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Black Mirror 2017 - Chapter 2 Walkthrough and Trophies / Acievemnts

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Black Mirror 2017 - Chapter 2 Walkthrough and Trophies / Acievemnts

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Oh what did you just say sir.

It's alright you're like your father you can see them too can't you.

My father what did he think he saw it. Ain't my place to say sir but I go on.

Begging your pardon sir you should go this place it drove your father mad drove him did he say what or whom he saw I'm sure I don't know sir let's not push her too hard she's scared enough of me already I've been babbling in my sleep since I was a child it's nothing to worry about poor girl is scared out of her wits of course sir sorry sir sorry I didn't get.

Your name it's al sir sir Elsa Cronin oh and master Andrew asks if you would join him in the library after breakfast of course thank you miss granite.

Get ahold of yourself David.

With ease the apparitions what drove my father from the Khalsa when he was young where they were true him back he must have found something in the family chronicles he spoke off nobody else saw.

The boy or the old man who looked like my grandfather Edward but it felt real more even than the daydreams that plagued my childhood I don't remember.

Ever seeing that boy a faded memory perhaps as far as I know I've never been to this castle before.

Elsa knows more than she wants to tell me.

I am once you're done in the kitchen go and clean up the cellar the spiders have made a nest and a big one - they're crawling everywhere master David nice of.

You to grace us with your presence I appreciate your patience I've had the.

Staff prepare some of the finest Scottish delicacies for you black pudding haggis scrambled eggs with deer brain and bacon.

I shot the deer myself in the local woods mother was never a fan of dishes.

Made from entrails in this case she'd been missing out that was delicious.

Thank you I'm sure our local specialities must seem peculiar to one raised as you were I was raised in India my spectrum of peculiar has quite a range.

Yes how many snarf are there nowadays.

Only myself the maid and Rory the gardener suppose you could include the lawyer too if that is what not many for such a big house if you felt like hiring more staff I would not complain sir but of course not everyone is suited to work in this house you've worked for the. Family all your life yes master David saved my time serving in Swaziland you served in South Africa Oh indeed sir during the Boer War but Sir Edward intervened and I was able to return unharmed from that most futile conflict may I ask the maid she seems.

Nervous but almost afraid of me she's afraid of everything you don't think much of her I do not sir and if I may be so bold the one of lady Gordon's earrings has gone missing you suspect their maid not my place to say master David yet I think you just did say well good day to you indeed sir.

Smoking a pipe I thought that would be beneath her station Lady Margaret David.

Meili first apologize for my strange behavior last night it's just that ah think nothing of it you are obviously tired from your travels least said soonest mended I don't want to give her another reason to think me mad this may seem like an unusual question I'd be surprised if it wasn't dear boy have I ever been here before is it possible I visited as a child and can no longer remember oh no you are a stranger to these walls no no they were feeling you prefer it stayed that way what kind of. Man was my grandfather oh he was magnificent he was handsome so handsome and caring. Caring enough to knock a defenseless child down the stairs all was so very different when he was around the maid. She seemed to be acting strangely like she was frightened of me yes well she's a simple sort that one she has probably heard of the curse of the Gorton's the locals like to whisper about curse what curse just a peasant superstition I would guess she was worried you'd show the same displays of unpredictable violence as your father did I never knew my father to be the violent type oh there are many things you do not know about your father this is his doing what but but how I'd rather not discuss.

It David and that maid should really keep her mouth shut and locate the earring she lost she's like a magpie with shiny expensive things I shall take my leave Lady Margaret yes oh and David the master of the house.

Needs to respect the privacy of those under his roof even your father understood that sometimes a cabinet is locked for a reason I was looking for some documents.

And Andrew had already gone to bed I would still appreciate you respecting the rules of this house you're not its owner quite yet.

This will make it easier to carry the.

Boy it must be but I need to be sure perhaps the names are on the back what's.

This looks like it's drawn in blood.

Oh regardless of what I told misguided these visions are like nothing I've ever experienced before and they're getting worse.


You you.

Miss Khurana isn't that used for.

Transporting cooked food why is there blood in it ah the rescan I thought it would be funny to put one of his dead beasties in it to fear me you should keep them in the cellar and sorry sir I'm speaking out of turn I noticed the attic door is locked.

You'd best ask Angus sir I hardly go up there the mention of the Attic terrified her what is in there did you ever talk.

To my father I was serving here when he batted to see I go on please I didn't think it would be proper sir Lady Margaret sit oh sorry. Sir I must get on with my work she's a scared of Margaret as she is a fur Butler poor girl you said my father.

Saw things I don't want to talk about it sir yeah I shall leave you to your work.

Talking to me makes her very nervous and I have not.

Margaret's lost earring not stolen after a wall.

Uh Lady Margaret.

Yes David I saw an old photograph of a.

Boy in the other room something tells me she wouldn't be happy if she knew I had it in my pocket ah that was taken in 1894 young Johnny. Your father you can remember the exact year it's a funny thing when you reach my age you can remember dates from decades ago but no what you had for breakfast maybe others can't who may I.

Ask were the others in the picture that would be your Aunt Clara and your late great grandmother the last through Countess of Scotland new house and my dear Edward of course oh yeah notice my father had a scar in his face how did that happen falling from a tree perhaps oh I can't recall but your father was a clumsy child can't recall but you remember the date the photograph was taken hmm I.

Could give it to her and she'd still never tell me anything useful about my father all the secrets of this place but the maid I could use this to earn her trust I shall take my leave Lady Margaret yes.

Hürmüz Cronin I think you may have lost this thank you sir I only wanted to see.

How it looked in the mirror I didn't mean to I was scared to tell her ladyship she didn't have such a temper what are you going to do now if I can sneak its into the salon maybe her leadership will think she lost it there herself from what I know about her I very much doubt her ladyship will would.

You like me to escort you to the cellar wouldn't be proper to ask the owner of the house to do that sir well I'm not the only yet and you didn't ask very kinda you sir happy to help I'll let you know when I'm ready to accompany you down there what happened to my. Father here I'm sorry sir you're not. Like the rest of them here Oh sir there's things you should know but I really need this job she knows something but how can I convince her to trust me I shall leave you to your work.

Shall we.

Let's see what we can find out here raw.

Spirit not particularly palatable but good for cleaning and magic tricks.

Step right up sir worried oh that's amazing.

Does that no hurt no a little trick I.

Learned in India I didn't think and you.

Are Edward memoriam eeeh call me Edward the third so this is cousin Eddie he seems welcome to my castle hosts. Terrible as the rest of them my castle indeed pleased to meet you Eddie so your parents would be my aunt and uncle Clara and Victor are they dead dead as. Doornails the pair of them lovely you've lived here all your life so you would have met my father only after he lost what marbles he had left if it were up to me I'd have locked him up in the loony bin a bit sooner locked him up so what are you doing down here anyway there's a line between honesty and rudeness that cousin Eddie doesn't seem to recognize I was helping miss Cronin oh why didn't you ask me excuse me sir sirs I really have to go leaving so soon or was it something I said they all tend to out like that in the presence of nobility you said something about a loony bin I did oh oh you don't.

Know well well never you mind I have an animal to prepare I'm getting very tired of everyone in this house avoiding my questions.

There's something you should know sir something important I overheard them talking and you're paid to work not chat get your girl sorry mr. McKinnon right.

After dinner last how am I get some answers.

Finally some fresh air.

Master David you could tell it was me. Your footsteps I can the walk of everyone here well that's what's rather incredible I that it is lady than it is. I hear better than most see more than most in all father dissembler toolbox.

But when he still fix things around the house.


I've seen this before in the painting. This is the graver I saw in that waking dream or whatever it was the great my father buried something in as a boy who's buried here if I could just ah these fines are too thick I need. Something to cut through these nobody.

Left to mourn the dead whole care for their graves it seems.

Locked with a padlock andrew will have a key but i'm not keen on waiting for his return.



Um may I borrow your bowl cutter maybe. If I can what you need it for the grapes.

I would like to tidy them up that way I can pay my respects properly is that a fact why is that then they are my family they. Deserve to be remembered fair enough lady just grab it yourself will you.

Better Cecelia Shawnee Gordon aunt. Cecilia now let's see if there's something really buried in here another piece of the castle model.

Another part of the model and it's stained with what seems to be old blood why did father bury this when he was a child.


Being the chronicle of the family Gordon has laid down by Sir Drummond Gordon the year of our Lord 1413 local legend. Speaks of this particular Glen as being inhabited from time immemorial an emetic elaborately carved peg - stone stand as timeless evidence of this as for the locals they appear prideful and the council they delight in giving to visitors traveler beware the Celtic.

Peoples arrived in this place like a great beast bringing with them the bloodlines that would eventually spawn the Gordon clan using their superior numbers knowledge and machines of war they swiftly conquered the primeval pics with them they brought to their religion and druid clerics the magics these wise men used did shake forever the lands even until this present day that is said that the sempiternal burden our family carries rose at that time it is well.

Recorded how the Empire of Rome did failed to tame the wayward Scots that they didn't even raise a barrier to protect their mighty empire what is seldom told is the truth behind their defeat our ancestors drew upon ancient powers to aid their victory powers not easily fathomed by the fragile human mind this aid did come the greatest of costs debt as yet unsettled a price we will continue to pay until the last garden passes to dust for the centuries we.

Gordon's made the land our own others didn't bow to us as we kept the secrets of sky on do the secrets of the black mirror even as tragedy and madness did. Fester in our foundations we held fast and steered the land through violin lish attack and worse in time the Gordon's and the land became one some pages have.

Been ripped ales the only thing left seems to be some kind of family oath in blood we are bound to the land we protect to the truths we alone may conceal I shall forfeit my life lest my. Clan should suffer I shall forfeit my spirit to whom the darkness at bay in blood we are bound till the day of the. Recommend.

Is this what madness feels like.

All this looks like the bottom of a lake.

What are you trying to show me.

She's not holding a baby but some heavy object to weigh herself down there's a.

Fresh wound across her stomach the figure up there must be Edward.

A note I'm taking my baby with me to.

Save it from this rotten family.

Are you alright.

Yeah did you did you see her she drowned.

Calm down you're in shock what were you doing clamoring about in here if I told you you leave to think me mad oh that it's just what your father said to me you knew my father how I treated.

Your father at the asylum I'm dr. Leah Farber the assignor let's get you back to the castle and make sure you're okay.

What did you come here for I'm not sure your father story is finished yet and there are some things I still need to make my peace with what's this about an.

Asylum as I said your father was admitted why who did that to him I did.

But unfortunately he managed to escape what hold on a minute how dare you come in here and told you your father was a madman a complete and utter madman don't mind me please continue well what.

Right did you have to lock my father up in ER be in a madhouse I was his doctor I understand you own shock but you have no right to speak to me in such a way I was trying to help him he's dead Capital job now hold on just a minute.






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