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Talkthrough Natalie brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom part 2/21

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Talkthrough Natalie brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom part 2/21

Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom part 2. No grandpa anywhere in his office. So we are going to go to the library at the university and meet Geoffrey. Lets see if we can find anymore clues to grandpa`s disappearance or kidnapper.

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I'm sorry about that my value man my.

Sister always has bad timing kills me.

Where is the phone.

Oh there's fun yeah people my house do.

Not have good timing especially video so if you see a lot of cutting out and looks weird and stuff you know I got interrupted something okay a reminder.

About in meeting who was who was he going to meet with that's rated Gary his.

Assistant he's a good guy even though he thinks the best way to try on the girl let's talk birth to death says meeting. With G Evans at 11:30 and in the.

University Library I'm a member that's.


Who the mystery person Nellie Brooks the daughter I'm James Brooks that's me hey how do you know my name this is my grandpa's phone remember listen up closely I have your grandpa he was sticking his nose into my business but you can save them if you bring me the Mack what map I don't understand what the map doing the I don't know what.

I'm if I don't have in three days the.

Old man dies the clock's ticking what are you he ain't up oh my grandpa.

Is in trouble excuse me and I don't know anything about me no a map.

Emily calm down grandpa was probably working on this map so there should be some clues around here maybe the keys is maybe the key is important I have forgot to speak with referee Evans we're just gonna calm Evans if I remember not the whole thing because I can't pronounce his first name that was never good at names but I've had to speak with Evans it's 11:21 so you should study the.

Library level completed now we are on chapter 2.

That was a really short chapter chapter 2 we're gonna get a little more busier so August 10th 1170 August 10th 11:27.

A.m. grandpa was been has been kidnapped and this is the real deal I got a call from a stranger he demanded that I bring him the map of Casa 10 nose within three.

Days he'll kill grandpa unfortunately the only clue I have is a rusty key but I hope to get a clearer picture of. What's going on during my meeting with. Evans samples assistant so we begin.

Oh it's chapter 1 part 2 the kidnapping part this is very strange SEPA has been kidnapped there's a key in this statue I hope that bins can explain.

All right where's the library.

Well okay there goes barely. Hey I was waiting for your grandfather professor Rick promised to read the article my article and my grandpa was kidnapped the man calls and he told me to bring him a special map in exchange. For grandpa's life kidnapped hell I mean we have.

Okay conference in my week and here is the report what meant a man of pasta I.

Don't know he said grandpa was working on it but I haven't found any notes just icky icky.

Do you have it let me see the key and you're gonna hand. Them the key yeah peace pass the magnifier glass and a rag it's dirty.

Or is the magnifier.

My girls given the town there's the. Magnifying glass.

Oh there's magnify goes all the way back there conceit okay handle to it all right let's clean wiki which I have to do okay clean the rest off the key by. Holding the cloth with your right mouse.

Also does.

Oh really all you have to do is hold that yeah just do that unless you want.

To clean up the whole thing he'll be 18 1 hmm what a great answer.

Yes I don't know I don't know but I think the latter will help us figure it out well which letter didn't I tell you. The professor left a case a letter for you to read it in case anything happened to him I put the letter on I'm not sure but we.

Could look for it or use the be touching.

Deduction methods have a great detective. Sherlock Holmes I'll have none of that let me try the Nelly Brooks cleanup method step aside and prepare to be a. Miss you just standing there.

Okay I can't find the hammer but let's click this and it's in chardon really. Easy to see and yeah because later on. Some of the games that I have better find it puzzles you or I can't burglar notice them but I try so you found it.

Good I'm sorry Natalie it's not like I wanted to ease the letter I just didn't realized it was standpoint we get the.

Suitcase that's grandpa's style he can read these. Symbols but.

Oh there's Natalie if you're reading this letter you must act immediately I. Have come close to solving the mysteries the diary of John D tested tons however.

The situation is getting out of hand I.

Get it yes I gave a case containing some.

Materials to Evans I didn't want to leave direct instructions you're a smart girl so you all figured out what to do the case is marked by finding.

The right confirmation it's easy if you know where to look look around the. University Library that's where I left.

My hints grandpa and then there's.

Yeah whatever the guys name is can you read these symbols because I can't well it appears to the 2nd or 3rd century BC. This pop mean most likely see these.

Characters tics here they point to save.

Your lecture for your students I I'll look around the library and find the symbols okay there's two three.




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