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Batman Arkham Knight: Harley Quinn Boss Fight (4K 60fps)

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Batman Arkham Knight: Harley Quinn Boss Fight (4K 60fps)

Batman Arkham Knight Harley Quinn boss fight on hard mode in 4K.

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Batman's Little Helper looks like he left you alone he figured I could handle you by myself he doesn't take you very seriously neither do i that would be highly.

Irresponsible of me to allow that to happen Batman took mr. J away from me once already yeah.

Where are you back freak what afraid to face.

It's on the boss lady.

I'm impressed what can I say I'm irresistible we need to get back to the cells you take brown I've got Quinn.

Put me down bad freak Robin prep the cell don't move.

Robin you kill them didn't you Henry oh.

You're so easy desperate to see the good in people especially when they're bad.

Honey I'm home getting jewelry.

Oh I guess we now know who reprogrammed your security now if you would be so kind go join your friend over there go.

To hell now nice move Henry your turn.

Bath's evolutions a funny thing.

No matter how many obstacles get in its way the strongest always survives.

Still you know what they say about evolution even amoebas can do it.

Purifying the gene pool then I don't know which side your root for now it's.

Been educational I change my mind.

Kill kill kill him. Now that's unexpected you're gonna be.

Spectacular all right you're the last.

Joker that other cells for you I need to stop scarecrow when I'm done I'm locking myself away what if you fail you'll be.

Too dangerous I won't be able to stop you oh no you're not going to do this.

You need to get in the cell it's the only choice we have left that's a defeatist document bats and you know it.

I'm sorry Bruce but it's the only way I know Tim I'll stop scarecrow.

Master Bruce I'm reading multiple militia forces converging at your location it's the Arkham Knight he's found you I'll take care of it Alfred are you sure they're wrong rather a lot of them I said I'll handle it you'll be fine of course I will you trained me.

Security lockdown initiated

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