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Shrek The Third (Xbox 360) 100% Walkthrough - Part 7

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Shrek The Third (Xbox 360) 100% Walkthrough - Part 7

Level 7: Prison Cell Block

Difficulty: Normal

Characters: Sleeping Beauty

While Shrek and his friends are away from Far, Far, Away to find Fiona's long-lost cousin Arthur, Fiona and the other princesses attend to other important matters by... having a tea party with some of Fiona's other friends.... During the tea party, Prince Charming barges into the room and demands to know about the whereabouts of Shrek. Fiona refuses to tell him, so Charming takes Pinocchio away to question him and locks the princess away in his prison. With this happening, the future of Far Far Away looked terrible.

In this level, you get to play as Sleeping Beauty who is first introduced here in the game. She has different moves than the other characters but has the same controls.

-The coloring book page in this level is located in the pit near the end of the level. It is somewhere on the left side halfway down, so you'll have to float down to get it.

List of how to complete Quests in the level:

Quest #1 - Complete the level without dying.

Quest #2 - Find all of the souvenir mugs.

Quest #3 - Complete 5 finishing moves.

Quest #4 - Find all of the crowns.*

Quest #5 - Free the weird prisoner.**

*These collectibles work like other sets of quest collectibles. They are in boxes, crates, or medieval stocks (those things that are used to lock the head, hands, or feet of a body and serve as a tool of public humiliation).

**This guy is the same geek as before. He is trapped in a locker in the pit near the end of the level. Attack the locker to free him.

--Sleeping Beauty is a cool character to play as. She kicks butt with looks and fight moves (and sleep).

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