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Classic Game Room HD - X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE review

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This video from: CGR Publishing.
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Classic Game Room HD - X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE review

Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE! Hack and slash enemies into bite sized chunks in this non-stop action packed gorefest of mayhem. XMEN WOLVERINE ORIGINS is an awesome acrade style action game with a storyline console feel, it is available on Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii and PC. This CGRHD review of XMEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE has gameplay footage from X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE recorded from Xbox 360, but the PS3 version should look very similar. Earn achievement points (and trophies) in X-Men Origins Wolverine as you play through the game, level Wolverine up with more health and skills and waste bad guys in a variety of bloody ways. While game play can be a bit choppy at times and the music and sounds aren't the best out there, the easy to use control system combined with excellent, nontop action make Wolverine a very FUN game. FUN FUN FUN. Adamantium claws are excellent for stabbing, slashing, grappling and all kinds of good stuff. Published by Activision. Classic Game Room HD reviews Xbox 360 and PS3 video games like XMEN Origins Wolverine as an Xbox 360 and PS3 reviewer reviewing new and classic releases.

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