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Freelancer - Discovery Mod Review

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This video from: Aubinator.
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Freelancer - Discovery Mod Review

Hey everybody! This is a Freelancer mod Review of Discovery!

It's as simple as that!

What is Freelancer?

Discovery Mod Location?

If you want to see anything in particular, please COMMENT! I will incorporate it into the series (or start a new one if required). I am ready to please the crowd as necessary! But seeing as though I've gone this far without any other directions, I'll keep doing what I'm doing :)

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Hello and welcome to a playthrough of. Freelancer I guess this is a mod review for the discovery freelancer mod pack it is a complete game overhaul it adds dozens upon dozens of different shifts and stuff the single-player has. Unfortunately been disabled to open single-player so you will only have your standard open free world like you would a multiplayer so there's no point actually doing single-player some also just jump right into it because the Microsoft servers are off whether you click LAN or Internet doesn't matter because the discovery mod has created its own list of servers and as you can see clicking a LAN I do not have this many people in my house I swear to god there is no way so they created their own list of servers that you can select from so the official one is this one here it's called the discovery freelancer 24/7 so it'll click into that and I've already got a character started so I muzzle just dump into that you start off with not much you start off with the Starflyer 880 500 coin and you start off in Planet. Erie which i think is in the Pennsylvania system I think I've got a map over here because it's a lot easier I would highly recommend having a map on the side while you're playing this game so anyways let's get in let's take a look at what everything kind of looks like the basic gist of it like that the standard freelancer stuff like this all looks the same so you've got your launch pad you've got the bar if you haven't played freelancer before I would highly recommend it you can get jobs and missions here they've changed some of the missions so the jobs are significantly harder difficulty now you get a lot more money because in retrospect you get a lot of bigger ships so like you can have a Rheinland train which is so big it won't even fit on the screen so there's the rhineland train there's an advanced freighter which is the big hauler there's a mining vessel of some sort but I've got the Clydesdale it's kind of like an in-between ship I'm on my way to a train so something like this but in the bertone ian sort of style now one thing you need to know before you just go ahead and launch I've got three Disney sub stuff so I'm going to go to the Southampton ship you're here everything is kind of the same but you'll also notice let's go to hear about not explore it okay so I will overlay this right now with a picture of the actual ridiculousness that is the.

The world or universe there's a whole ton of different systems up here in the top left corner there's a whole ton of additional systems and stuff like that that you can explore somewhere hostiles them or not but you just need to make sure that you know which faction you are affiliated with is that war with right. Now I'm going to be affiliating myself with the returning Armed Forces I'm working my way up there those of you don't know how freelancer works when you're in good standing with them they'll this will start flashing and attach to your name will be like the sub category for that particular for example we're joining Armed Forces you'll have like Armed Forces and then your character name for example meet Albany or so the Armed Forces alternator if you are in good standing with say for example Liberty police you'll be or Kesari police or Rhineland police or whatever you'll be labeled as police and then your name or whatever so it gives you a sort of tag so people know who you're affiliated with so they know whether or not to attack you another huge huge thing OUP's about this game is your IG in itself so for example right now I'm in bordel world exports because I'm in a free now there's this is kind of like a rule playing server well it's not kind of like when it is one so you have to play your character and you have to have an ID that matches who you are and stuff like that and you're only allowed certain ships depending on what sort of character you are so for example this is my trading character I'm gonna create another one transfer some some money to him and make it my cruiser battle cruiser whatever we want character so I can run around with the big ships because right now all I can go up to is gunboats or transports and freighters right now I've got a freighter so I'm good and well within my range of capability they've got bigger scanners that allow you to scan from further away and stuff like that another servant of weapons is crazy so like I saying it is a role-playing server so if you get mugged by some pirate you can generally weasel your way out of it if you are good with your words there is an official I teamspeak server I believe I don't know if it's still up but when I was in this in this game eons ago there was an official teamspeak server and you were able to chat with people if you really sort of are some people don't like to do that that's what's going fast doc if you've never seen it before you boost straight up into the to the. Docking room and you get dock at the last minute okay now you're gonna see some combat or we're just gonna ignore it because I'm a working man no thank.


Whoo those are NPCs by the way that are the Hessians which are a terrorist organization another thing is nice to know is that the NPCs no longer have her disruption as far as I've been able to tell so you can get away from them by cruising which is kind of nice unfortunately that's not the same mystic parrots the actual PC pirates I've got a ridiculous amount of crew so structure anova torpedoes and and Nova cannon see it's quite overpowering a time so Lego is saying you really need to haggle your way out of it the talk maybe even hire them and if you get them too escort you around while the other parts are trying to be a little they can be expensive Nashville around this run in itself will probably make me even around two million we're gonna have for cash now I'm at a million and a half and I'm gonna have to take a look but I am in the process of getting which I'm your trainers of saying I think it's like two and a half million to get the first tier or something like that or maybe that's what this one was I think it might be five million for the next one so yeah I. Highly recommend getting a trading ship to start to get yourself with money because otherwise it'd take you forever you could pirate and be profitable if you're right and you know fit you ship properly and you are in today. There's also the missions they they give you a lot of money but unfortunately it's not like a crazy amount of money so my opinion the fastest way to get money is to treat that being said you get ships like this that are slow bulky they don't like to that they don't like being killed they'd only think it yeah here is a jump DEET these things that.

Are used to get from sector to sector so we are currently going through Berlin to stick her home and as you can see BAP stocking works with us as well it works with a lot of stations too if you use the luring points on the planet so you can quickly get to the planet surface without having to go through the whole talking sequence and stuff like that which is kind of nice so where are we right now so we gotta come around yeah like liquor saying it's it's a really big game there's a ton of ships pretty much every planet has three different ships and you'll find all of the the house specific ships within their airspace and stuff like that as you can see even the graphics nowadays this is designed in 2002 I want to say I'm gonna put it overlay if I'm wrong but this this is a game that we developed a long time ago and the graphics are still very playable they also added some shading and stuff like that effects to the discovery wanna believe but the the original game itself was also well done like it's this is one of the resolutions you can get from the original game which is penitence. Other things that are involved the discovery model I don't think there's much else Oh commodities they've got a whole ton of extra different commodities now they've read that the whole commodity systems to the economy in certain areas is looking for different items that what you would expect in the original fail answer so your original diamond run if your diamond runner may not be as profitable as it was before things like organisms machine components and stuff like that those are pretty profitable another thing thinking of machine components you can create space stations very similar to what you would see in and they're very modular you can create different tiers of these go to it okay.

Listen sure if the hitbox is gonna go the trade lane apparently stops you from impacting into things but yeah the space.

Stations they're pretty cool they they got little modules and stuff like that you could build stuff they even have cloaking devices in this game you can equip punch ship another really really cool equipment item is the I don't know what it's called officially but docking port I think it is and it is quite literally a docking port for other players to jump onto your ship if you didn't think that was cool I don't know what it takes about 500 cargo space so you need a big ship to do it you can just put a docking port on a fighter or something like that but if you were a trader or something with that you had a dog in court somebody was trying to gank you then they'd be out of luck. It'd just be the funny to be jumped by a bunch of pirates the top two of your little buggers will feel and go in and intercept them so teamwork is really vital in this game I'm a lone trader right now I'm looking.

For a couple of guys that are going to join me well that's another thing there's a whole bunch of extra wrecks here that will allow you to get weapons of suffering they're called derelict ships thinker in the original game weren't as many now they've created a problem they revamped assistance to so they're like areas that are in conflict for example Kesari and Bertoni enforces they will they will have a whole bunch of derelict ships around the borders stating that there's broken ships here watch your ass because you're gonna.

So yeah I'm gonna this I think when I reach the end of my trade group or something crazy happens maybe I can flavor with some of the returning Armed Forces. I seen the other way and yeah.

I think there's trying to think bridge anything else I still got turtle as per usual they renamed it live ships they mean some areas off-limits they've got an admin area who's not move shit there.

I was a web search platform essentially.

It looked like a ship that is animal.

How many more witless we have I don't know if there's much else to talk about tons of new ships tons of new equipment it pretty much is a game-changer.

Yeah so I will cut the feet here and. Meet you at the end of the run show you how much I can make from this run or if something happens between I will bring it up there.

This is tricky.

Player Hilda GED is not allowed to reengage any of his characters within two hours oh yes here is another thing as we are known along here there's a lot of holes that should keep to follow in this game I would highly recommend not recommend I would urge you and Amanda degreaser a sense that you need to read all of these rules for the suit it when you're playing on the server that is if you're playing on your own you're playing single-player whatever nobody cares because you're in your own little world it kind of feels like out right now how many players are online the darkness on stack well this people will be dying in the background they're probably doing oh yes there is a PvP area where people can literally get together and so right now yeah there's.

Lots lots of high levels - we'll see how that works out hopefully none of them get in my way and hopefully not lumber pirates but yeah there's a PvP area I think it's called Connecticut maybe maybe I don't.

Know and in this area there is a PvP arena I. Think there's also a racecourse or something like that and you can or Elms stuff like that so it's pretty cool.

We're also to say only on the rules when you claim your own server don't worry about to rain the rules but when you're playing on the official RP sir you're gonna need to know what's going on Kasim in sometimes can be a little testy when it comes to the rules especially when it comes to faction creation you can actually create your own custom faction so long as there's nobody else that is tied to that faction I had that argument with the Molalla go saying that look I'd like to create an equivalency of the Canadian Forces let's say and they were like well okay go ahead you can affiliate yourself with the Liberty police torture responded excuse me the Liberty police and they're like yeah that would be that would be a suited faction for you to affiliate yourself with and will agree that I'm free and I'm like no I'm not accepting that I would like something that says Armed Forces get a chance we are less like Liberty and more like your tone it's just how in Canada works so I had a long heated argument with some people at one point and and had been pulled me aside because I named my character world I said HMCS Her Majesty's Canadians bishop Winnipeg or Toronto I don't regular plus I think it was maybe could have been anyways that was my ship name that was my character name and I was role-playing it being a ship and I was a communications officer on there talking to them and he said okay is enough for the role-playing you need to change because it's too close to HMS well my response was who the fuck cares. It's not each of us it's each of CSM and if people can't read then that's just too bad and I'd like to affiliate myself with a paternity and Armed Forces because Canada in a real life pays homage to all they don't pay homage but they they serve under the Queen it's part of soaring in ceremony and stuff like that so why would we not affiliate ourselves with that is like well I guess these guys are from they just don't understand the demographics essentially is where comes to turn the politics and I'm just trying to explain to them that no we're not affiliated with Liberty but we are close to Liberty which in the game yes Liberty is on the bottom and Bertoni is over here on the left but it's just I don't know it's it's a little crazy there yeah they can be really really stickers with me brother okay and we're coming up to the end of our trade lane here I'm a little excited to see how much money you can get so we are starting with little saga 1.6 million.

Let's see how much we need probably I'm gonna guess - we'll see okay okay here's one of the fast traits there's a docking port on the tower here where you can go through the other stuff when you get the bigger ships this is another thing you cannot dog in the standard stuff or you will get started see how quick that was a blue flicker was gonna crash but I hit the dock right at the last second he ran so if you're being chased by pirates don't go to the docking bay queue she'll slowly go in then you'll casually make your way in and you'll die it's as simple as that well let's go silly stuff yeah the bigger ships can't fit in that anyway so when you're a bigger ship you need to know where your mooring points are alright and this is a mil and a half that's it alright so a middle and a half I've got three million and I'm at the Southampton shipyard so this is possibly the place oh these are all of these are the plutonium ships so 44 million for our gunboat if you've never seen it before there it is yeah okay with with all.

These ships I'm gonna put an overlay so you guys can take a look at them here's a battleship yeah get your zero really.

And here's the destroyer Wow like this.

Is game code they can't change this Microsoft has unfortunately not release the source code for this game in hopes that I guess they're gonna do something with us in the future so the modders can't do anything else to that basic game code so they're just doing their best and you know what discover Iman has done a great job there's a couple of other mods I won't label them there cuz I don't want to steal the Thunder of discovery mod right now and we're going to see where our next place is going to take us I'm thinking we're gonna take some scrap metal that's not gonna do okay we are gonna go over to another location here which I know might have something better like planet London they would generally have something something big to do so let's.

Quickly go over there SWAT fighting.

Going on let's get involved in some of this better care Oh incompatible reading that's right if you will sudden decide that you want to have like guns from an alien civilization but you've only got traitors. Traders ID it will it will reduce your power capabilities so it will actually hinder the abilities same thinking you get a really awesome part what the Wilkinson kind of nice there we go oh yeah and this pilots return the killer pusher.

That looks like look good oh there's the gunboats their parents I didn't overlay which I will show you what I got just from that one battle I think I was able to pick up the loot from one guy. A whole bunch of pirates these guys are. Worth quite a bit if you bring it to the right location so 7200 a piece so I guess anti-piracy is pretty powerful the bullet at times doesn't give any weapons or anything probably broken one person not too bad maybe I can replace one of my marked ones here who's all those are turrets yeah oh yes and the last thing I should say is the weapons system has been reworked so class 1 is like fighters class twos there's class 1 to 7 is fighters whatever the class 1 like turrets is the only class of turrets there are because once you get to level 2 3 & 4 you're starting to look at stuff like. Gunboat turrets or cruise insurance or battleship turrets which are only compatible with those particular types you can do less but you can't have like say for example a cruiser turret on a transport ship and have a ridiculously overpowered transport ship which is what I did in the past where I had a gunship gunboat turrets online transport which I didn't think was - or power and there there was a pirate that was chasing me and I'm like ok buddy you want to fight you want to fight let's go and it was one of the biggest transports so like it actually didn't look bad when you looked at the transport but all of a sudden this guy started to please come on you're too overpowered I'm like we'll look let me roleplay this I'm wealthy I wanted to outfit my ship and I beat your ass sorry good rush but yeah that's that's pretty much it let's see what kind of ships at all this artifact so stuff like that you can buy what would be a profitable item from here basic alloy that's a good one as. You go from 50 to 1200 in Alberta Canadian systems yes did you know that I'm gonna bring up the map and I'll Circle it boom Canadian we got so we have Alberta Ontario and the Yukon they used to have the Manitoba system but to got rid of it I'm not sure why they also had another one come back there it is they gotta come back on the way on the other side so yeah that's pretty exciting that they actually put some Canadian systems in there it makes it makes it hits a Realty look you're at home or something like that so anyways this has been a discovery freelancer. Playthrough I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think I may continue my adventures and I'm gonna be doing a multiplayer series with this maybe in the in the future if I can get enough people to escort me and we can see if we can cause some havoc but as you can see this time of day it's pretty quiet on the server so it's a good time to trade which is good for me so anyways zombunny are signing off make sure you like and subscribe and I'll chat with you later

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