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Sonic Mania Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 - Titanic Monarch Zone Final Boss & Ending - PS4 Lets Play

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Sonic Mania Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 - Titanic Monarch Zone Final Boss & Ending - PS4 Lets Play

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Here is Part 10 of my Sonic Mania Gameplay Walkthrough Lets Play for the PS4. In this video, we go through Titanic Monarch Zone and take on the Final Boss & see the Ending for Sonic & Tails.

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What is going on everybody BT cool 2 1 3 year and I'm back with some more of Sonic mania but the help ok yep well.

That looks pretty cool but I don't want to know what that does alright so yeah in the last video we took care of the metallic magma zone and now here we are in Titanic monarch zone which oh great not again wait I remember this thing for a bus sonic 3 yeah like one of the bonus stages think it had something like that well it did it look like that I don't think but uh oh yeah anyways yeah we're a Titanic modern soul which I think this might be a new stage because I don't recognize the name of this stage but uh yeah here we are hell is that huevos let's flip spring. Oh yeah well okay. This is a new enemy all right I noticed.

That one up was there but yeah pretty crazy so far I don't know what that end of that one enemy did right there at the beginning yeah it seems like that that thing was getting like it was closing in on me I don't know it probably gonna hurt me I'm assuming but yeah I don't want to find out especially now that I got a shield all right so I think I'm at.

25 medallions at the moment so willing eats seven more to go has yeah there's a total of 32 so let's see if we could get number 26 here Oh God whoa wait did I.

Get water dead oh wait I think I might have missed one oh crap yeah you know what I was gonna say I think I did the same thing last time too well let me keep going maybe I might have gotten it I hope I don't know it looked like I missed it not sure. Oh these are the last rings oh man I. Hope we're good yeah let's keep going this the case oh nice okay good I.

Thought I missed one again I think that's what happened the last time I got this far was that I thought I'd missed one then I was like yeah I think I screwed it up but maybe I didn't maybe I was still good those looks pretty cool.

But happens no thanks sir Oh.

Epic sonic 3 had those platforms as well and these bumpers actually yeah that too.

Check all right send a little ride with a little robot and I'm liking the stage so far oh we have to jump out okay this is pretty. Cool State oh here we go again yeah this. Is totally reminded me of the the bonus stages from Sonic 3 because psych 3 had like different types of bonus stages the the sphere ones something that looks kind of like this I guess except these things I don't know I don't think they look like that try to remember what they look like but uh yeah they act the same way and they're making the same noise as well and I think there was another bonus stage in Sonic 3 as well that have the little piggies from scrap brain zone from Sonic 1 all right should I take.

That well you know what with this seal I.

Can actually do this grab on to tails but now I think I'll be alright with this hope I don't regret not picking that up all right let's see let's get.

Another one out of the way here hopefully we could do this one as well wait wait a minute is this the one that I messed up right at the end in the last video oh my god all right we're so good we're sillier wait I think this is the one I don't know it's looks familiar I mean I know I did this one before but yeah I think it is oh man yeah it was like I.

Got close I got close to the end I think I like what two more rings and four more blue spheres and I got stuck between the metal the metal spheres and when I was trying to jump towards the the Rings and I ended up jumping backwards towards the red sphere yeah I think this is the one isn't it and I better not happen again damn it oh all right come on let's try to get. That gold baby oh man Oh baby you got this it's got a focus.

Here oh my god dude.

Right here it was right here.

Yes that was a spot I messed up oh my.

God that was gonna happen again man holy crap oh man we're on a roll right now guys okay that'll be that one I'm still good with this seal that I got Oh. Oh my god that was gonna fall on the spikes wait a minute.

This reminds me of smart brain zone as well this part yeah like the way these platforms are positioned and the pigs as well yeah same thing like same as its reference own huh yeah they were position like that ass crap reading okay going this way.

Oh that's oh my god alright we're so.

Good we're still in it to win it.

Yeah that was close alright let's get another one out of the way oh okay good thankfully wasn't going.

Too fast you know as I would've messed that up well maybe they write a bit of chess I probably gonna survive but uh yeah chances would have been slim.

Wait I think I remember this one is this the one that had the four blue spheres in the middle I believe I'm gonna check right now I think it is yeah better check right now before it goes faster oh yeah yep it is it is okay all right okay.

So I think I should probably save a blue sphere here I'm gonna save that one and there's some rings behind it as well so gotta remember that all right there two.

More rings okay.

Oh man forward wait so when I left. Behind whoa wait a second wait a second.

I'll know it son wait come out as I'll. Grab it and there should be some rings right there right hold on hold on yup.

There is nice okay now what oh okay all.

Right oh okay I was trying to look at the.

Sphere count but I I wanted to keep it like like I wanted to pay attention to see what was coming up but we're good we got it oh man oh man does that mean it's.

Gonna go to hell after this yeah this doing good now it's gonna be yeah now it's gonna be a disaster all right I gotta watch out that too.

Happy all right nice and easy PD.

All right now what could have that happen oh good good perfect.

Good god man good God oh wait a minute.

Hold up wait what am I supposed to do. Here oh yeah cuz I saw the spikes right. There I'm like okay okay go all right. Well back up nice soap.

Pick up those rings this I can't get another check for here wait which way do I want to go okay this one going this way that's a pretty cool.

Level that I'm liking this one and the music is pretty good as well oh no you bastard you better not get me with whatever that is all right here we go here we go come on let's get this one done - whatever this is gonna be this is.

Some new one hold on oh wait a minute I think I remember this one there was like a bunch of red spheres in the middle and I say I think a bunch of blue ones as well I think well I should I go check it out or I don't know wait there's some rings over here too hold up hold up wait.

And we keep looking around here oh yeah you know what I think it is I. Think it is I think there's like a bunch of red spheres on the metal and blues blue ones as well I'll probably save those from lasso oh my god that's going.

Around here though.

Have you got a round ready hope whoa holy crap oh wait I think that's it.

Four out here right I see them I see the. Blue ones in the middle which I check that out let me see what's over here no we're just going around now okay all right um oh man there aren't any left out here.

Nice okay wait wait wait a second.

Wow I am so glad I don't have to do that.

Again oh my god dude dude do it.

Holy crap man else that was kind of.

Tough right there at the end there I was like I was like just focusing on what's ahead of me and lut try not to mess up Oh God Wow all right and really we're on a roll now and I lost count how many I have left like how many more Mandela's I have at the moment I don't think we're.

Supposed to go this way are we I think we have to go this way cuz yeah I've bounced me back this way so we probably don't probably to go this way I think are you serious man all right well at.

Least were well we're still going on oh okay so put on rings that's the case if we get another checkpoint but I would like to have a seal though you know just to protect myself from going super nice oh god I gotta watch.

Out here got a move.

Oh Oh.

I kinda wanted to try to get those rings but and everyone will keep going whoa oh.

My god.

Oh oh god I thought it was gonna get.

Crushed right there for a second dude.

Really bad I love this level there we go.

I guess it just wanted me to go back and get those drinks there we go nice we did.

It oh sweet all right let's see if we could get this one out of the way - oh wait.

Both god-wave you got this one once yeah I remember this one well we didn't get.

Too far actually oh all right it's got a focus here let's.

Kind of look at what's ahead.

Yeah I remember this on the beginning part but we didn't get too far though we got messed up right at the start oh my god damn yep do oh we're doing so good.

Man we're getting all the ultimate aliens oh wait I remember this I thought.

We could get in the middle there holy this is shooting out like little spikes or something when I when they blow up get those rings wait was just so sonic 3 I think it was what song was it from I think it might have been one of us yourself I guess oh it's gonna be pretty good though yeah.

It's funny now I little spikes like every time I hit this thing and one of those things blows up.

There we go oh my god dude.

I barely got that thing Oh what the hell.

Gravity man naked burly jump over here oh okay well I guess I gotta jump at the.

Right time or something no that wasn't the right time Noli dude get up we.

Already got it a few ties to the wait there we go Oh what the hell yeah I wasn't expecting that test all right yeah thumbs over a returning boss from I I want to say sonic three yeah cuz they look familiar probably like the final zone I think that might have been from there.

Okay anything back here really okay they.

Want to put like something hit in there maybe like a I don't know a shield happy nice alright I guess they're not just taking a ride yet either oh wait the hell there's like briefs floating there oh yes thank you very much thank you very much what's up here.

Oh nice oh there's that guy again Oh God.

What the hell what just happened what.

Every teleport or what what is going on.

In the background what is going on in this level wait are we back here again like the same place Oh oh yeah we are teleporting Oh what.

The hell I didn't see that boxer oh oh.

Right back here again what is going on.

Oh oh no you gotta go oh nice oh I need.

That checkpoint all right let's see what we got next here okay wait I remember this one yeah wasn't sure but I think I have to do this oh I think I remember when I did it the first time I went riot or something and I was like wait I saw here on the other side of the metal one and I was like whatever I have to jump over it there's only seven rings as well make that six let's see maybe this might be the right way and I didn't get too far the first time but let's see what happens if I try like this she's kind of linear so far.

All right come on don't miss any please keep going.

Yeah I think we're just going around so I might be doing the right thing this time because I feel like I've hit this one before in Sonic 3 only four more.

Rings as well all three more come on.

Come on no try to turn around and go.

Back ah man damn dude yeah I wanted to go back for that sphere that I missed Oh God alright well hopefully we could try again later.

Man the stage is pretty cool it's pretty damn cool wait do we want to go alright hold on we can try to see the way everybody oh god I better not hit that.

You wanna go this way I guess oh we could go up Oh No hold on I want to see what that does.

Especially since I have a shield oh man.

Holy crap glad I jumped towards to the bumpers the right time otherwise I probably would hit those spikes wait when we hear already I don't know.

Everything looks alike pretty epic music though oh god I hope I mess this up okay I guess we could try again hey we're going the right way here.

Okay this is crazy.

It's really crazy oh yeah it's sound.

Like pink mist or something that's like teleporting us all right oh yeah I guess. We're supposed to find the right way to go because there was a part where we kept going back to the same spot over and over again oh hold on a second I remember this one and there's only six rings on this one - all right get it.

Right this time let's get that goal -.

Oh man it's got to pay attention I got to pay attention. You know I'm kind of kind of tempted to jump over like that red sphere but I don't know there's like some side areas I probably shouldn't do that just a case if you know if they put any rings on the side or something I don't want to miss out on those oh man here we go.

Only two more rings.

Oh man.

Oh come on give me the last two please over there.

Dude what the hell.

Wait where is it Oh.


Wow glad I don't have to do that again holy crap man oh my god oh my god Wow this game is.

Amazing wait are we supposed to this week on our camp.

Okay there we go card oh boy we're going.

Down or what okay here we go all right. Holy crab man it's gonna take me a lot of recover from that last one but up oh man can I get another shield please somewhere anywhere Oh Oh God I'm going towards the shield.

Here dude L suppose I thought he was.

Gonna stop doing this little air thing the hell is this yeah I think I'm gonna go write a probably go left.

Well there's that thing again down there yep wait back here again Oh.

Help okay oh god this one again all.

Right okay come on come on I remember this one I don't think I got.

All the Rings it I I last time I attempt to this one right.

Okay come on come on I want to get this.

One out of the way - no I didn't look at.

My ring count I'd add the sphere count and they were they were right there - the last few rings oh man all right well I mean Silver's good enough I guess but damn I could have gotten gold ah that's. Gonna bother me now all right but whatever we got we got silver 5 goes on it's gotta move on I could have got the gold Oh what the hell all right wait back here again okay oh.

Wait okay have a sudden happened last time oh man don't hit the spikes all. Right oh I guess get up there what's that weird I was trying to jump up with somebody me Parvez all good I mean at least now I have to worry about going super take a little ride here man I can't believe it dude I can't believe it Oh perfect timing so.

This is where he goes sell that will be all right.

Again. Oh it's only opening up one side okay go back go back hold on sound go back go back go back okay good oh it's this one again already.

You know what I lost count of how many medallions I have I should have right now I started with 25 but yeah I wasn't taking count all right oh god I hope I don't miss a spear again I guess I just got to keep moving forward by the looks of it it's gotta jump at the right time so I don't miss one man.

Don't want booty come on baby you got this he's got a jump at the right time so I don't miss any all right.

Yes seriously hope I'm doing the right thing here I don't know it's not some blue spheres on my side but I don't know if we're eventually gonna get to those all right crap oh I hope I can go back you get that.

Laroy who's right there I think I decided.

Damn oh man well I messed it up anyway let's still I was like maybe I could go back to get it I had hopes I didn't give up kept going damn it oh god man thought. There was a chance thought there might have been a chance but I don't know maybe maybe might have been possible wait okay my way for them to do this.

Thing over they're not gonna do anything that's what I was waiting for yep.

Ah give me a shield somewhere anywhere.

Oh oh good I don't want to know without those I'm sure might have something to do with losing rings but yeah I won't find out.

Don't hit that oh my god oh good thunder that was gonna work it was like red exhales look at.

Those rings just in case if we pass by a checkpoint I want to be ready so I hit.

This little piggy see going over the market we're just gonna stay home you little bastard get over here.

Okay wait Oh another one of those Oh hold up oh I didn't jump at the right time damn it this is gonna be risky as.

Hell especially since I'll have any rings really ah damn it all right god I hope I could get a seal.

Soon Oh No yeah let's just go this way oh wait there was a blue ring right down here so yeah let me get that really quick the hell that thing's still moving.

Are you real here we go.

There's some rings here as though.

Hell out of here I guess not I thought.

That was gonna be like a loop we could go through something let's go there we.

Go got to this sad little piggy yo I'm afraid that they're gonna let out their little ball every time I buy couple pop hit their head that's actually gonna get me but I didn't get me this time all right I can tell right here I gotta go at the right time okay.

So we don't need to get that blue coin because we are sphere I'm spear blue ring yeah cuz he already got one so we're good unless it gives us more rings or something Oh No all right let's go whoo.

You let me get that please no.

All right take another little ride.

Okay now I know what the hell.

Oh well it's time for the boss.

Wait no checkpoint oh crap.

Wait the boss my music is different too.

Okay good ah but I lost the blue-ringed effect.

Oh oh there we go okay we gotta wait for that bubble or whatever the hell that is to go away.

Get the rings although we took about already I was about to say like what what the hell no I meant to spin - hot jump oh wait get the reeds way I can't.

Hurt this guy okay nevermind.

Oh there we go okay all right that's what I'm gonna do then but wait you shoot some missiles sometimes too yeah there we go sitter right now hold on let me get on this side yes you have nothing on this side oh oh nice there we go okay all. Right oh there's a hands Oh.

I'll see you later tails or I guess I'll join you oh oh it's another guy.


Oh this is this is not good.

I'll get another one it'll hassle them up now why did I do that do oh god how.

Far back are we gonna go now oh oh we start from here okay well at least I get some rings yeah my got the tryouts of lose them though so meet the boss white.

Music is different as well does this Sid think this might be it.

Oh if the other end of it oh I went away great okay I think I should wait until the electricity goes away yeah this thing I'm gonna go for it I wish tails would have done it to a spit - I would have a nice long can we avoid these things oh maybe we can.

Wait or do they have to grab me.

Yeah I guess they have to get me I mean up it's happening all right yeah I guess we have to let them grab us okay so what do we have to do with this guy oh that's right this is the gallery okay gotcha yeah I forgot we have to do the same thing with uh with his boss fight as well that wasn't studio op Allah stone yeah we have to hit the missiles towards him I forgot about that actually I forgot it was that guy - wait let me get on this side oh come on all right well take us away.

Here's this one again oh my god dude Oh.

Yep I had a feeling that was gonna happen oh nice all right I missed my chance to.

Get him okay okay so what he stops the other side okay it doesn't damn dude oh really oh we still have two rigs at the moment come on.

Ah I wanted to stay on the other side one time really Oh God all right here we.

Go here we go nice ah we could hit him again all right it's. Got two more tentacles to go or whatever you want to call that do it again big guy do it again.

Oh my god Heidi Maureen's.

What the hell oh God.

I'm glad that's over all right what's gonna do what's it gonna do missiles are one.

Oh I can't believe it that would get him there all right there's a vessels there we go that's it oh now what oh.

Here we go here we go.

Wait what's going on with the time the hell Wow oh I thought it farted wait they're.

Fighting each other now what what happened a robotic yes here we go nice. This is what I was waiting for haha well what the hell is that Oh. Nice we can fly now oh there is okay.

Where'd he go I'll just go again Oh what the hell really all right so.

That up that other the robot has an attack where I could lose drink so I gotta watch out I guess oh god yeah I think that was it I think that's what hit me God what's that wait I just saw.

Streets doing that Oh was that near oh that is me okay yeah I'm not doing that I lost like five rings just doing that attack well they do it one more time you know what everybody that's a bad idea I think I think supersonic a doesn't act like that in Sonic 3 as well I believe right but I shouldn't do that because I'm listening rings when I do that oh no all right oh god we're getting.

Blue I got start getting some rings here I'll try but I also gotta take care of these. Guys well.

So what does robotic not have an attack that will hurt me oh god this guy does though or he has an attack that'll get rid of my rings get that one oh great.

Get helo crap I gotta go around getting. Get these rings those rings.

Oh really oh crap no no this is not.

Gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna die I'm gonna die unless I get raised.

Really yeah those orbs that are.

Surrounding him or oh no I ran out of rings ah man all right I think I got an idea of what we got to do well thankfully we start from here all right for a second I thought we're gonna start at the very beginning of the boss fight or the first part I mean. Hey just farted or I guess it was Robotnik fellows party okay all right I.

Think I got the hang of this I think if you get at the sign let's gotta watch out I gotta try not to do that moving in and avoid that crap - there we go watch my rings back so yeah it seems. Like when we hit one of them the other the other one comes out so when I hit Robotnik this guy comes out when I hit this guy Robotnik comes back out again. Deal sweet this is providing that have an attack that they can take my rings away at me he does that that doesn't take my Rize way so I guess he's a piece of cake then yeah this part is a piece of cake I having a hard time with this guy though because this attack actually does hurt me oh nice got him okay you know what I.

Think so I think the orbs that are surrounding him is wood he's shooting at me have you got a pretty easy that time.

Oh come on damn.

There we go nice okay.

Yeah robotics part as easy as this guy that's giving me a hard time right here with all those orbs keeps shooting at me.

Whoa get up Oh No Oh are you serious no.

Way shut up oh nice your god okay oh dude that's not good man Chicopee this sir all right get those rings back.

No I did not be to do that come on Oh.

God I had a chance to get on there oh man.

Hold on I gotta get rings back here running low nice okay last second give.

Me a second robotic I need to get some rings here what the hell okay he does.

Have a different tool what the hell he does have a different attack but yeah I guess it's easy to avoid.

Nice oh man I'm still kind of low low low on rings Oh give me those rings please give them all whoa okay that'll probably help oh yes.

Okay we got him holy robotic zip oh nice.

Oh my god all right what's next now what.


Ah okay wait where did you get teleported to I actually thought there was gonna be more but I guess that's it damn yeah this game was cool it was happen awesome it was really good man I have been waiting for this game for so long even long before it was this one was announced like I always wanted a new Sonic game that was like you know like the old Sega Genesis slash Mega Drive style you know like with those graphics but mad it took a while but we finally got one and man it was so good but uh yeah I wonder what happened there where did he get teleported to I wonder if there's still like more maybe what have we have to complete the game of snuggles as well what actually I was gonna do that anyway cuz yeah we're not done with this let's play it cuz now I want to go through the game that's knuckles and uh you know just to see if maybe he has different levels or I mean I was already told that he does have different bosses but I want to see if maybe his levels are different or or if he has the same levels maybe we go like a different routes or something but yeah we're not done with this let's play of Sonic mania yet we're gonna go ahead and wave with knuckles so hopefully you guys look forward to that but man this game was amazing guys it was so good yeah this it felt like a kid again playing this you know felt like it was 1994 again you know playing on my oh my Sega Genesis it was really good but alright guys that'll be it for this video thank you guys for watching hope you enjoyed it and yeah guys stay tuned for for the next part which I'm gonna start with knuckles of course so hopefully you guys a part of that and I'll let you guys enjoy the rest of the credits here thanks for watching and until next time take it easy everyone.


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