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BEN 10 Omniverse Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 2 (HD With Blitzwinger)

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BEN 10 Omniverse Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 2 (HD With Blitzwinger)


PART 2 - Butterfly Effect

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All righty what is going on everybody my name is bloomer of course welcome on back to another episode of Ben 10 omniverse so of course in the last episode we had rook somehow now meet up with Ben Tennyson when he's actually ten and that's kind of the situation that we're in right now so we've got basically been a new version of man I guess instead of the 16 year old version that we saw in the training episode now he actually teams up with a rook teamed up with the younger Ben 10 so or Ben Tennyson I should say so we've definitely got an interesting kind of a situation here where we're gonna obviously try to figure out what had occurred that caused this and how will this affect things okay so we kick things off with mr. accelerate there's a pretty cool move and the reason why I know this is because I've actually played half this level and the audio was really poor and that's why I have to actually rerecord this and I'll point out to which point I made I made it before just so you guys would be aware of that cuz obviously don't want to be keeping that away from you guys okay so I love the fact that accelerator can do like a little run-through like this you can do like little laps of runs I like that or um it just is a really fun here oh there we are sweet alright can we proceed there's still some somebody some some somebody some some somebody to fight there we are. Come on defeat him accelerate sweet lovely stuff alright let's transfer him back to Ben oh we got a crate here let's see what we got in here nope okay nothing well I mean experience that's nice actually that looks like we should be up able to upgrade somebody so do we want. To upgrade the young Ben or the teen Ben or do one upgrade one of the Ellen's I kind of want to help create accelerate to be honest I really like accelerate so that's what I'm gonna go ahead and do sorry if I offended anybody with my choice my apologies no okay so oh yeah for this bit right here we're gonna need I believe his name is upgrade from what I recall where is he oh there Oh feedback that's what it was sorry about that feedback who then he can actually absorb electricity but first we need to line up the image here it's basically going to be kind of his logo so let me just get that all aligned I'm just going to suck out the energy from this and then deposit it into this one spin that round and there we go sweet chip point reached oh my here we. Go okay get ready to blast these guys go blast him oh oh that's not good I've lost the chance to actually defeat these guys quickly and efficiently using a hero well actually I can actually change right now already so let me do that Jorden vault I love carrot bulb come on cannonball take care of this guy Boosh shaka laka who actually we should transform to accelerate shouldn't we to check out his new combo ok accelerate your rub buddy take care of this guy ooh nice just like a little backflip kick alrighty and this is when we also get introduced to some grapple points which basically by pressing r1 you summon wildvine who can then take you to the next point and over obviously kind of a Ledge or an area that has quite a bit of distance to cover so to speak all right man accelerates so awesome look at him though was so cool those kicks that is such a cool way to actually uh build up your combos oh my goodness I'm gonna get so many combo hits with the accelerate it's gonna be sweet here we are okay. Careful hit him hit him hard here we go.

Who can accelerate tuning up to take down the enemy okay I think he's done for Brookes gonna finish him off in the meantime I'm gonna grab a couple of experience points and we shall proceed ooh look what we have here one of those canisters let's see what we got is it a milkshake oh okay just a health charge up okay that's not bad it's pretty nice Oh oh yeah these are mines these things scared me the first time I met him I met them sorry Oh careful okay they are very dangerous now the cool thing is that I also realized that certain aliens have vulnerabilities to certain things so for example somebody like wildvine who's very cool speaking of which why don't we go ahead and transform to wild wine somebody like him for example he would be a lot more vulnerable towards what I'm taking a lot of harm from these guys you'd be a lot more vulnerable by flames or fire attacks so obviously that would be something that you would want to be keeping in mind as you obviously are using him that if you're facing off against somebody who can fire flaming weapons you want to be careful with that kind of stuff Oh Oh careful whoa whoa whoa okay let's punch him look we got this buddy come on poured room do the voice come on man all.

Right nice and easy careful careful okay nice and skillful okay why am I not able to take this guy down look at this guy he's thinking 30 hits okay there we. Go 36 hits who took to take that guy down okay am I gonna be able okay what.

Was I expected to do there there's no way I could make that jump did I go the wrong way I might have gone the wrong way okay this totally stinks I have to do this whole battle all over again and you know what I'm gonna speed it up okay here we are nice and easy.

Come on zap them come on punching and.

Kicking 101 Oh Oh careful don't fall off we don't want to be falling now do we maybe there was supposed to be a wine I mean a vine thing that appears there and I just had not realized that roll careful okay sweet so we are fully charged up what what you're up buddy take care of these guys sweet Wildmutt do your thing my friend oh come on okay I'm in a danger zone right now because I can actually take one more hit probably and I would be done for okay so. Let me see am I supposed to go this way maybe okay like there's no way that I could make that jump okay I recall now actually need to have Wildmutt smell a pathway out for us for a couple button. Presses that's what it was okay there we go alright I'll stand on this one rook grab the other one buddy there we are that's much better okay what's on transform whatchamacallit is pretty whatchamacallit I like that word even though it's not really well maybe there's a words a combination of word source of plumber training at the academy I think maybe I could try it sometime oh yeah plumber school is very exciting now we realized plumbers knew how to fight it space aliens and robots and stuff okay careful so now I'm gonna. Become accelerate and I'm gonna accelerate the speed of this fight what I am come on baby we got this come on punch.

Him kick him punch him kick him how is he still alive man this guy's strong okay sweet I'm gonna make it over there guys boom boom hit him both or actually knocked one of them off that was pretty cool come on punching and kicking 101 all right what do we got boom splash damage come on we got this rook you and i we're gonna totally defeat this guy there we go sweet victory is ours all right. It's wildvine time grappling time whoa whoa okay I kind of forgot about that I'll be honest okay so let me see I'll guess I'll go to Wildmutt man we just tricked that robot to shoot his own partner which was kind of awesome for us obviously not so good for him hey what. Is that got to be the confusion gray that's what I was trying to accomplish okay so let's activate those two and then get out of the way Oh careful that.

Thing's gonna blow up here we are boom. Sweet got one more guy here come on you. Got this come on Wildmutt nicely done buddy come on slam and bam there we are.

A couple more slashes and victory sweet. Alrighty so I'm gonna need the assistance of cannon vault for this little thing so let's go ahead and get this fired up yeah it worked from the first try now nice alright come on activate sweet.

Alright so now we've got a full Omnitrix there whoa careful all right so I'm supposed to what why did he jump okay that was.

Not even fair I'm serious wow that was awful seriously my goodness all that fighting for nothing oh my goodness that is totally unfair and yes I'm really sorry for screaming but that is ridiculous I jumped why would I just follow my way into the goo mmm hmm that's not fun that is totally unfair okay you know who I need we need the guy who can clear this area very very quickly oh yeah here we go boys and.

Girls how to do those there we go this is gonna be a quick process now boom. Sweet and that's why for arms is awesome he's a very useful character for clearing the road quickly he's my go-to guy if I need to clear some fights very quickly there we go I am I am I am I am sweet done you see that was relatively easy all right wildvine get us across buddy thank you and now I'm forearms again.

That was a nice combo I like that.

Come on come on okay come on how's that.

Thing still alive Wow he took a lot of damage that thing okay sweet I'm ready to rock it forearms time boom and one more smash for good measure oh no that's not good oh don't mind okay.

That was bad cool took a lot of harm from those things here we go the 30 circle combo hit I guess I'm gonna have to pull off here here we go nice come on forearms finish the job nicely done buddy okay come on bring it bring. It Cyclops bot okay sweet there we go so now we're victorious and it indeed is glorious we need quite a cannonbolt for this again okay let's see if we can get this nice all right sweet activate that.

Activate this for another health or not or not helpless I was thinking that green is health but it's not help okay so okay whoo this time I actually made.

It across I was nervous that's what I went silent I'm really sorry I was just like terrified that it wouldn't get messed up here we are come on bring it a bit of a weird camera angle here really but four arms is gonna smash and bash his way to victory okay so okay whoo.

What have we here it's a safe point sweet let's go ahead and overwrite.

Saving content please do not turn off your system speaking of for us forums you're up come on buddy I love it we just like climb right over a rook we're like God just stay there dude that's okay you'll be fine don't worry okay there we are made it through alive and well or at least alive I don't know about well yep okay so let's get somebody else in here um who actually kind of want to play as a guy let's see how he fares see what he had whoa that is a cool design look at that he's got all these eyeballs alone all around him I guess I understand why he's called a guy I wasn't like his combos nice a green little splash damage maneuver come.

On finish the job sweet alright let's see what his oh nice look at that he's got like a green blast from his chest that's pretty cool too alright come on rook oh look I did a lot of damage okay Wildmutt you're up there buddy smashing bar nice come on finish the job.

You got this guy's Wildmutt it's like really underrated or at least it feels like he's really useful in this game really really powerful I don't know just when I play as him it feels like the energy when you play as him runs out low or slower which makes you like obviously an alien for a longer period of time so that's really nice okay I see a canister what have we here please milkshake or ah that's hoping for a code on crystal alrighty so think it was a I think it was right here that I actually realized that there was audio issues so everything past this point is gonna be new to me as well so um I'm sure that's gonna affect my performance alright I guy let's finish this boom what he's not even done for yet okay there we ever that's much better man that is an awesome blast look at that smash attack ooh look at these little guys whoa okay they're kind of a pain please we're getting new enemies so that's nice finally hi God oh yeah okay come on.

Sweet place we got that shot in and one. More guy to go careful don't want to be falling off this green or into this green goo I should say come on kick him. Ben hi guy no actually uh let's do cannonbolt drew it on vault mm awesome okay I don't know if I could jump across that's the thing that makes me nervous okay who made it across that time ooh what have we here all right what is this please nice all right this is the is it super max I think power max power max smoothie not milkshake why don't you call them milkshakes okay sue my milkshake brings all the aliens to the yard oh okay this is bad I. Need like a ranged weapon against these guys as well I'll be a good idea okay well they're relatively easy to tick down once you've got a nice powerup or the power of an alien so it looks like we're I think this is a subway system here shorter looks like like it doesn't it I mean somewhat resembles our subway okay cannonbolt you're up buddy boom that was awesome triple hitter did you see that counter ball - just cleaning house look at this cannonbolt is the sauce boss oh hello ladies and gents. You're about to go down my friends sorry to notify you that but you're going down cannonbolt is unstoppable tonight look at this this is amazing seriously he's just clearing everybody okay okay.

That was awesome 37 hit combo how sweet is that I actually want to see is there anything on the other side can't even go to the other okay I don't think so because it kind of goes off off screen so I'm assuming that we cannot actually go that way again could be a bad assumption on my part all right so oh oh oh okay let's transform accelerate take care of these things look at this I'm gonna hit all of them boom did you see that what the fellas awesome accelerate take these guys down sweet salary doing his job.

Kicking butt come on accelerated butt kicking about to be delivered nice. Okay dodge dodge those laser shots even.

Though I couldn't see where they were coming from oh no I'm stuck okay look like I'm nervous like I'm in trouble I'm about to get laser blasted - next week come on chick him down sweet I love that I love that kick combo that is just so cool come on check him down so wheat alrighty so I believe we were victorious there right I think so at least oh no - one more robot so one more robot come on there we are alright so we've got a point now for wildvine but we will grapple across that point on the next episode of Ben 10 omniverse of course if you guys enjoyed today's episode and you want to see more please smash that like button share the videos with the family and friends favorite DVDs as well and of course stay tuned to find out what will happen on the adventures of Ben Tennyson or Ben Tennyson's I guess because it's plural because we got two different bands and we don't really know what is happening yet but nonetheless of course if you guys enjoyed today's episode I hope you have a fantastic day dual do good stuff you guys I would do like liking the videos sharing the videos favorite in the videos catch you guys next time peace out see you laters alligators

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