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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - Glitches

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This video from: TheNikolam95.
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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - Glitches

Various glitches I did in POP:WW with a trainer.Trainer with which I did all this glitches:

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Huh why do you bother.

Take more than attempt I hope the doctor gee I hope shadi would. Keep you from the iron while the towels finish you up I even curtly thought I keep.

Why would you do this I have was diet it but like you I've decided to change it.

Why do you bother.

I mean you no harm Kadena but I must finish this you are at full.



It doesn't have to end this way.

Huh come with me into the present so you.

Can kill me in your own time instead of mine I'm sorry Prince but only one of us.

Can cheat fate today.

Kalenna empress listen no you listen the time line is secure. But I will change the timeline.

Huh I know what you've seen what you think you've seen in the timeline then you know I have no choice there is always a choice kaileena then I choose to live and for you to die.

I would don't you see we can change our.

Fate this isn't what happened the first time we fought the first time that's what I've been trying to tell you if you just let me always work please if you only things to say and nothing to show then let us finish I'm sorry.

You will not leave this island alive.

I do not want to hurt you Colleen but I cannot allow that to happen.

I'm sorry you have to get it this way.

You've saved yourself it seems my prince but still I become sad there will be. Others like the Maharajah braggarts and fools or quest for the sands of find them my vengeance will be unleashed once.


Stand down I do not want to kill you even if you don't want to kill me you really the time line demands it no kind you can change your fate I have done so a terrible beast was destined to take my life but I have freed myself from know how is this possible stuff kaileena from dying in the past there are no sands in the hourglass is.

Kaileena who does not belong in this timeline the Beast did not bring her. Here I have sentenced her to death kisses on your mom could this be the.

Sword it seems to protect me from the dehaka perhaps the Beast is not so invincible after all.



You are wasting your cries I can see the future.


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