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UNCHARTED The Lost Legacy Walkthrough: Chapters 5 to 7 (1080p)

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UNCHARTED The Lost Legacy Walkthrough: Chapters 5 to 7 (1080p)

Chapters 5 to 7 walkthrough of Uncharted the Lost Legacy DLC on PS4 Pro in 1080p. No commentary.

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Uncharted Lost Legacy Playthrough

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Hard to believe it's real don't you like this Crossman engineers our work still.

Stands but they're gone maybe their King should have used their wealth to protect his people and not make such an inviting target.

Don't anyway any thoughts how we get up to the crown there to bring the helicopter left it at home ban then I guess my climbing.

Over here we can swing across okay ready.

There look you can see some structures beneath the falls.

Yeah we go then.


My apologies.

Up here.

Yeah thoughts this way you sure it's safe you know you keep asking me that it'll save us both some time it po-boy it's.

Definitely not safe by the way I saw I think you can get back up here yeah keep going I'll catch up.

Yeah all right I can manage just come on up. But only because we've said please I did what's actually what you said Ganesh restore the movement of obstacles he's more than happy to place them in your way if he came to benefit that why the Horsham are chosen for Hanabi do he's also the Lord of good fortune when he prayed to for prosperity and success that's.


You having fun out there you know it.


Oh fun right there's a crisis thing up half a ton yeah good way or bad way I'll let you know.

We're doing great China what did you exactly surprising between sabbia wood.

Like that he doesn't have the stones to calm this hi.

I think I see a place we could swing over to the crown just a little farther to go huh thank you hurry up and climb.

I'm slipping.

What it embraces yeah.

No how do we get off this thing.

Okay easy does it.

Alright here's more sturdy up here don't jinx this is our way in courtesy of the.

Persian army had a trebuchet rubbish a.

Can't you just say catapult like a normal person a trebuchet is a type of catapult it can handle heavier projectiles like this one fling them long distances right you learn that in your military training I looked it up on Wikipedia like a normal person.

Ready after you incredible it's our old.

Friends Parasurama and Ganesh.

Well when the Hindu gods aren't off fighting demons they're sometimes fighting each other it's not really his.


Yeah Thanks carve this head place out of the mum sure looks like it.

You barricaded the door guess they didn't expect the Persians to drop in from above you'd think after two prior impatience they'd be prepared for anything or they just never be defeated.

Through here Hey look armament you were right Nadine this all.

Persian looks to be a mix of Persian and hoisted up first line of defense now.

We're getting somewhere hey another one of these doors now let's. See.

Yeah nice to get some light quips and.

Barrios aren't really a Hindu thing they generally favor cremation it's a beautiful ceremony on tht Sanskrit for last sacrifice sacrifice the idea is our bodies are merely borrowed vehicles and you're returning it so that others might benefit it's not very sentiment tonight for these poor bastards hey up here how.

This was at their finest end well wasn't. Enough to save their empire but their loss is our gain.

Here's our weigh-in Nadine can you lend.

A hand with this chap sure come on fella.

Excuse me we must be getting close.

Hopefully closer than these guys.

Mr. Weissman's for me well that's.

Different what does all this if I had a guess I'd say it's some kind of lock mechanism to open that door okay on the Left we have.

Shiva gifting Parasurama the axe and on the right we have parasurama chopping off Ganesha's tusks wait with the X yeah the one that Shiva Ganesh is father gave to punish Rama yeah it's messed up that's family come on let's. See about opening that door so how does. All this work away from me it's shadow.

Move too.

That's Charlie over you go I see what's.

Happening let's see if I can line them.

All up this actually looks like fun.

I think that's it.

Salah and the tiger here we go.

Fingers crossed that's supposed to.

Happen you know just don't get us killed you're no fun ready.

What Shiva my thoughts exactly.

Oh no no it's okay I think we're gonna be okay okay where the hell's the tusks I don't know none of this makes any sense yeah it does the horse that I sent us on a fool's errand.

I think you're right terrific no hear me out Ganesh is a symbol of Holabird Duke and Shiva that's the symbol of galore which was the old the Old Capitol exactly what if the King had built this a spectacular City and it was a wonderful target for the Persians and the Old Capitol was forgotten so this whole city was a decoy what if they let it get plundered to protect below in their treasure I'm willing to bet the task was never here at all so where's Bato it's definitely not.

Supposed to happen.

We stood them on raw talent a little bit.

Of luck oh hey nice white partner nice.

What are their Jesus flow is that I'm really embarrassed with you right now.

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there a huge waterfall here there was.

What the hell is that aqueducts yeah.

Water's channeling they're from the Falls amazing did we do this just not.

Well technically I did cocky.

Okay sorry if I cut it close to the bone back yeah.

That's right you know YouTube would have got on like a house on fire he was also a really stubborn dickhead.

You know none of this could have possibly gone unnoticed we should probably get out of here good point one of me right.

The water is being channeled toward the gate so let's follow the aqueduct copy that I'll take point.

So they flooded their city to protect their secrets.

Bunji recently so you think of salads keeping his men in the dark this watch.

Look it from that old man in the city dumb bastard didn't give it up easily yeah are you having doubts. I don't you take letter you I take right I am just saying that works too nice job.

Nothing personal.

There I'll bet the aqueducts routed through that structure on Dartmouth free and clear keep an eye out.


Let's go what in trouble now.


Oh no idea but at least we're not in the.

Line of fire that thing carved on the floor what do you suppose it is nothing good see those channels don't they were meant for water.

Up here think there's a way through.

Poor bastards no no I'd prefer being them after rot in a cell to getting tortured duly noted.

How bad I do.

Yep aqueduct.

Up here there's a breach.

The eye of Shiva it's impressive.

My man worked for a week and turned up nothing they probably hide the wrong expert.

You know Hisle a poet once wrote of a young king who showed mercy and thus ended our.

Rituals but the old kings they understood that progress demands sacrifice is that what.

You tell your men.

In times of war these aqueducts they would run we head through the capital those who would not fight had to be used to inspire those who would let's.

Make this quick give me back like this bloody show up.

You know the definition of insanity is I'm looking at it.

Need to work on your reflexes please keep trying to route of yourself a.

Little yeah come on you see to rule the.

People you must first so chaos why I will incite my civil war stamp out the weak for that line of the youngji.

You go ahead.

I think so hmm hey take it easy you've been out for almost half an hour half an hour yeah oh shit shit but sobs.

Got the disc just hang on Oh relax all right think you can manage yeah I've had worse nights believe me I won't ask it's good.

To have you back there's there's two of you now right yeah okay let's go get our disc and some.

Guns and some guns.

Ah can I just say you were not talking about Assad I mean wow he looks so unassuming right that's exactly what he wants pretty sure his glasses are an affectation to make him look harmless or smart both huh but are you smart it was a doctor before he took up his course so he left behind a lucrative career I'm sure at one point he thought it was the right thing to do.

Hey you sure you're good to go good as ever they just need to take it easy for a bit up here go slow.

Okay let's get that thing open.

Actually that's a holy cow that's a.

Nandi Shiva's gate keeper that's got to be the entrance to the Old Capitol it had to be triggered by the aqueducts yep shit assaults already hitting inside.

Okay well better get down there come on no what do you mean no same track.

It's a god damn X but it's same strike yeah please you know what this is a good thing I can kill two birds with one stone Nadine what what sounds kind of the.

Reason why we're here in the first place you better be joking this was my deal Sam went ahead to do recon for me on the disk but then he went missing and I couldn't leave you know Sam and then you dragged me into the Senate we were history with the sob made you the obvious hmm don't hold back.

Or anything I want it you know what. Nadine it doesn't change anything you'll still get your share yeah well maybe you and Sam will cut me out of soon as you get the tusks come on man that's not how I open that's exactly how your type operates and to think I trusted you.

Listen I was going to tell you about Sam I swear I was just waiting for the right time. It's fine I could use the exercise I.

Better go after her.

This is what I get for being honest soft in the door.


Slow down slow down oh they stuff still got my dignity.

Point taken universe.

But try this way.

Like it.


Oh shit inside me date oh she's really. Stepped in it now need to get to her.

Not getting that deposit back.

Any sign of them nothing yet man keep your eyes open it must be hiding some it can't have gone far on foot.

Never get anyway.


These explosives to bring that APC down.

Yes off to a good start.

Last legs now.


Oh shit reinforcements.

Today all right conference is kicking the hornet's nest can you crater.

You all right I don't need a babysitter just get the job done you need a hand.

There we go you're welcome you lied to my face I.

Didn't lie I just left out the part about Sam look. Mustafa is getting a head start and we need to hurry we I spit it out.

Okay cards on the table I need your help.

Should have thought of that before and if you want the tusks you need mine look I screwed up okay this is your idea of.

An apology well if it helps to keep your head in the game and sure listen we both have something to lose here am i right just so we're clear my priorities are tusk not Sam Drake and certainly not you. Fair enough.

What are you doing.

Oh was that exactly what it sounded like.

Taking shortcuts.

I'll be there Wow. The Kings are should their people into these tunnels what we didn't find the entrance we found the back door.

Okay looks like a step boil you don't. Catch you hit it now I do what do you.


Hey hey hey hey it's okay she stripped but I don't think she's wounded those explosions we heard must have triggered the collapse easy girl.

Sorry girl we're gonna get you out we.

Need to get done stay calm I'm talking to me or the elephant both easy easy.

Okay then where's it taking us wherever.

At once.

Yeah want some of this.


I'm not.

Good appetite.

Look I am I'm not very good at the whole.

People thing you're a selfish dick head.

Yeah you're right. I'm a selfish dick head yeah.

It's good to hear you say it well hear. That dad did get something from you after all what happened with your father.

He was the guy that couldn't walk away.

The Ministry of Culture offered to finance one more of his expeditions because this time he said he was on to something big he was always on to something big.

/ hurt bandits raided his camp and local.

Authorities found in weeks later and.

This stupid thing is all I have left him.

I'm sorry oh hey he certainly made his.

Choice so huh no wonder she was so.

Distressed hey about all Sam look I get it all right I've got my own shit to sort out as well let's not have that stand in the way anymore hey deels can well if we.

Accomplish nothing else today at least we reunited a family oh just keep your distance they've got a confident right.

Yeah I'll take this one oh okay thanks.

Move over a little that's good no reach that way and hold out your hand what much safer way to pet an elephant.

Much why.

Laney it's been a while but elephants are smaller than I remember you're probably used to seeing African elephants these are Indian elephants.

Nice of us are to leave some supplies for us good call.

Up here.

Hey upstairs I see light through the water.


Hello balloon.

Now it's not every day you get to see a totally hidden city that nobody else has seen for centuries apart from us off.

A part for myself and a few of his men and a few of his men you ready you just.

Totally crushed that moment you know that right yeah.

What do we get in no looks like dwellings and on the side so let's go up.

Gunfire well we may have parasites to deal with looking forward to it.

Take them out.

Right back to it. Ah let's see where this goes.

Must be a way into the city somewhere.

Whoa Gesser Saab couldn't find an entrance so he made his own you think Assad would have more respect for this place the solvers this.

Never thought I'd see a place more spectacular than however do it's a shame in a way the law was hidden from the world and now we know why.

There's another God I'm guessing it's one of the hosts on our kings how many keys did that hurt maybe 11 the young Cain was the last in their line well his plan would save this city from the Persians.

Yeah there we go up this way.


Just keeps getting more and more.

And in case there was any doubt this was burn or Lord Shiva person and II and I'm guessing that's Ganesh could be might. Also be Karthikeya Shiva's elder son he's the Hindu god of war damage they've blown the entrance.

Gonna be another way in they're trying to slow us down yeah.

In here Nadine look tastes great.

It's a big city there must be another way through what is this.


Huh look there the Queen and her handmaidens maybe these were the Royal bards some statues of women for a change.

Women actually played a big role in hoisted our society particularly the Queen's not surprised with the Kings and Men going off to fight all the time they were also involved in the fine arts poetry music that sort of thing Ballu or was their city in a way.

What is it ancient cannot script looks.

Like stanzas could be poetry seems so it.

Is a drum Frazer over here whoa look at.

This it's incredible.

It's an altar of some kind looks like.

The king suffered dearly for their people.

They weren't just protecting the tusks.

Historians believe that it was a symbol of power and dominance but I reckon they.

Misunderstood it was a symbol of their people their culture. It was a simple of them what sort of these.

My dad's here something big all right.

Why did that stupid bastard tell me I. Said it yourself he wanted to keep you safe.

I can't let us off get that tusk know.

How it got thank you thank me after we.

Get out of this alive fair point.

Don't forget Ganesh through here.

Magnificent all this grandeur hidden away from the world but how do we get over there.

Come on it's deep enough.

And that's our way back in thanks for.

Going first welcome.

Hi you alright sorry pays to get my head.

Back in the game I know hey it ain't right oh good ready I've got my eye on.

You god I never tight squeeze here.

Oh hello nice city you've got here.

Oh place is tugging talk of a dual way.

Over here out of work okay.

The easy does it now what got water and.

Light yes I hate that I wouldn't give her at all my god are you seems you know.

At this point I've run out of words holy goddamn shit that's what well no there's this place throne-room place to hide a magnificent for your tusks let's hope I see stairs.

Going up I'll have to find another way up shit I just realized something. I think I'll know what it is that we're gonna need that disk soon exactly well not much we can do until we find a song or until he finds us nothing to climb.

This way Shiva's got a challenge as well the trishul are the three points represent creation preservation and destruction but beckon however do the Trotters yeah that's what shiva used to chop off Ganesha's human head ah yeah.

We're looking.

Over here Nadine copy that ah now we're.

Getting somewhere I see a few more of the crates aroma flavor I'll give this a spin and his movie be.

More specific it's because this statues.

Enormous but I just now noticed Shiva's got a king cobra for a necklace okay now.

What well there's got to be more to this just need to figure out what it is.

Coming okay there's another crank up.


Okay I was standing right here I know no.

Going back now oh good suggestion ah.

That was a close one.

I get nearly destroyed my pants Wow.

I can see my house from here.

I did I'll be right down.


Yeah thank you.

Ah here we go okay I've got this one.

Bring you down Shiva's drum.

Now we turn the water on for this side.

Now we've got water running down both sides look shall we.

Is that it we'll find out in a moment.

Yeah I have Shiva the light is shining.

On that statue across the way.

Oh guess we're not done well in the. Hoysala I want to protect something they don't do it halfway come on yeah.


That's all this then.

Ah here we go think it's holding.

You were rot of course I was about what what you said back in that place with all the statue Texas things always come in threes three points of a trodden.


Look up Stan she's not learning right.

Nadine be a dear way ahead of you.

Okay that did something so I can put this down no wait for it.

Hold still for just a sec all this water.

It's a cleansing ritual oh good put down the beer now.

Well now that is quite the fall you had me worried come it's time for reunion.

You wouldn't give you up despite my efforts to persuade him dude it's all.

Right yes like a girl right how about we.

Get these cuffs off and I'll show you how girls hit this sheet oh my god help.

Yeah I must admit you are quite the schemer first you steal my desk then you have your expert running me around in circles huh that's clever. Perhaps is a little Indian blood in you after all.

Sure I'll take the credit.

Huh well let's finish what we started.

All right all right Nadine boss don't.

Talk to me I was gonna say you look good was I not clear what's that smell. Oh I'm sorry I haven't exactly had access to running water and soap recently all the people you could have brought with you she saved my ass more than once yeah you do remember that she also tried to kill Nathan and I many many times and to be fair you to try to do the same to her yeah but if that's not the point the point is that the second we turn our backs there will be a knife in there I can hear every word you're saying I know I trust her you know what fine I guess.

I'm just a little bit irked that we are walking away with nothing but I guess you know what that's like right okay Oh real classy thank you time and place children more that came from bike racks after school.

Just hurry up Thomas it appears the.

Kings have one final test looks like you won't be needing us though so we'll just be on the contrary surely you know the story you see Shiva gave Paresh around the. Mighty axe that struck garnish in the face bringing Shiva's son one of the greatest of the Gods to his knees another casualty of war don't seriously Chloe he's just gonna come he's right but if you refuse watch.

Them die inch by inch all right Chloe.


Yeah don't try anything stupid.

Huh nothing over here you better not be. Stalling.

Shivam parasurama irish-american s what.

Now Chloe don't you give this schmuck.

What he wants right.

You're testing my patience.

Wait a minute he's yielding.

It's going to fall right Ganesh quite an.

Obstacle you have placed in my path shut.

Up much yielded are you alright.

Yeah that was unexpected holy shit she's.

Got balls out I don't understand it's an. Idiom that's cuz you've got it all twisted my friend Ganesh allowed himself to be struck by the axe makes no sense not to her selfish prick no Lucy Ganesh could have defeated Parasurama easily but if he had that would have made Shiva's accident weak powerless gonna sacrifice himself to preserve his mother's honor see even she gets it not a drop of Indian blood in her.

Magnificent isn't it. Ohad nothing to say now oh if you like I can tell you where to stick it well my friends I would love to kill you myself but we must not anger the gods for you have brought me a great fortune okay then what are you doing you're going to flood the chamber I will miss you come on is this really necessary you know nothing is ever truly destroyed only purified and reborn just shoot us and get it over with right if the water fills your lungs you will have time to reflect on the choices that brought you here perhaps in your next lives you will fare better Frank I.

Don't know about you guys but I got a lot of regrets swimming around away ahead right now tell me about it I was really looking forward to kicking your ass again hey you know I'm not exactly thrilled about drowning next to you either could you give it a rest guys I'm trying to concentrate what are you doing little preparation goes a long way ah yes.

Ladies best Boeing's fear not for us human take a deep breath.

Everyone good.

They sauce let's hope not I've had lettuce off get that head of cooked maybe it's the bias what do you mean just tell her to stop talking about headin to the old rail yard something about a arms deal he's selling the tusks it's not much preserving his culture a just the second listen that back there.

Thanks for professional courtesy of. Course so are we good no no figured if.

We hurry we can intercept them before they make the sale huh there's our ride.

These are nice yeah railroad tracks stop here that's awful have lookouts.

Throughout the area mister on the side of caution right right right and then we lose the Tuscan you're welcome to stay behind you sir less talking more walking

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