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Tomb Raider 1: Unfinished Business Walkthrough [No Meds] | FINALE - The Hive

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Tomb Raider 1: Unfinished Business Walkthrough [No Meds] | FINALE - The Hive

Tomb Raider 1 Gold: Unfinished Business Walkthrough by badassgamez

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Tomb Raider 1 Walkthrough Playlist:

Key Moments:

0:45 - Boulder Trap Puzzle

1:20 - Pull Levers (Activates Atlanteans)

2:10 - [2xUziAmmo, MagAmmo, SMP]

2:45 - Shortcut (Avoid boulder puzzle)

3:15 - [2xMagAmmo]

3:43 - [SMP]

4:55 - Secret #1 [LMP]

5:35 - [SMP]

6:00 - [SMP]

6:15 - [2xUziAmmo]

6:35 - Timed run

8:40 - [2xUziAmmo]

9:55 - [5xUziAmmo]

11:00 - [MagAmmo]

11:25 - [MagAmmo]

11:35 - [SMP]

11:50 - [SMP]

12:10 - [SMP]

12:30 - [UziAmmo, 2xSMP]

13:30 - [2xUziAmmo]

14:25 - [3xUziAmmo]

16:33 - [LMP]

18:14 - Underwater Levers

18:30 - [4xUziAmmo, LMP]

19:05 - [LMP]

19:15 - [3xSShells, 2xUziAmmo, LMP]

20:15 - Get into Central Pillar Area

20:35 - [UziAmmo]

21:05 - [MagAmmo]

21:40 - [SMP]

21:50 - [2xSShells]

22:15 - Room with 8 Atlanteans [7xSShells]

22:50 - Picking these shells opens the exit door

26:50 - [2xUziAmmo, LMP]


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And I found this small med pack over here it's running jumping start the level over again I'll see you guys back at this spot what's up everybody badass.

Games welcome back to the final video for Tomb Raider one unfinished business we're gonna finish the business in this video I guarantee it we ended the level at the Atlantean stronghold coming into the hive and we got some boulder traps ahead of us to deal with well we don't need to worry about it too much because I know a nice little trick there are some items around here and a couple of a Atlanteans you don't need to worry about we'll be getting those items here in a little bit this is how I'm gonna get through this it's actually rather simple if you follow this instructions this way as you can notice it's like a checkerboard right here you want to stand on this and very Center and then just get on to this center block and then side jump to the right to get out of the way of the boulder that comes down then side jump back to the center and then we can run up a couple tiles be careful before you go on top of that next white tile because as soon as you do we're going to get another boulder coming down side jump to the right again and then back and this time the bold another Boulder is going to fall to directly above us but we'll be going fast enough to have it go underneath us alright let's go over here and pull these levers this is why we came over here is to pull these levers so let's pull this thing and let me get out my I guess Newsies is probably the best bet and because here comes an Atlantian still trying to Nomad heck run I'm not doing a nope I'm not doing pistols only so that was just for last level is this I actually agree that pistols only is kind of bad for a walkthrough because well I'm trying to show the most effective strategies to get through stuff using pistols only is not very effective strategy so same thing here I just pulled a lever that I killed at Lansing that it spawned okay those are the two Atlanteans that were down the other end of the hole now we got to make our way back and safely do that just run down the center again the tiles the activation tiles don't change and so let's go through and grab all the stuff that we missed last time so who's Eclipse here there's two pickups right here and then there's a some Magnum ammo and a small med pack down near the entrance there's also two pits near the pickups that you can fall down in and die or you can actually fall down in there for a shortcut you don't even have to go through that Boulder trap see able to trap open these two doors I'm standing next to now and this way right here that I'm facing is going to take you down below down here so I'm gonna do is I'm going save my game real quick alright and I'm gonna show you how to get down to the bottom of this thing you take some damage but you don't have to go to the bullet trap you don't worry about these doors or anything are those a Atlanteans just kind of run off and grab in the air and you'll slide right down and into this section and then this is where you would you be at you actually come out and that you actually don't even you don't activate these Atlanteans either but we will be coming out over on this side right here so I'll go ahead and reload my game I'll see you guys back in spot alright so instead of going down there and taking a lot of fall damage let's go to this other direction right here this is a dead end but it has a couple of items here that we want to grab we got two pickups from Magnum ammo in here so don't forget about these things and then we want to go with the other direction after we leave here those lovely clang-clang doors going off thank you so much mister clang-clang appreciate your kindness let's go over here and dart traps more clang-clang doors I was going to run straight through this one and pick out a small med pack here at the end of this corridor and now we want to fall off this thing but we'll make sure that we face forward I guess it really doesn't matter space forward or not but as soon as you get to this point you're going to start sliding down here you're going to jump to try to avoid the lava well the the slope on the other side is too sloped for you to stand on so you have to jump back and forth veer to the right until you find this platform and then now we got to fight that in lanting that i showed you guys earlier I fell in the lava didn't I no I didn't put oh wow he's going nuts crazy nuts so be careful with that jump right there I was just trying to avoid some shots and almost killed myself in the process all right well he's dealt with there's another flappy eye right here coming out of the bottom down here and that's actually C career go down there real quick we deal with this guy and grab a secret let's go down there all right we've got to be careful because there's lava down here the walls won't hurt you but the floor definitely will so be careful and aim for the tiles that look like stone and you should make it over into this section right here you see the large met that's the secret and this is the only secret in this level okay there's no other secrets it's the only one is actually kind of a short level for the expansion compared to all the other levels all right so large medpac secret.

We got to make our way back now so hang. On to some of this molten rock real quick and pull yourself out of here Laura's not even fazed I guess I could have ran and jump but we'll line ourselves up anyway for safety purposes make our way back to the top now we go up here there's a couple items that need to grab up here I didn't pick up the.

Small med pack over here so make sure you grab this thing and then we want to jump up and we want to go across them to be careful because there's lava up here too oh we got that guy shooting at me where's he going every single time I turn one way he goes the other direction and let's go over here then blow him up fall down here there's another small med pack over here in the corner let's grab that and then let's go over to the lava pit over here we'll see a bunch of platforms we can stand on and some ooze e ammo on some of these platforms let's go grab all this stuff all of it so this platform I'm standing on right now opened up that door right there at the time door and we'll be going through that door here in a little bit but I want to grab all these items real quick just so you know that that is a time door I will have to stand on that platform again now this platform directly ahead of me as well as a timed platform it opens up the other door but they both lead to the same place so it doesn't matter so you just choose one and whichever one you're able to do the best is the one you should probably do alright so in order to get through this one from this tile it will do do a standing jump from the corner here standing jump over to here that was close cuz I almost fell in the lava and she walked to the edge here and then run and jump over to this ledge right here pull yourself up and into the next area I'm go get on my shotgun we got a deal with some flappy guys they're gonna break out of these eggs I get too close actually gonna break out as soon as I jump over to that that meaty part this meaty strip here be careful I don't. Wanna fall off just like I did I also you guys back at this five all right guys I'm back at the spot and as you can see I have a little bit more health than I did fighting those guys on the way back so that's pretty cool let's run and jump over to this section right here and blow this guy away explode him up yeah there's another one right here let's get off the booze ease for him though cuz tryin to shoot through the wall with the shotgun isn't gonna work out too well waste a lot of bullets that way boom alright you see the switch over there in the distance that thing only opens the door on the way out from where we came so we don't need to go back that way unless you need to go get a secret or something the secret is actually out there so now we need to make it up into that hole right there so I'm going to jump over here the slope platform and use this the ledge is over here by the wall or to make my way over there so we do a run and jump over to that platform and then you see the Senate are up there he doesn't activate until you get really close to him so don't worry about him trying to shoot at you what you need to do is stand here and then you just kind of like tap forward start shooting and jump side to side to avoid is danish and you're pretty close but you might get one shot off on you but the Stars have. To be aligned for that to happen alright so now that we've done that let's fall off this thing let's pick up the ammo that's here on this pedestal we got ozm oh here we also have Ozzy ammo over here along this wall so grab that stuff and then let's slide down this slope all the way down and into the next area we have a large pool and a bunch of Atlanteans that we are going to need to get rid of let's dive into this water what I'm going to do is uh there's a bunch of items in the water but what I'm going to do is want to bypass them for now I'm going to try to get rid of some of these at lanterns it's that way not to worry about them all right there's a bunch of shooters too so oh there's a shooter right there trying to get at me okay so let's turn around there's like three of them up in here now then the shooters are all just bouncing around.

Just unload your lose ease all over them eventually don't blow up oh I took a hit I took a hit all right let's go up into that section real quick because there's some others a bunch of items up there bunch of items in here so we want to grab all this stuff there's a bunch of items in this room alone so I'll try to show you where everything is all of it alright so we got five pickups of oozy ammo five pickups I don't know why they didn't just throw all five in a one pickup but here it is I mean here's all the the items man alright two more we. Got one right here on this ledge up here and we have one back behind me all right.

Let's get out of here we have some more items to pick up on the other side of the room hope I'm a little too low here let's go over this side also by picking up some of these items or maybe even just by coming back here you spawn two more Atlanteans outside of here so if you're looking for kills and not for items and you're going to want to come back here anyway maybe even pick up some of the items shoot them up. Newsies only because they're so far he's a really good ranged weapon shotguns good for close range all right so there's a little ledge right here that we can jump on we'll find another atlantean over there oh it's a shit alright you blew up let's pick up these Magnum ammo that's on the ledge here there's one more pickup in this area that we should get before we go down in the water to get all the stuff and that.

Happens to be over over here this is the first at Lansing I killed when I came into this room while he was over in this area and be back here is where there's some Magnum ammo alright so let's go in.

The water now and pick up all the stuff I'm still missing I still haven't killed one atlantean but he's not going to become an issue you pretty much have to go climb out near him anyway so we'll just deal with that when we get up there now three out of the four corners of the water have small med packs in them so make sure that you pick up all three of these small bed packs if you're going for items all right they're all three are in the corner and then there are a bunch of pickups or three pickups in the center underwater as well and we'll get those here a little bit I want to get these uh ones that are at the corners first there's a door there we'll be coming back out of there later in the level that must have been the corner that didn't have anything in it alright in that last med pack right here we're gonna need a surface to get some want some air then we're gonna go down Center.

Pick up all the stuff that's underneath this huge thing in the center.

Alright who's eclipse are right here on this ledge we have a large med pack as well right our small med pack I'm sorry right here and then there's one more easy clip pick up on this one more small bed pack pick up right here and that's everything in the water so let's climb out we got to find that one area where I want to be at it's a right here over here in this corner it's got the door it's also got an Atlantian that's back here oh he's trying to shoot at me you.

Need to bounce out over here so that way I can shoot oh he's stuck in the door good good it makes it easier but of course I'm getting really little shots off on them because of it imagine if I had to do pistols only on this please man just die all right let's make our. Way up there now there's going to be a couple pickups and the two switches are going to open the door we got woozy Clips over here in the corner both sides so let's pick them up.

And now let's go over here and pull these two levers that are going to open the two doors that are blocking our path.

1 & 2 we're good to go it's going to this section now we're gonna have to fight some centaurs alright we're going to come around this corner there's two of them so beware you alright I mean fortunately you're dodging both them by inside jumping so you don't have to worry about the fact that you're fighting two of them it's good all right.

Last one switch it up confuse my guests confuse.

The AI all right there's a bunch of pickups in here as well it's got some boozy ammo right here we also have some Uzi ammo right here and again some more easy ammo on the other side of the pillar same thing we did before just side jump and then jump up in here grab a Z ammo alright now we're faced with four switches or four switches along the center thing okay we got to pull all of them alright we don't have to pull actually don't have to pull all of them but if you want all the kills I recommend you do that one opens up the door that's in the center area that where I picked up all the items in the water well up above that that's where that door is at inside that section if you can actually go explore in there and find that now those two doors those two doors that are in that area are opened up now that I pulled these two switches in here and there's two other switches in here this one and the one on the other side of this block that opened these two doors and also spawned in Atlantian apiece so pull both of those if you're looking for kills all right now we got a kite these guys I don't wanna let's get the shotgun out can you make this a lot simpler.

Oh he's plugged out shooting the thing well I wish I would have stayed there oh god oh god this is bad I'm taking a lot of damage I'm definitely gonna die all right guys I will see you back at this spot all right.

Guys I'm back a spot I just got done pulling all four levers and now I'm going to fight these Atlanteans I should get my shotgun out now the thing is is they can't come into this area that I'm in a Mart now but I believe they can walk on this this platform right here that I'm standing I wish I were they were on the I wish I should fight them on the other side because then I have a better chance of hitting the wall when they shoot at me but that's fine you stay back a little bit I better just fire them oh I only need one shot from.

That okay all right so they're taken care of there are still two more pickups that we can get in this area there's a large med pack over here by this door and then there's a large med pack over there by the other door we'll grab that here in a second I'm going to do is I'm going to go in here I'm going to try to pop all these eggs as fast as possible and leave because there's a bunch of stuff that's going on in here I'm trying to minimize my damage so let's go in here and pop some eggs I suppose Oh No there we go yeah oh I got hit that sucks okay let's stand right here and try to take care of the flappy dudes first because there's a there's a centaur in there shooting stuff I'll go in there and deal with him so I get thrown with these guys trying to bait that flappy guy over here besides he must have come fortunately we can take a look at what's going on through this window that flappy guy looks like he's uh does want to play like a force into play let's just try skip the centaur for.

Now at least get some shots in on it while we try to bake this flappy guy out don't look like he wants to come out there he is oh he's not coming all right.

That's whoa you start shooting now that.

Centaur should die presume there he's dead okay house killer fighter guy oh. He's jumping around oh I should have fought him outside I don't know what I'm thinking I'm doing a lot of dumb stuff here but she if I'm trying to minimize my damage there are a couple of other hairy spots later on that I need to think about all right jump in the waters pull these levers right here in the water okay each lever is going to open up a different door one of them leads to an exit one of them leads to a bunch of items alright so facing the levers the way that we are facing we're going to go into the one on the Left first okay the one on the right is an exit this one is going to give us a bunch of items that we're going to want to pick up I suppose they're all easy ammo in the large med pack for pickups of Uzi ammo and large med pack this is not a secret this is just the thing all right they really did they put a lot of items in some spaces that should might be considered secret all right now they have all that stuff let's swim out let's get some air all right actually I still need go grab this large med pack over here I may have missed that aisle sitting there trying to shoot these guys yeah good thing I.

Double-checked let's go back in the water this time I'm going to go to the other side where you see the shotgun shells sitting on the on the ledge there I'm swimming this way now there's a bunch of items in here as well so make sure you pick up all of it okay there's three pickups of shotgun shells there's two pickups of oozy ammo and then there's a small med pack large med pack large.

Small what's the difference.

Grab that and then go find this lever.

And pull it because that's going to open the door that's going to lead us back out into that one area or now going to the door that I said a while ago we're going to go through take us back out into that that central area now we need to climb out and we need to climb this Center thing we're gonna go in there just cool things in there we're gonna go take a look now the best way to get up. There is to get onto this ledge right here and then we'll find some of these platforms over there in the distance let's do a running jump over to them there's actually a couple ways to get up here I believe it doesn't really matter which way you go to make sure you get up here and you will find some easy ammo at the entrance when you get to it.

And there we go we're finally in this Center structure let's climb this thing all the way around in a circle okay.

Basically going counterclockwise up the center thing we will find these two doors don't go into them yet all right because if you do you'll spawn in Atlantian which we want to do don't get me wrong but we want to also want to pick up these Magnum ammo it's on the ground now what I want to do for the st. Lantern it's going to spawn it's a small room in there I'd really don't want to fight him face to face and we got my shotgun I'm trying to sidestep to the right a little bit step in step out try getting a sweet spot oh but that wasn't a ledge.

I was gonna die but I guess I lived okay so he's out of the way he was over here we respond but you can climb up over here and turn to the right to find a small med pack cool now let's go.

Continue through this hallway we'll find. Some shotgun shells there's two pickups of shotgun shells in this hallway next.

And then we're faced with two doors one. Of which will open as we approach it will go into this room where we see a bunch of the atlanteans and a bunch of ammunition some lava and stuff this room is actually kind of fun so what I recommend doing is going around grab all the ammo first it's on the ground you don't really don't have to but I will be using the shotgun so if you're going to if you want to use a shotgun you're low on ammo then it's probably good to go get this animal first all right none of you that lanterns are activated yet we are going to activate them we're going to kill all of them in order to activate them we want to come over to the center platform and start picking up these shotgun shells okay there's only one of these shotgun shells that's actually going to activate these Atlanteans all right you have to activate the Atlanteans in order to open up the door to continue through the level pick up all these ammos this is going to be one of activates everything okay now we got to get our kills though we still don't have our kills let's get the shotgun out what I'm going to do is I start activating them and there's just a bunch of tiles in here that activate random one so I'm just going to do like a lap around like some lava here try to make my way back up onto this platform and from here I'll deal with these guys.

Sometimes you activate two sometimes you activate three I hope he comes back because it's only one shot away let's go around this circle oh he's running away.

- aha Oh see another one right there.

Buddy a woman it ha ha ha dang it let's. Go around this circle this time activate the last 2 3 4 while we get missing 1 2 that.

All right one more to activate I think there's still one bouncing around out somewhere I don't know how to activate this guy it's just run around until it happens I guess well there's that one guy now he's.

Gone and so is he yay we're done with killing things in this room let's go into the next room now this door right here is open this door isn't open then you need to go pick up the shotgun shells are in that room on with the pistols all right once this door is open then you can go this direction there's really nothing in this room it's just kind of like a dead end except for this opening right here I was kind of confused with that I'm kind of confused when I see that kind of stuff which is pretty cool actually I like it let's go in this room we're gonna need a shotgun we're going to spawn some flappy guys the eggs right here where they're going to come from but they don't activate until you get to a certain distance to closer to this door now they're all now all the incubation things are flapping their wings get close and just lay waste to some of them there's four of them all of them have enemies to kill now he hit me I tried to.

Dodge it but oh we got too.

Alright guys I'll see you back at this spot try to take a lot less damage this time hi guys I'm back in the spot I was actually able to salvage a lot of life by being extremely careful so I mean I have over half my life from that so that's good let's go over here let's crack these eggs open got some flappy. Dudes deal with and then we got two more.

Over here we don't want to break them simultaneously like we did last time one.

More and that's all she wrote let's go.

Over here pull these levers both of these levers going to open the door to get out of here so you need to pull both of them alright done let's go into the.

Next section now we need to face off with the Centaur let's just use the Uzis ash let's use the magnums I haven't used the magnums in a long time might as well it's gonna stand around and dodges shots so alright I got a bunch of eggs in here but do not be worried because none of the have enemies in it we're all empty they forgot to fill these ones so just deal with this yeah and without a care in the world you can break all these eggs if you want them have anything in them they might all eventually break anyway when we go down here so now we got some more eggs down here I'll wait a bunch of items over here too let's grab all this crap you heard that egg break that's because I didn't break all the eggs up above actually had nothing in them so it's there - I think it's there - kind of freaky out which it works a little bit if you didn't break all the eggs makes you think you did release an Atlantian alright to pick us up Uzi ammo and a large med pack over there in that corner let's break some of these eggs because some of them do have enemies in it is use a shotgun because most effective weapon in my opinion against these guys as we get close to this one boom we shot. Should be enough oh I almost ran off the edge alright next one is right here Oh four more shots you want to alright.

It's fine alright let's get this other one out fall to my death I did the same thing alright I'll see you guys back at this spot alright guys like this spot here is the atlanteans that I had an issue with I fell off just make sure that I don't do that this time last one right here getting in there sweet spot don't have to worry about them charging at me all right there's no items in this room except for behind the ramp which we already got them let's go over here and pull this lever oh there we go now this is a time door so we got a turn and go alright don't try to jump on the ledges you pretty much waste time doing that just run along the side here and you'll make it just fine alright let's slide off down here and a huge egg and a boss fight right actually not quite they were very lackluster about that I was kind of expecting a big boss fight but didn't happen alright ladies and gentlemen what you're going to do now is swim through this opening getting it sucked down and that's going to be the end of the level 41 kills 60 pickups 101 secrets no med packs used ladies and gentlemen I am bass games thank you very much for watching my Tomb Raider walkthrough this is the finality of the Tomb Raider series so I thank you again and I'll see you guys in whatever video you decide to watch next take it easy.



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