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Gears Of War Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary Playthrough (Xbox 360)

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Gears Of War Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary Playthrough (Xbox 360)

Gears Of War Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary Playthrough (Xbox 360)


Gears Of War 1 walkthrough. Here is my walkthrough, let's play playthrough of Gears Of War 1. This walkthrough of Gears Of War 1 will have no commentary. My Gears Of War 1 walkthrough will include missions, boss levels, episodes, chapters and the ending.

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Where are you doing here getting you out here put this on you'll need it you get into a lot of.

Trouble for doing this not anymore things have changed we better go what about the other prisoners you can't just leave them here they're gone poplin pardon everybody is that right welcome back to the army soldier shit.

Let's go we've got two options we can go back the way I came through the guards quarters it takes time but it's safe or we can go through the prison blocks to get right into the fight your choice.

Let's take the prison blocks I'm ready to kick some ass hell yeah let's do it.

Six-four this is Delta 2 we're on route over.

Six more this is Delta two hold your fire we are inside the prison over commander I was here to get you I'd.

Be in some deep shit come on let's go.

Removing your location.

Screaming Delta two.

Okay I think we're good let's grab some ammo Marcus they're.

Cutting through the door take cover take cover.

Get ready.

Look out there number one this is Delta to be running over.



Marcus we gotta move to the Raven now.

Welcome to Delta Squad where are we going every square Colonel Hoffman's waiting for us Hoffman this is awesome.

Hey are you the Marcus Fenix the one who fought at ashfield fields Wow not really.

You traitor like you doesn't deserve to wear that uniform looks to me like you need all the help you can get step aside Janet I've got good news.

Yeah right sensors are picking up enemy movement sir close by.

Take cover.

Turn right we know that the light mass bomb I'll take it all these bastards with one shot but hit work if we don't have the targeting data that's why we need the resonator watch the side you miss it'll.

Match their funnels so that we can hit those sons of bitches where they live.

How much can they take we must come back without the squad last transmission was from every square down to four I want you to get in there find those fans and deploy that resonator will we have air support what are you kidding you are the support son nemesis are keeping our birds out of the area you'll have to move in on foot we're screwed down to town all clear but.

The lieutenant here will be feeding you in fare and the smart thing to do right now would be to leave you get it done.

That satisfy.

I expect you to give me 110 percent Phoenix I'm not too with this for you.

Enemy reinforcements.

Get up those stairs alphas waiting.

Okay man here we go you still got it I guess we'll find out.

Grab those things.



Control this is Delta we have visuals on alpha possible ki a no sign of resonator Roger that Delta keep looking.

Dragged out.

I hope that's not brought us down there this little boy just turned 2 last week.

Well it could be alpha dog tags are gone.

Is that the resonator nah now what.

Let's get that resonator Marcus what do.

You think no I think could be alpha or it could be the locus setting a traffic there's only one way to know for sure solvent our next target is house of sovereigns straight ahead move.


Let's do this.

We're good let's grab Samantha what the hell man.

Those holes could pop up anywhere you'd think we would have figured out some kind of goddamn Defense by now yeah Wiz tried everything but nothing works Lucas want to come up they come up I.

Still do looks like we need to split up.

Phoenix you and carmine will go right DOM and I will go left yes sir

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