next courtyard wearing night-vision goggles there's an automated searchlight they haven't shut down should be blinding through night goggles you're telling me to stay in the light I said you wouldn't like it alright so there's our objective right there we got to get to this lady who's gonna be able to figure out what this message says but in order to do that we've got a guy who's got some night-vision goggles on so obviously we're gonna have to get inside the light which is a kind of a whole like opposite of what a Splinter Cell is you always want to avoid light so I actually kind of like how they did that they kind of made it in order to defeat someone who is like you you have to you know do the opposite of what you would normally do so it's pretty cool the other thing is that you really don't know where this light is going to go sometimes it changes its pace it goes left it goes right it goes fast slow sometimes it'll catch up to you so you really got to kind of pay attention but at the same time always make sure you're right in that light now however there are a couple of ways that you can actually get up here one way is you can go through the building and actually around the back and go up through the hall and that's an easy way to get to or whatever but why do that when we can climb up the building I mean that just seems more fun to me there's a little pipe here obviously you can tell what kind of pipes you can actually climb and which ones you can't this is the same type of pipe that was in the earlier part when Sodano just killed that guy but you had to climb so that's why I was like I guess you could climb it but then again I know if someone was climbing a pipe right next to me I'd probably hear it but you know AI whatever Ingrid you.

Must be my blind date I hope the bit with the flashlight helped it did Thanks I'm doing the best I can this hasn't turned out to be the desk job I was hired for I'm a word cruncher word crunching is what I need look nice PDA are you saving up for the color model can you read it it's phonetical mumbay not a native speaker but fluent gives numbers for meeting-place 4857 north Oh. 308 East 18 hours the only reference for.

The location is solely a that's not mom Bay it says there are only a few weeks from securing the ingredients for the Springfield demonstration and that's it it's signed mortified penguin mortified penguin your guess is as good as mine but I wouldn't recommend guessing and while you're at it forget everything you've seen heard and said are you gonna be all right if I leave here would you stay if I said no no well done Fisher there's a nice synchronicity between those coordinates and the name Sonnier both magic cryogenics lab in Paris we just got word from Delta they're sending their boys in which means you're off the leash Merry Christmas Fisher shoot all the gorillas you like you have a quick exit downstairs at the base of the tower colon is waiting for you in the village the osprey can't land in the village Cohen's afraid of being too good a target cut the power from all the spotlights in the village they'll fly as low as possible to pick you up at the end of the pier all right so pretty much all that's left is we got two guards up ahead but we also have to shut off the lights they're in order to do that we're gonna have to take out the guards I have found that pretty much the only way to do that is to do pretty much just like I do I'm sure there's other ways you know to get their attention or whatever but because as soon as you get up into the lighted area you're pretty much seen and their patterns are small enough to where it's like there's no way you can kind of just leave them alone but there could be you never know I just didn't take too much time to think about it and said okay these guys are my way I got to take them out I've obviously noticed that I'm using the by not binoculars a lot more which I'm actually going to do I don't remember if I think there was mine oculars in the first one but I never use them because I never really thought of it but now that I actually have them it kind of seems like it's a good idea to use them to see what's up up ahead now this guy who's kind of scared me ready you just kept following a little mini circle so I definitely want to watch out for that guy but I didn't use the whistle method I used the old method that I used in all the other Splinter Cell games or should I say the first one which is that pretty much just jump up in the air it's another easy way to kind of get their attention without actually alerting them to your presence again make sure you hide the bodies because in every level you can lose you know a status or have an alert or something like that and since this is a no alert walkthrough obviously we want to make sure we hide bodies good enough.

All right now that's actually going to do it all that's left is we got to make ourselves to the rendezvous point which is just pretty much passed here so I hope you guys enjoyed the first level to splinter cell Pandora tomorrow I had a great time playing it again like I said videos will be uploaded pretty much every other day just to give them some views so people can know that they're out there and of course I've still got other stuff going on Resident Evil will put more of that my question and answers all kinds of stuff coming up for you guys I hope you enjoyed this please like and we'll see you next time

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