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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift - Arctic Games PC Longplay (Herd)

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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift - Arctic Games PC Longplay (Herd)

This is my first ever longplay!

I have made a walkthrough of this game in a single video and chose the Herd for this playthrough and I achieved a wonderful score of 10-1 for the Herd, as I messed up at Scrat's Cannon challenge.

Anyways, hope you like this and if you do, stay tuned for the Pirate Crew version of this walkthrough!

FYI: Doing this longplay took me like 3 days to do, as all the 12 files I had to put together had mostly 60 GB, so in 2 days it was the recording, editing and converting, and in the last day the remaining conversion and the uploading. ( I also had other stuff to do in real life ).

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Ah boys this is the light a nice cool.

Breeze and a wide open field as I lead my herd home do you say you're leading the herd that's what he said okay that's exactly leading more like adding from behind Manny's leg in case any pilot decide to show up I don't see any pirate said but you're right about one thing life doesn't get any better than this agreed and a lovely pirate free day like this there's nothing that can bring me down.

Someone should go help him yeah someone should treasure did he say treasure I'm.

Coming for you SID and I'm coming for the treasure and for you too buddy I did it I did it I discovered a sunken buried treasure well actually an acorn full of food sitting on top of the snow but same thing hey I didn't order a giant.

Snowball or did I hmm.

Pyrus huh Oh me.

Hey treasure it's my lucky day you mean my lucky day I crashed into it first no stealing pirates well well what have we. Here a bountiful treasure' ripe for the picking not your picking our picking go through your picking somewhere else okay but don't rush me I don't move too fast maybe you just need a little incentive.

Can't you all just get along sure mate right after we settle on who gets the mighty catch of the day I suggest a round of arctic game artic games all right what's sad and why am I so excited about it it's an old pirate competition whoever wins gets the treasure I think you Pirates might have the advantage in an old pirate competition about something that's fair hmm yes mammoth I see your point but do you see mine ah let the games. That said got us roped in to begin.



How faster is better Ali.

Keep your speed up no baby we might want to talk to speed up.

After espero rally.

You might want to talk to speed up with.

This PETA.

Sample le faster faster mom Oh baby.

Now that was a personal best.

Right about that to your friends.

I'm still master of the sea huh this mama mammoth means business.

Got something to say about my losing didn't think so that was almost as much fun as my honeymoon in the mud baths please mammoth spare me the tall tales of your personal life you know I was raised by a possum then why don't you play dead cuz then I can't beat your team and win another round all the slidin is wiped me out I'm gonna rest up for tomorrow's events why put off tomorrow what you can steal today now don't go throwing a big old pirate fit here I'll see you tomorrow all right but I'll be back and on that day you'll wish you were never born you're all full of surprises.


Chop-chop said good morning you don't.

Jump too soon for tenure Derek.

I know who to think about me.

You only miss by a hair.

Did you see me when I was incredible. Unbelievable anything else about stop rubbing it in my face or I'll gut you into that's okay don't worry that'll just double my chances to beat you next time reasoning with a sloth I should get myself now I know I don't like sloths because you never met anyone as talented and friendly as me no you're annoying and I'm gonna tag out with your torso oh goody I've always wanted to learn to tango yo somebody prepare the plane for this guy and hurry no no no no take your time.



Push hard squint and don't forget here.

Show your granny how by.

Screech we're right behind you.

Go flee.

And push and go push him and.

Slide that down the ice Marty go.

You'd better slide that to victory. I won I wait.

Buddy it's up to you to get us to win me.

Push em and go yeah.

Ravana's Calkins for everyone.

What I want I don't know who to thank oh how about me only misfire hair ah my turtle score was.

Higher than yours I won I won I won Gomi Gomi no you didn't oh wait a minute.

Yes I did I have that winning feeling I tingle all over maybe you're coming down with something maybe you're a sore loser maybe I'm gonna flamenco on your forehead ooh can I invite my friends to watch but I've got to come up with some terms that sound more threatening yeah. Since we're done with the turtles I'm gonna take one home as a pet I think I'll name him squint hey that's my name I thought it sounded familiar well you won't share the treasure so the least you can do is share your name with my new pet the least I can do is let you live and I want to live don't I Sheldon.





Wow well.


As smooth as ice literally that's the.

Short laddies that will never happen again.


Give it all you got credit.

Wow pump your arm just beat up granny.

Doing great granny but do it faster.

Right on the door we get faster than that you're as young and as fast as you feel Wow you're doing great granny but do it faster.

Got to let our granny give it all you.

Got granny pump your arm to speed up granny.

You might want to go wee bit faster than that good young and as fast as you feel.

Get to let out granny.

Wayne is talking about.

Now which one he was gonna world my feet.

I said no lady can't smile not me ma'am but you thought Advanta boy you should respect your elders Hey I will I really now tell me how great I did Sonny well how's your enemy all I can say is you will not do terrible yeah I can live with it I guess that's it anybody needs me I'll be over there feed my pet questions you gonna do that lady here precious precious precious precious mama's got. Treat if I wouldn't know better I would run away take you far far away.


For the long shot baby battleship for.

Distance she hid the ones in the back.

Big boy making it for long way open the.

Frog go for the bring a cow.

Really far away.

I've got hurt spirits yes I do I've got hurt spirit how about you yes.

This girl's got gay quit bragging pages I'll have to clobber you you'd really clobber me for bragging I'm a pirate it's my duty and it's my duty to break my herd rocks. Hmmm I'm gonna go kick back before our next win you weren't win and you weren't like how captain got deals with Liz's we're not losers who lose and are therefore not losers yo give me a headache I'm a teenager.


Having the reflexes of a cat comes in handy.

Come on sit on faster than that yeah go.

Get going before you get beat up yeah.

Off the AYGO hop like the wind here goes.

Move Diego pretends Kyra's on your tail.

Belong could hop to better than that here goes faster Diego faster.

Here goes cat-like reflexes when you need faster.

Giggle faster Xavier go pop like man.

Come on I see spin off faster than that ha ha.

Oh yeah yes I always land on my feet.

Losing isn't in my nature that last race.

Tire you out need a catnap kitty call me kitty again and you'll be down to eight lives now I am NOT tired I don't know your eyes look pretty sleepy there my eyes are sensitive to campfire smoke all those fumes I'll race you again if you're not too worn up ah no way wipe those campfire eyes and let's hop to it you and your scurvy crew better be ready for the next event don't you worry my scurvy crew was born ready ha you think your own crew is scurvy no I'd think that you're cleverly trying to psych me out and it's not gonna work anymore oh so you admit it was working.

La-la-la-la-la can't hear you getting ready for the next event la la la la la la la.





I'm one ready I was just getting warmed up I'm still master of the sea.


Yeah whoa.

Wait a smash baby.


I saw that hubby it's okay dad collisions happy dad you rock that back go for that - yes sir.

Oh yeah whoa.

Whoopsie-daisy dad you rock that rock.

Oh boy down oh yes.

I'm one ready I was just getting warmed up.

As smooth as ice literally.

Rest assured laddies that will never happen again hey the Battle of monkey versus mammoths mammoths one monkey I am an ape I'll say.

An egg who should get prepared to lose you don't tell me what to do now start smashing you don't tell me what to do but I was about to start smashing anyway.

Let's pull together for this next event nobody here wants to lose to a stinking pirate who are you calling stinking stinking pirate is just an expression hmm get a little closer and I'll arrange a Tang for you all right no thanks I'll keep my distance let's go.


Some real shoes on this one kiddo.

Yes on already.

You call.

I don't know get going some real shoot.

Greenhouse world Wow.

Those big balls for this phone already.

What are you waiting for the LoJack.


They see some real shoot.

Oh the captain will be so happy for a. Change that's more like it squirrelly.

Go team pirate hey why aren't you cheering me on because I'm on the other team I'll ask the captain if you can be one of us thanks but I don't see myself as a pirate crew kind of gal Oh base fund it's like getting to play pirate everyday I think I'll stick with playing Mamet well that game was more fun than being a pirate and I still get to be a pirate yeah well I wouldn't know but it was a blast let's prepare for the next event yes siree yeah go get some shut-eye and support our crew tomorrow hello you're on the other team remember we're competitors competitors oh that doesn't sound very friendly at all.


No stopping me now Preston I should make a slushy.

How been smash.

The best ice master I know.

Go for it yeah oh so nice what you're made of I.

Like what you're doing there with ice.

Screen smashing it's all the great how.

Fast can you smash that ice starting now.

Magic crush it pound it and make it snappy that ice doesn't stand a chance.

Magic question founded and make it that was too easy even for me survival of the fittest.

Losing isn't in my nature survival of the fittest I always land on my feet.

Losing isn't in my nature oh yeah we did it we blew those pirates.

Out of the water the treasure belongs to us ye olde where'd lubbers I know we'd win dad evil never triumphs over good unless evil is very very good come on Captain.

You have a chance to get the treasure and destroy them another day until we meet again mammoths and I destroy you once and for all.

So that's it you're sailing off into the wild blue yonder she sure is got more treasures to find and places to pillage well you will be missed by someone else cuz you scare me then we're pretty good pirates outside Oh razz we're not out to frighten anyone if you. Hand over everything you got we'll be on our merry way right scaring heads is just a byproduct well this wasn't the worst day of my life no not the worst day of my life either for the love of cats why can't you two just speak plainly sabers never give away what we're thinking just like I'll never tell Sid how he didn't totally mess up today you didn't hear that yes I did yes I did see Manny she you thought I messed up by roping you into that pirate competition and Diggle said I didn't okay yes I'll admit that the competition was more fun than I thought it would be then hear that everybody I got bragging rights go SID go SID you the man you're the man go me go you go me go you wait I wasn't done go.

Go sit okay I'm done

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