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Splinter Cell Conviction - Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary Longplay)

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Splinter Cell Conviction - Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary Longplay)

This longplay of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction includes the full campaign and all the boss fights and cutscenes in this full playthrough and is recorded in HD on the PC.

It's recorded without commentary so you can focus on the game itself.

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About The Game

● Name: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

● Played On: PC

● Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

● Publisher: Ubisoft

● Platforms: Multi

● Genre: Action-adventure, stealth

● Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

● Release: April 13, 2010

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Just do what you haven't you I always do soon I always do.

The thing you have to understand is this the Sam Fisher you knew is dead America.

Killed him asked him to make one sacrifice too many cross one line too far a drunk driver killed some anonymous.

Asshole who ran down his daughter and vanished she was the one thing in his life that humanized him and his agency killed him set him up turned him loose and told him to pull the trigger on his best friend in a dirty New York City basement Irving Lambert died by Sam's hand that day and so did Sam so he left left there -.

Ilan left the life he knew left America and mom and apple pie I left it all behind he hopped off the grid and went walkabout looking for a reason to go on living eventually he found it he caught.

A whisper in the wind that maybe his daughter's death hadn't been an accident he heard a name and he found somewhere to go looking a city called Valletta it's in Malta excuse me sir yes phone.

Call for you please accept these compliments of your phone.

Sam who is this how'd you find me. Give me a little credit Sam don't tell me you don't recognize my voice even after all this time Graham what do you want to save your life we can go from there a team of armed men just entered the marketplace looking for you they're closing in on your position unless you do exactly what I say this will be a very short conversation I'm not doing a damn thing until you tell me how you found me we're a third echelon we've got an eye on everyone look up you'll see it.

I see it then I can take it back up to safe altitude and you can get moving you still haven't told me how you found me move you've got multiple hostiles inbound on your position and from where you're at you're a sitting duck now get to that group of stalls in the market there's a lot of cover for you there just like the old days how grimmy just like the old days Sam are you carrying yeah but I'd rather not risk a firefight when there are civilians around that's very noble of you but right now what matters to me is getting you out of there in one piece so get to that group of booths right now or I can't help you Sam now let's get.

You a little closer to those targets go cover-to-cover on make it there and I might hang on we've been tapping into.

The city's power grid gotta let me overload the Transformers you'll see God knows I got down here.

Hey there kiddo what's wrong I don't.

Like the dark it's scary.

Come on Sofia there's nothing to be afraid of in the dark sometimes darkness is a good thing like when you want to go to sleep I could go to sleep it's a light on when it's light you can't see.

Into a place that's dark but when it's dark you can see what's around you much better really so if there's monsters are bad people you can see them and if you're in the dark they can't see you I can't okay then now about this there's one really cool thing I didn't show you okay.

Here it is when you're in the dark and your eyes get useless you can see all sorts of things around you really well and then you can do stuff with now take. A look at your mobile you can see it really well right if there were monsters standing underneath it because I can see it maybe I could make it fallen and they'd go away that's my girl daddy daddy needs you to stay in bed now. Okay he's gonna shut the door and be back real soon all right okay there you go Sam nice and dark just the way you like it what do you got man you.

Got anything good places shit yeah you picked it asshole you said we'd get a couple of thousand we heard there was medals and shit with good fencing here the lady the lifts here is hot maybe we could wait for her to come home take it out in trade now you're talking.

Dad what did you do consult ed Sarah baby don't look Sammy daddy what are you.

Doing Sam talk to me Sam Sam are you there.

Come on don't check out on me yeah oh they brought in some reinforcements and the man calling the shots is with them get a hold of him all eidm and you can figure out what questions to ask.

Toven oh man why we gotta keep working for this guy his money's king.

I've got an ID on the leader Sam his name is Dimitri gram coats a local street-level boss he hires himself and his gang out on a regular basis who's he working for now why don't you ask him I think I will.

Shh swish your guy's smart probably ran. Out the back the market two songs over asses not happy max all fuck though it's gotta come to here hopefully before we die of old age the hell is he hiding anyway let him have it.

Leave the target you assholes.

I'm out of here.

Looking for me asshole no more playing.

Around who sent you fuck you.

Okay enough you want to know send me its covert Andriy Kobin runs drugs guns anything.

People want he takes it for them not good enough why does kovin want me damn if I talk he'll kill me he's crazy.

He drove the car hate your daughter used to brag about it you know when you were coming higher meat to kill you before you killed him you should refund his money where do I find him you don't understand kill me.

In the city the Oh Museum on King George Street it's his place now guards out front and on the sides don't tell him I told you oh I'm not gonna tell him a damn thing.

Don't tell him I told ya but I knew all. Along that's where Sam would be going anything dirty and Malter ran through that mansion Colvin's whole operation was based there and he turned the place into a fortress which to be fair it.

Pretty much was to start with and that was before he filled the place with jumpy guys toad and automatic weapons but Sam knew koban was in there and then.

He might know something about what happened to his garden so Sam was going in no matter what.

Hey be careful.

No good Hey.


So what are we supposed to do with these dragged me to the back courtyard let someone else dump them I guess that's something who are these assholes anyway CIA KGB guys or something a part of the Russian gate cope and clean them up all been cleaned up secret ages gram coast mister.

The goggles are covered in brain you'll have to go that now you really have to go - I'm just saying - shut up way over. If he drowns wheat round with.

Sooner we do that the sooner we get paid.

How we doing so this means we're using.

The usual pilot for this run he does all the tough.

Come on Fisher go.

You're not fooling through far yeah you can't keep running forever sister I'm gonna blow your brains out.

Andrey koban were you saying something about my daughter oh god no yeah I was just messing with you man I didn't mean it I swear I didn't mean it to make it up to me tell me why you killed her I can't tell you all you can do is kill me.

It was just a job they just gave me a picture and told me to provide a body it's all it was a dump job hey isn't good enough who were you working for I can't tell you I'm still working for them don't gut me if I tell you.

They're not the ones you should be worried about right now you don't get it for sure they're bigger than you they're bigger than me don't you see they told.

Me you were coming.

The hell I do you have to trust me on this one if you're talking to the ice-cream Fisher I'd advise you listen she knows all sorts of things Avengers.

What so do some fucking man this is go.

Talk one we have secured Panther and are ready to return the face alright you get this one and if it's a setup.

I'll be happy when we drop off sneaking beauties so we'll breathe I saw his people up by his chopper ready to go he's probably impatient look Colonel Prentiss I got it here as fast as I could yes you did Oscar Tom Reid's just not a patient man curly I don't mean to be pushy on this one but I do need to talk about my pain I was told Coburn was handling there well yes sir but since there were these changes and see extra passengers with extra gear and on a longer flight plan tell you what Husker take it up with Colonel Reed he'll take care of it was clear someone wanted to talk to Sam that's why they went to all the trouble was set in love with Colvin's that's why they pranked them and flew him back home they needed him docile when they offloaded him at their private airstrip up in the Blue Ridge because if they hadn't he would have taken that place upon with his bare hands.

He's away.

Fuel isn't free man Colonel Prentiss.

Major Robertson we don't have time to chat our timetable says your men need to move everything is operation directive read we start deployment at $900 this morning good keep things going on your end I'm heading back to third ash want to prep things there oh uh people just fine never had any doubts now gentlemen if you'll excuse us I need a minute with mrs. Grimm's daughter here there's a loose end that needs tying off of course major right Fisher's all yours Anna you.

Packaged him for us in Malta you get to unwrap him here find out what he knows about the MPS how he knows it and why he's been hunting our friend mr. Kovac might take a long time he's been trained to read if interrogation I'm authorizing you to use whatever persuaders you need chemical or otherwise get the answers and disposable just don't be as messy. This time well I'll keep that in mind anything else just get to it and call me when you have something I'll be at HQ.

Listen to me I'm working for president Caldwell as a mole inside Third Echelon reads the new director and he's working hand-in-hand with our hosts here a PMC called black arrow they're running a pipeline for stolen Russian EMP tech from Malta and Reid stonewalling any kind of investigation into it Reid stonewalling the president he's got serious political coverage from somewhere the president isn't getting anywhere through channels we know they're in the final stages of prep for something very ugly but what we don't know is what it is or where it's going down really then again you see more interested in fieldwork these days stop it I need you to do this the second I make a move my cover is blown but you're on the outside now you are free to act I don't do this sort of thing anymore tell that to the men you killed in Malta no if you don't make it look like you escaped and attacked me I'm dead so make it look good Sam hit me do what you have to do Grimm let me remind you I'm out of the game you're not out all it took was one hint about her only one hint about Sara and you dove right back in what do you. Know about her.

I know she's alive how's that for.

Starters she's dead Lambert told me she.

Was dead and I take his word over the doors she's alive Sam and I know where she is I've known all along you're lying. Why should I believe you because my people have her if you help me you get. To see her again if you don't it's out of my hands.

Do not lie to me about this you understand me I will kill you damn I've been lying to you with this for years.


Okay that'll do good work shut up here my car's just.

Outside their security gate it's a red T 208 i disabled the GPS locator chip so third Ashlyn's birds can't find it and take this snake hammer it's linked with this phone the signal is encrypted in case you get lonely so I can set up a call with Sarah to prove to you that she's alive and unharmed now we need to get you out of here without them coming after you c4 should help with that there's some right outside get it and call me back I don't get the gun just.

Point it at the right people Oh.

Grim I've got the package good now here's the plan they may not be able to track my car by GPS but they've got a chopper on site that means they don't need to they'll just blow me off the road we're far enough out into the sticks that no one will notice you need to disable that chopper or you're not going anywhere Roger that that would be better to hold off on the detonation think it's really.

Gonna work no but I don't want to be the guy flying this thing who finds out the hard way that it did it it's not gonna dry quick enough it better we're field testing the stuff sooner than I'd like better keep laying on this.

Soon that's what you always say and I'm never wrong am i what is this crap anyway shilling material what's in it it's copper on top of the fiberglass matrix US Army started working on in the 90s our R&D guys effective I guess they're good for something don't underestimate the value value smart guys on your side smart guys always make dumb mistakes that's why we're testing to make sure they did.

All day long at all.

Grahame I've taken care of the chopper now I need to take down the fields electrical pretty good call black arrow jury-rigged the hell out of the original system when they converted the airfield from civilian use so it's vulnerable the power relays are probably the weakest point where do I find them one of the barracks had one put in exposed inside the building and that's my best battery.

Attention all personnel the mess hall is now closed until further notice.

All personnel are reminded that non-essential use of Staff vehicles is forbidden anyone found using field-rated vehicles for private purposes will be subject to formal discipline.

Atencion atencion the weapons drill has been postponed until 800 hours mercenary Pete.

Long personnel all personnel they ordnance inventory is now complete.

Something's not right hang on while I take a look.

Oh he's got to be somewhere over there.

Track this guy down let's go looking for.

A plane Fisher come here.

Is how you want to go out cowering in a corner. You drive.

They told us you were a bad holy hell you know what asshole.

The best you can do almost bit off more.

Than I could chew.

Nice job now my car is parked just outside the gate off the main walk but as things stand you won't get far what haven't you told me there's a satellite dish on site with an uplink to a private spy bird use some c4 to take it out I thought your car was clean it is but if they get a visual lock on you from the side it won't matter why don't you go see if there's anything else you forgot that's it he's gotta be over.


Show yourself if he was still here we.

Would have found him he's gone.

Whoa holy shit you know.

Shit we got a casualty.

Getting a little cocky there.

Grip the dishes taking care then let's get you out of here my car is outside the gate security positions.

Immediately you were cleared to use deadly force.

Sam bad news Sarah's fine but I have to push back the call I promised you stop playing games and don't call me again unless you've got my daughter on the line.

Paladin nine security Viktor Costas speaking thick it's Sam I'm in town and could use a little help if you are asking for help we better do this face-to-face and what the hell is going on back there I thought you'd recognize the sound remind you of anything yeah go Sam how's your little girl doing.

Fine I've got a picture from her in the mail I think her mom helped you draw nice my kids don't draw any pictures or. Write or anything they don't write you can't you're going to kindergarten you.

Know I hear they got entrance exams in kindergarten now Sam I don't know if it's gonna make it in.

Sam trusted me because of what we've been through together in the Gulf that's.

Why he called me after Third Echelon did their little number on he needed someone to watch his back I was the only one of good.

But cuteness bumpers mate she's got a UAV showing cumin down your squad leader missing and presumed CIA find cover and hold your position we'll come get you.

I am ordering you to wait for evacuation you remake.

Casa de Calma say you do know who are in the mayor to examine what you certain major in Nam liar if we're not a lot I desire.

Well here to be leather copy fuck.

Tell me the names to return it you son of a bitch tell me your shit.

If you don't tell me what I want to know my friends gonna have a little game with you go fuck yourself.

Don't thank me till rowdy grins back up.

Coming the question often face this is Husky I got two for a ride out of here bass you are one lucky son of a bitch well the burden there.

Tusky this is balls with you still down there why don't you boys sit your asses down and we'll come get you we're not going anyway thanks for coming.

Back that up started a change in Sam one.

That would take years to really show itself years a figure now what that changed man but Sam's deal with Grimm meant he needed intel on emps and black arrow right now Sam never asked for the little things which meant this was big.

The other question was where to me we. Picked the National Mall public space lots of crowds for cover or open approaches it made life tricky for the spotters I could dodge him Sam he could find them and he did.

Hey Sam I'm being tailed here black arrow wants to crash our party it's not a secret that we know each other thick they're watching you hoping to catch me I think I'm insulted you better take him out quietly so we can talk before they get back up what else is now serious hey.

Spot you or the crowd does to be dissolve too much sorry no refunds.

Please remember people constant the target just the base wait those two leaders are Fischer and let me know and we'll up back up down here so fast it'll make your head spin.

Why are you following me I wasn't I wasn't following you I swear talk to me about Victor Christ I.

Swear I don't know anything else.

Give it a shot if you're looking for me.

Oh crap you're Fischer I don't know anything.

Tell me about your plans for me and their cost sure I was supposed to call. It in when we saw you backups waiting ready to take you in time for a change of plans.

Make it the most amazing one of the night.

Pal it's almost closing time give me one more shot we got.

Got a minute to talk why are you.

Following Victor cost just bait associate we're waiting for you told the caller then what we saw you.

Thick of taking care of your admirers then we got a window before the handlers trigger out their diamonds and Friends if we're gonna do the face-to-face then we got to do it Nestle you know the area around the monument yeah a birdie at the stake there's a standalone booth right in front meet me there I'll let you.

Hey careful.

Yeah yeah yeah put this on we don't have.

A lot of time those spotters had to have backup so we'll go over the basics here cover the rest of my phone sounds good look in the bag you'll find your favorite pistol I didn't get you anything shut up Sam there's no time you'll also find something my borrowed from a buddy over at DARPA it's a portable EMP generator low intensity short range the bag shielded so you can stash your gear in there but hit the trigger you'll fry everything around you to use this juice nice what else do you have there's a fire in the bag but here's the short version there's an R&D house called white box a DoD contractor that does work on EMP technology so so six. Months ago they suddenly contract out all their security do those assholes over at black arrow that's a break-in pattern for them they don't do corporate security and based on what you told me about them there might be a connection bingo it's slim but you've gone fifth freedom based on laughs all right time for you to go and you ping me when you reach safe distance and we'll talk more about white box before you go in.

Attention attention attention attention there's a gas leak on the site for your safety we need you to proceed to your cars in an orderly fashion immediately for your safety.


No way I'm going in there.

We're city workers we got to find this. Guy quick I think it came over there.

With the airfield.

Something's not right hang on while I take a look.

No way we're going to do.

All those years you were lying to me it was for the greater good Sam and I would do it again in a heartbeat for the same reasons yes I never did no you know you. Didn't and you still don't.

When Sam came to me for help I wasn't gonna say no he'd always been more the lone wolf type and he needs a little reminder on the value a stick in your neck a-- after the fun and games at the monuments am headed to white box the goons who bought the place that i already got what they wanted out of it we're moving it off site but he didn't care what they were taking on he wanted to get in not that a double wall the empty containment structure has a lot of back doors he just needed one.

So Vic how do I get in this box look for an industrial air exchanger on the side of the building breach it then go for their security monitoring set up downstairs your next objective should be easy to pick on once you access the camera feeds famous last words.

On the bright side coffees gotten better let's see armed guards posted throughout the building versus an espresso machine what wins Oh grow up we got bought out and the new owners brought in their private security it happens all the time.

I'm telling you we're not getting the amplification effect that we're looking for what about the readings on run 1994 Robertson seemed keen on those Robertson isn't qualified to interpret the data even if he is collecting all of it I'm thinking those were statistical noise I think you're being too quick to dismiss the results I think I've been working here 18 hour days for the last month and a half and I'm not gonna wish cast results because I want to wrap up and go home whatever you are leaving half our results on the table we're meeting our deadline deal with it.

Come on you said you'd be done two hours ago what we're not working fast enough for you you think you can tell me how to do my job I'm going to tell Lucia Scalia that you are interfering in our work what do you think about that you hear that I did but what he doesn't realize said we were.

Four gallier to you can't you just I.

Just did now you got a choice get back to work were you next not this one you'd heard the Bravo site you could have the other as long as it's useful finish it start final phase and the rest of the building roll it all back what you can't you keep.

Poindexter here working I gotta clean up to supervise.

Don't kill me answer my questions we'll see what are you working on that requires this kind of lockdown electromagnetic pulse countermeasure stuff for DARPA mostly only were since Robertson got here it's been all project driven Robertson what's his deal you mean besides letting black ro take over the lab he collects all the experimental data and wipes it off the rest of the systems it's bad for workflow and only he could see the big picture of what we're working on what about lucious scared where does he fit in said he's my boss the owner of the company and the guy who hired black arrow and Robertson to do security I'm thinking it might be a good idea to relieve Robertson of that data can you get me in I could get you into the elevator good do it then get out I.

Think I've outstayed some of my friends they might need my help maybe I can good luck.

No we're sticking our necks in there you hear me tough guy.

Not stupid asshole big going in there oh.

Hell no no way we're going in there how about you come to us instead we ain't.

Going in.

Sam I know you're inside white box I can help just let me know when you reach Robertson system so you heard everything what a surprise but now you're supposed to have good news about Sarah she's on the line that's why I called make it quick dad sarah said you are you okay they told me you were dead dad they told me that you've been killed they told me the same thing about you I uh sorry Sam time's up Quran later you've got work to do.

I can see Robertson's system from here doctor me grandma good now think about making this room a hostile environment for uninvited guests I might need you to be on that system for a while and I don't want you interrupted remote detonation mine should do the trick.

Sam here I'm looking at Robertson's system perfect can you get me a backdoor just like old times you've got root access a socket address Thanks I'm setting up a capture so I can download everything he's got all of the EMP data is on there a couple of analysts I trust are looking forward to seeing it okay Sam the link is active and the pipe is full I'm done here not quite I need you to babysit this from your end if the connection goes I can't reestablish it from here so nobody else gets their hands on this bond what I'm seeing that system could be used to shut down the site's connectivity I'd be locked out and we'd be out of luck and I'd better get ready company's coming.

40% done.

I don't have a fix on the 80%.


All clear on this end I can't say the same someone's booked to trace on to my download I can't cut it and if they find me my cover's blown and so Sarah's where is it coming from looks like inside first blueprints to a large stage right I went through it they start their test EMP there you might have to use it do whatever it takes but cut that trace.

Vick I'm inside white box and I need a hand this should be good it is I may need to set off an EMP inside the site in order to kill a trace how tight is this place is exterior shielding tighter than a drill sergeants I saw everything electronic inside would be fried outside not a peep so knock yourself out thanks Vick.

I don't.

We move Jesus Christ it's gone payback.


I think I'm done here crimped maybe I'll.

Go look for this galley had everyone's talking about Lucia's Galliard you know him not directly but let me get back to you on this don't go after him until I do in the meantime we'll have an analyst working on Robertson's data how did Sam.

Get on-site at the Lincoln Memorial easy Secret Service acting on orders from the president got him there why'd they do that that's a little trickier you see the name Lucius gal you've got Grimm's attention she knew he was a businessman Reed was working with Reed kept things compartmentalized and that was one of the aspects as operational Grimm had no access to it pissed her off what Grimm did know was that Reed was meeting Galliard at the memorial in the morning right after some bullshit photo-op speech the VP was gay Galliard people are handling event logistics which was why he'd be there Grimm took it to the president who didn't like the coincidence she wanted to know what they were talking about not meant getting Sam on-site for audio surveillance and more if necessary I'm inside what now the.

President's on the line Sam we need to eavesdrop on the conversation Reid's about to have with Galliard so bug the memorial we thought of that mr. Fisher galeota people scrub the site in preparation for my vice president's charming little speech there was no time to get new equipment in place what's plan B you are this morning's camera equipment is still in place get to the control booth pack the camera controls to record the conversation and uplink the feed to us just like that all right I'm on it.

What speech yeah.


All right grip I'm in the camera booth now what you need to sync the feed from the console to me so that I can see what we're getting it should be easy to hack hang on that's it now I need you to get. Comfortable with those camera controls we're dealing with directional mics here high-end but they're integrated with the camera focus get read and Galliard in the shot and we'll get the audio miss them and we get nothing and here they. Come now.

I'm glad you can make it we've got some last-minute logistic issues to discuss we're 24 hours out and you want to talk Paperclip G here since your did the set.

Up on the Samson speech one of my companies yes I have several which includes black arrow which I assume is what you want to talk about we can talk about black arrow shortcomings later I want to talk about what I need to make this go off smoothly do you know.

I was impressed it was a nice piece of.

Grandstanding he should give his writer to rain he swears he writes all his speeches himself I'm sure it plays well for the folks back home I don't like the chances you don't like Samson I don't trust Sam Soon which is.

Something huge. I thought we were both more civilized this is what your people want the people I represent want you to deal with efficient stop wasting time stop wasting their money if Miggy dose getting cold feet let me make this clear read Megiddo planned this operation Megiddo paid for this operation and Makeda would be very upset if anyone were allowed to interfere with it he's not going to interfere because my men will deal with him since black arrow wasn't able to I'll worry about black arrow you stick to the plan like I was. Saying it's interesting of all please and why would you say that the eyes of history.

I thought you enjoyed the spotlight more than that I'll do the song and dance when I have to but the man on stage is the one with the least cover who covers important especially in time which would. Explain why you're still here executive oversight I hate leaving things to chance or third party you're supposed to be in Paris all hell's about to break loose my men will be very busy so I cannot guarantee your safety I'm not asking you to are you sure this is to protect you and the operation some things require a personal touch now if that's everything we're done here I'll see you when it's over goodbye Lucius let's go after Reed no the smart.

Play is to talk to Galliard we can find Reed later I concur I want to know more about Megiddo and Lucius Galliard is the only source we have okay go I'll freeze Galliard in place.

Galliard mister Galliard izo my name is anna Grimm's daughter i'm calling on behalf of Tom Reed at Third Echelon I know who you are I just finished talking with your boss what does Reed want now director Reed felt that the resolution that you two came to probably was a satisfactory for all sides and was wondering if you'd be open to further discussion on the matter oh how very thoughtful of him the answer is still no like to know if there's anything else that could be put on the table to get you to reconsider mr.. Galliard I think you're misunderstanding the purpose is my call no I don't think I am let me explain something miss Grammys daughter's all I want from Tom Reed is for him to do his damn job why don't you tell him that for me if you'll hold me one second I'll put director Reed on the line and you can tell him yourself sir you know what I couldn't do that whoa.


I think I hear him now mr. Geller it's about damn time.

You really shouldn't talk to grim like that guys where the hell are my guards. It's just you and me lucious that's time what's your connection with Reed if you ask nicely tell you he's just hired help.

God you're thick this is bigger than Reed bigger than Third Echelon God they're just convenient why does Reed want you out of town your enhanced interrogation techniques need work.

He wants to run the show when the EMPs are triggered there's three of them scattered around the city in a few hours they go off and he gets to play commando there are people he wants to impress the emps where do I find them say me I don't.

Know that's part of the plan see you.

Can't stop it Fisher it's too big it's too late and the people I work for this is just part of what they've got going on Megiddo who are they try harder Fisher.

Megiddo who are they they're the ones who run this town and Moscow and Beijing and any other place that matters they're the ones who are going to get me out of this one piece and once Reid is finished at the one what's happening now.

You're dead the shooters running we need him alive he may be our only link between Third Echelon and Megiddo. I've got a visual he's on the stage.

It just ducked into the VIP tent.

He went over the fence.

Of course when dealing with the police no killing presidents orders.

Come on outside you can't escape.

He's waiting for you again Sam.

You jump down keep going dead ahead.

Got a camera crew down here now.

He's outside and on the move again Sam.


The police show yourself.


Heads up Sam the police are pulling back from your location any idea why I'll tap into there como to find out.

We put it into practice there are multiple Third Echelon squads converging on your position right now the cops.

Brought you in is on his way to extract you but until he gets there you're on your own.

Target aside this is a bro Sam a second.

Wave of operatives is on its way.

Holy shit it's crunch check everywhere.

Even the bathroom there's another batch coming at you Sam.

Time to go Sam your fight is here where.

It shows you how much Sam changed that he would even think about going after Third Echelon he'd been a company man boiled to the bone but now here he was ready to rip the guts out of the Beast the building's weakness was in the power supply the main feed and primary backup ran through the basement parking garage with a little c4 in the right place as Sam could cut the power to the building long enough to slip inside for the - Ilan that was good enough for Sam he was going in and he wanted them to know he was coming it was the best way now I.

Need you to use the c4 you packed to take out the building's primary and secondary transformers do it simultaneously when you reach the front desk and you'll have a short window before the emergency power puts security back online the both on the parking level right right but in two separate rooms and don't be seen are they're gonna steal the security doors and you're done and don't give those surveillance cameras a show.

Fucking hell.

For Sam one thing Third Echelon had always been about was the truth even after everything that happened he'd held on to that but now he was coming back as the hunter as the enemy as the one thing he'd never thought he'd be and the truth it was waiting for him.

I'm sorry we're closing the office early for some routine maintenance please try again tomorrow thank you I'm sorry sir but I'm afraid the office is closed for the evening I'm here to see Tom Reid mr. Reid is currently unavailable but if you'd like to make an appointment mr. Fisher I used to work here the main power is offline.

Emergency power be online in five four three two one zero security doors are.


Sam Fryman just sent me his location he's waiting for you in the office off the server room got it.

Not a chance in hell.

We'll see you.

Cause by feel it.

Guess again fuck.

Are you Fisher over here.

Are you fry a minute yeah yeah you're.

Fischer right Anna told me that you were coming I was a big fan who's back when you worked here I was a big fan I'm touched what do you have for me I've got those ultra high-frequency sonar goggles better than the stuff the new splinter cells are getting and try them on voila with these babies you can see in the dark you can see through walls well you name it it's not bad plus I think so that you can see the security system laser print trip the beam and attorney targets the brake nasty stuff I programmed the algorithm sorry oh it's just one thing um the top-of-the-line guys are are packing similar gear so if you can see them think they might be able to see you Thanks now you better get moving oh I'll be fine I'll just tell the security guards thought I was reading in the can you know they'll walk me right back to my hope they say you on the other hand it's good luck.

Fisher could be in the server room I want everybody there ASAP I think I got.

It he's over there yeah looks like an ambush nobody move.

God damn it this is funny not good swear fucker.

I think I got him he's right over there.

Not under report.

Can't find Fisher or anything else around here but be careful guys badass.

I'm telling you he's here you need to do something about it raise the security level do something he's gonna kill me nice to see you again look Fisher I can. Explain he's gonna kill me.

Nobody's coming to save you this time Andre no no tell me what the hell is read up to Ruiz working with Nikita he's using Third Echelon to get EMPs into the country incited in DC I helped set it up it's what I do.

Why does Reid get out of this the. President they're gonna take out the president up to the EMPs go up to paralyze the city use it as cover for the it tonight why go after the president I can't tell you.

Oh please don't.

She won't play ball but the VP is already in mijitos pocket Reed gets a medal and a big fat promotion after it all goes down that's son of a bitch last question this. Is the important one what do you know about my daughter if I tell you you're gonna kill me.

I'm just a bagman.

I don't know anything about her be sure.

Like I said they gave me a picture told me to provide a body that matched I did a lot of jobs like that for Third Echelon anything they needed asked your friend Grimm's daughter I worked with her a bunch of times she knows more about this than I do oh shut up.

Still alive good I think.

Grimm I just had an interesting discussion with your friend Kovac reads in bed with megiddo they're going after the president and playing king maker with a VP the emps are recover of course aid won't be able to get there in the aftermath and they'll have a convenient terrorist attack as cover for everything copan had a few other things to say I'm headed to your office Grimm what am I gonna find there something long overdue patch me through and tell approach we'll talk then.

I'll get the bastard who did this man I promise you that.

Not good the guy who did this count on.


So tell me about Sarah Graham tell me why you invited me it was Lambert's call Sam he thought he was protecting you he had a recording system set up in his office everything that went on in there he saved before New York he gave me the access codes the files can only be triggered on site and only by me this is what he had to say about Sarah so I made her choice playing.

Without her that would be free to act as he needed to the rest was detailed.

Security then use that despicable.

Creature covert to provide a body that could stand in for the girl I've been I lied to my best friend told him his daughter was dead took advantage of his grief and used it for third enchilada purposes and the saddest part of this I.

Never uncovered the hole the danger to her and the sound is still out there which means this has to stay hidden you and I that's all.

Sam damn listen to me you have to listen.

To me what's done is done but right now I need you I need the Sam Fisher I worked with haven't you heard he's dead just ask my daughter Sam please my.

Analysts have worked through the rest of the data that you got from white box we know what they're doing and we can't stop it what do you need me for they've got three directional EMP generators in place when they go off the pulses will blanket the entire metro area optimal coverage pattern predictions place one of those three at the old City reservoir site do you need to go there and disable it why should I because that's the one that will hit Sarah's apartment and if you stop it you can save her from what's coming after and the other two there's only time to. Go after one so go save your daughter I was never holding her that was just a bluff to get you in the game and for whatever it's worth I'm sorry what about.

You I'm going to the White House with Tom Reed and I'm going to try to save the president maybe I'll see you there.

They're now warning protocol 23 1923 19.

Is now in effect.

So now Sam knew everything knew that the best friend he'd murdered had betrayed him for the best reason in the world knew that the thing he'd helped Lambert build needed to be utterly destroyed he was his own man now all his ties to his old life were gone except for Corinne she called me to call in a favor it was too late to go for the other REM peas but she did want me to go get Sarah Sam deserved that much at least meanwhile she'd be at the white house doing whatever the hell she thought she could do there so I said yes no way I. Was gonna leave Sarah down there for when the shit hit the fan and I wasn't gonna walk behind in her father not even when he just waded in and started beating answers out of people then again I was pure Sam you're.

Sam when he got mad.

There's this stuff going nice one of the checkpoints downtown I'm not sure which one you don't need this stuff for a checkpoint just take a truck out the side ways to block the street you've got a couple guys with guns there you want the back end of your truck.

Tell me what I need to know and I might not snap your neck fuck you I'm not afraid of you Fisher wrong answer.

Wow that's a weaponized EMP over there how do I shut it down no then even if I did. I would tell you asshole funny no tell. Me what I need to know.

I don't know anything else I swear stop wasting my time.

If you don't know who does scientists.

Brought over my bridges inside the we're out could it be disposed of after the EMP kebab you know you don't say.

Oh position I say again hold position.

Area it's not secure I say again area it's not secure holding position.

How goddamn stupid are you doing your.

Job your job is the only reason you're so broad when he gets here you can talk to me I'm shooting him in the face enough of this Fisher crap less than an hour the city is going back at the dark edges and we're gonna be the only ones who know what's going on you've got bigger things to worry about like riots fire casualties of no hospitals and the sea limits up and running no way for anyone but us to get them out choppers caught the pulse zone crashing and that thing they're doing at the White House a lot don't worry about the cover they.

Played it straight so far.

Who bought rent contract is night.

Goodbye waveform right here.

I don't like a look.

Negative no good the area's compromised pole position.

Hold position we'll wait the target here.

Show yourself Ishita with a target come to us you want her dead is that what you want you think no go.

Come in Fisher she's waiting for you hold position I say again hold position.

Let it out North Division will wait for him here.

The area's compromised we're gonna hold.

Standby we're gonna wait for him right here time for an ass-kicking.

I got signs of a possible ambush get ahead holding position I don't know who.

You are or what you're doing here but thank you they were going to say there's a weaponized EMP slung up a hundred yards from here it's gonna be activated tonight tell me how to stop you can't there's two generators on site when they're activated they'll juice the EMP and then it'll discharge what's the catch if you take out one generator the other one automatically flashes each of them alone is enough to trigger the pulse so I need to hit both at the same time yes who else it goes off are you with a friend otherwise there's no way there's always a way now you'd better go things are gonna get ugly around here it's going to get ugly everywhere.

Right about then things started getting complicated for some reason Sarah was suspicious but I'd managed to talk her into climbing into the chopper and a gone airborne to rendezvous with Sam but there were too many moving parts for things to go smoothly and Sam didn't know what he was really up against tagging the generators that fed the EMP so I could take them out from the air that was the least of it.

Nothing new to report.

This is where we hold them shit.

No God.

Hey Fisher come here meet my Beijing.

Come here my bag.

You won't pass this gun Fisher.

Dick I've got bad news and what.

I think I've got a fix he's over there.

Time to move.

Some of you may have heard that Sam Fisher is somewhere around here as far as we're concerned well they're dead.

He's shooting and I'm here any shooting what the hell is that supposed to be fog guys were down there fish was still alive they'd be shooting it right right since there's no shooting that means that initial took them all out where they took viscera okay killed Fisher why haven't they called it in.

Fuck can't believe it here gates the dark.

Got you covered engage the target.

Fisher flat floors up with too much time and too much money and on this for you to fuck it up now sorry soldier he.

Picked up Sara to get her out of danger she's onboard and dad what's going on mr. cots explains some of it but I don't understand just sit tight sweetheart it's gonna be all right I can patch into Brenda's car.

A good time next I'm taking fire with that chopper you'll think of something but I need those coordinates or fuck.

Careful with your fuck we don't want to risk hitting the generator.

Okay got it.

Find yourself some common.

Sir Sara I thought you were dead they told me you were dead huh I'm sorry but if I hear that black arrow radio chatter right we are out it's hard I like to sit next we gotta go everybody's strapped in. Next stop 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue he's grim their last contact I had with her she told me where to find Sarah then she said she was going in to stop Reed haven't heard from her since we are gonna help her right dad she looked out for me when you were gone she could have just dumped me with a new name and walked away and she didn't and we are not going to walk away from her not now don't worry skidded on our way just gonna take a while got to make sure our flight path is in the EMP clear zone until the pulse hits my god Jesus those things are supposed.

To be pleased all those people down there don't know what happened wait what the hell did you just do this'll impound hang on I didn't think they'd have air defenses. Set up around the White House I was wrong.

Thank God you had me worried there for a minute I'm fine look if it got us down in one piece.

Anyway I think you'll need that more than we will where'd you get the best I.

Was in the chopper that crashed wrecked everything else RP Jesus sir get that impression hell are you still doing here.

I'm not leaving my daughter here Vic Sarah can you work your way around yeah it's all right she'll be fine Sam with six blocks from my office my people are coming to meet us grim needs your help now Grimm can wait I'm not taking any chances with Sarah dad he's right go do what you have to do trust me we'll be fine I'll see you again soon I promise.

Somebody get my wallet might come through there shit come on let's find.

This house that'll shut him to come in our back down Mancow I can trace the area and find whoever did it let's go.

Anybody see where that came from advance on the target I'll provide support.

Shit they gotta call the National Guard they already did man saw this whole line of Humvees heading into the city guys in black body armor we're getting out at setting up checkpoints that's the black hours not working again.

All your parents and make sure they're all right they're not all right we don't even know what's happening here the lights went out and they're like 20 bucks bloated I couldn't even stand there.

I've gotta get her out there's nothing you can do for okay she's dead you're gonna get yourself killed it's.

Too late Cooper she's dead house you go.

In there after I have to ask you to go back here this area isn't safe Peter.

That's why we're here I don't even know who the hell you are Jack sir we're here to help and asked by the government to assist in maintaining order and public sale that is all.

Someone call the cops.

Damn it better look for Fisher because it looks like he is feeding holy.

We're going it get down hey goat I move.

It ain't gonna fix on Fisher he likes the streets too great.

Can't see the hostile nice dry fissure.

I'm gonna major disturbance here.

It was a bad day to work at the White House black arrows out of perimeter was. There to prevent accidental witnesses then it was the inner cordon around the White House to make sure nobody bothered read while he did his dirty work after all the army was eventually gonna get its ass in gear and start airlifting people into the city dan there was gonna be some explaining to do read solution was brilliant if the cavalry showed up after he'd taken out the president then black arrow was there to help secure the White House and our new president if not black arrow would be the scapegoat and their resistance would buy enough time for him to finish the job.


No sign of them yet.


Heads up we got a casual.

I don't have a fix on the top we'll see.

Who's laughing when I put my boot up your ass.

Where are you coming through the front door.

On my way.

Get to the pressroom we can hold them there president okay has anyone seen the president what was going on inside the.

White House made the stuff in the streets look like a Barney reads people were in there not black arrow and they were clear in that room by room Reid had disabled most of the security from Third Echelon the EMP had taken care of the rest all the President had left was Secret Service and they weren't enough. Sam was in trying to make his way through the white house while the people he trained tried to kill asked for grim well she had the hard part.

Sam we have an opportunity here Reid stashed vice-president Sampson in a ball next president Sam I wrote to the West Wing pay him a visit then meet me in the press room we'll figure out how to tackle read there two kills confirmed.

Canongate visual on the hostile wait for.

The contact.

Time for an ass-kicking almost bit off.

More than I can chew.

What happens to a special plan if I catch a stray bullet mr. vice president I can assure you everything is under control you're perfectly safe here don't piss him alcohol any reasons making this up as he goes along isn't he sir director II just called he's almost secured the president everything's going according to schedule.

I spray euijin on Russia smart is March.

You don't get it do you you can't touch me I got protection on tap 1 so whatever you think you're gonna do to me mister has this mr. rogue agent mister washed-up spy we can forget about it right now cuz I'm bulletproof goddamn bulletproof here oh really you.

Need to look I'm at home perfect.

I do not have a visual.

Janssen gation contacts.

By the time Grimm got ahold of Sam Reid's men were kicking in the Oval Office door she was there and she could. See that the president's protective detail was going down. The plan was for Sam to meet with Grimm in the press room where they'd figure out what the hell to do next of course Grimm already had a plan when she hadn't bothered to tell Sam Wow but that shouldn't have surprised him some things and some people just don't change.

Hey check that position I think he's over there I got indications that the area head is not secured holding position ready got.

Signs of a possible ambos holding.

We're out of time Sam where are you I'm close get closer Reed's knocking on the door to the Oval Office right now.

That did the trick.

The target I got movement possible cover.

Whatever it's worth Sam I am so sorry for everything I thought we were in a hurry right we need to get you close to read and we need to do it in a way that doesn't make him DoubleTap the president immediately got any ideas one but it's. Gonna hurt just do what you have to do I always do Sam I always do Tom I've got.

Fisher I'm bringing him in don't do anything drastic until I get there sorry Sam you're going to the Oval Office you've got a dress properly for the occasion pants.

Comfortable ah fuck get up all right you.

Got an appointment with the president.

All those years you were lying to me it was for the greater good Sam and I would do it again in a heartbeat for the same reasons yes I never did no you know you didn't and you still don't.

I was wondering when you were gonna get.

Here nice work Anna I see you got some payback in for the stunt he pulled at the airfield well he put up a little bit of a fight of course he did and now he's here the famous Sam Fisher just in time to be useful so how does it feel Sam knowing you're gonna go down in history as the man who assassinated president Caldwell fuck you of course we'll be just a little too late to rescue her and you'll be shot multiple times trying to escape it's classic but it's clean you don't honestly believe that this is gonna work the surveillance cameras footage is gonna show your cameras we own them your security measures we made sure the pulse fried them for Third Echelon Madam President we own every bit of information that goes through this town and if I want you I can make it look like you were assassinated by two circus clowns and a golden retriever so shut up and you might live a few seconds longer that's not Third Echelon it's not Lambert's Third Echelon last time I checked he was dead and guess what Third Echelon nearly dies mom you see the president decided the agency wasn't justifying its funding anymore she was gonna shut us down leave America vulnerable to the sort of attacks you spent so many years stopping set.

Madam President are you alright yes I'm fine thank you you've got maybe two.

Minutes before the army takes back the White House make them useful how did Megiddo get to you you don't want to know about Megiddo you want to know about your daughter.

You don't get to talk about my talk.

Still don't get it do you sir didn't matter threatening her was just a way to get to you and leveraging you was a way to get to third Ashlyn and Third Echelon that was a way to get what they wanted out of the White House you're the mo you're the one Lambert was worried about very good Sam you finally see your son of a bitch you cost me.

Three years of my life three years when I thought my daughter will care move.

Move drop your weapon on the floor now captain thank you for rescuing me now I. Don't see anyone else here but us and I'm sure you don't either oh man let's get you out of it thank you.

Oval Office is secure we have the president the POTUS is safe and secure.

Are you gonna testify my trial I could use a good character witness you already had your trial you didn't.

Have to do that I disagree there was a time where you wouldn't have said that things changed Sam yeah things change remember what you told me Anna when this was over everybody walks I'm walking you can't there's too much left to do ask Lambert I've done too much already Sam please I don't know who else I can trust trust funny you should say that. Goodbye grams you.

I've talked to Sam once since he left he told me that he and Sarah were gonna take some time to catch up he talked about learning who was really important to ya while you always had to come back for him he talked about family and you.

Know what the last thing he said to me was just before he hung up Vicky said thanks for everything I love.

You like a brother brother that's family.

I thought so.

He's leaving out the part where we're headed in the country to Mara mine well yeah but that was later all we did there was take out the third-ranked general and proved hunter and prevent the cross border incursion into Laos at King Laughlin right right king lion the river crossing biggest dam catfish I've ever seen details the important stuff is what happened in the tire we have a story of a damn time every chance I get anyway we're in this Bob pretending to be tourists when this guy comes up to us worst job or reading people I've ever seen in my life because he figured Sam for a sucker most people do he live that makes him unique so this guy he walks up the same.

Sizes in a month and asks him if he wants to buy an elephant a full-grown elephant like that makes a difference the guy tries to sell Sam and Alison and Sam here he's got this look on his face like he doesn't know what to do first time I've ever seen him like that I was behind it figure out how to tell Sarah that she couldn't have an elephant so Sam finally turns to him and says sorry I already got one cool as ice just like that and the guy who's either that'd.

Break his arm I like to think I made the right decision.


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