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Part 9/12 - Nancy Drew #22: Trail of the Twister Walkthrough

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Part 9/12 - Nancy Drew #22: Trail of the Twister Walkthrough

This is the ninth of twelve parts for the walkthrough/playthrough of this game. All parts of the game are copyrighted to Her Interactive. Does not contain audio commentary.

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What can I do for you little lady have Scott and his team always been so accident-prone always I'd say they've always been reality prone your the time to chase down tornadoes the reality of the situation is they're pretty much given trouble your home address but from what I've been hearing this year has been especially bad who was that woman asking all of those questions about Scott ah now I'm not one to talk bad about people around here but that was Brooke she ends up the other team of chasers maybe heard of her is she always so interested in our team you think y'all were just about the only thing with battling on about her the whole state from the way she's asking questions really what does she ask about anything and everything but mostly she wants to know about any accidents y'all been having lately she was really nosy not nosy just all right. Nosy but she and Scott are just so much alike guess it makes sense they'd always be checking up on each other Scott comes in here asking about her Oh without a doubt where's MA still not here yeah nope she um she had. To drive over the Chickasha sisters lumbago zack nope anything else I can help you if you'll be happy to know I found your missing divining rod well put the cat on the rain where was it out in this spring house if you can put it back in the display I've a truly grateful have a good day see you soon.

Something else I can do you fall I returned the rod to the display for you actually you deserve more than that I'll let you get back to work stop by anytime.

Hey there how was the chase that I missed me pretty good didn't see any funnel clouds but I managed to plant sensor right in the path of a major downdraft you can believe that was Scott there to see it he went in the basic vehicle by himself but he was real happy when you heard about that sensor yes ma'am you've been spending all your spare time around here trying to find oil haven't you what oil well I've been.

Doing no such thing where'd you get an idea like that I'm sorry you're right I have no right to make such an accusation yeah you do cuz you're right I should have known I wouldn't get away with it lining conniving and sneaking around they just don't come natural to me my mama raised me just too right see I heard rumors there was no oil deposit somewhere underneath this here farm I also heard the college was getting ready to dump the place so I signed up with Scott figuring I could look for oil and if I found some try to get my daddy to invest in a little real estate and to make sure Knut dumps the place you've been sabotaging the chase team you think.

I'm the one making everything go wrong are you wrong about that it's on account of sky he's the one messing stuff up around here he said jinx and that's the truth listen I'm truly ashamed of my behavior Nancy I will apologize to Paul for taking that divining rod first chance I get and I know it's highly unlikely but should you and my mommy ever cross paths I'll keep this to myself but you've got to keep being honest with me you got a deal you know come to think of it I guess I can't rightly say all the bad stuff that's been going on it's just bad luck like when I checked out the lightning round on the farmhouse to see why Scott's phone blew up like that I discovered something kind of strange instead of being wired so any lightning that struck the house would be directed to the ground this year lightning rod connected to the wire inside the house someone wanted that phone jack to explode all the TV or the fridge someone just want to do some damage but you're sure it was wired that way on purpose either that or this thing was put up by the world's dumbest electrician I'll let you go by now.

What's going on Parr tells me that you've been asking him about Brooke is that true but huh no that's not true.

That's what he said you know maybe you should spend less time talking to pas and more time doing your job here Nancy rich uncle or no you have work to do so do it what did you mean when you said before that the school would sell the farm if you lose just what I said right now can you college offsets the cost of maintaining this place with funds from private companies like the Healy Ely but apparently that money is about to dry up so if we don't win this competition there goes the farm do you remember that interview you gave after ma died nope why do you ask I read it and it seems like a lot has changed for you over the last few years what's that supposed to mean you sounded much more excited about your work yeah well that's the reality of life Nancy you don't honestly think life gets more exciting as you age do you because it doesn't dreams fade hearts get broken friends get too lost in their own lives to call trust me enjoy your youth while you have it kid because the downhill ride it ain't fun that's not true now I see why Debbie speaks so highly of you optimists of a feather tell you what I'll admit that you just may be right I hope you're right I just don't think you are let's switch topics all right this has been a long enough trip down memory lane for the day I heard someone talking about some Brooke person who is she again Brooke Cavanaugh she heads the chase team that in all likelihood is going to whoop our collective Fanny in the competition does she deserve to win I don't know look if it's all the same to you I just assumed talk about something else okay why don't you get a cat for your mice problem cats forget about it I'm definitely allergic to cats mice are annoying but at least they don't leave me sneezing and short of breath I'll quit bugging you now whatever.

Hey Nancy Frosty's got quite the unusual scream doesn't he well he had kind of a good reason oh come on did you scream when you saw that Mouse in Scotts office no he thinks he's so smooth first time I heard him do that I thought my little sister was downstairs what do you want to do now that you finished your degree actually I I'm not sure yet I'm still. Kind of weighing my options that's it for now have fun.

So what's up everything go okay on that chase I had to miss yep the sky was incredible saw a couple of promising wall clouds but nothing ever dropped feel free to take a look at the pictures I just downloaded they are awesome I need to get going by now.

Hey thanks for fixing the phone you didn't miss much on the chase well I'm sorry you didn't get good weather well that's the breaks hey you know since you're so good at fixing things why don't you fix the TV I think we've abused it enough it's not getting any picture that's it for now have fun

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