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Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Boss Fight: Marburg

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Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Boss Fight: Marburg

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This is a video walkthrough of Boss Fight: Marburg in the Action-RPG hybrid, Alpah Protocol for the Xbox 360!

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Waiting I expected you to carry out your. Mission instead you let your personal feelings get in the way enough of this.


Help reinforce I expected more from a.

Self-appointed hero you are disposable and obsolete it beats being dead but you'll know all about that in a minute you don't have what it takes to kill me Thornton to you your mission comes last I throw another hostage in your way and you'll fold I guess when you get older you don't have the balls for a stand-up fight huh keep talking lets me know where to shoot enough of this damn it.

He's getting away there's nothing you can do now Mike get out of hair there'll be another time it was a difficult choice the woman you cared for or stopping a terrorist bombing no I had been in your shoes well I don't know what I would have done you wouldn't have done anything that's why you sent mar Bergen in the first place executive row has its privileges you don't make any real choices Layla not really what have you hope to gain from the bombing it's over now really that's because you have a very narrow view of events lectures on.

Perspective from a blind man that's a first you planning on teaching about ethics next I can't expect you to keep act with every news rapportage I have an entire division devoted to it plus twice this. Bombing we organized terrorist legislation in the European in between so what how does that benefit you the reorganization benefits health surveillance airport screening tech reaction to the evidence mr. marburg's will crusade and rolling and reminded Europe rating what freer is streaming so those people in the museum and it died that wasn't the plan but at least you.

Save one of them you I certainly hope not blaming me for something you could prevent it oh how did that turn out by.

The way saving the dance can't distressing.

And when you come back I'll be gone I don't want you to try and find me I care about you Mike I know you care about me and that's why I can't be around you anymore I can't let you put me before anything else and not before the lives of others goodbye Mike I'm sorry

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