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Gunpoint - Full Game Playthrough (No Commentary)

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Gunpoint - Full Game Playthrough (No Commentary)

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Please note that any cross-fades in the video are cuts in the recording.

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» Game Description (Wikipedia):

Gunpoint is divided into a number of missions, between which the player, as Richard Conway, interacts with others through a PDA to accept missions, shop for new gear, and allocate resource points among various abilities Conway possesses. Each mission typically involves entering a building and hack into a computer, and then making way for the exit point of the level. Initially missions are provided in a linear order but the game provides optional missions later. The building is presented in a two-dimensional cross-section on screen, showing the locations of guards, doors, switch panels, lights, security cameras, and other features, including the target objectives. The player, as Conway, can run and climb on walls, use stairwells and elevators, and using the abilities of Conway's "Bullfrog" hypertrousers, can launch the character great heights or distances, potentially tackling guards or breaking through glass walls. Conway can survive long falls, but can be killed by a single gunshot, thus requiring the player to stay out of the guards' line of sight.

» About this channel:

I made this channel for the purpose of archiving my own playthroughs of the games I play and sharing them. They are not meant to be used as walkthroughs or as a replacement for purchasing the game. I play through the game however I want and upload it as such, not cutting out anything. Do keep this in mind when watching.

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