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Nox Walkthrough Gameplay Warrior - Jail, Tower of Illusion | Part 13

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Nox Walkthrough Gameplay Warrior - Jail, Tower of Illusion | Part 13 This Walkthrough/Gameplay of game Nox would show you whole game with all secret locations and important items which will be useful in early and then in later game. The Gameplay of Nox is played for warrior so against bosses would be used melee fight strategy. This Walktrough is ending by beating Hecuba Necromancers' queen.

I play Nox for warrior. Through the game, I become member of fire knights order with leader Horrendous. Class warrior have bigger life and armor than mage or conjurer and also have fast attack but cannot atack range besides of harpoon and weapon in final battle.

Nox was developed by Westwood which was later bought by Electronic Arts. Game was released in year 2000

Main task in the Nox is stop necromancer Hecuba. You play for character Jack who was teleported with portal to world Nox. In the world of Nox, you can play for three classes warrior conjurer or mage. Each of them have advantages and disadvantages. Hecuba is child of necromancers and she want to conquer the world with her army of undeads and you must stop her before she achieve the aim and world of Nox will be lost forever.

The whole game have 11 chapters. I made walkthrough without commentary through all of them. I also made Nox gameplay, walkthrough with shortet parts.

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Nox have realy interesting story to play.

Nox stories are:

Nox Warior

Nox Conjurer

Nox Mage

Nox Warrior Walkthrough Missions:

Nox The Fortress of Dun Mir

Nox The Gauntlet

Nox Trouble in Ix

Nox Beneath the Field of Valor

Nox Ogre Raid at the Hamlet of Brin

Nox The Halberd of Horrendous

Nox The Heart of Nox

Nox The Wierdling

Nox Journey Through the Dismal Swamp

Nox The Land of the Dead

Nox Battle in the Underworld


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