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DAHAKA FIGHT on hard 1080p - Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within - Walkthrough Part 31 [FINAL] [ENDING]

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DAHAKA FIGHT on hard 1080p - Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within - Walkthrough Part 31 [FINAL] [ENDING]

So much for an epic fight.. I was actually pretty lucky Dahaka didn't hit me when I went crazy-red mode.

Don't you dare to pick up water sword, unless you know what you're doing :D

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Hey this is just in case because the cutscene is coming and I don't want to get copyrighted as always.

Hello welcome to prison Persia water with it this will probably be the last episode of this game I know this is gonna be a.

Long episode for me maybe I will cut a lot and it will be shot for your for you.

She and the music doesn't have to end this way.

Come with me into the present so you can kill me in your own time instead of mine oh I'm sorry.

Prince but only one of us can cheat fate today it's from me I'm the Prince of Persia and you're like nothing compared.

To me how about I don't kill you so you.

Don't have to kill me you don't have to fight me.

That was fun epicness comes now.

Help me God so I can win this.

I will win this nation first ten minutes.

Oops sorry I'm stressed a little bit.

Little bit yeah.

Oh the big place.


The yellow so it is so much better I. Know what you've seen what you think you've seen in the time line then you know I have no choice there is always a choice kaileena then I choose to live and for you to die step down I do not.

Want to kill you even if you don't want to kill me as you will the time line demands it no Cuddy none you can change your fate I have done so a terrible beast was destined to take my life but I have freed myself from ah shit don't kaileena from dying in the. Past there are no sands in the hourglass.

Is Kylene who does not belong in this timeline the beasts in Africa bringing. Her here how you sentenced her to death is all your mom could this be this would.

It seems to protect me from the Dahaka I'm gonna die at least 10 times or more I start.

What the hell.

Damn where the fuckity fuckity fuck is.

My sword I'm back last my fucking sword.

Best sword in the game and I lost it somehow in the battle I know oh my god it's impossible to kill I mean.

For me whoa yeah okay okay yeah please.

This is the time the time where I kill.

The hakka for real the hell are you do.

Nice prints real nice.


I can do this I can do this I can i. Connect it yes oh oh my god I'm bad I am.

A god you do not want to know how long didn't have to do this.

I'm so relieved.

Together we built this vessel together we left the island and together and then I will kill the bitch.

Peachie not yet read.


All that is yours is rightfully mine.

It would be.

Gee now but I can't because I'm Prince of.

Persia or with it okay thanks for.

Watching syrtis the end click like and scribe and. Have a great day you're back

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