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THE DIVISION 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO (Full Game)

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THE DIVISION 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO (Full Game)

The Division 2 Walkthrough Part 1 - Division 2 Gameplay Part 1 First Hour of Gameplay - First Mission Customization & Intro

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Welcome guys to division 2 this is the full game is not the beta or demo or early access is the full game arrays ago and I'm very excited I thought division 1 had so much potential and I'm really hoping division 2 acts on that potential let me get a really really good game I'm very excited so let's start by customizing our cancer this is not like a random you can do a randomized if you want to it's complete up to you so you got body types then you go to continue and there's a bunch more options oh yes want to do though is get rid of. That mustache this it's a little bit distracting it's a fine mustache don't get me wrong right so let's go through all the heads in Division two I believe there's 12 in total yeah I think that's like add a bit of dirt on his face I think that's a cool looking tattoo though so you can spend a lot of time on customization if you guys want to skip forward to the gameplay feel free to do that it's completely up to you I want to take a little bit of time with customization so I'm just I'm gonna stick with free yeah the hair is really distracting can we change the hair there we go what would.

Suit this man cuz it means you've got big ears they look quite big I've got quite big ears myself so I know I know how he feels some long hair here as well oh my god it's crazy let's go for know what here haircut is.

That long I think this one we saved it anyway and can we change his hair color with a few different options here the Capades those white those pure white that might. Be considered ginger there's definitely room so you got if you want to go outrageous with the hair colors you can I'm guessing like hair colors and haircuts you can probably change throughout the game I would look a little bit of facial hair that would be that would be could soothe facial hair perhaps non-starch no no no mustache and I'm not an under stars man myself yeah full beard and what are these markings can we yeah get rid of those markings so you can see what we're looking at so once you select the the preset face you can actually go into the customization options and actually change some parts for example the nose you can make it slightly smaller or the mouth I'll make it slightly higher or lower cheeks just sort of changes ear a little s pudgy I guess I mean oh it's nice there we go let's turn that down a little bit there we go it's now got normal-sized ears and that is that's it but you can edit like little tiny bits which is nice i spaced him yeah I think.

We're pretty yeah guys looking good what is this for I don't our skin tone right so weird I'm the beard running the hair and I we can go to markings so do we want a marking a scar on our face Oh am I like a slacks calico it's a sign of war nothing to like in your face look up.

A hat as a big gash you know head on your face these ones you can't really see cuz the beard sort of in the way.

That's a bit of a thing so perhaps that one slap marking of war and we got actual yes I guess going in stealthy if you want miss you got options you got plenty of options I personally never been a big fan of like the face marking we nice nice kick come on that's like a minute minute you said a guy tonight you'd run that guy's got an actual handprint on his face he's been like just beep armed off get out of my face yeah we're not.

Gonna go with those Oh tattoos so we'd actually have a neck tattoo already just about see where somebody's look quite cool I would like a tattoo but I feel.

Like I'm I wouldn't know what to get so I don't have any Carly quite like the skull sounds pretty quiet actually sometimes they look a bit a bit shutting just tattoos in games but he's actually look pretty decent is that what is that it's like a head shot with a brain what's who come up with that it's madness if I was gonna get a tattoo it'd be a full sleeve I think naylet the coolest 100% I would go for like a. Random octopus and sleeve it it looks a bit unfinished in my opinion all right there we go we can have tattoos on as Alex so if you want some leg tattoos you. Do have a few options I'm probably gonna go for knowingness no leg tattoos ah clothes cool cool cool the coaster got number of different hats if you've got like different editions you might have more options here I don't know do we need a hat I like it from now on though do any glasses as cause he looks with glasses I just think there's a good bit stupid son no I thought something that skies a bit distracting not sure thought read perhaps stands out I love just like bear arms I'm going to Washington I'm gonna go black shirt.

Number nice trousers six options I'm hoping we eventually unlock more options in the game as well because it was quite firm I have options in the the first game and you are looking good this goes for some like proper lack work boots and I guess and this is where the agent passes yep it's their agent outfit ready to go so I think bad guys is that character look I'm not sure about it's probably like a hunger for a clean look yeah the guy has no scars okay he's new he's a new agent he's fresh so that guy's is that character so don't soak while I hung up he can spend a lot more time and if you want to that is my character done I'm ready.

Okay poor connection to host server great so this is actually this is not what was expecting at all Wow Oh sounds.

Like a dream I was not expecting this.

This is so cool I like this tutorial.

Oh the war begins good bowel Kippur the.

Author of Aussie expecting like the beta intro this is not the beta enshrining this is that completely different I can barely see you it's so foggy no level.

One your peasants Oh foot much hotter.

Basket go and I don't fall over again there yeah sorry let me play lots of games me something I might forget the controls occasion we're oh we are side of Washington where's Carla phone chimes flank my friend on their agents down I will try my best one seconds do we have any grenades we do believe them I'm looking I'm looking.

Revive revive revive I need you agents not the best time.

So soon okay this keeps up we're gonna have to relocate come on help me with this you're stretched too thin it protects everyone here.

They can't be ready.

This is a distress code the coordinates for Washington DC.

Someone has to say we can't just leave-- these whatever happened it needs to be fixed or it's all legal I'll do what I can here go.

We took things for granted we expected coffee in the morning we expected free Wi-Fi when those were taken from us we survived when communications broke down the trains stopped and the internet went dark we survived but when the pharmacies were looted and hospitals shut down asthma became lethal and with no police to protect you did you own a gun did your neighbor survive we are a resilient.

Species when our society collapsed we found ways to go on and now for the first time in centuries what we want is also truly what we need. In the face of disaster we helped each other we built new communities and the ruins of the old we adapted we survived. Established a new normal but there are also those who build nothing create nothing hyenas preying on the weak they've made our world bleed but we don't stand alone a brave few have sworn to protect us and save what remains yeah you know yes remind us that we are one people they are our shield and our light but if that light goes out.

Who can save us then.

It's been seven months since the outbreak we still live in fear of the virus the green poison the real danger is out there waiting.

Okay this is what was it oh we're here.

Washington DC under attack hostile.

Forces have breached our southern perimeter we are in need of immediate assistance repeat need immediate assistance from any nearby agents I'm coming right away do you not worry about that just taking this in so there's a really cool intro we got a little bit of a backstory they got attacked on the waterfront the Asian saw technology just seems to just drop out completely and then a signal came up saying come to this distress signal and it was the White House come to the White House right away interesting I say kick.

A bit person wise down so these are the hyenas the first or faction would be seen in the game and we're having a hit.

Yes good shooting it feels so much more. Relevant now that we are Pam to get some real character we players in the full game like the bait see just will run for it you don't really care where you're picking up what you miss but now it's the full game and I'm so down so completely down yes this will happen on Black Friday so hence all the the Christmas stuff it all went down on that day there's some more hyenas up here.

And it seemed Lee just yet nice try and get little bit closer or not just trying it so they're pretty gonna similar especially if I just stand there have this grenade enjoy kaboom.

Hahahaha it's at 1500 damage you see it.

Just go to spend it on a van for some reasons don't know why Oh what is that.

If you can hear us on this frequency keep pushing forward and blindside these bastards Corey idea I can do that some Noonie pets my first-ever bit to loot in this game here any pets nice time flame come yeah that is the white house and no Trump is not there he's not in the white house I'm not gonna touch on their subject anymore cuz it's a little bit controversial so we're gonna move on swiftly dawn's early light we have.

Arrived secure the South Lawn boom and kaboom.

Box oh there we go know exactly where I am and is a lot of them yeah another powder.

Wanna rub myself. If you want to duel extremes bringing in other youtubers some of you guys perhaps to play and this is a copy on pop out.

Your not suppressed alright final move up really.

Take my time he's never done a pool game either the green smoke over there bats the virus the horrible horrible virus.

Oh it is it does always make me French when I play these games how would I act this always happens would I be a good guy without panic I'm like desperate like a hyena and just take whatever I want I dunno I don't know why I do honestly I feel like I'm not a very cool customer pretty I'm pretty with panic do some more laughs yeah they're all level ones though damn it and this came up they said like you have to get in cover like the previous game you can still stand there could take a hit now it's their cover is essential as I've made completely evident right there cuz I popped up briefly and got hit hard a little wet sound poor connection there hopefully we don't disconnect at any point because that'd be annoying that'd be great but I mean it isn't always online game so these things are gonna happen I guess I'm here I saved you all and that is the White House America ha.

I guess those coordinates are the exact location actually where the house actually is base of operations yes and. What a base it is you have items in your.

Mailbox yeah it's the White House we.

Have arrived in style just my stash box.

Hmm what have we got them Russ we do have some grunts we have a Capitol Hill sort of element for my my backpack can we equip that because I would love that and we have a weapon skin which I can also use as well which is a DC Patriot I believe so we do have a little toy that snubbing put on my backpack if we spin the counter around there it is right let's get this division Network back on line hopefully fingers crossed I.

Mean even over soft discouraged struggling so I don't hold much hope to be completely honest.

This is you welcome to DC I'm Annie I run.

Comps I'm guessing the division alert brought you here damn glad to see you let me show you exactly how screwed we are ever since the JTF imploded the city's become a playground for murderous fuckheads there are several main factions and a whole lot of bottom feeders sucking up whatever the big dogs miss a few civilian settlements are still holding out against all this villainy they need more help than we've been able to provide especially since the division network went dark um that's Kelso she's. One of the last surviving agents in DC she's operating at the theater settlement on a priority mission you should go check in with her if anyone knows how to get these systems back online it's her oh and introduce yourself to the locals while you're at it it'll come for them to know there's a new sheriff in town oh yes there is I'm a sheriff by the way agent head downstairs and chicken with a quartermaster you can get you set up with some division tech you're gonna need the edge again in the bathtub this wasn't big but now it's big this is my carrot sir I have to pick the right skill first right so let's select our first skill for our agent this is a big decision Polly wants to just pick a turret because that's the safe option but on a pic same difference I'm gonna pick the Firefly so again as you guys know there's different variants so this is a blender it blends enemies causing them to be able to function at full combat effectiveness so it blends them just a big bright light this is a Buster.

Attaches explosive charges to the target and detonates it if they get close okay that's cool and this is the dill militia so I guess we just target a couple of enemies and it destroys them damages or destroys enemies weak points ooh I like that this could be a good option could be interesting as you guys can tell if it's if it's the wrong variant or the wrong skill to go if you guys can watch my gameplay and go I don't look at that so I'm not gonna equip it it's a big decision its massive all right perks perks perks. Perks I'm guessing we want to go with probably a second gun yeah so two.

Primary weapons just unlock that and have no more perks lovely fantastic okay. Then I guess I'm done here our we do have oh here's the map. Does it look any different to the beta ooh question question and the no completed.

Set emissions will unlock new skills and equipment so it's worth doing of Sony also new stuff for the base operations so yeah it's important and there's there's free dark zones but strongholds here as well but at least we level 25 for that so yeah also I want to play for it fairly quick why don't I like rushing as such so I mean like two months right now I don't know what to do so what do you guys want to see you I want to take you in all the story I want to enjoy it but yeah I used to level up as well it can be a bit tricky right we do have a cash box because we all live it up so let's do that give me something good this should be nice nice green items which we definitely need right now so Oh big vector that could be pretty good so I might make that my my primary weapon and then the the P four one six can be my.

Secondary weapon and in kneepads oh they are an increase very nice yeah and there's our first first skill very good. Looking yes we should have a mission yeah go and visit soya they're a bunch.

Of vicious assholes who prey on the weak and vulnerable and kill for kicks and they destroy whatever they can't steal for themselves they've been an especially serious problem for the theater settlement given a situation we need the help of the settlements but they can't do much if they're struggling to survive so see what you can do to take some pressure off them but don't forget that we have to get the shade Network back to full strength in a lot of places the division has been the only thing holding people together DC is the priority most agents are completely cut off they're not gonna last long without support I wanna know who took out the network I'm guessing it's the hyenas but let's try this new skill up one so did that work I think I.

Filed that no one completely how do we actually use that skill because every skill works quite differently so I need to be it's a nice. No house okay Wow just leave it for now let's get back into action my poor manners diets it's lovely welcome I did not use that very well doesn't mean I have to use it so yeah my leg doesn't really do much.

Damage in this game so yeah this we very of that was a loot behind whoops what do.

You have for me is it good give it to me that is a new gun I take.

That the AKM ii we can just sell that we.

Can also strip it down for parts so yeah it's worth having especially at a moment because we're was so new completely and utterly moon discovered a Downtown East District is a collectible over here. Maybe I don't know senate's maybe like.

Down below or somewhere else I think cuz as I said before it's not a full game I want to get all the collectables at some point all the echoes echoes back as well ooh I still. Need to wait for my skill to be available so pressed r1 it didn't seem. To activate and then I was like what do we do I still love the cover system in this game the cover system is so good I think it works really well so I'm gonna try and flank them and if she can't still close doors give us a go again let's just hold our won again ah I see.

You got like hold it and then perhaps lock-on perhaps that song it's too far away I don't know here we go oh that's pretty.

Good that's pretty good I like that.

Kevin inmate whose head.

Let's fill out the level two enemies already great coming in pop back out so.

XP as well whatever you do you're constantly grinding so acting that did some damage didn't it locked on to a get the target is it multiple targets actually look right now because it's not Carney available no hold our one precision.

Deployer release I could aim it okay cool these are actually kills song was it unlike the first attempts might be.

Somewhat enemies in front of us look at all these news vans I can hear the idea the hyenas but I.

Can't see them so I'm just gonna keep it's just currently just ask for Emile we are fully alone I used to be careful I've got no backup at all should we.

Begin we should begin Gundams straight where's my Ganga there it is location the submachine gun.

What far away.

Thank You time Scottie it's so good yes all those headshots.

Most men would die with one hand shot just just singing also I don't like how the counter doesn't speak still like I would like him to say something he's just completely silent all the time I guess you can still place yourself as that character a little bit more if he silent it could be your voice but it is a bit odd I don't know we'd be nice to have perhaps a woman voice to pick a couple of male voices couple of female voices and yet talk back have some attitude you're an agent you're a badass and he just doesn't say anything there's nods and it's very peculiar in cutscenes it's just not there at all is it I wanna try it my my skew again why not. No I like let it go so it does okay so it just flies if I don't lock home hmm interesting skill I thought I might keep screwing it up so much oh man it's got.

Leather smallest leg in the world and the bullets go so quick what have you got a mass and a holster thank you very much let's reconstruct this echo. I gotta get back to work thanks for the movie money anytime deal you're coming over for dinner not tonight I gotta meet with some National Guard buddies they're worried that get caught the help of the quarantine in New York okay this is serious you remember swine flu everyone freaked out for nothing you'll see in a couple of months no one will even remember what the dollar was like y2k y2k you really know how to make a guy feel old I'm just messing with it well I don't know this doesn't feel like it's just gonna blow over people are scared and you know what happens when people too much please stay.

With me. You're coming up in the theater settlement the woman who runs it is named Odessa Sawyer try to stay on a good side price without the theater and.

That was our first echo like how the echos give us a little bit of like background of how the outbreak happened to that normal person who perhaps wasn't quite aware what was going down not at all had no idea right so yeah where are you just keep saying poor condition - host server that is a slight concern but we seem to be okay for this episode so no disconnections as of yet it's a surplus so these are one of the friendly settlements in the in the game this will always be friendly so it's a good people people we can trust I think that might.

Be me I'm not sure the fetus fetus so.

You can buy stop paying more skills here loads of stuff you can improve the settlement as well so against more farms I guess better facilities.

My backpack looks so basic right now I need to I needed a backpack I'm not looking great for example we don't even. Have crafting yeah.

If you're looking for agent Kelso she just left.

I should have gone with her but I'd only slow her down I know you got your own.

Problems to deal with them hyena motherfuckers took my little girl get to me if you can help I'll be on your debt and I always pay my debts.

So again city grand hotel to find this agent agent Kelso it's not too far is.

Quite near a stronghold a stronghold yet these weren't even in the base really so.

Right Sudi grand washington hotel let's get this done I am ready morning ready.

This should give us a new skill point should give us perhaps to level up as well so there's some big incentives I might if people are on the game currently see if people want to jump into this mission would you like a sword matchmaking just for this mission which works actually quite well to be able to process a little bit on routes to gather water somewhat if I just followed them would they actually go and click alter interest in some of them people done that before is that Red Dead where they actually like track the people and they would have like day-to-day jobs they would do that the daily routine and it was quite cool to watch that game was crazy is that one we've done already.

Oh no it's not it is a what's an.

Absolute wats just gonna put out there well let's try some agents this if they are available and let's do so much making I'm only level 2 but the enemies are level 2 so we should be alright it feels so cool to have the whole map everything ready for me to explore I really like this game I'm so down so excited mess make let's see who we can find the game currently is only out in New Zealand so I don't know how many people are gonna be on I mean even in New Zealand it's like 12:00 12:00 at night so I'm not sure there might be some press planet actually I think we must stop why wouldn't this by ourself then all right it's do it let's get it done.

Asian Kelso damn very very very weird.

It's such a weird skill it's definitely me though like I'm fully aware that is completely asking me my fault the fire.

Rate is horrific which it's okay if it does these are families but it doesn't that's pretty bad damage a rough start I. Do apologize perhaps I've picked the wrong skill for me I should have picked the taro I should have done pressure just the heart.

Of skill to deploy they can do damage damage.

Eight have no idea that grenade was that I like how this like a laboratory and everything just seems fixed its they've got chemicals in their eyes they are not happy I see them what is this no hyena.

Big shot real unpleasant we need to kill this asshole yes respond me I'm I love these that much to be honest yeah I like the the skill where I can just deploy it a drone that can heal me or a toy which will just keep firing I think that's quite a good passive skill to have especially when it gets a little bit tricky anybody here yeah I'm in this bear there's definitely people here hundred percent.

Feels like a countdown well there we go.

We locked on sir that guy can we do multiple targets was it oh yeah there you go see this works boom okay there we go there we go my friends okay that was.

Pretty satisfied and I climb here my gun sounds weird right now.

This will do if we can get a grenade up. Just over there we can reach.

The turret. You know just destroy Sun on them turrets and they I'm not giving up. Arrays for render do do I think I am I'm.

The boss around here undersheriff sit down.

Yes one more left died as new diving.

Over it will be embarrassing it's fine little bit like switch out my second G.

Gun why now because I'm not a fan I'm the Troy the AKM she's a much higher fire rate and it should pack a serious punch I'm gonna mark all this stuff by the way as junk I do not want it is completely pointless so that the first time use the Firefly effectively I took far too long I do apologize now again it'll be a lag lovely I swear to God if you disconnect after this whole mission again right I think the lags come for a bit really appeared a lot.

Smoothest maggot welcome ah oh it's unlucky this stuff like that alright oh my guns both reloaded yes just keep moving again ideally want a four-player man you want a full plastic one right now and this I don't have fun I've got one it does scowl a little bit but yeah I think it's harder playing solo this is oh.

Hello guys how are you doing but really have many grenades right now.

Do not let me say absolutely.

They just run it and it's terrifying save you so much damage.

Name lasting like my friend it's up I've been AI those really.

Goodness Hamlin they're always trying to move they're always trying to flank you they all stay down if they feel like they're being anger they'll be suppressed I'm making plan for us.

Well you can use this time hiding behind.

Oh my first enemy the shoes.

Oh no no no laughing that no way couple more left.

Ronnie's a little too trained we have.

Still one more alive surely yes city.

They hate the heat in this game works a little bit different so it's all based on armor so you prepare the armor once your armor goes you die pretty quick it's that's the white bar by the way above the Orange Bowl and the Orange Prize it helps as far as I know if that's wrong I push ice it might be wrong keep going.

This mission is far from done did that.

Bat I don't wanna I don't wanna see that honestly that poor dog poor poor dogs go.

For it.

We get out.

And let food I'll get.

Get off that forum thank you very much don't you dare dumb back on it.

I come out one by one Scully it's all good you'll be fine don't panic true what that say that they're relaxed vultures I think something beginning with B.

At the back of the car. Luckily the weak guy I've dumped some Authority well there we go she blasted a lot of death.

The poor Grand Hotel used to be a.

Five-star elegant wonderful place and now it's look at this look at look at this what is this horrific how much we confetti on the floor or leaves was that just mystery to carpet where's the carpet yes the carpet.

I love the little ding this okay this makes me flat one of those sort of I crazy action films where ya matric that's what that's what reminds me of whole big flat scene and then let's get a little bit worried there because it went just saw a black screen I can't wait to finish this mission off because I'm right about at this connection and if you disconnects you go through the whole the whole mission again and that terrifies me enemies.

Around here I'm just gonna be close.

Enough so I guess in if an enemy doesn't have a weak point it's not gonna target. Them is that right am i explaining that correctly like the guy doesn't have a good eye on him so it can't be triggered I think that sway means I think anyway.

It's for an actual grenade down there cuz it should do a decent half damage oh wow wow that was pretty good made of.

My division career that was kind of crazy there's still more left over.

Putting off they heard the explosion and they heard the sounds of death there's a barrel right there whoops whoopsie see they're still kind of Frank no they look given up if there's me I'll be running about and I'm done I'm done give it a week Clint I don't know you discuss that it just looks it's completely point I think there's no wheat plant on my enemy.

I think that's marijuana hopefully people after so too I will fully work out what the flower flight actually does reach the rooftop to think is this way oh yeah definitely.

I'm coming this way so this scum is. Unreal but it's got 20 mag and his fly rate is horrific like what a lot horrific but really really quick so the ammo just depletes in seconds heated.

There was a having a bug where that wall wouldn't believe it but still be invisible for the full game here's Priam I didn't.

Actually mean myself but I heard about it we do have quite a bit of loot right now so I'm gonna see if it's worth equipping which I'm gonna do right now so that's a decent increase in armor it's not bad is it those kneepads are gonna take some beating and I believe do you cancel I.

Think you can buy up customization options I feel a dump you can buy like better weapons oh we've got a grenade a.

Little bit man watching absolute idiots you still run away though it's my shopkin shoo-in what did you drop sir.

Thank you very much that's very nice of you lag we've made it finally we're out.

Science no respawning which is uh as you can imagine for me pam by myself is quite right because i could easily die already just do this just get it.

Done no good for ammo I am more than ready where should I start.

You've got a slightly better connection right now see if you sir have any fish.

Do something.

I'm not sure about the Firefly it works - works great but if they don't have a weak point middle fear and I should have.

Gone for a Tara should come for the safe option that's what I should have done here you running off to it's not very high you know like is it we're also get the money people run hello this is no good tactic by the way not good petach which is flowers around.

Here. Speaking Finnish girls know whatever I pretty sure he had a weak point the openings okay something any comments.

About this the fireplace was to do this I'm good I guarantee it it's gonna happen that's a row my friend is an awesome awesome.

Pro dude been so erratic I can't walk up you're dealing right now I am in a mr. pace.

Got him eliminate the six.

He's the boss man he should be there he is see she's got a drunk she's being clever a bitter Jones actually doing something as well kiss my arm right you didn't realize my mom moves that low so it's he love.


That's why my Firefly please I looked on.

Someone go to it and say that's what. When it's a week way it was it does good or damaged and it's just trash the whole boys are mah mah face just put a load of.

Late into it there we go yes drop those green items under store local I was here you load me.

Load anytime today in close range this gun just whips absolutely whips gone pro grenading an idea.


Yes done like the gum very very wrong.

Believe me and it went all right what flutes did we get we've got a new mask level 2 pretty good and we got a new weapon I think ooh so that's got. Quite a slow fire rate but it's pretty.

Good give you a go I'll give you a go.

Some more stuff over here as well emmos almost this some new kneepads that is an. Awkward way to die what's going on she's.

In shock I'll bring her down when she's fit to move let's meet at the theater later has a good idea stood up unfortunately.

I'm a little bit busy so it's not quite.

Over yet but we're getting there and I've dumped on his turret.

They're coming oh Jesus you got no.

Stairs Moke absolute nuisance both gone Firefly.

This actually works what did it I swear I locked on to them nothing.

Ronnie it and we've done yes whoo news.

For you.

Again I am so sorry about the lag in this episode I'm so sorry hopefully by the next episode is completely fixed yeah I'm just really sorry it's not my internet it's just is its launch day for an online game that these things happen hopefully it's all clear soon I mean does stay down there in the bomb left like poor connection which means I can either keep playing or I could stop so it does warn me we do have a new skill at the D base of operations oh yes and I need a new skill really badly really badly it's see that guy's got a a weak point see that red package there but that guy can't look on - but that guy can so there we go I know how to use I think took long enough he's actually done like. A sauce sponge thing depends what the carrion hit the current grenades for example that might work out quite well. To see the legs completely gone now it's running nice and smooth feels great for is like one if yes he's gonna eat hair.


Telescope bye now Jesus Navas back.

I thought it'll be heated I'm gonna ass.

It leave me alone you idiots well go back.

To the fiercer right to go back to the base alterations to get the new skill I'll do that as well again I'm really really sorry about it's not the it's not being the best quality first pot like I probably dreamed of but it's a part one so we hope you guys want to see a part to like not be now to use the fireflies skill for example the lag being the main issues in this episode I really don't follow Joe's suppose we afford it I've done my character now this was like my character so I kind of run I'm so.

Impatient I will run what was that I.

Swear to God used in there sure that happens just now and they tell.

The theater is in full operational capacity Lots is going on with the speaks of many people and they're all like side missions as well the barbecue roof said that roof party or roof I know is it all things we can improve in the theater it's worse than ever Odessa.

We're barely holding things together what am I supposed to do help us I am helping I am helping just not the way you want me to we need you out there again your leg wouldn't stop you it's not about that I know it isn't but if we fail oh right oh right.

We could probably spare some people I'll.

Be outside.

She said you did your part I won't forget it.

All right but that's all that's all I want all that one ooh these are this.

They're this is not how the Bayer paid out okay next skills unlocked at the White House recruiting new staff for the White House for example we now have I think Crafton available yeah so that's good Jefferson Trade Center is there different ways we can go about this now in terms of the next mission then live away but you are kidding me ten little six and this is level four so.

I'm gonna go for the incinerator turret so you can deploy it you can put it near you if you want to or you can sort of throw it away but it's got big burn effects and it's pretty devastating I don't think this has been showing off in the beta's yet as well so that's cool I'm gonna make sure we can equip these so I'll tell what I want both skills to be available let's have a look can I actually equip it yep I can equip both very good it's about two skills now one skill I'm not quite sure about that that's that's for another day we have a cache we can unlock so it's one piece of gear and one weapon we get done so we. Get a holster and another vector again but it's now a little free so it's gonna be slightly better not too much better just slightly better yeah see the damage goes up a little bit still got a meadow of 19 lovely eventually you can get attachments Bob see I don't have that just yet so perhaps a victor with a bigger mag could be a nice little combination I've got a new holster and.

Kneepads are looking good as well eventually I still want green gear I think everything goes through what's the next one green blue purple yellow orange.

I think that's how it goes what guys no computer SEPA so hope you guys enjoyed if you guys want to see and episode of division today let me know and I will see you later bye-bye

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