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Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister Part 1

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Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister Part 1

Hi! Welcome to the no commentary Junior walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister

Nancy travels to Oklahoma to help a storm chasers and try to figured out what happened to the previous intern who got injured during a storm. So meets the teams and meets Pa.

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Dare to play.

Hi I'm Nancy Drew this is my center of operations my desk go ahead and poke around if you want to know the particulars of how I do what I do take a look at the book titled how to be a detective it's real helpful especially if you're new to the mystery solving business and be sure to check out my scrapbook I put memorabilia from all my past cases in there a lot of them were pretty dangerous and at times really scary but don't say anything about that to my dad okay he worries about me enough as it is and whatever you do read what's in the file called case file that'll tell you all about the mystery I'm about to try to solve if you think you're ready to dive into that mystery just click on the plane ticket and you'll be on your way.

Peachie crow Meister has hired me to investigate a series of equipment meltdowns that had been plaguing the prominent Oklahoma storm research team II sponsors since his team has been expected to win the 100 million dollar grant at stake in the upcoming green skies storm competition cruel Meister suspects that there is something far more sinister than simple equipment failure going on I'll be joining the team undercover replacing their previous intern Pete who wound up with a broken leg after one of the accidents stranded him directly in the path of a storm stepping in at the most dangerous and chaotic period of the chase season I'm going to have to keep my wits about me to stay on top of the sabotage and the storms oh my gosh.

That's a weird piece of debris I better.

Take this and see who it belongs to.

With the Milan premier only weeks away.

But she'll give us her personal tips for looking extra chic during Fashion Week dress your best and join us on the runway.

All right got it.

Hmm looks like garbage don't need this.

Mice agreed to tornadoes but I did not sign up for mice.

I can't go to bed yet.



Nancy is that you yes that's me Scott wants to meet you be right there Nancy Drew you made it I'm Scott varnel the person in charge of this meteorological trainwreck welcome aboard are you the person I'll be reporting to you'll be reporting to Debbie but make no mistake I call the shots around here ever seen a real tornado Nancy well yeah as I was driving up to the farmhouse it wasn't that big but it sure threw a lot of debris around well isn't that just peachy we spend hours racing all over the countryside and where's all the action right in our own backyard we're never gonna win this thing the school's gonna pull the plug on a sell the farm and that's gonna be all she wrote and it's all crow Meister's fault for saddling us with a bunch of bush-league junk but now that you're here maybe our luck will change two things you need to do right off the bat I got to give a workshop on tornado preparedness at the junior high school next week so put a sample disaster kit together for me if anything's missing go up the road to maan paws and get it there what else would you like me to do. Second thing you need to do is redesign the warning siren layout for the local community they just got a set of new sirens and their range is different so the town asked me and now I'm telling you to figure out where to place them so if there is a tornado everyone will be with an ear shot of a siren all the information you need is on the chart in the other room you have questions about anything bug Debbie not me nice meeting you.

It's not those days are over with a new lock Buster infinity made from space agency that tornado you.

Just saw what do you think what do you mean what are you excited terrified did it make you want to go home what actually that tornado is that coolest thing I've ever seen in my life and I can't wait to see another one now that's what I like to see I wish I could get that sort of enthusiasm out of my students these days between you and me the last few years I've gotten stuck with the worst students I could be telling them about the most exciting storms on record and all I get back is a sea of bored faces before they defunded my department I got the best of the best students who really cared like Debbie but those days are over that must really be disappointing what you like 18 do me a favor kid don't talk to me about disappointment till you've lived long enough to experience it firsthand I'm sorry Nancy that was I know you meant well anyway good news is it looks like weather conditions for the next two weeks are going to be ideal for tornado genesis which means we could be in for a record-breaking string of tornadoes you may be putting that enthusiasm to good use I sure hope so.

Nancy hi you've met Scott the project leader I'm deaf Eva prop you're the one who'll be giving me orders pretty much first thing every morning drop by to see me I'll let you know what has to be done that day sounds like you've been having a lot of equipment problems let's just say that Scott is extremely good at misdirecting blame you think that problems are really Scott's fault but hey I could be wrong which by the way is something you'll never hear him say anyway as for the rest of today those two jobs Scott gave you get them done pretty much everything he says in there I can hear out here he's not exactly a low talker the chart with all the sirens stuff is in the living room and that computer quiz you took will tell you what needs to go into the kit and that if any items are missing you can go to mom pause general store up the road and buy them just purchase wisely our budget is very limited and if you haven't introduced yourself to pas or finish the filing please do so and once you're done with all that you can head out to the cornfield and fix the sprinkler system you can fix the sprinkler system see this farmhouse on the acreage it sits on were donated to Knut as a research facility the chase team gets it during tornado season the agricultural teams here the rest of the year so we've agreed to maintain whatever projects they've got going in their absence right now they're in the middle of collaborating on something with this big mucky-muck Research Center in Hawaii which is just another way of saying fix those sprinklers ASAP I found this box out front when I arrived I thought maybe I better turn it in Wow there must be a couple hundred dollars in here Thanks.

Payment and closed you don't know whose it is no idea I heard you tell Scott about seeing that tornado so my guess is the twister carried it in from somewhere else maybe even somewhere miles from here I feel better if you kept it sure when I get a chance I'll call the sheriff and report it why is there a file in the cabinet labeled Grange theatre theatre is kind of a passion with me so when I got here at the beginning of tornado season I found out the Grange needed a stage manager for the play it's putting on and volunteered for the job and soon became the sound and lighting director as well which means when I'm not here or out in the field I'm there it sounds like you keep pretty busy you don't even know the half of it we're approaching final dress for the grain just big play of the year everyone from around here shows up you should ask paw about it he's got much more of a passion for the stage than you'd expect from a man in overalls I better get to work okay oh and thanks for driving that car up here for us that was a big help see ya.

Again all right Mouse this house isn't big enough for the both of us hi I'm.

Frosty as you can probably tell from all this equipment I'm the media guy still pictures audio video digital analog I do it all do it pretty darn well is there a story behind the name frosty sure is a couple of years ago before I met Scott or any other tornado chasers for that matter I was out taking pictures of this ginormous thunderstorm that was brewing outside Norman I'd drive for a while jump out snap some pictures roll some video jump back in drive some more just looking for good pictures you know I wasn't really paying attention to what the storm was doing until all of a sudden it got really really dark and then it just started pouring and I mean. Rain was coming down like my card stopped under Niagara Falls and the wind was blowing in the car was swaying and then it started to hail first just dime-sized stuff then quarter-sized then golf ball-sized then all of a sudden the windshield shatters and a hail stone the size of a fist lands in my lap then another then another turns out I'd punched the core of an incredibly powerful HP supercell you'd punch though what of the who HP. Means high precipitation lots of rain and a supercell is a cloud formation capable of producing severe thunderstorms the core is the worst part of a supercell where violent updrafts can produce huge hailstones to say nothing of tornado did you see one that time no but I did roll down my window and start shooting and I came away with photos and footage of hail that no one's been able to top yet overnight I went from being Tobias Harlow run-of-the-mill photographer to frosty Harlow fearless document of extreme weather phenomena so when and how did you join up with Scott oh I joined the team last year after their photographer quit halfway through this is my first full season I'm the best thing that's ever happened to this team I might add I'm good have you ever been tempted to quit yeah Oh Scott likes to yell but I can handle that beats working for Brooke she's the leader of the team that's our biggest rival real bulldog with lipstick and getting yelled at occasionally is nothing compared to some of the stuff I've been through for instance did you get into a fight with that cat or something what these scratches just a few minor war wounds see I was climbing the fence next to the old Fraser Creek windmill so I could get a clear shot of Summum a disclose and what happens I dropped my camera bag right into a patch of brambles thorns just about took my arm off when I went to grab it I've harassed you enough pop in anytime.

All right that's how it should look.


Just came in give me a hand over here would you sure I've never fixed an LED.

Display before okay but y'all looking at.

Is the fuse board for the screen fuse are all there and they're all good but the display won't work - you're rearranging see have a number from 1 to 8 yeah what you got to do is rearrange them so no consecutively numbered fuses I'm touching in any direction including diagonals yep fuse number one can't be touching fuse number 2 which can't be touching 3 which can't be touching 4 and so on got that I think so good you know you're done when the screen lights up they need luck I'll be done out here about the same time I did it the screen says it's.

Initializing and I'm done out here how's that for timing Nancy the new go friendship well I'm chase ain't gonna shake your hand cuz my hands kind of a mess again I appreciate the help what do you do on the team right now I'm fixing the car the fella you replacing was driving when he busted his leg it's pretty much my job fixing stuff from what I hear you must be a busy guy yeah the team's had two Sheriff technical difficulties that's for sure any idea.

Why that is stuff breaks if he looks bad it breaks a lot being such a negative person no scars like a bad luck magnet with him in charge I'd be most surprised if stuff wouldn't break him down all the time not that it bothers me I like fixing stuff and I like keeping busy so this year's the perfect job for me plus I'm learning a whole lot about twisters you live in these parts the more you know about them the better is that why they call you chase because you chase tornadoes do they call you Nancy because you Nancy too many questions oh sorry that was supposed to be funny a lot of people think that but the truth is it's my name has been since before the day I was born the guy I'm replacing what was the matter with his car replacing a bunch of stuff reason he broke down in the middle of that storm and slipped in all the hell was cuz his car run out of antifreeze should I say coolant and that's cuz my stewed holes in his hose made Italy have mice done anything like that before well I don't know about here but I saw a mouse to clean through a 2x4 in less than an hour once of course that was probably because my neighbor's dog was one piece of chicken wire away from having it for lunch but I don't know what they mice found so appealing about that hose but they show into town it's over there on the workbench take a gander at it if you want how do you like working with Scott other than the fact he can be on here then and never ridden bull in a bucking shootin can holla longer and louder than all the football coaches in Oklahoma put together I like him fine got this sick sense when it comes to twisters never see nothing like it kind of spooky sometimes is there anyone on the team you don't like working with I like working with.

Pretty much everybody no I suppose frosty gets on my nerves sometimes most because he likes himself so much there seems to be little need for anyone else to go to the trouble most days we get along fine I've bug you long enough nice meeting you Nancy just do right by Scott and you'll do fine.

This place could really use a cat you.

Seem awfully interested in those penis.

Be friendly that's more like it welcome to mom paws my name is I know what your name is you let go from up north Nancy Drew how'd you know that now.

That for an old codger well I know all sorts of stuff about you I haven't no a cell phone number Miss Nancy Drew let's see it's 5 2 3 5 5 5 4 3 9 9 I don't.

Like them apples someone on the Knut team told you I was coming didn't they yeah neither did Debbie she told me to keep an eye out for you they gave me your number see if something bad happens while you're out there chasing twisters it's important to have a way to get help staying connected in an emergency just about the best way to stay safe I'm kind of your emergency action central keep your numbers right here by the phone Debbie fill you in the way things work around here yet not really no you can do folk got a lot of credit here so instead of paying cash for food equipment and such you can charge it you want to buy something that's not on Debbie's list like something from the snack section you got to pay for using power pennies using what pop pennies like this here little sum I invented to make coming in here a little more interesting for tourists fact go ahead and take it you can use it or keep it as a souvenir hey great thanks just mom power is.

Saying nice to meet you Debbie tells me you're pretty involved in the local theater and that's a true fact ever was one nothing quite like being backstage in the latzke dan come think that's just like that moment right before the storm hits when the world goes dark and quiet all I can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best so what's this play about about this place of course I'm coming wagon times up to today all about the men and women that made this town what it is today I'm playing Percy Rutherford Hardcastle town sheriff Larry's first librarian back in those days well no small thing to retire boogly that sounds interesting.

Gonna be if you're not out chasing twisters opening night you should come pretty near sold out but I'll try to save your ticket so do you ever chase tornadoes silliest thing I've heard tell oh right yeah you're lucky if a tornado don't come chasing after you people who do that are just asking for it even if. They're doing it so someday they'll be able to predict where and when a tornado is going to hit well there's somebody find a way to do that know what they do next charge admission cuz there's nothing else you can do you want everybody it's coming then you just watch on it you watch this dog rampaging monster go tear across the land reckoning in touches till all of a sudden it isn't there no more you can't go after it you can't make it put everything back you can't even get even with it cuz it's just gone all you can do is stand there thinking now that ain't fair that just ain't fair sounds like you're talking from personal experience that I am what else you need.

Well it was nice meeting you I was just gonna say the same thing y'all take care now

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