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Tomb Raider 2 Gold - The Golden Mask Walkthrough [No Meds] Level 3 ~ Furnace of the Gods

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Tomb Raider 2 Gold - The Golden Mask Walkthrough [No Meds] Level 3 ~ Furnace of the Gods

Tomb Raider 2 Gold - The Golden Mask (TR2 Expansion) No Meds Walkthrough and Gameplay.

Level 3 - Furnace of the Gods

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Key Moments: (* = dropped by an enemy)

0:33 - [2xFlares, SShells, SMP]

1:40 - [2xAutoAmmo]

2:30 - Mask of Tornarsuk [SMP]

3:35 - [2xHarpoons]

4:25 - [SMP, LMP, Flares, 5xSShells]

6:40 - (Secret) Gold Coins

7:15 - [Flares]

7:51 - [M16Ammo]

8:45 - [*2xUziAmmo, LMP, *SMP]

10:14 - [Grenades]

11:38 - [Flares, SMP]

12:45 - [SShells, Flares, M16Ammo]

14:32 - (Secret) Gold Bars

15:23 - [M16Ammo, AutoAmmo, SShells]

16:30 - [LMP]

18:33 - [LMP]

19:12 - [2xUziAmmo, 2xM16Ammo, Flares, SMP]

21:20 - [Grenades, 2xUziAmmo]

22:14 - [*M16Ammo]

22:43 - [*M16Ammo]

23:37 - [*UziAmmo, *SMP, AutoAmmo, SMP]

25:57 - [2xHarpoons]

26:09 - Gold Nugget [2xAutoAmmo]

27:02 - [AutoAmmo]

27:35 - [LMP]

28:30 - [Flares, SMP]

27:53 - Use Gold Nugget

30:15 - Path to Gold Skull Secret

30:43 - (Secret) Gold Skull

32:19 - [LMP]


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It's a very small room but as soon as you stay on this first tile you're going to spawn a dog so stand right here with a Shack enough loam in the face and then pick up the circuit board that he was guarding what's up everybody badass.

Games welcome back to 2 meter 2 gold we are in furnace of the Gods and as you can notice as you enter this little area you slide and if you jump you can grab the sledge and grab these players it's pretty obvious that these players are here and yeah just do that now from here you can actually land directly on some ammunition if you're someone in the center of this thing and let go she'll slide down and land perfectly on these shotgun shells and also there's some crotch flares over here on this guy let's light a flare it's kind of dark but the thing is I'm going to be dropping this flare pretty quickly because as soon as I get over here to grab this small med pack there's going to be a rat that spawns behind me he tries to ambush you and you're like no with your pistols are I still have another flare and go this direction this also drop this flare be careful don't fall down there you'll die there's me free rats that spawn best to get close. Now you gotta run and push this thing rather quickly you actually actually give you plenty of time to do this but you want to push this out of the way I might as well push it the second time too because the path you get through with this is actually to the right you may be able to see it I hope it's not too dark for you let's light a flare that we can see that's the proper way to go but before we go that direction we want to go behind these spike walls okay because over here there is some ammunition that you could have potentially missed there's nothing else behind the other spike wall just this one had the two pickups right here so once you claim these things let's go ahead and run into the next area now this this is called the golden mask and in fact we're about to claim the said thing here in a second take my shotgun out get in here there's going to be three dogs you're going to need to attack otherwise they'll attack you and you want to kill these to kill three of them before you pick up the mask because as soon as you pick up the mask those monks will come alive you don't want our risk shooting them because they're friendly they're friendly monks there's another dog around here he's down that direction here he comes alright now let's grab the mask this is called the mask of tarnis or something like that mask of torn arson whatever that may mean okay then over here is a crotch small med pack don't forget to grab that if you want it I guess remember these are friendly monks so you don't want to attack them they will not attack you unless you attack them and I'm not sure about the connection between these monks and the monks in the previous level like if you attack the monks in the previous level I'm not sure if these guys will attack you if somebody can make that you know clarify that for me that'd be great okay so we want to go through this direction slide it flare it's kind of dark down in here but there's going to be a what is it a catfish or a golden goldfish or I have no idea it's dark down in here but I don't have time to I just wasted a bunch of ammo because he's behind me he's behind me alright I shoot all four let me light a flare now and then over here is some harpoons it's that from the direction that the this goldfish came from koi whatever it is I have no idea up there is where I came from and this is the direction you need to go once you have all the stuff there's nothing else in this corridor it's pretty straight okay let's pull ourselves up into here and there's going to be a bunch of rats that spawn like a like a ton of them okay I'm going to run around and try to spawn as many as possible and all I'm doing is stepping on all these tiles right here and then we go ahead and get out some automatic ammo automatic pistols they take it takes one shot or I guess one shot from the dual automatics to kill the rats to kill a rat so assuming.

You hit with both the pistols all right now spread throughout this area is a bunch of pickups and light a flare for you so you can see what's going on there's a small med pack here there's a large med pack hidden behind this movable box there's just stuff everywhere so if you want pickups make sure that you do all the stuff that I'm doing okay so back behind here is a large med pack and then over there that's the one that has a lot of stuff behind it this one right here actually has some flares and three pickups worth of shotgun shells so plenty of shotgun shells for sure go and grab these while I'm here and then go back behind you and grab them all mm-hmm now I still believe that even in this expansion shotgun shells are worth two pickups there's some crotch shells right here gonna make the grab goes and then push you want to pull this block don't push it if you push it you get stuck you got to pull it anyway so pull it and then you want to push it to the side from over here all my flare is given out you light Medellin for y'all all right let's push this out of the way to reveal the passageway that we're going to need to take in the next section and here we go.

Careful obviously you're going to die if you fall through there oh no dead end right not quite if you stand you take out if you hit the wall then you know run forward once and then take a step forward you should be able to grab this ladder pretty easily and then pull yourself all the way up to the top okay the whole idea here is you may have noticed in your game I didn't let the camera stay there for long enough but you may have noticed when you came into the Blue Room where I killed the dogs that there was a pickup for some m16 ammo and up it up there you may have noticed too if you looked around and explored there's a lever well this is what this is going to take us up to that lever um that's the whole idea of getting up this whole thing I just push this block push it once push it twice and then we'll be into the room that we want to be however you don't want to be fooled by this puzzle okay this puzzle you'd be like oh I'm in my room let's go we'll look around you want to push this thing out of the way okay the reason why is because underneath this box is the first secret gold coins.

Once you claim that let's go ahead and head this direction and then we'll have this right here now be careful before you go in there because you see fledge like oh look crotch flares we grab those well you actually want to step on the tile to spawn the boulder then get out of the way otherwise it'll be your crotch those flares will be sitting in we don't want that once you've done that grab the crotch flares and then go into this room I didn't mean to die but hey light a flare you guys can see and now I got to be careful don't want to fall into these pits there's nothing down in there except for death I don't think you want that and then finally we're back into that room where the monks are at where we picked up a mask pull this lever to open up the doors over there okay that's all in the same room now before we go down there you gotta go claim those m16 ammo that we saw and there it is right there let's grab these things I can get down safely from here all you got to do is just I'm not sure if you fall from I like to fall from the center of the V I'm not sure if any of the other spots actually reduce damage or if you take damage at all but whatever man do your best to get down without taking damage yeah yeah a bunch of months and the. Music plays again because the yeah yeah it's supposed to pick up when you pick up the we're supposed to play when you pick up the mask but we already have it plays anyway right.

Now be careful here because you got bad guys in Moncks and if you want the kills you're going to need to go through here and make sure that you kill these guys I'm gonna go ahead and at the amongst take care of the other guy only because I don't want to shoot the monks I guess all right so all of these guys drop stuff so keep that in mind this guy drops Suzy ammo and while they're taking care of him I'm gonna go over here back behind this where this cage is at or where this gate is at and find a large med pack it's kind of hidden there so you mean it's easy to be easy to miss if you don't know about it or if you don't look around now they finally get rid of this guy I got to find the other guy because he dropped something too I killed him when I first got in here this.

Right here these guys get on my way oh. Now you just walk right through me huh okay fine all right so there you go - easy pickups in a small med pack drop by these guys and also the large med pack that I picked over there picked up over there in the corner alright this is the proper way to go right here this is going to take us into this golden room it's just like what this is it's liquid gold flowing okay and the idea here is. You don't want to touch it it's liquid gold it's freaking hot don't touch it you'll die okay so be careful when you're walking through these through this stuff at one point I want to give to you is that when you're on the lower edges down there and like on those you can actually walk forward and stop at the edge of the towel you're on but that will not work for you if you're walking backwards okay so don't walk backwards in order to line yourself up with the edge of a tile you'll just die okay you'll just walk onto the gold catching the fire and die so there's a point for you okay so I'm going back behind here this is not a secret this is just to get some grenades in fact when I did my blind playthrough for explosions I didn't have the grenade launcher and this was grenade launcher so if you're looking for a complete list of where all of the pickups are where all the weapon pickups are assuming you have it pick one up or if you miss a weapon or something Stella's tomb site Stella's tomb raiding site is a great resource from figuring that out okay in order to get back from here as you can see it climbed up and then I ran jump over to this edge walk forward remember don't walk backwards in order to line yourself up with the edge of a tile and then just jump over here don't also like this tile right here you see how it's curved down into the gold if you walk forward you will walk into the gold and die so don't do any of that stuff this is the proper way to go okay over there that gate is just the other room where I picked up where I killed the three guys I picked up the large med pack and all that stuff so just so you know get your bearings where I'm at okay so this is a big golden River flowing and you gotta go up the river the camera angle kind of throws you off throws me off everywhere every single time I see it so don't be embarrassed if it throws you off okay so climbing up here there is going to be a couple of buzzards a couple of vultures that want. To do you harm and we'll see them here in a second but down here is some flares now there's only two pickups on this side actually there's three pickups on this side that are down in a hole like I just went down into that's one and I'm out to pick up the second one right down in here there's a small med pack on this tile right here uh-huh okay so now we gotta get out of this and what I want to do is I want to go to the other side of this whole thing in order to get over there or the other to the other side of the river you want to find this right here this ledge and pull.

Yourself up and then do a running jump over to this right here and you'll find.

That you can do a running jump over to the other side reason why we're doing this is simply for pickups if you do not want to pick ups then you do not need to go over here okay this is that's all this is for so if you we're going to pick up some flares some shotgun shells and m16 ammo so if you don't care about any of that stuff then just continue on on the other side of this okay so up here we'll find some shotgun shells right here on this platform and then over here you'll see them 16 ammo will grab that on the way back we actually want to continue down further because over here on this side we'll find some flares and.

Now we can make our way back so there's three pickups on this side like I'm trying to say in order to get back you want to line yourself up with this jump right here and then just make your way.

Over to that the m16 pickup right here.

Ah there we go now this spawns a vulture or whatever and I'm just going to tell them I mean business I'm going to use my m16 I already had it selected but. SiC blow them up and now where we got to go is just jump over to the other side of the river to the opposite side that we were at before another vulture spawn so let's take him out if I can find him he likes to hide behind one of these pillars oh there he is I totally faked me out you see that what a jerk face alright so I'm just making my way over here be careful the spikes down there that could be fatal and now where we want to go is over to this tile right here this is for a secret okay now we're going to try to get a secret and that's more vulture spawn did I you help.

The new targeting here I just wasted amo for no reason all right the reason why I'm using my own sixty is because these birds can push you off into the golden love river or whatever alright so down there you can see the ledge you can stand on okay I'm pretty sure you can jump from this tile in fact I'll give it a shot I haven't tried it I've been doing it from the other side I'll save my game and make sure that I do this correctly yeah just do a running jump over for this tile and look at that what do you know you can do it from there sweet fall off pick up the second secret the gold bars and then climb your way out climb up to this tile and then turn around and do a running jump over to this tile and then from here you can do.

A jump back to the tile that we came from oh there's some m16 ammo I forgot about that that I've been going from the other direction so let's try to get those how's that sound do I'll do a try to and running a jump over to this so you can actually make it down into the secret alright that works you can make it down the secret from this so if you want to grab the m16 ammo and then do a running jump over to that tile you can do that this that's the way I've been going so alright so from here do a running jump over to this there's some I'm missing some pickups man I'm going on I'm going in a different order that I usually go in down there is the third pickup that's down in the pit some Auto ammo so pick up the automatic amo and then we want to I want to go back around there's one pickup left in this area and some shotgun shells it's on the cliff up there to my right almost select because I'm Lex dislike so.

Jump up here and we'll find the shotgun shells mm-hmm.

Smooth okay so we have all the pickups in this we have the secret we have all the enemies dead we can leave this River area up through this direction this is.

The proper way to go now there's a spinning blade and you're gonna need to go into one of these corridors in order to avoid it and then go around this right there's the proper way to go but if you continue around in this little curve why is there a buzzard I must have forgot to kill one is he coming for me yeah he's coming all the way from the these guys only spawn in that River I'm surprised he came this way so I was wrong I hadn't killed all the enemies but now I have so that's sweet okay now there's only one way to go you can go down the other direction actually but it's a dead end there's nothing over there you can't jump the river you have to go through this way right here find this tile jump to it you want to jump from the where those two tiles merge where I jumped from basically in order to make it over here be very careful of this is all this gold stuff is still deadly obviously so miner cells up with.

This tile like I said this tile isn't low enough so you want you can actually line yourself up by walking backwards hop over here and now we got to hop over. To this one do a running jump I guess only what I guess take out the harpoon gun now here's the here's the thing with a harpoon gun is that it takes three shots to kill the goldfish I have six shots loaded into my harpoon gun if I shoot twice than I reload and I don't really want to do that so I'm thinking about just you know that the reason why I don't want to reload is because it gives him time to come and attack me we'll give this a shot whatever health isn't too much of a concern in this I guess these guys do actually hurt quite a bit he hurt me just quite a bit just now that's fine skill him the only needs one more shot there we go Wow yeah that's like I said if I was going to shoot twice have it reload so I would have four shots available to kill the the fish but now we have to hope that I don't die to this bear oh good thing I saved my game back there all.

Right so what I did here is I pulled myself up and I used the fact that the bear can't go over this water tile to avoid him attacking me so another thing you can do is use the grenade launcher these Bears are palpable and what I mean by that is it only takes one shot from the grenade launcher to proofing all right so right down here is some harpoon guns what I did is I walked to the edge and I tapped the roll button because rolling off of an edge is equivalent to running off of it if you stand at the edge and just tap forward then she'll fall off and she won't make it she doesn't get the momentum she needs them so he's use the roll button alright so I'm going to prove to you that these bears are provable stand right here to spawn this guy and this drop a grenade in this throat and he's guarding two pickups worth of oozy ammo uh hmm so.

There's this and there's this and now we have everything we need to get back over this this is the proper way to go actually we're not getting back anywhere we just want to fall under water now the water is going to suck you down you cannot make it back that's the currents way too strong so but you can go back in a little bit in fact if you forgot all this stuff you can just wait it's fine this will be able to get back there eventually and I'll show you exactly how to do that alright so I went in there and I picked up two pickups of m16s you may have noticed the grenades glitching through the wall we can't grab them just yet we'll get those in a second you'll see the ladder over there we don't want to go there just yet because there's some items up here that we want to grab we have some flares in a small med pack on these on this ledge aurilla just chilling here hmm and now that we have that stuff let's run off and then we can use the ladder line yourself up for this jump if you don't let Lara get her footing and you immediately hold the right button she won't get her footing and she moves a lot quicker in order to get over here okay now this part right here uh you can go in there if you don't give you know if you don't care about the grenades you don't care about pickups you that's the way to go is through that door however I'm going to get all the pickups so when I come over here push this button but there's a boulder trap you might be able to see the boulder up there and you probably saw the boulder up there it's gonna activate both of those just push the button take a hop back twice you'll avoid all of it and that's all there is to it okay fall off through here and then now we want to go down okay this is the Oh get over here real quick she wouldn't go down for me for some reason alright and then here we want to shimmy over to the left they put a ladder here for you so that way you can do it this way and then we want to go ahead light a flare I guess push this button but be careful this is also a boulder trap okay the button opened this door as well so it's not just a boulder trap we needed to push that button up here is the grenades that we saw mm-hmm grab the.

Things fall off and then we'll go into this door right here that we just opened two pickups worth of oozy ammo mm-hmm and then we'll essentially be right back where we were will be we'll be able to go into that room that we saw just a second ago climb ourselves up and there.

Is a gate right there and behind there is a switch that's all--that's back there I will be opening that here soon but we got some stuff we need to take care of first and we're going to be ambushing some dudes so I'm gonna grab the Uzis I have low health I actually have a lot less health than I wanted when I got to this point so I'm gonna just ambush these dudes in order to minimize my damage now there are four guys in here and each one of them drops something so I'll show you how to activate them all and then I'll show you I'll give you a hint as to this huge area that I'm in it's not that difficult to get through this okay so the other guys are over here as soon as I step in front of this Hut right here another guy spawns but he's gonna come through that door so you can easily ambush him alright he drops uh hmm some.

More m16 ammo and now we get to spawn another guy guys spawns when you stand in front of this door so I'm gonna go across it and then just ambush him from here because he's gonna come through the door oh no he's not he's no he's going a different way he tricked me man he tricked me there's another guy that spots across the way that's not the same guy where the other.

Guy go there is one more around here I don't hear him there he is how interesting that must have been the same guy he shot me up that's crazy he's.

Dead though now yay okay so let me give you an idea here what's going on in this room I'm while I'm walking around there are three huts in this huge area okay then three levels to each Hut there's the roof there's inside the hut and then there's underneath the hood now the roof on top of each of the huts have nothing okay inside of two of the huts there are stuff that we need to do ok so inside of this Hut for example there is some m16 ammo like I said there's only another one that has something in it and that's on the other side it's a lever that I should have pulled Wells over there but I'll get that here in a second and then there's underneath the huts well we can't get underneath the Hut because there's gold you know flowing so we have to do something special before we do that I and then um each of the huts have. Something underneath it so we will be getting all of this stuff here in a little bit so what we do now I'm just. Gonna get these items for now okay we grab this small med pack umm right there is the item that we need okay we need that that gold piece that's sitting there just above Lara's head it's on the gold thing so we will be getting that here in a little bit okay remember I mentioned that one of these Hut's have has a lever in it I actually should have pulled it a while ago I'm taking a weird route through this level as well right there's the lever this is where the area where I fought most of the guys pull this thing and this is finally going to open that gate that I mentioned earlier so I just got to make our way back over to that thing I guess the best way to go is this way okay there's another gate up there but that's not the same gate we'll be opening that too but the gate that we want is actually down here okay remember.

This is where I came from all right I came from right there and here's that lever and this is going to open up the floodgates and it's going to drain all the water that we just swam through into this area so now if you wanted to go back into like I said that the current was too strong you can now go back because there's no water in that area all right so now we want to fall into the water we got to fight some goldfish or whatever golden catfish or koi or I don't know man we're gonna use the harpoon gun I don't have a whole lot of life because the fish did some serious damage to me earlier if you just don't care about the items and you know how to fight them they won't spawn but you can just grab this golden piece and then go I'm going to go over here into this Hut right here and grab two pickups worth of automatic ammo now there's probably a fish that spawn there is I missed them missed them there we go keep your eye on your on your health - I'm going to swim through here hopefully spawn another one yeah there he is keep your eye on your breath while you're doing all this stuff bang it. See that's why I usually like to use a you know ought to reload and stuff will came to get some help breath can't get help if there's no med pack run okay so I'm only actually concerned about one other dude it's this other fish that's in here and will spawn him this is the second hut that has something in it case it'll the only second hut that I went underneath the third Hut has stuff too we've got to be careful though because I have no health there I spawned him and now I want to kill him dang it I. Didn't do damage hey I'm out of harpoon ammo these guys did enough to prevent me from killing them um shotgun all right awesome. I took two shots and two harpoons to kill a freaking bitch whatever man okay so this is the other hut that I went into just a spawn the guy so I can avoid taking the damage grab the large med pack yay now we have all of the things in fact I picked up the gold piece twofer like that was the first thing I picked up once you have that gold piece this is the proper way to go over to this gate that hasn't opened yet the gold piece is going to sit in this and open the gate for us you and now we're in this area yay here now. Be very careful here there's a thing that's a move that walls going to move toward you you also have spinning blades there's another spike wall it's going to move toward you so you got to be careful there is a stair to safe spots in this area right here and there's another one right over there just wherever that the gold river ends at they're safe tiles I want to be ballsy I'm gonna run this direction try to jump and land on this you can't grab the edge if you try to grab then she will it's just not high enough she'll actually land in the gold and die there's a crotch small mid packing some flares there's nothing back here by the way so don't be too concerned about it okay so this this you have to be kind of a quick about this because there's a small there's another door moving at you you can either go to the end to avoid it or you can just make the run if you're feeling ballsy pull. Ourselves up all the way up to the top.

All right and the right about here you can't pull up any further need a camera angle if you turn around and then jump and grab there's a ladder right here that you can pull yourself up on get yourself even higher higher is the goal here.

All right and now there's another ladder over here to take us to the top of this thing oh that could have been a flare death no-go though all right at the end.

Of this ladder is the top of this huge mountain thing and the proper way to go I'll show you this before I go and get the stuff that I need to get is you stand on this towel there is somehow a ladder huh Oh can't see it man there's a ladder right here that you can use just fall off backwards and then go down it will be doing that here in a second but I'm going to go this direction to grab some stuff okay what you want to do is you want to get to this point right here just before the where the tile slopes downward you want to stand with your back to the rest of the area and then slide off and then I actually got to be over it one tile over one tile over to the right from where it was fall off here I'm pretty sure that's a sloped platform it'll kill you you try to go down any further turn around and then fall and grab this edge there's a ladder it's going to take us down to the gold skull the third and final secret of this level over there's a large medpac we'll be grabbing that here soon don't worry no items left. Behind here pull ourself up and now we.

Got to make a you know a traverse back to the top so we can actually go over even though you notice at the top up there I jumped over some gold stuff that's because even up there the gold can't hurt you doesn't matter where it's at man gold is bad okay so let's make a running jump over to this tile now and. Just pull ourself up this is a slope platform by the way pull ourself up to.

The very top this ladder is going to take us back up to the top.

All right and here we are at the top right now on my way down I got a comment here from Toba Dai let's play one hundred and Verna's pendick who seemed that I don't know I seem distracted or that something's going on last episode I don't know what to tell you guys I was just doing whatever I needed to do in order to make a video so I don't know but thanks for the input ok now on our way down through here we'll find that there's a bunch of tiles on here now this is where we get the large med pack what we got to do is get a fall and then just kind of run around in a circle and do a running jump over to here and make sure you're quick enough to land on this tile to pick up the large med pack ok now the idea here is I got to fall down into that hole we got to be careful because we don't wanna take a whole lot of damage I'm actually gonna save my game just in case something crazy happens and I'm just gonna run off the edge see that's what I was talking about right there that right there ok I will go ahead and load tres again fortunately this is like an instantaneous load so there is no I'll see you guys back at the spot thing alright so that didn't work either I forget exactly how to do this I don't know maybe if I just run and jump I.

Guess that'll work whatever there you go that's why I left that tile open see ya I do everything on purpose now I'm kidding ok so we got a long slide down here to the bottom and then once we get down here you'll notice that there's a dead dude in the cage and then we'll be like oh I'm in a cage too I'll fall down here we'll end the level and that is furnace of the gods ladies and gentlemen I am badass games I'll see you guys next take it easy.


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