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Overlord : Raising Hell (Good Path) walkthrough Part 1

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Overlord : Raising Hell (Good Path) walkthrough Part 1

Overlord : Raising Hell part 1 walkthrough gameplay (pc/xbox/ps4)

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My evilness I feel the land quaking with fear.

Already I am NOT million master and.

Devoted servant of darkness.

The haziness will pass and your muscles will become limber again you have been asleep for a very love this cavern is the spawning pitch sire where new minions are born then live now you are here you can call forth minions from this minion gate ah look at.

Those keen little evil faces ready to loot and pillage it's your command let us continue follow me if you wish to study the finer points of combat and minion control of course if you want to get straight to the smiting then I shall meet you in the throne room upstairs your minions will follow you wherever you go master unless you give them a task.

Being overlord is more than just throwing a few fireballs and causing chaos proper evil takes skill and maybe.

It well just a bit of mayhem Sleeping.

Beauty yeah.

Our Jester sire I really should have nailed him out for the crows long ago teach him to respect his overlord good.

Now hit him again those aren't bad see.

It's all coming back now evil is not something you just forget John mama human now you've got him.

Say we don't smell as good he's out of your reach sire use your minions the shat is flapping mouth right top they. Should call you know it whoops by blackharts to see them running about the place try to beat each other apart.

Call your minions back master all of them right mr. overlord show me some evil if.

You need to me means to follow a complicated route then you must sweep them through it.

Oh that evil overlord overrated more. Like don't let him get away sire sweep your millions after him bet he'll whittle himself see.

I think you're ready master accompany me.

To the throne room evil deeds won't do themselves feel free to beat him further if you wish.

Your throne room sire alas one cannot be.

A bastion of evil these days without Richard heroes lighting up to prove themselves that last lot were particularly bothersome killing your predecessor like that still you're here now sire evil will always fight away they also. Looted and destroyed much of the tower but it's merely a setback for the forces of darkness sire you are a new overlord.

Rebuild your Tower punish those so-called heroes and reestablish a dark domain this is the tower portal sire sadly it's missing its power source the tower heart however there's still a tiny bit of energy left it's just enough to transport you to the last known location of the heart if you sire step through the gate.

You ah you made it through the gates I this.

Tranquil wilderness so rural and it Dilek hideous did not try not to inhale it my lord you can summon your minions. From these case they are ancient arcane links between your tower in this land currently you can only summon Browns you must find the other lost million tribes before you can summon them perhaps we may recover some of our looted tower objects in this lush verdant and these fluffy creatures barely know they're alive but you can still harvest night force from them remember life force equals million return to the gate to corn or to your side.

All they do is to grass until something kills them stupid pointless creatures.

Our way is blocked dad we have strengthened Douglas use all your minions on that killer and they will work together to prove it. These urns ahead may yield something beneficial there's nothing means like more than breaking things well apart from killing things puffins took over my farm tied me.

Up in the Sun to scare the birds no those pumpkins applied against poor Bob the one revenge for the boys I made and a soup and a jelly and the ice cream I hear the pumpkins whispering a knight but I will leave my farm to the HAR flings Oh No they're worse than the pumpkins please help get Bob's farm back your creatures. Are related to pumpkins or thing they're.

Screaming the pumpkins are screaming they're scared.

Even the birds laugh or maybe they're in league with the pumpkins farm.

Well we draw forever wrecked farm than once more than a half way these are the normal tea sipping keiki in types either very öyou baguette going sunny and the.

Path beyond White House leads to the villager spray but there are more than fat little demons about so be careful.

Me her boy think I'll stay here fix me father maybe grow mammals instead yeah mouths don't talk so much. Minions will automatically equip any useful items they find and often no any useless items - but do not fear your weapons and are more accustomed Falls to the tower we wouldn't dream of giving you and you don't steal me down dead hot.

Wings let's evil energy it gathers in all us. Evil creatures you will learn more of it in time master fact our heart the. Happenings must have used it to grow pumpkins a little humans they have no idea of a real power it contained.

Ah idiot so found a shortcut.

Moldy keep up with the other minions tiblet I see you pretending to hold it with one claw hold your share coming you use the second bus.

It is back where it belongs this is the heart of the tower sire it will play a vital role in helping re-establish your duck domain it will allow you to visit.

The tower whenever you wish and provide access to all of the towers resources. And look it seems to have bestowed a little gift upon you sire you can now control 10 minions and it seems to have. Retained one of its spells the fireball spell robust fellow might have known he'd make it I'll teach you how to use him when the need arises but I urge you sire find more of our missing tower objects a crane would be particularly.

Handy then we could clear the debris around here open up some rooms so you.

Save yeah I'll bet our hearts most wise.

Master keeper of the ruined tower savior.

Under tower hearts most wise master.


Testing testing one two is this thing working it's a big trevi can you hear me.

Master oh now Sal the creatures around.

Here a rather frisky person they will have undoubtedly repopulated the area halflings approaching get ready bang gone toes ain't her flynn's look at the one with the helmet could be two halflings holding up some armor yes no I bet that's it I don't trust those sneaky little wasps names maybe you're right here prove you ain't whore flames and free our men from the camps down the road some minions and.

Head for that there in the field greedy little halflings use your fireball spell on the wheat and roast them like suckling pigs.

One last thing sire killing innocents and I use the term loosely increases your corruption level this attracts more evil energy which increases your powers however this is really suitable for establishing a long term evil plan that requires people living people gratitude comes with its own rewards.

That's right yeah this must be the work camp this is an arcane blood pit sire you can sacrifice minions here to regain your own health and no fear your minions will gladly die for you very I'm Anna.

Pitt I haven't seen one of these in years they allow you to sacrifice your minions and replenish your Manor.

Browns Browns Browns.

Throwing rocks.

Make sure you take a full set of millions with Earthlings might be short but their look sire a will your minions.

Content ease and well you never know what might happen.

I've got calluses my beautiful hands.

Help us out there are more prisoners.

Over there but they've got a big old troll guarding them will help you slay.

The brute.

No sense in dining whenever others trying to do it for you fear and awe can be valuable commodity in size over there.

But they've got a big old troll guarding them cat's ass out of here.

Trolling my brother that's how come here.


Our Liberator hey we don't need this screen anymore you take it well he tees ours we just.

Quickly sire have your minions bring into the Waypoint eight.

We're free yay fuck the goats come on let's go to spray. Let's go to spray

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