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Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower Walkthrough part 4

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Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower Walkthrough part 4

Discovering a secret passage.

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It's duck.

Nancy what are you doing here don't you.

Think I should be asking you that question I can explain Nancy but please don't tell anyone that you found me here if I get sent back to France my fiance will give up on me and I will let down my family again.

What's your fiance expecting you to accomplish by breaking into the Queen's tower I am doing this for my country and for my family's name isabella has nothing to do with it except that i feel i must succeed before I will feel worthy to marry her the tower holds a valuable French historical document if I can find it and return it to France perhaps I can make up for my failure at the Olympics.

What makes you believe this French document still exists in a tower that was imported to Wisconsin 80 some years ago the tower first belonged to the Chateau Rouge MA in France when Ezra Wickford about the tower my great-grandfather was the master carpenter in charge of dismantling it and preparing it for shipment one day when he was working alone he found a secret compartment in one of the walls a secret compartment inside he. Found an old journal with a royal crest on the cover and the medallion with a strange blue stone in it but he heard other carpenters coming so he hid the medallion in his pocket and sealed the journal back in the compartments before he could get back to study the journal l returned the medallion the tower was dismantled and shipped to America he never learned who they do not belong to or what it said what happened to the.

Medallion I have the medallion now and I'm hoping if I can get into the tower I can find this you're not - you see he thought if he told his story israel week further might get angry accuse him of interfering with the project and tried to ruin his name as a carpenter so he kept quiet so how do you know all of. This I was his only great-grandson on his deathbed he gave me the medallion and told me the whole story he begged me to come here to Wisconsin to find the journal and return it to France.

What did he think that journal contained that was so important the journal bought a royal seal it must have belonged to Mary Antoinette because she used to visit the tower during the Revolution so perhaps it contains your confessions or perhaps it contains proof of her innocence either way the contents of that journal could change French history forever but how do you think the.

Medallion fits in what's its significance I have no idea I believe whoever hit Diana must have left the medallion with it as a part of their message but but what Nancy do you think you could help me let me show you this medallion and maybe you'll be able to tell me what it's for I don't know.

Jacques you seem pretty desperate why should I believe that you're not the library vandal Nancy you must believe me I would never try to destroy that beautiful library after all most of those books are French now will you help me I think this medallion will interest you and maybe you'll have some idea what it's for it's in my locker will you go get it while I take care of something the combination is two six six five I'll meet you in the locker room in a minute well as long as you promise to.

Tell Christie what's going on you're the best Nancy don't mention it.

It's locked.


Oh someone must've knocked me out.

Headache headquarters Nancy here Nancy is Jacques Oh what happened are you okay I don't really know what happened I opened your locker like you said and then it was lights out Nancy but you do have my medallion right it was the last.

Thing I saw but I sure don't have it now oh you can't be serious I'm afraid I am.

Serious I have no idea what happened to it this is too much whoa la la unbelievable.

Hi you've reached NetID Omega Chi Epsilon I'm not here to take your call right now so please try again later Thanks.

Thanks for coming down I've been wanting to talk to you how's your head did you slip or what.

Well let's just say someone must be trying to tell me to get a little more rest on this vacation anyway I'm planning on making a speedy recovery it's just that when I found you out cold in the basement and hold you back to your room I noticed all this red dirt on your shoes I'm just curious where it came from mr. Egan I confess I found my way.

Into the corridor that leads to the Queen's tower as you probably know that dirt in that tunnel is very red I hope you won't consider this trespassing nope if you must know I'm impressed Azra Wickford set that secret door up so nobody would be able to find it when I was a kid I was obsessed with getting into that Tower Ezra told me that if I could get through the secret door he'd take me up to see the Queen's tower finally I got into the tunnel and when I came out with that red dirt all over me he laughed he was actually proud of me that's an amazing story mr. Egan I'm glad you're not angry I guess I'm just as curious as you once were I'd say you're in the right to check out the tower for yourself but you got to get through that gate right there's an old skeleton key in the maintenance shed now that the storms past you can go out and get it but be careful it's still dead cold out there I don't want to press my luck with you.

But I sure would like to see Ezra's private garden could you tell me how to find it it's nothing but wasteland out there if you're bent on tromping around in the cold go left when you get outside away from the shed look for a wrought iron gate you'll figure out the rest so did you grow up around here you can say that did you know the original owner. Ezra Wickford when he lived here you could say that what was he like they. Call it the past for a reason okay because it's over so do you know if Ezra. Wickford had a place where he liked to go and think someplace he thought of as a refuge there was a private area the garden yeah the entrance was hidden so no one could bother him there.

Were you allowed to go out there once in a while he bring me out there and teach me about his favorite flowers but that was like a hundred years ago do you think I could go check it out forget about it there's nothing out there but dead weeds and crumbling statues okay see you mr. Egan goodbye

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