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LEGO Batman - Episode 6 - There She Goes Again (HD Gameplay Walkthrough)

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This video from: Blitzwinger.
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LEGO Batman - Episode 6 - There She Goes Again (HD Gameplay Walkthrough)

Time to dive back into the LEGO Batman world.

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All righty what is going on everybody my name is Blitzen of course welcome back to another episode of Lego Batman of course in the last episode we concluded the final chapter in the Riddler's revenge episode so today we will move both Batman and Robin down here to the second episode which is episode 2 the power crazed penguin so on to the bat-boat we go and of course the first level is titled there she goes again and that always reminds me of that song I should have known should have known should have known again oh there she goes again alrighty that's from rock band so here we go time to get introduced to the next set of villains of course obviously oh we've got Bane and Killer Croc doing some arm wrestling man-bat trying to get some sleep Killer Croc fix a punching bag out of him and then of course our main man mr. Oswald himself aka the.

Penguin uh-oh killer penguins good guns.

That is one of the greatest inventions ever.

All right so the plan is use that to make all penguins have guns and then yep.

Take Dimond penguin army flow flying in boats even though they can't fly special.

Penguin delivery ooh camel men.

All righty so here we go things are about to kick off Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is an accomplished cat burglar with a taste for luxury she is. Extremely agile and acrobatic and deadly. With her whip wham and she's not talking about cool whip or a stupid cool whip cool whip alrighty so here we go looks.

Like the first episode or the first chapter within this episode obviously has Selina Kyle involved oh my I've just.

Recently purchased all five seasons of the V Batman animated series not the 1990s but the one that was like in 2000 something it's called the Batman and I just watched that Catwoman episode just recently it was pretty cool actually if you haven't seen that show definitely check it out especially if you have an Amazon available in your country I'm not sure but the Canada Amazon website I just had the all those seasons on sale for $10 each so I mean for 50 bucks you could get the entire series which is pretty awesome so I went ahead and did that alrighty so speaking of doing things it looks like we've got some goons to deal with and to the surprise of many including myself the penguin doesn't use the Penguins as his goons at least not for now he actually resorts to uh just some hired bodyguards and. Alrighty so once you break down that post you're gonna get a little bit of extra studs there of course trying to focus up here to get a lot of studs right off the bat but yeah whoa okay that was an explosive situation alrighty of course I want to get my superhero ranking I cannot do anything about these two right now I need a different suit and on top of that I also will need a a different character to be powerful and stuff alrighty look at that got a bunch of studs there and now it's time to assemble a twister or that's what I call it but it's basically just a just a switch that allows you to turn this around there we. Go and now you get to assemble a vehicle very cool tiny little car they're gonna.

Try to get some studs here I remember doing this last time and I never could get those studs I don't understand what they put them there and look they put the wall like right here because you could see Batman just kind of bounces off the wall right there watch how are you supposed to get those two studs why are they there are there you're just there to annoy you to think ah I can't get those damn studs I think so honestly okay so we've got this tiny little. Vehicle here I'm gonna go ahead and RAM all these boxes nope that's not gonna work that is not working out very well Wow okay well we've got a lot of opposition here clue that there's blue studs galore everywhere I gotta take these suckers down first come ere kneel before the Batman alrighty I got it make sure I pick up the studs because there's a lot of studs and I'm putting them all to waste by not collecting them obviously I'm gonna try to grab all those or at least majority of them there we go take that sucker down and now it's time to assemble a suit whopper from mr. Robin mr. Robin yo alright Robin you ready to become Red Robin no not really okay so gonna smash this hey what's up. There we go alright that was much better Oh blue stud nice look at that we're doing pretty gosh darn well on the stud count already alright time to grab the magnet suit whoops-a-daisy hit that hit.

This and that get out of here jerk alright got another blue stud there it looks like the garbage can certainly hold a lot of money around Gotham so if you want to be a robber don't go to banks just destroy all the garbage cans and you'll be rich alrighty got a bunch of studs there I thought I saw a blue one maybe I imagined that oh there it is I know I didn't even though I just said maybe I did okay so I cannot take down all this stuff unfortunately at the moment because obviously I don't have the proper attire for why can't I pick up those studs I'm right next to them anyway that is very very bizarre you know that okay there we go okay come on dig those. Suckers up as you can see there's some stuff down in the water there but we cannot dive right now unfortunately you cannot take advantage of that all right come on Robin grab that stud and smash. The boxes yeah buddy that's what I'm talking about all right very nice and let's go ahead and smash these right here all righty we're getting close we're almost halfway so that's pretty cool okay so let's see anything down here all right there's some more gold studs already there's a bunch of boxes right here bunch of crates some stuff getting teleported or poured it over I guess I cannot go there right now as much as I'd like to I mean you could use the car to get onto that green stuff but there's no real point in it at least for the time being Oh actually what I should have done let's smash this there we go all right nice got a bunch of studs there and I think this other window you might be able to smash as well now oh I guess I was incorrect about that okay let's get up here come on Robin oh yeah moonwalking like a boss can you break that there you go good job buddy what do we got here nice come on keep Smashing and bashing oh come on why.

Did I think that you could get up there can I smash this there we go yes nice okay a bunch of studs there that is terrific oh look what we got here it.

Looks like now we've got a grappling hook to get up there which is pretty awesome so up up and away wahoo okay Robin you could have gotten a little bit faster that was a little boring he's like all right yay time to go okay this is very anticlimactic okay Robin you can't even jump properly there we go I did it with Batman the first try around that's weird okay so got a heart there I obviously cannot use this right now you need the proper character let's put it that way a hint hint nudge nudge I'm not gonna spoil it mourn at all right shouldn't I be able to do that there we go and one more smash to clear the windows get some extra studs there okay so we kind of.

Somewhat done in that area there we go I.

Know I could smash that window that was on why couldn't I do it when I was on the inside of the window right that's a little weird okay so let's get up here wahoo yeah yeah that's what I'm talking about can't get that purple star unfortunately at the moment even though I might like to come on I want that blue stud though that would be really nice ah okay that's okay we got a blue stud right there to make up for that one okay come on get up there batty batty okay Batman now you can't climb ladders really I mean come on guys what kind of a team are we okay so Robin time for you to shine my friend go ahead and moonwalk oh yeah Robin walking like a boss lowering ladders for a Batman all right time to. Do some smashing bashing so yeah you might have noticed I obviously am pointing out to you guys that a quick way of getting a lot of studs in this level is to obviously smash these windows because they do release quite a bit of studs so uh definitely a worthwhile investment so to speak okay. So come on Robin don't tell me you forgot how to climb ladders now - okay here we go gonna smash this up no come on no okay Robin that was disappointing. Come on Batsy uh uh can we do this right. For God's sake guys seriously I mean come on are you kidding me there we go smash that up perfect that's. What I'm talking about nicely done and another smash to break the window terrific all right perfect so now it is time to.

Scale the rope and I honestly recommend right here to use Robin because Robin walks on the rope instead of okay for this for these windows you need the other suit Batman so can take advantage of that right now you need the sonic suit one but because Robin walks on the rope instead of how Batman kind of does the little crawling thing I recommend to go with Robin okay that was silly that being said I'm gonna use Batman right now okay oh wow Robin got up there quickly that was impressive Robinho already so for that first rope definitely use Robin but then for the second one because you could see that you're actually scaling down then it doesn't really matter that you're underneath the rope instead of being on top of it okay made it to the top level made it to the rooftops now more goons here working for the penguin I assume because of the blue outfits all right got a bunch of studs right here awesome oh oh oh all right. Take that sucker down come on Batarang Batarang him to victory yes Wow.

We're doing really awesome in the stud count seriously I think we are gonna hopefully get the proper ranking I'm hoping I'm hoping and praying already get up there battle smash that up a blue stud always valuable oh whoops whoops okay get that blue stud.

Time to switch suits and now you get to be gliding Batman hoppity down all right time to glide oh god oh god okay oh I thought I messed that up time to assemble a bridge a bridge of victory fun fact I just read something put interesting apparently there is over 1,800 bridges across the United States where if one part just one single part malfunctions or breaks or fails the entire bridge will collapse isn't that insane God what kind of engineers are we using seriously that is a not good news let's just put it that way seriously when I read that I was like what the really that's insane that's crazy that you could like one part needs to break and that could bring down an entire bridge really completely like that's insane which is pretty nuts okay so let's get down here these guys are having a break well have a break with my fists suckers oh yeah whoa blammo wham bam thank you ma'am like a sauce boss alright oh oh oh.

Looks like they heard me now they're coming to attack full fury full blast they are not gonna be stopping anytime soon alrighty come here you have a gun I have a fist alright so once you break down all this stuff you can actually assemble these plans assemble the plants it sounds so weird assembling plans that's what I do part time Batman there we go. Plant assembly complete and some more plant assembly hey attack Robin don't you see he's got he's bitten he's big and red come on he's like a big target just attack him why did you attack me already so there we go we grew some flowers and now it's time to shut them down lawn mower for the win here we go of course that's what everybody does right as soon as you grow out flowers it takes you a long time and then what you do is you just go ahead and destroy them that's all Batman plant stuff check I don't care I just glue the flowers to prove that I can and then screw the flowers all right there we go superhero ranking and a mini kid component pretty awesome indeed all right come on bats oh hey Batman okay that is not good get up there there we go already so got ourselves a mini good component Oh careful do not want to be falling off right now what's up did I really just missed that jump that was atrocious okay come on Robin go sidewalk I don't know why the expression in his face is a little weird he's like Oh God why do I have to do this why didn't I get the cool gliding suit I don't have to do the annoying stuff and Batman's like Robin shut up do your job all right go up there battle and I think it's time to glide again wahoo careful wahoo careful okay so I think. I'm supposed to push this over so that Robin can obviously jump onto that get magnetized and then cross on over come on Robin the heck is wrong with you dude supposed to jump up there there we go and drop excellent oh it looks like Batman's already in a fistfight you couldn't even wait for us okay so there's a couple more trash cans right here I'm just gonna grab a couple of extra studs just so that I obviously have them oh look at this there's Catwoman already Selina Kyle well we don't know that she's Selina Kyle yet well I mean never mind we do know the cheese Selina Kyle sorry but of course what we Batman doesn't at this moment I assume know that this is Selina Kyle okay so here we go gonna smash this. Up booyah come on come on what okay that is bizarre oh never mind sorry there we go now you got a nice little rope there just slide on down this thing gives you a ton of studs so might as well smash it up smash it up smash it up smash it up okay battle it's time for you to shine my friend it's time to go like a boss alrighty have no fear everybody battles here oh oh I'm getting shot though. Who's robbing fighting it sounds like he's fighting someone but okay why okay. Stop beating up the poor little dude here seriously thanks wrong with you guys just one person against three of you and I think it's a girl also come on that's just rude where are your manners all right I just beat down a rat though which kind of animal cruelty okay so let's get up here okay why are all the rats popping up from the trash cans I'm trying to get money from here the rats are like oh no they found out our secret there's money in here alright time for another Robin suit here okay so Robin what are you doing look see who hides behind a ha I'm not even gonna say anything wait a minute I switched to early indeed I did okay time to go back to middle Robin here get on up here that.

Will bring down a ladder which will then allow well allow the goon first to come down and then allow Robin I mean Batman to bring him down come on Robin just ruined my climbing oh yeah explosive suit Batman or demolition Batman explosives to Batman yep I've got an explosive suit you could make a lot of poop jokes about that one or not I almost got that boo I almost got it alright time to place that and time for it to go boom boom Robin you got to go change your outfits to be able to radio-control that little car there you go buddy get on up there Batman no Batman I need to get up Batman Batman I'm telling you I need to get up you are not letting me okay here we go jump to assemble the little car here nice and.

Time to radio control this sucker hey. Batman move move fatso okay time for me to do some more gardening that's a really good spot to hide stuff by the way it's not very noticeable that there is a plant around so that's smart all right so come on there we go that's one switch turned on and come on go little car that's two alright and now it's time to switch to bat so again because it's time for Batman to blow stuff up which he loves to do but he doesn't really admit to it alright time for a bath bomb alrighty there we go and now it's time to ride a cool little vehicle it's a helicopter helicopter I call it a helicopter because it's a chopper helicopter okay away I go see you later Robin I just want to leave you there ok Robin come down go go fight them Robin get off the damn vehicle I'll fight the guys ok I guess you don't want to I just dropped him anyway ok time to take those guys down alrighty.

What do we got here come on some more trash cans and it looks like there are some parts to assemble right over here so let's go ahead and put those together turn on the switch boom wait a minute too early a little too early alright get over here Robin no button where are you going Batman come here there we go nice. Whoa a lot of bats down we go down the hatch Oh ready those guys I don't. Understand what is the bats game from considering that we just dropped into an apartment what the heck was that where their bats just captured there or what was that all about I don't know okay time to cross a cross cross across that's a little redundant Oh coaching time and there goes Selina. Kyle aka Catwoman hey we already beat you up before okay so it looks like she's got a lot of hearts and of course just like a cat are there actually nine hearts I never noticed that let's see for now there are ten lives right three four five six seven eight nine ten okay that would have been smarter why don't they why would they given her nine lives okay III do remember that there's an achievement for I think defeating her nine times or something like that and then you get an achievement which is pretty cool all right come on get over here Selena come on all. Right that's one heart down got to assemble these platforms because she's going to constantly transfer from this lower platform to the middle platform and then to the top platform as well so it's going to be up to us to make sure that we have access to all of those to bring her down all right yeah come on there she comes again every time she comes down you can only do one heart of damage so just a quick little warning okay so you see as soon as I come up to the second one that's when she goes to the top platform and that's when we follow her beat her up over here okay then she drops down probably to the lowest platform right okay now she's gonna constantly run around and now here come her minions or penguins minions I guess how many no my goodness come here hey what the why didn't I have full hearts considering ah I guess it's because I switched to Batman maybe he had didn't have full hearts but it it dies so technically I should have got full hearts after that get over here Catwoman where did you go oh she's up there how did they miss it I thought she left for a second then it'll look like she jumped off all right there we go boom all right look at that did 300 damage there that was nice caught up to her finally that took long enough alright there she is get up there take out those goons first so that they're not annoying us constantly oh there she is attack attack attack attack nice ok one more heart oh come here seriously oh she ran away the perfect time nicely done come here Catwoman bateau get her get her oh god she's doing a good job of getting away from us ok get up there nice get up. There Robin final punch from Robin No she does not want to yeah okay battle finish her off yes there we go bat fast Booya give me the jewel I don't think so oh my either Robyn's disgusted or he's.

Jealous I think it's disgust Hey.

So need that thing no no hon - what is.

It hah what did that can't pick up the jewel with with its neck but I got like a magnet in its knack for jewels that made no sense but nonetheless there you have it another level complete free play unlocked of course so now we can come back around and unlock all the different mini kit components as was the red power bricks which is very very cool our super hero ranking awesome that is terrific and of course got another hero super kit because we got our super hero ranking there our star total increases by 165.

Thousand leading us to over half a million studs holy smokes that is awesome and of course there are the Munich eight components we got only one there is I should say the mini kit component and there you have it guys that concludes another episode of Lego Batman so if you guys enjoyed the episode of course give it a big like right below the video - big thumbs up button that helps me out a ton of course share the video with your family and friends and favorite the videos those are all terrific ways to show support for the series and to show that you guys want to see more videos down the line subscribe to not miss out on future episodes and of course I'll catch you guys next time have a fan flippin tastic day and I'll see you later

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