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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary Playthrough (PC)

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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary Playthrough (PC)

Mafia 2 Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary Playthrough (PC)


Mafia 2 walkthrough - Here is my walkthrough, let's play playthrough of Mafia 2. This walkthrough of Mafia 2 will have no commentary. My Mafia 2 walkthrough will include missions, boss levels, episodes, chapters and the ending.

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My name is Vito Scaletta I was born in Sicily in 1925 that little.

Guys me I'm standing there with my parents and my sister Francesca in front of our old house I don't really remember too much about the old country except that we are pretty hard up and then one day my father decided it was time to move away.

Away from sicily across the ocean to. Start a new life in America.

Never in my life that I seen anything as fantastic as Empire Bay it was beautiful.

On the other hand I've never seen anything filthy a more disgusting and our new shithole of an apartment.

The American dream was more like a nightmare my father started working at the port for the guy who arranged our immigration it was back-breaking work and with little money he made mostly went towards booze eventually my parents sent me to. School I had to learn English sure as I was gonna do that a neighborhood full of diets that's where I met Joe he don't worry enough ain't got all night over time Joe and I got to be best friends and since we were both poor and it wasn't much work around shit we started a little business of our own brief police stop you know this way true to.

Bed versus shit okay you bastard spread your legs fuck I put the hands on him I'm sorry well that one time it didn't work out so good the year was 1943 America was at war and the army was looking for guys who spoke the language to help with the invasion of Sicily I was 18 and anything seemed better than Jail who says he can't go home again.

I was assigned to the 504th Parachute Infantry on the 11th of July who was supposed to be dropped over the southern coast of Sicily we got hit by flash a way behind enemy lines only three of us made it wasn't for the local resistance we went about a chance so Mussolini soldiers came into town and start around than everybody other decided to the.

Cinesín about that whisper memoriae.

Alrights kalenna take the show that already Tory it's about a decoder chip rendering.

Falling back let's move on me shit.

Jesu it's a bunny veterinary film an anomalous edge walk I say oh yeah more super this way she's already able to talk you and Williams take out that machine gun nests then find the prisoners we're gonna need every man we can get nothing big you make it through this.

Watch it.

Grenades galleta this would be a great fucking time.

Glenna you live yeah just about let me. Get off your ass let's move it.

Might be our last chance.

Let's have the prisoners upstairs pull you the second floor let's go let it you take more.

Mink you got him the tour Scaletta.

Kick it in I'm apt for you.

Shit looks like we're going this way come on.

Oh Horseshoe Hey bye-bye.

Hey rusty.

Shit this balcony isn't gonna work we gotta keep moving get inside without the.

Faulty let's go.

Disable Mamiko disarray tell frege's any give our attention my chiquita stiletto.

Can we change yes Devere oh don't come.

Well cachito hoonjae cuando Samaritan we push a Paki a local asset a ello vamos coño duty komodo nor law stupidity America in Antigua Noel tappero Gonzalo unit on todo veces Qatari Concilio yes raposo challenge on sabe que potato feeder me.

Don Carlo headed Sicilian mom an entire. Garrison troops surrendered that day why because he told them.

A few years later the Nazis put a bullet in me I was in hospital for a bit then I got a month's leave so I could go home at least for a little while.

Fino over here Joe hey welcome home.

Buddy how'd you know I got my sources come on let's take a ride nice car comes with the territory I know you're itching to get home before he slits get a beer yeah sure.

There it is Empire Bay hella troop miss it hey does a bear shit in the woods I like this place it done you favors but anything's better than a foxhole it's with this shitty weapon they're saying this is the coldest winter on record paper shades gonna keep up like this for weeks don't worry though drink will warm you right up how long's it been since we had a drink together Vito three years I was three doughnuts at Shelly's party right come on Vito come on last drink we had together was right after your romance forget right before you shipped out God remember ah five minutes we're already talking about my deadbeat father we change the subject please so tell me pal what was it like over there anyway I kept reading the papers to see what was going on and you know how much I agree yeah I know you guys kicked Mussolini's ass right I saw he had a little help from the guy named Don Carlo no shit Don Colo I heard of him really you bet I know guys like him over here wiseguys you work for them you said you'll fuck with him you die nice to see you've been busy yeah and I do metal right small man Pat himself whoa so you're a real war hero and then what you screwed a couple of Sicilian broads and came home yeah right yeah the old country over here you can screw anything with a heartbeat no one gives his shit for the country here's to the US of A into having you back home. Salut house hello Chindi how come you're back they let you out early for good behavior I took a bullet a couple months back spent some time in the hospital and na mele wait you mean you got to go back yeah would you think the worrying over yet you don't want to go back do you I course not but what can I do one minute wait right here.

Hey you said it's junk remember last week you know the good the guy's name is Vito Scaletta thanks Giuseppe all right that's CLA okay.

Listen up it appears that your injury is much more serious than it first appeared and the doctors say you can't fight no more what oh oh did you just like I said I know people you get all the official paperwork tomorrow when it comes to the right stamps and signatures it's just a question of money you're kidding me right in that a bit risky it's me that getting up in the slammer you know and now am I gonna pay for I got it covered think of it as a welcome home present and don't worry the documents will be clean trust me well thanks you're welcome come on Oh.

Fried you're like a brother to me now you can start thinking about what you're gonna do next sure but first I gotta go home all right you want a ride no thanks I want to walk around a little see what's changed since I've been gone no problem say hello to your sister for me come see me tomorrow we got a lot to talk about I can't believe you just got me out of the service thanks again no problem I'll catch up with you tomorrow you.



Hi mama I'm back me Superboy ha ha ha my.

Boys home I don't never see you again. And czesc and me we wait we wait for you.

You must be hungry we do Francesca made you a special dinner soup but the pollo it's good for you.

Wow looks good Frankie it's a shame your Papa didn't live to see this he would be so proud of it yeah sure. Vito you know better sorry mama sorry.

Vinnie children come on China about the Honda so much in bromine you should get.

Some sleep your room is just like you left it.

I see you two in the morning

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