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The Sims 3 Late Night Producer's Walkthrough

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The Sims 3 Late Night Producer's Walkthrough

Let Grant Rodiek, producer on The Sims™ 3 Late Night, walk you through how your Sims can make the most of the night. Are your Sims ready to come out and play after dark?

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Out of their rut and out onto the town The Sims 3 late night expansion pack is your VIP ticket for the most popular locations of legendary clubs in the city near Sims can now get into exclusive parties where they with the stars and starlets of Bridgeport.

C'mon the new neighborhood of bridge works just the right place for since we love the party sims were like slower lifestyle and are as excited about the household bustle the city should just stick to Sunset Valley or Twinbrook is your sim a real party animal and he or she will certainly enjoy being at the center of things and furnishing of modern penthouse you.

The local Subway transports your sims from A to B and next to no time runs 24 hours a day and doesn't cost a thing he will never arrive late for an appointment.

Ripping jokes and the city center is. Just waiting to be explored by your sims.

Giant skyscrapers bright neon illuminated panels bars clubs and exclusive shops make the lives of the Sims even more exciting than they already were the stars mixing the high.

Society clubs and your sim is in the midst of it pay attention to how your. Sim hangs out in society partial Abba.

Love perhaps you could score a few.

Points with them if you order the next round and pay for everyone's drinks or have your sim become a mixologist at the bar a lot there's no better way to hear.

What the celebrities are up to then managing the bar if a stars a friend you can even end up on the guest list of the next VIP party won't be able to get past the bouncers that without an invitation however there are some rumors that some of the bouncers will accept bribes does.

Your sim have what it takes to become a celebrity. Whether as an actor director or band member life is a celebrity offers a lot of advantages.

Children as a buggy Sheena bouncers will.

Soon learn your Sims name you'll be able to get right into the door no questions asked so the more famous your sims are the more likely it is that they get recognized in the city other sims may even ask them for an autograph or even a. Signed photograph and while we're on the subject of being recognized the life of your celebrity Sims means they're gonna have to deal with the paparazzi we're going to do almost anything to get a photo of them for the next scandal.

Squared up.

Another benefit of being a celebrity at the discounts when shopping visiting different bars and restaurants your celebrity Sims won't have to pay for anything.

If your Sims penthouse in the city center becomes a little too small for your sims over time they can eventually move out into the hills in one of the suburban villas no luxury wishes are.

Left unfulfilled from the pool to the private hobby room and even a butler.

Vampire's love the city of Bridgeport and they flocked to it due to its focus on the night here vampires thrive.

Although they still have to worry about the Sun and due to the fact that as you might expect they cannot fill their stomachs with normal food a lot of the Sims who romp around in the city streets at night are younger than just the thing they would like to sink their teeth into. If your sim has been bitten transformation will take place in just a few days the transformation is startling.

Don't worry about vampires as predators because they never bite anyone that hasn't asked first.

Life is a vampire has a lot of advantages grandma vampires are smarter they learn faster and they can run much more quickly.

There are a few things to watch out for as a vampire keep your vampires outside of the Sun keep them away from garlic and always keep some plasma around in case that University.

Remember that vampirism is genetic but the child of your sim will not be excused from his or her obligation to attend school simply because they're a vampire just like every other child vampire Sims must go to school during the day however sunlight won't affect them at that age.

Build mode in the sims through late night offers players so many new options for customizing their sims homes in build mode half-height walls elevators and curved pools are now available to your sims.

Construct your own exclusive nightclubs including the velvet rope and bouncers.

And change the skyline of your neighborhood by building high-rise buildings sims can now play a full range. Of instruments including the drums the grand piano the upright bass or even a keyboard and that goes with the guitar from the bass game there are no limits to your sins during their jam sessions.

Who knows maybe your sims will discover their hidden talents let them form a band and turn their hobby into a profession.

Sims can now play shuffleboard darts arcade games and play with the bubble machine which means there are so many new things for them to do.

Create-a-sim boat and simpson lake has also been expanded so now your sims have new ways to customize however them senior sends out on the town to discover the celebrities that plop the band's vampires and more The Sims 3 late-night expansion pack.

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