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Sims 3 Part 2 - THE FAMOUS LIFE (Gameplay Walkthrough)

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Sims 3 Part 2 - THE FAMOUS LIFE (Gameplay Walkthrough)

The Sims 3 Walkthrough Part 1 - Let's Play, Commentary & Playthrough





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Hello and welcome back to some more simple or say a big big thank you supporting the first pot you guys are absolutely amazing this series could be a lot of fun I think it could be so let's try and hit a thousand likes in the first day possible thousand likes we can do it I'm pretty sure we can anyway so there's a few things I've changed I'm gonna go to the map view for a second and a completely new map so I've gone I've bought the the late night DLC so I'm recommend it in the last episode afore check it out it's got a whole load of new stuff the map looks a lot better as well it's like clubs and stuff to go to and this is pretty much where we saw become like a film star almost as well so I think it could be quite a lot of fun so I might go with such a school there I'm sure there's that there we go that's the place where we can potentially come a famous actor or something so find film career it's do it I'm gonna go for it visit it's too late to do this I don't know let's do anyway it's it's 7:00 p.m. isn't on a Sunday it's quite a weird time to go and find a job but we're gonna do it anyway why is he stopped off therefore what's he doing join the film cause he making like a core something how is he gone subway so subway oh that's cool he's taking the subway haha you're not Levin existed that is cool I like that so so make his way to Freud to the film shoot oh it should be just where is it I was over that there we are almost there I'm so close I can feel my my film career is starting so so close please let me in become famous he does look like a bit whoa Jesus and it's super getting over about taxi this ends the game oops so I'm a little bit low also bit hungry as well but hopefully we can become cover film actor I'm hoping we can change out our lifetime wish as well so this is our career 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday I'll accept it why not go for it what's our first day things we were tomorrow at 1 p.m. so we do now is jump back into this view and we head back to our house and we're gonna eat something get to bed and go sleepy time yes I forgot state we actually move the whole plot from Sunset Valley to this new place as well as which is basically the deal see for the last night fish would last night DLC so we've moved our whole plot belong to here so got the same guy with the same house nothing's changed which is awesome yeah this is I think it's the first time we ever preparing a meal which is quite scary you may like cause a fire or some fish she's not gonna be pleasant he's eating essays is hungers gone up there's got to go to sleep sleepy time just going to wash up quickly wash the dishes I'll get to this stage where I makes you like moving house in the real world and all that work out doing a dishwasher door on it but alliances do i warm up wallpaper dough on it's it's crazy crazy time so I'm gonna use this to sort of fuck out what color that one I guess I just gotta sleep down actually that's the only ship as well I am yeah that's fine perfect your energy is to AIDS guys sleep big time so I wake up in the morning I'll see you in a second this is again a little bit too close this is gay a little bit weird I'm so just watching him why he sleeps what's he thinking about the world winning some trophies he's got which he's got it's dream about a lot of stuff what's going on his head's a lot of random stuff paranoid about to wake up a second actually let's go for a quick little workout hit me wakes up workout time what's this join the lawyer I'm look arguing more that one I didn't want it on I'm fine don't do that one really what's this one workout I could do that try that one exactly she just up workout non-stop I guess I'm smelly I'm like really smelly why does he take so long get on to work smelling who's that he's going to work any stinks oops that was terrible tell with ethics that was terrible ah my business as usual wish you go for a bit of work hard slack off type of work hard wife's I made 113 that was not a lot of money days I just did not heard a lot so hoping we get promotion at some point very soon fingers crossed let's go so a work career he's in a slightly bad mood that's probably why didn't get promotion because again promotion eventually but is in little bit of a bad mood cause he's smelt she's probably understandable to be honest so we're going to do is have a quick bath I don't get a shower at some point very very soon actually I reckon I get some sort of some sort of Schieffer showers so much quicker like showers so I have a quick shower his fun's gone up a little bit which I guess is good I'm tempted to go up so like someone's house and I got knock on a door afterwards she's our last little bath sure look at this guy's house this is looks like a freak that pushes house looks I'll scan you know visit after our.

Captive Oh God I got literally hit this electric okay fine it's no all right it's gonna taxi over there as well how lazy Zee did he walk or freaking taxi all right who's here yo what's that swim pool sorry we don't know you please leave what a piss are we friendly with you okay if you try somewhere else let's try this place all this gun talk toku talk to her oh I love he's going to work we need to like know them beforehand she really does suck so again it doesn't know god damn it you are so rude you people Ryan I'm going to sleep then fine I'm gonna bet that sucks really bad right sleepy time right time to uh make some breakfast right what should we have this time so breakfast have breakfast have breakfast waffles oh right great way to work again so he's going to work and I quit little breakfast days one off to work you see what shoes on what do your shoes on ice. We had no shoes on them I don't know what happened there so he's just eaten anything I taught a little bit but I think that's not too bad so again we can push him like really hard trying meat class members actually as well let's do that try me some new people cuz I'm pretty new to this town so I need some sort of socialize I see a phone actually it's my phone don't have a phone yet and Jesus Christ I mean the people don't buy phones anymore so what the mobile isn't it just mobos of the mobos all right telephone is there so I heard let's go for that one icon on the wall isn't it so in the wall there we go we don't want to pull it just put on this wall yeah but they're saying Bazin that is this the other I'll do it in a bathroom because it may just electrocute me which is not good we don't want that it means new people who's this justice o'clock like a slippery level Jesus Christ I try and meet her or something texting and sends for any text oh yeah let's do that now go back to work always make another person awesome so what's this is potential opportunities set cleanup what does that mean so looks like an epic pie fight scene just film made a huge mess on the set your boss has asked you to stick around tonight and help clean up the crew would definitely be impressed if we wouldn't stay late go for it why not put your make him a little bit angry though yeah a little bit not he's not having any fun basically oops whoopsie doodles so when do you finish now then oh my gosh like a really late night I really like what the fuck they try ten-four I am a star around but she was not interested I was like nope I'm gonna try and get frame with his girls this chapter for a bit special whoo ambitious athletic let's not do that it's a little bit too full on the boys but friendly it's gonna keep chair up a little bit just be just be friendly well should we do mmm chefs secret nub. Itsy-bitsy clip little bit too early for that and that's from a promotion no got promotion they realize Jesus show funny video I mean we always likes funny video that way I mean I loved I loved seeing funny videos I tell story no. Friendly get to know there we go perfect sounds like a good one oh it's got a little better I think Scott is being.

Sociable I have been researchable I'll go nuts my promotion tool gets impressed by that you might see shy about his work up she's got such a massive ego let's go we're yes go for luck ambitious so it does work not a speck dude that seemed so it does please don't agree with me scuse me as you can quite late free going back unemployed what that's not good always to be employed I'm going to head back now it's getting a little bit too late where hell's my house I have no idea well looking I know so it's up it's you up here is up here isn't it nope nope here solos like the booties they're bridge and my house is here there we go perfect you need to come back to bed my friend websites equal first have breakfast have some waffles breakfast again I forgot wake up soon ever no oh God you'll go wake up oh no one that's not ice not take that look G bad to look at waffles say yummy they look mmm beasties you're not wearing shoes does he not own cheese is weird I don't need to buy a wardrobe fairly quickly because he Schley he's a I don't know he's not putting shoes on which is weird so we could have a quick bath maybe so. Much as a shower cos there's no quicker showers so we go to bathroom showers.

Let's not do that we could we could get rid of this so if we press Delete you go put a bit money for as well let's put a shower down simple shower let's get for this one sign is slightly more elegant so what we're around yep oh yes stays right see the door on the left just put it there perfect this will be his first shower mmm mmm shower time so fin famoso what. Is he now he's now best what a best boy that sounds like really we're tight I never heard that tile in my entire life but it seems to be like a lackey to director stars and even more senior best boys okay for enough so basically that more of this that person that runs around not doing much but how do we become a stop something off this game oh let's do that sounds good do that do it I'm sure we can so he's in his little dressing gown he's really ready for bed yep a bit also tempted to go like a TV or something quite a good idea go to living room yeah.

A TV or like radio or something I don't let's go for a chick go so far.

That good so far yeah like this one this. All love seat or this one maybe let's go for this one 450 perfect love it where do I want it so if I if I finish the doors there I have this like over here and have like a solve with a warm TV Oricon TV one.

Money's dropping quite a bit but some critic and all that for now we'll do a fence it's got this one 27-inch Deluxe TV I like it so you get. Perfect lovely or any quite a lot of money but so good so good it's all good so he's bright to sleep again I will be back with you in the morning guys so with those get up a little bit early he's fun factor is a little bit low and it's causing a little bit of stress and stuff bad night's sleep oh that's not my fault is it I guess I'd to wake up a little bit early let's put your faster who's this outside yeah yeah I got loads of dead newspapers there oops and it's like they dropped it off it's like a mascot stuff so it's that University thing something comes up like loads of toys and stuff I don't know what it is but he's fun pet to gun up it's not going up too high is it like very bleak in ball so you guys got leave comments in the comment section below let me know we're going to see you at the next episode and what items I should include what job I should go for shall try and pursue like a relationship or something with someone so Thomas to dislike really like hi celebrity stars woman oh one second who's that that work okay right so pretty it feel a little bit hot and so we need to get using in is trying improve his mood so if we try and perhaps up in the shower or something even doesn't mean need it his Energy's quite low as well so you don't catch you have coffee does that help oh no it's like a little small boost I guess we used to go straight to bed which is sucks I hate when he's so tired yes to go straight to bed because I want to like do stuff afterwards go to clubs and stuff but I can't he's got no fucking energy like so weak I'm gonna pay the bills up as well by the way I know music Normie now my guys find the right right again there have a shower and stuff it's all good now in disguises sleepy time let's go for sleep ah.

No time to do anything I keep one that time this game is always about juggling time and stuff and having a job is so so stressful I guess right I try and fight this oh yes she's coming over yes Emily starts coming over write a sermon trying to serve breakfast pancakes perfect go so the pancakes she's gonna come over this yes oh my god Wow hello I just kind of asked autograph.

Go and greet sir greet Rudy I'll do that fine side there you go that's your side you can speak to Meg and speak to her Jesus Christ let's be friendly this gun checks Isis good opportunity guys come on me to do this so badly and have a little gossip I'm so excited what should she always dressed like that that's just how she's dressed cuz she's famous I guess he's cooking sorry I guess it's good to like have sang to eat now why should don't go and do that oh god damn it okay look who you're inside your place mate yeah though yes P though so I know guys it hopefully get up do it do it haven't we got got to a 1 p.m. to our work arrives Katsura damoff Rusco is a beret with mr..

I'm late for a blog a blog zurk tea shunka dad she's right one name for the name was Emily is it time 30.

Surroundings boobs guitar a cleaner against friendly touhou so I friend that cool I am what I'll be that I don't know nothing buddy let's go don't go no wait let it go for we didn't man she's off she's off.

Oh she's gone well she's gone okay god dammit what's this I'll pay the old Supes let's do that quickly paid bills into debt badly I. Know got shoes on awesome perfect all I do is it's like Internet summon mess got.

Other their recycle recycle isn't a bun.

In the flowers there is oh I didn't say that he's that being a universe he's like frickin young adult was for university you've got job mate you in you in a you know you in the fame a bid in the fame business so good my so he's bad as a little bit bad let's do that and perhaps watch a bit of TV I was TV. That's the perfect stop before you go to work what's this guy doing what well I'm gonna go toilet my never really fuck.

What fuck she doing what - fuck this don't you min.

I suck and stuff up what is this guy doing I have no idea was closed in did I hire you to come around stuff taken yeah who was that I'm so confused right now I'm so confused I was crazy anyway so back to. Work we finish at 7:00 I'm really careful till weekend it was like real life I would have a bit of free time invite some people over I'll get friendly and stuff things suppose we do in the next episode hopefully the spare time please all right so he's a little. Bit pissed off that stuff being taken for about 24 hours a skalise gonna have that damn it so can we have a really bad mood for ages all right I could have got friendships we got to know a little bit not that well I don't know sure does she. Look like a famous legend shit I was like wow Jesus alright so athletic recruits I caught a glimpse are you working out and he thinks you should have what it takes to be rational okay I'll go to the stain yeah get a job as professional sports career ah no I just.

Don't get a job in professional sport I don't do that I want to be like a professional actor right emerging sis so this is like a little bit of a side thing two days I quit emergency interviewer so basically interviewing a celebrity in some restaurant I don't know what's gonna do but I don't go for it why not so we'll just do that's just gonna be there is it visit the restaurant you can shred that up straight away I guess he's a little bit tired it's alright these fun factors a bit low as per usual alright I think he's doing that straight away after work it might be a little bit tiring for him but pick over and done with nice and quick we can get opportunity done and it could open up doors who knows that's the plan anyway open up the doors it's been paid yet yeah I paid the bills good got some money back I fit into the restaurant straight away it's gonna find out it just made a random girl I don't know who is I'm just gonna be like ultra flew above something but no reason it's what Betty Sutton retired is strained love I don't care oh well oh it's going well my romantic comfort appearance complement her personality let's do a little bit more flirting see into the moment kiss they'll be too soon I think give a flowers mentok read Molly. Yeah oh yeah it's gonna be close oh hello - 40 I'd ever to pay for that but who cares ah aye sir it's good to be and romantic but a shoes joke hello that was first kiss its best attraction was getting quite closer it isn't if Jesus Christ I'm a player you've message mean she was my rock singer Shirley sure it's not wrong awesome yes oh no it's just a random message off a guy's just met all right fair enough um bit too early for heat am I'm a kiss.

I try it it's gonna be a bit wrong it what the hell what the fuck Oh what the.

Fuck that actually works try again Jesus my kiss just do it we might enjoy it enjoy life take it with both hands literally alright Jesus more once it was.

Just more one with spit in a stroke cheap make out again like a girl it was a bit tired I think I was 1 a.m. I'll shit I feel at the bed everyone like a decent career in in film I don't have do you guys think we should go for that I think we should starts in 10 hours right although be old oops clean up oh no just go do it clean up. Quickly and then go to bed woof as a long day fear wasn't it Jesus Scott you must be tired so badly right get to bed and I think that's the perfect time for us so goodbye I hope you enjoy this episode of Sims proofing to see more hit the like button as always just drunk a thousand likes in the first 24 hours that be absolutely amazing and I will see you later

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