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Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel Walkthrough part 1

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Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel Walkthrough part 1

The Haunted Carousel is the eighth game in the series of the Nancy Drew computer games. It was developed by Her Interactive and distributed by Infogrames. It is based on the Nancy Drew book of the same name, #72 in the original series.

The plot of the game is that Paula Santos, the owner of Captain's Cove Amusement Park in New Jersey, is asking Nancy for help because there have been mysterious "hauntings" at the park: The carousel is turning on and off at night all by itself, and its lead horse is missing, in which there are rumored to be stolen jewels hidden. A roller coaster in the park also stopped suddenly, resulting in a lawsuit. The park is currently shut down for maintenance. Put on your detective hat and interview park employees to solve a series of challenging puzzles. Avoid deadly traps to discover the real truth in Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel.

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You welcome to my latest case the haunted carousel to start playing choose either junior or senior detective if you're new to adventure games or need some help choose tutorial dear Ned well here I am at captain's Cove amusement park about to try to figure out what's behind all the weird things that have been happening here lately first a horse just disappeared off the carousel one night then a little later the carousel started spinning around all by itself in the dead of night as if it was haunted or something and then last week the roller coaster suddenly stopped in mid ride for no apparent reason nobody was seriously hurt but the park was shut down until the city knows for sure what caused the accident I'm here because Paula Santos the park's owner is a friend of dads she's putting me up at the Captain's Quarters hotel which is next to the park I'm supposed to head over there right now and meet with a security guard named Harlan Bishop I hope I don't let Paula down wish me luck ever yours Nancy PS there's a rumor going around that the park is cursed creepy huh.

A room-service menu all right Paulo.

Santos hello miss Santos it's Nancy Drew hello have you been out to the park no not yet I thought I'd check in with you first you're all set I told the guard at the main gate to keep an eye out for you his name's Harlan Bishop all the rides are shut down except for the carousel I thought you might need to see in action but please take a good look at the rollercoaster even if you can't ride it first chance I get great feel free to inspect the tracks all you want I'm sure you'll do a better job than the police they looked around for five minutes then left said as long as the insurance company was going to investigate why should they well I'll see what I can do miss Santos I can't wait to hear what you turn up call me as often as you like my phone's on and with me 24/7 oh and one more thing call me Paula all right goodbye Paula.

Hello hey Frank its Nancy hey Joe pick up actually he may not want to talk to you why not because you get to solve a mystery at an amusement park he's so jealous he could spit hi this is Joe Hey Joe it's Nancy I don't want to talk to you what did I tell you I'm just kidding pardon me for a second I gotta go spit quit fooling around Joe she's calling long distance remember sorry so what's going on I haven't been out to the park yet I'm kind of planning my strategy any suggestions yeah do not eat a hot dog before you write anything that spins around Joe I want to find out what a. Carousel that suddenly starts up by itself has in common with a roller coaster that suddenly stops by itself the curse that's what you really believe that nah that's the worst part about being a detective you know no matter how creepy something seems there always turns out to be a logical explanation reality it's the pits huh I better get going call us anytime take care hello hey Bess.

Is Nancy oh hey Nancy well you were obviously hoping I was someone else well kinda okay so who is he and where'd you meet him Oh Nancy his name's Matt and he is so cute he works the concession stand at the movie theater in the mall a cute guy with an endless supply of gummi bears and butter flavoring right at his fingertips we're talking major crush hey George good you're there - barely I almost got caught standing between Bess and the phone just now when it rings she's like a one-woman cattle stampede what happened to call her ID pass my parents yanked it she wouldn't pick up when it was some loser she didn't want to talk to her mother got tired of hearing the phone ring all the time not all those calls were from losers sometimes I was playing hard to get anyway how are things at the amusement park I just thought I'd call. You guys before I headed over to the park you have an entire amusement park all to yourself and you haven't even been over there yet good grief Nancy what kind of teenager are you catch you guys later we'll be right here toodles.

Will the young let you just entered the park please turn immediately and enter the whale's mouth directly to her left thank you well from the way you just march right on in here past all those sorry with closed signs you're either who I think you are or you're one determined Gatecrasher if you think I'm Nancy Drew you're right that's a relief it's too early in the day to go sick in the cops on anybody I'm Harlan Bishop.

Are you the only security guard on duty now I begged miss Santos to keep me on while the parks closed even agreed to a pay cut so you're not intimidated by all. This curse stuff somebody swiped the horse off a carousel and now it's malfunctioning the police don't think it's that big a deal and frankly neither do I so you think the carousel starts up. By itself because some wires got damaged make sense to me of course I'm no expert and in gerd swears she can't find anything wrong with the carousels electrical system but then I kind of think she doesn't want to why do you say that she's the parks chief engineer believes in all this wacky new-age psycho biogenic stuff like if you eat food served by a waiter who's in a bad mood you'll get scurvy or something where can I find her first things first you won't be meeting her or Elliot Chen the parks art director until after you go see the parks bookkeeper joy Trent miss Santos is orders joy pays all the bills so she knows pretty much everything that's going on plus she'll give you an access card miss Santos wants you to have the run of the place that would certainly help wait hang on I know joy won't give you one of these so I will here you go it's a captain's Kofun card lets you ride the rides and play the games on the Midway come back to me if you burn through that one and need another am I. Not supposed to have this well see Joy's just kind of joy less it had never occurred to her that you might want to have some fun while you're here of course she's an be to like me maybe she'll come around anyway here's a map of the park I put an X where Joy's offices where did you work.

Before you came here oh I worked in a store department store you know as a security guard in Flemington not around here what did you mean when you said you were a newbie I've only worked here for a couple of weeks I figured staying on while the park was closed would help me get up to speed on all the equipment and such I see you have a security camera trained on the carousel does that mean you got the theft of that carousel horse on tape we didn't start monitoring the carousel until after the theft but we do have one of those so-called hauntings on tape want to see it that'd be great I got the tape right here all cued up I played it for the police like I said before they weren't real impressed there's no sound.

On the tape at least the band organ started up when the carousel did stayed on for about 30 seconds then stopped did.

You notice that bursts of static just before the carousel started to turn probably just a glitch in the tape we use them over and over. Have you tried to prove your screwed-up wiring theory ain't no cap but now that you're here maybe you can prove it for me I'll see you around go get him.

Hello are you Nancy that's right I'm Nancy Drew so MS Santos has filled you in yes although I don't know who she thinks she's fooling what do you mean you're only here because it makes it look like Paula Santos had nothing to do with any of this curse garbage are you saying she did have something to do with it I've seen how Paula runs the park all she wants is to get more and more people through that gate and what better way to do that than with a carousel that's allegedly haunted but why would she sabotage the roller-coaster she can't make any money with a park shut down she probably just didn't know the park would be shut down is Miss Santos aware of the way you feel about her of course not I don't want to get fired besides nobody's been hurt except that glorified con artist who claims his neck got injured Lance Huffington and the truth is Paula offered me this job because she knew I needed the money and I'm not entirely ungrateful my father died recently his estate is in bankruptcy he used to be co-owner of the park two years ago he suffered a huge financial setback and he had to sell his share to Paula when he died two months ago he was flat broke Paula could have bailed him out but she didn't frankly I think the reason she hired me was guilt right um I'm supposed to get an access card from you here you go that should get you into all the private areas of the park but if you run into problems don't come to me ask the chief engineer Ingrid quarry her office is by the haunted house the only other people in the park right now are Harland Bishop and the art director Eliot chin his studio is right by the treasure chest souvenir shop but try not to bug him does he not like to be disturbed. He's behind in his work and needs to catch up MS Santos has been getting on my case about it well I think you have everything so if you'll excuse me oh right thanks for all your help sorry if i disturb you okay if I peek in here go ahead and look around excuse all the clutter I'm still trying to get this place organized.

Huh looks like stenography it's a memo about one of the carousel horses being sold I wonder which horse.

The haunted house used to be a ballroom how's that for irony.

Hmm maybe I should give detective pair as a call.

Hidden jewels maybe that's what whoever stole that carousel horse was after jewels from that heist

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