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Republic Commando PC Gameplay - Part 2 (GEONOSIANS - Let's Play Republic Commando Walkthrough)

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Republic Commando PC Gameplay - Part 2 (GEONOSIANS - Let's Play Republic Commando Walkthrough)

Let's Play Star Wars: Republic Commando on PC! (2017)


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What is Star Wars Republic Commando ?

"Chaos has erupted throughout the galaxy. As leader of an elite squad of Republic Commandos, your mission is to infiltrate, dominate, and ultimately, annihilate the enemy. Your squad will follow your orders and your lead, working together as a team - instinctively, intelligently, instantly. You are their leader. They are your weapon.."

Republic Commando PC Gameplay - Part (STAR WARS - Let's Play Republic Commando Walkthrough)

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Hello Reformers and welcome back to Star Wars Republic Commando one of my favorite Star Wars games of all time and we just got down here through the elevator wait a minute down here or up here I I don't even know where we came from now but I think it was an elevator and now we're going to be making our way oh yes yes thank you very much save something wrong huh you're not moving that's what he said yeah great so we've got to acquire the DC 17m sniper attachment which is really another thing that I really like about this game that they don't give you additional weapons they give you additional attachments for your main weapon which is very very much a clone sort of thing to do so let's pick that up and that's equip us my father oh yeah there we go deadly find out what's on the other side that's what we like to see so I'm gonna yeah there we go we can now zoom in and everything we can zoom in very very closely and I'm actually unsure what I'm gonna be using now because there isn't highly explosive and it's wrong Oh highly explosive you say well that's not very good is it okay so yeah I'm actually I'm sure what I'm gonna be doing with this sniper thing because it doesn't actually seem like I can do anything with it right now I don't know why they gave it to me immediately but all right looks like we're on the right track oh we I'll be on the right track to kill some more bugs right look at this place multiple targets on the bridge Lane looks like a good place for a little vibration ah snipe action yes this is exactly the point where we want to be using it okay headshot that's what we like to see and then hopefully I can shoot that guy as well there we go kill him and that one should die to our comrades thank you very much all right so it's just I'm I should just go take off the boot ah ah that's pretty cool okay so yeah as you can see there's a pistol as well oh I didn't know there was this one I didn't know there was someone actually killing me thank you very much good yes good bye take that that doesn't sound good must be the battle upstairs ah there's a bad upstairs great okay so I'm going to just tell 4'o to go and get some healing there and I'm going to need some healing as well so hopefully I'm going to be able to use that at the same time am i I think I can right yeah fantastic all right so let's go into the hive it.

Gives me the creeps - thank you very much okay I'm gonna actually look like that someone over there that's going to be step of course you know are may have small little bugs here and trying to kill us right there's another back the tank who.

I don't really need anything there dev is obviously going to absolutely destroy anyone that you see use so very easily might I add let's get some live ammunition there melee melee attacks. You didn't even need to Matt I really so once they've kill that yep there we go oh this is so hilarious to watch him in action everything just dies very very quickly okay so we can now tell him to cancel that and he can come over here okay we've got to be careful about these because it was really they do seem to attack you a little bit which is not very nice there might be a bit of a.

Problem here oh yes droids now that's great I don't really mind roid so much they're quite funny to fight the controls to that shield must be nearby. Got a visual on enemy true well I was easy there we go okay so the controls of the shield must be nearby so hopefully I can try and find that it's not round there is it no certainly not sure because let's choose that there we go yeah so as you can see the visuals get a little bit more grainy when you go closer to the shield so we firmly need to find there's a computer console at the opposite end of this room that computer console yes exactly kill them kill them all thank you very much shit there we go okay can I can I. Do anything you or aah like the episodes of Sainte maneuver thank you very much ok so come on ready.

Now there's fixer he's going into the into the area now and dev is obviously having some problems with these folks let's kill them there we go let's get. Someone else here actually look at two snipers up into position that's so cool ok can you can you stop strafing thank you very much my health is now critical which I don't really appreciate I'm going to have to go and heal over here there we go I almost died literally almost died I'm very close ok wha sorry I did not mean to shoot you thank you very much ok so let's do this ourselves shall we I have to present hold the slices I could actually tell someone else to do this but I think that I would prefer them to actually defend us maybe there we go the.

Shield is now down and we can now hopefully get scorched it blow it up very very soon come on kill him yes there we go ok so yeah unfortunately scorch is having some problems here oh there was actually three sniper positions that is pretty amazing there's actually more sniper position you see what I mean about the options that you get the tactical option it's absolutely fantastic let's get step off that and I think we're actually going to leave fixer over there because he is just watching our flank kind of maybe we connected a seven to get off that doesn't really really need to be on it anymore so scorch can go and heal there and we're also going to get six too over there as well that's actually him yeah I'm getting mixed up with their numbers all the time I personally feel like they should have their names on the bottom left but well that's just my own incompetence and forgetfulness actually just coming into play there more than anything so let's just go and get someone else there kill it kill that yes.

There we go okay so now I am pretty low in terms of my HP but I think we're fine and my ammo is kind of getting a bit depleted now as well but hopefully I'm going to be doing a little bit better once we get past Geonosis because Geonosis coming yeah there's a little bit too much of the bugs and the bug warrior things I mean I don't really mind them so much but they do absorb a lot of ammunition and that's quite that's quite annoying so let's blow it.

There we go now we can go in through the tunnel here substantial a large complex one level below you current location make your way through the opening behind the chanting Tomas there is a Ledge at the end of this shaft you can rappel to the lower level from that ledge if you're down to the lower level quick behind your squad leader stay alert I'm making a sudden surge of activity in your area ah I see okay well listen yes this is going to be pretty tricky acting bifurcation figures my readings remain able to find a way across the spire to the factory I'm going to have to get creative with this way oh well creativity is our middle name isn't it yes not really good we're going to get seven the position there too still damaged and a nice Maui attack from up there I very much need ammo there's ammo over there okay so they're actually attacking us with some of their actual heat weapons now which is not very nice let's see if we can actually focus on it focus on that kill it I'm out of ammunition with my rifle which is absolutely terrible sev needs help as you can see and that's the cool thing as well our squad mates are actually capable of reviving too so yeah if you. Thought that they were dumb then that is very very far from that sometimes they are a little bit slow but you can't really equip them to do everything obviously but I personally feel like this AI is probably some of the best I've seen in any kind of squad based game even though we are actually being absolutely destroyed right now someone else okay come on kill those and now hopefully I'll be able to destroy this guy as well it's actually doing so much damage to us right now okay can I actually deal with this guy by myself okay let's hide Oh No. Ah I think I might be dead am I gonna die maybe okay I'm gonna just I'm gonna.

Just throw a grenade there don't kill. That there we go okay so come on can we kill that it's almost dead look at it yeah there we go it's dead whew okay let's revive please no one else please no one else come along here oh and I'm dead okay I am dead but maybe save is gonna be.

Able to oh no you've got another one of those ah yeah that is exactly what I mean though about these very annoying bugs that they they just appear out of nowhere and they fire at you with the energy weapons and it's very very difficult to actually defeat them because they are basically like super battle droids but with much more mobility and the mobility is a big big problem here so I'm going to just try and see what I can do about getting them into night positions and then we're going to just focus this guy down look at that he died very very quickly that time and that's because we have two snipers now and the sniper is always going to do so much more damage okay so let's just pick up that ammunition and I can now tell people to go and restore themselves of course let's just tell them to focus on it look at that it just died you see it's all to do with the right tactics all to do with the right strategy in this game and you wouldn't think that that would be the case because this is just a linear corridor shooter right but yeah it is actually like that it is actually very much to do with using the right strategy against the right enemies obviously right now we are kind of being a little bit attacked and kind of destroyed here by the energy weapon of this guy but you know in general in general the right strategy is the right way to go okay I'm actually going to actually go throw a thermal detonator everything let's try and kill that there we go that's dead and now we can finally get set up again take our sonic torrent idea.

There's a sonic turret at the end of the bridge how fantastic okay so I'm going to try and get everyone over there to sort of heal themselves are going to get one of them over there and hopefully the rest of them can cover us a little bit I'm going to get someone in the piper position as well guess that they're that. Dead okay fantastic so now to crossfire to the factory event Oh cows I thought it said cross I thought it's a choose fire or something along those lines come I'm going to shoot this I can there we go that blew everything up over there and hopefully that has destroyed the turret as well so that's nice now we can hopefully make our way across obviously I'm going to want to get everyone full HP if I can and then I'm going to heal myself as well obviously I'm technically the one that actually needs to be healed so yeah okay.

So I'm going to cancel his sniper maneuver because he obviously needs to go and do stuff come on six to go over there quickly okay so let's get someone else's time maneuver there you go sev it's going to go over there and do that there we go now I can actually heal myself and there we go we're now full HP and let's do this okay so let's get him off there former and now we can actually make our way over hitch thank you a charge paid on that crate and it's gonna charge something that crate hmm let's do that okay that's my position here as well just to make sure that we're all good and I'm going to shoot that over there yep there we go hopefully that killed someone I don't know whether it did didn't seem like it actually I am very low on HP I mean ammo yes oh it seems like my pistol actually has unlimited ammo that's actually pretty nice okay explosion there we go.

Fire in the hole and we're just going to let's walk away from the sniper position and this is exactly what I mean this is the reason why this game is extremely fun and that's the thing it is technically a corridor shooter absolutely linear it feels to me very much like Call of Duty campaigns battlefield campaigns whatever you want to call it but those just don't seem to have the same kind of feeling because even though you are technically in a squad and you're technically shooting at things that are kind of not very smart you know even though the AI is actually pretty decent all the enemies here I mean they killed us one if you were called you know so you know having that sort of thing happen is pretty impressive to say the least but also the fact that we're not following them we are the leader here you know because there are such games such as homefront for example which could be construed as door opening simulator or shall we say not door opening simulator because you're not actually opening the doors you're following NPCs that are opening doors for you and that happens all the time in homefront which is very very weird but entirely sure why that was the case but you know apart from that we obviously have aliens colonial marines which was an at-at travesty because gearbox decided to give it to other developers for some unknown reason not because sure why they decided to do that but they did and it turned out to be an absolutely terrible terrible thing and you know there's just a whole bunch of other MP answers that have been very disappointing but this this came out I believe in 2005 I think it came out in 2005 and I played it when I was 16 I think of something along those lines though yeah it was quiet it was over 10 years ago now so that's pretty impressive okay so I'm gonna tell a seven to go and get some healing there and now we're going then we're going to how much we're going to kill this as fast as we can thank you very much or maybe not now maybe I'm just going to get warmed by oh yes a huge amount of these guys how fantastic okay recall and revive can you can you revive me please I'd very much like to be revived I am being revived I'm being revived here yeah there we go there we go am I am i back yes there we go I'm back and that's exactly another thing that I absolutely love that when you die it's not actually you dead because I know that there are other games where you die or get incapacitated and it actually cancels the mission and completely gives you a game over and things there are games like that and this is not one of them so if you are frustrated easily by dying a lot like I like to go this can't be very difficult at times and we're only on one of the very very early mission so there is that.

To take into account as well I was very much like a shotgun attachment I think there is a shotgun attachment actually I'm going to go over here and get some more ammunition and I'm going to tell everyone to go over there and take an offensive formation because there are other other sort of abilities that you can use with the Eskie I'm sure you can secure the area for example you can warm up and you can also cancel that maneuver so I can obviously tell them to all cancel the maneuver and everything and I'm obviously going to do that because sev is currently having some problems but he's absolutely fine punching them and everything yeah look at that everyone see just punching everything I'm going to get in on the action thank you very much yeah punch that guy thank you okay so otherwise I think we just have to get across this bridge here.

Yeah there we go Steph has it absolutely in hand and I'm going to keep blowing this up there we go and that is now going to form a bridge oh yes it is oh yeah there we go okay so I'm going to tell them to go and heal again and also I'm just going to pick up this last bit of ammunition get your jobs up Vector. Yeah there we go I say I don't think we have any more enemies now because usually the enemies are kind of in a clown car for the situation where they'll just keep coming and coming and coming until you have done a particular objective I think it could be that or it could be that they are limited in the amount ones that they have I hope that it is the latter because if it is the prior than I think it's going to be very very difficult later on and I do remember actually having some pretty big difficulties with some of the later levels now there we go Delta Squad has improvised an entry and penetrated the foundry but completing its mission will not be easy several vital components must be identified and destroyed in order to cripple the droid production line thank you very much.

Clone adviser 1 now that will be it for this episode I thank you very much for watching and I will see you next time

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