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Let's Play STALKER : Shadow of Chernobyl - Episode 1

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Let's Play STALKER : Shadow of Chernobyl - Episode 1

Let's Play Stalker : Shadow of Chernobyl, shall we? In Stalker : Shadow of Chernobyl, players take control of a illegal combat salvager in the supernaturally soaked area surrounding Chernobyl.

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What's up guys gals welcome back to the nerd castle for the first episode in our stalker shadows of Chernobyl playthrough my name is bladder cat I'm happy to have you here today as we check out stalker with the complete overhaul 2009 mod installed if you miss stalker back in the 2007 age this is a game it's a first-person free roaming shooter where you wander around the area surrounding Chernobyl after its meltdown and you are a stalker it's sort of like a ranger mixed with an illegal salvager and so your job is to go to the radioactive wasteland called the zone and recover artifacts figure out your history and also fight with bandits avoid getting arrested and all of that kind of fun stuff if you miss this game I highly recommend it but you should also install the complete mod because the vanilla version was very very buggy and had a lot of problems with the complete overhaul mod there are still some bugs in the game but it's very much sort of like a gem that I find a lot of people don't know about this game was highly requested and so since I had a big hole in my schedule I figured why not let's play stalker together and so without further ado let's start the game up and we'll see what we can accomplish in this first episode let's do some cinematics shall we we're gonna be playing on stalker difficulty I always forget that they give you a difficulty setting right here that's because this game is like viciously difficult and so I'm playing through personally on veteran right now and I'm definitely hitting brick walls every now and again where I feel like I just haven't progressed enough in order to play the game properly so for the interest of this playthrough it's going to be a normal walk through still I am not completely experienced with the game so this is like semi blind I've played the game since like 2007 but it's been a long time and then B I've never actually completed the game I usually just free roam around until I have super awesome gear and then I end up quitting eventually so there it is let's play the game.

This one seems to be alive what a lucky guy at least death would have saved him from the dreams let's go and see what value sidorovich will put on your head.

What have you got a body it came from the death truck it's got the mark well you know the drill leave him on it is a live one bullshit you're lying let the zone take me if I am put it here.

I think for this one I can give you.

So marked one I saved you and I'm not going to pretend I did it to win favors upstairs you do some jobs for me and we're even besides keeping you busy might be a good way to deal with your amnesia and I'll see what I can find out about your problem okay and so welcome to stalker shadows of Chernobyl this is the game and it looks pretty good for a game it's almost ten years old I'm always impressed the next time I put into the game like I leave this game on the shelf and every time I come back I'm always impressed with how decent it looks for how old the game actually was and considering the small size of the development team so anyways this is sidorovich he's going to be our boss from now on sort of our handler his dialogue right there you may have noticed that little cut it's because he always bugs out right there for me never finishes his dialogue doesn't matter because if you actually talked to him with the F key he repeats it anyways so you'll get the general deal let's go the choice is yours either I brainwash you like I usually do with all the rookies right we do like a real stalker and I give you a mission straight away I like my brain dirty treat please got a job for you mark one I want you to find a stalker called nimble he was carrying some very important information he disappeared somewhere near the bridge find him dead or alive I don't care I need the flash drive with the info visit wolf from the local camp and ask him he certainly knows guy could be I hate it when people appear in dis me that's all for now bring me the flash drive and we'll consider the fact that you've partially paid me for saving you you know what I'm pretty sure it wasn't you who just like hiked my ass all the way in from out in the hills I'm just saying you were doing like the poultry enthusiast thing right here while the other guy was hiking me and I'm not try to split hairs I'm just saying all right check all the cabinets you can use the F key to interact with stuff so I highly recommend that you do that in our inventory we start out with a sleeping bag we start out with a little bit of armor which you can take off just in case you want to walk around and what looks like some kind of like Russian military sweater however that'll mean that you have no resistances and a little bit of resistance is nice I mean it'll help out we can be resistant ting its Byrne electric shock rupture impact I mean there's all kinds of stuff and then they put a little picture next to it too just in case you weren't getting it so bullet proof tends to be the most important one in the early game but later on some of the other ones become important as well it's the best we got so let's get riding we have no money as far as I know our jackets worth a thousand rubles though if you want to sell that off yeah well good hunting stalker all right well at. Least he's sending us away with a wave at least he's a friendly fellow wasn't friendly to that chicken though a chicken was having a bad day so there's a lot of stuff in this game that I'm not gonna know I don't know where all the secret stuff is I've played this game a lot over the last 10 years like I've played it four or five times a lot of the way through however I'm just I'm just telling you right now if you're gonna be one of those people that's like oh you missed the RPG inside that building and I just I don't know everything about this game so that's all there is to it we can turn on stuff with L so there's our light right there we are going to be using that quite a bit the game does have its free key portions where you can't see shit there's things running at you and screaming and trying to kill you the game does incorporate the supernatural and so if you aren't ready for that if you're faint of heart when it comes to like scary ug boogie stuff like jumping out trying to scare you this may not be the game for you as you get further in but for right now it's mostly going to be humans that we're dealing with there's vodka inside of there I remember that being in there and then we can also do I don't have a weapon yet never mind I can't break crates there's a bunch of crates in these buildings that you can break open for some like basic gear let's go talk to nimble's boss who's over here so Sidora vich is going to be our boss for a little bit he sent us to find nimble who has a flash drive so it stands to reason that tracking down nimble's boss will be a good place to start this guy is getting his jam on I put in a request for I want it that way by the Backstreet Boys so that I could press all the stalker ladies unfortunately he didn't know it so you know I can't be like oh is he gonna sing now well I was gonna be like you hey me me if the ladies love. That you'd be surprised you'd be surprised let's talk to his boss wolf hi why are you here I need to see nimble you know where I could find him never got a raw deal his group was attacked by bandits a little ways from here all I could do was send out an SOS it looks like most of his pals bid it my guy's told me that the best of the did it are now at the old car park the one across the road so the there's a lot of Engrish in this game a lot of the things are poorly translated even after the mod I'm just gonna skip over and I'm gonna sort of like paraphrase it because my brain if I read this directly my brain like stalls every single time I hit the bad grammar and so I'm just gonna it's not maybe it's just I have to do this and so you know risk your own people from prison not very friendly are you just too weak I'd break your fucking nose for that but what's the point it's not that simple I got too few people and even most of the ones that I have are rookies and I can't take the risk if we lose this camp things will get even worse for all the stalkers out there so what about you if you are too scared I won't let my pride maybe say no to a helping hand you want to help me deal with the thugs you think I could do it alone now you stand no chance on your own my scouts are good soldiers right now they got the place surrounded so together you can make a run for it what do you think you got the balls hell yeah whooping out and put them on the glass son let's do it and so he is going to give us some basic gear I'm sending someone your way so wing it you may attack if necessary oh ok so there.

It is let's go break this crate that we found back here in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen you will see some things that are important we've got our health bar we've got our armored bar and in between that you've got a yellow bar which is our stamina for when we sprint by holding down the X key we can hold down control which will get us low we can hold down shift and control which makes us get even lower get no get low and so if you want to have like an enthusiast I don't know limbo career while you're out here in the zone it's definitely possible I don't know I'm not deadly both speak if you really really want to I don't see too many limbo sticks though we've got this barbed wire stick that'll definitely encourage you to get lower I like to bother this guy you could sit here and just be like instance oh yeah they get I've got a way and out if you got a weapon out they get grumpy with you if they don't know you only friendly characters will allow you to point a weapon at them while you talk to them don't ask I don't know we can also break through these barricades right here which the universe doesn't really like that much me see if I can right-click this down right here there we go and break those if you right-click you get that across hand like slash like stabby thing right there if you right-click you get that slash right there so just in case you were wondering there are different types of stabs I don't think they affect anything I don't know I've never try to still kill somebody in this game I don't even think that that's like really a thing you want to focus on open the cabinet's because I am a horrible horrible housemate is there anything in here nope why would you mate with a house I don't know normal people just can't say she ate me let's go and let's find nimble the first thing we need to do is you need to talk to a guy over here who got jumped by the same group of bandits additionally we need to go inside this building over here because it has medical supplies and so if we bust open this crate on this side there it is we can get a bunch of band-aids which are important just in case we start bleeding later on it given my proclivity for being shot repeatedly in this game I figure we'll probably spend a lot of our time using fluids let's walk off to the left hand side over here and there's going to be a wounded guy that we got to talk to you and we're also going to get buzzed by a helicopter a very very loud and obnoxious helicopter in that direction the game is free-roaming to an extent it kind of uses a guild wars system where you've got large zones and then there's going to be like teleportations in between them so you'll walk through a door and a black do you want to zone into X zone and you'll be like yes I do but the zones themselves are fairly large that way there's a military camp if you raid the military camp you can get some pretty good gear but it's a risk oh yeah he also gave us a gun by the way in case you were wondering so we've got a Makarov right now take a look at our inventory so we've got two band-aids we've got some wad cut our selves some caffeine and then we've got ourselves a med kit and a Makarov and a sleeping bag so there it is let's go talk to this gent over here I'm gonna wait for the helicopter to buzz us though because it's super loud it like ruins everything I think it comes from I don't know over there there it is hey you be quieter that's right you heard me while we wait for the helicopter to go away there's some stuff inside this little portable mobile home over here and so if we go inside we should be able to grab ourselves some goodies out of the crates that are stacked up I don't think there's anything in there but this one right here in particular has all kinds of good stuff and so it's going to have a silenced two Makarov it's gonna have a medkit it's going to have several boxes of ammunition and three bandages it may not seem like much but that's actually a pretty good haul for the early game right now and so that's the thing that you don't want to miss if you're going to be in there there's mutated dogs down the hill in case you're worried about that the game does have a stealth system so on the left hand side let's say that you see that bar on the left hand side of our map in the top left hand corner that's the amount of sound that we're making right now in addition the little meter marker down there is how far we are from the green arrow that's pointing towards our next objective we pressed the P key it's going to open up all kinds of random UI stuff it's going to have our missions list it's going to have the map it's going to have our diary with our personal notes just in case it's going to have our contacts so as we meet people and we help them they're going to get reputation they're going to be happier with us this game has a ton of different endings that depend on your reputations and your faction and stuff like that so it is worth paying attention to we've got our ranking against all the other stalkers for right now apparently philia pushkin is way better at it than us the marked one over on this side we've got our personal stats with how many people we've murdered because I guess stalkers like to keep track of that in an easily traceable you know police findable object like a PDA and then we have our stalker pedia over here where it teaches you about stalking that's about it though we got to help this guy so we'll pick up this med kit off the ground we got to give it to this wounded guy over here brother take the med kit off this dish I can't throw that far oh fuck the pain is too much I'm dying are you alive I'm okay bleeding like a stuck pig though give me a med kit will you here you are my good man enjoy your med kit you're okay you know that I'll be sure to tell everyone at the camp that you helped me out how come I don't have a balaclava mask I want a balaclava mask I have one in real life but I want one in game thanks Fran a little longer and I know you won the hell happened we were coming back from a scouting raid came across some gangsters one of our guys got killed right there they grabbed nimble because he made up a nice story about a cache full of artifacts I play dead and that saved my ass I need to see nimble and I'm going after him you want to come with oh man right now I couldn't punch my way out of a wet paper bag I got to get some of my strength back and return to camp I'll let everybody know how much you helped me though again you see his attitude is friend now that musica point guns Adam and Stephanie does get angry at us because that's what friends are for he tell me something interesting he doesn't have anything sometimes you can ask the same generic questions Ultima style too like everybody on the map and sometimes they'll give you like interesting little tidbits I'm just going to use my loud-ass Makarov and save my silence one for later for right now there doesn't really seem to be a whole lot of reason to swap over I mean the other ones okay I think it does more damage or anything I mean we could take a look right here got ourselves another energy drink off the ground because nothing says what my whistle like finding something on the ground and drinking it so it's got a little bit of accuracy let's find out here it's actually quite a bit more accurate the handling is worse the rate of fire is better actually maybe we should swap that in whatever alright so we'll use the silence Mac rough right now over here you'll find like a wet pile of just dog mash I don't even know what that is right there it appears to be the remains of some kind of like Yorkie or something I don't know and then if you break this open it's got an ammo box and you are going to need it because by god you were going to go through a lot of bullets in this game a lot of things are done going to get shot so nimble's homies are over here we'll go talk to them put the gun away though cuz you grew up if you pointed at him that mouth my rara rara.

Rara dry rot hello wolf has already sent word of you you got any questions yeah how many bandits are in the camp seven or eight two by the gate two more in the building the right near the fire another two and the one to the left that's where they're keeping nimble somebody usually hangs around the yard as well seems to be about it shall we say a prayer and go hell yeah round up your men square away your ammo all those other shape related euphemisms let's do this thing here sent us some support along with the order to effect time to move on and be heroes is that really while you're doing your rescuing your friends that you can be a hero not because he's your friend I mean I don't want to judge your motives right now but I'm saying I'd rescue because he was my homie not because I expected anything from it a bunch of buildings over here our target is gonna be on this side let me turn off my flashlight for right now because as you might note the sun is shining therefore I have no need for a torch so let's move through here I'm actually going to try and run past here you hear that beeping that means there's an anomaly around and it's right there and it will blow your ass up if you step on it so be very very careful the Chernobyl meltdown is caused there to be all kinds of like weird supernatural thingies around the homies are going to go that way an attack from that side so I like to sweep around this way and clean up from the back while they create a distraction different people like to do this part in different ways it's just the way that I prefer you should hear him popping off in a little bit now characters in this game are irreplaceable when somebody dies that's it they're gone forever you're never going to see that character again so the game can play out very very oddly if like a quest giver gets killed typically there are ways okay so the fight is going let's be careful over here we're just gonna wait and see what happens somebody should come out of this building at which point we'll try and get him maybe maybe not okay so there's.

A guy over there oh no he knows we're. Here okay so never mind that was a bad plan don't get shot in this game it's very very easy to die in the early game I think that's him right there I can't see through the bush though the first time I've had this problem like I said shakin and bakin so he knows what's up I enjoy bakin I also enjoy shakin my ass on the dance floor I get that guy yes I did uh we're being fired on let me get inside the building it only takes a couple bullets in this game so I tend to be very very paranoid about getting shot that guy don't know where he's gonna pop out ally missed him all right you can hip fire in this game like csgo or Counter Strike you can also like aim down sights if you want to it all depends what you prefer the developers have left room for you to play the game however you want I tend to play it counter-strike mode just because it's faster and it's easier to get things done we got a guy on this side I don't know if he's coming out of he's gonna try and shoot us through the window it could go either way let's just get out of here we were bleeding for a second if you look at the bottom right-hand corner you might have saw a little blood droplet means we were bleeding slightly but it was a too bad because it was only in green so he should be all right check our corners very carefully it only takes three or four bullets in this game to put you down shit well at least I saw him oh he ducked for cover the AI is pretty smart in this game if you've never played it before the AI does some pretty smart stuff it'll actually duck and take cover to try and circle around behind you if there's multiple bad guys they'll actually coordinate try and take you out it's pretty cool it's really really cool and it's an old game too like some of the things this game was doing back in like 2007 are really really I'm gonna get him in the abdomen I shot him in the dick a couple times that would have stopped me so he's a tougher man than I am oh well nadir he's got his grain plate in I think he'll probably step back out though Oh see see how he came out a different hole right there instead of going in and coming back out right there he went to the door in the back and came out just to throw off your expectation slightly it's exactly what I don't hear a whole lot of shooting so I'm picking our guys must have gotten wrecked we might be all alone oh no okay I don't want that to happen either he's probably coming around here I think we got him oh.

Christ yeah our guys got destroyed okay yeah they're all dead out here in the field you see those grey dots on the map those are dead bodies so we're all alone right now and we're actually technically supposed to have friends right here usually they do a lot better so unfortunately I guess they weren't on their a game today let's be you they're.

Circling around to the right I can hear that yep there is right there and he's close enough to do some serious damage if he wants to which way is he coming.

Through okay I got him a couple times.

Right there my friend oh he went in low alright there we go another one down we're bleeding slightly so we may want to take care of that I would highly recommend we grab a band-aid right now and just sort of like bandaged up that'll stop the bleeding and get our health back up a little bit we got a few more to deal with don't loot by the way looting in combat is the worst idea ever that was a horrible mistake I shouldn't have done it I'm gonna try and let me circle around real quick because I think they've got me pretty much spanked on this side you can reload while sprinting but you can't fire while sprinting so that's another little tidbit that some people may know some people may not yeah.

It looks like they're going that way we may be able to get the jump on them right here.

Think I hear movement on my left shit.

This is so tense oh ok another one bites.

The dust but about butt bump I shoot you with my Mac there it is and so is that the last one right there nope not the.

Last one oh there's one over there too ok I'm gonna try and use this fence post as cover ooh where is he. Okay there he is come on got him right.

In the head took him out clean dropped him real quick and so there it is we've successfully I suppose rescued nimble even though all his friends are dead probably not gonna make him super stoked we got a shotgun right there I would highly recommend equipping the shotgun this game shotguns still kind of sucked by comparison to shotguns in real life but at point-blank this gun will do work on somebody so if you come around a corner and there's like a bandit right there it will lay him out with one bullet like he's not walking away from it which is why you need to be so paranoid when you're dealing with bandits who have shotguns stay as far away from them as possible because their accuracy is terrible however I'm gonna pick up all this stuff because we can sell it later on including the stuff off the bodies of our comrades over here we might be able to get ourselves a better gun although I think most of these guys just had peace tolas I don't think anybody had like an mp5 or like an ak-47 you or anything like her in ak74 you or whatever the hell it's called get that over there this game does have tremendous tremendous bullet physics and things like that so it's a really awesome game it was kind of like that first foray into making realistic gunfights and things of that nature and so there's a lot of stuff to have fun with in this game I'll try and point it out as we go along we had a dead body up in this building yikes it didn't go well for anybody on the plus side we are stocking up for the future be careful hunt that was a pun right there because technically we're a stalker anyways we'll go back in here and break up on these boxes see if we can get some loot will get nimble in he'll sit back there and he'll scream his head off but honestly nothing's going to happen if we don't go get him anything in these crates nothing in the crates for us well that's just great we've got a little bit of fuel right there which we can sell for a little bit of cash I think how much as fuel worth I'm pretty sure like ethanol or yeah it's worth five hundred roubles so it's worth bringing along might be able to get something out of it got a couple of debtors over here that guy's got red track pants well damn summer you go to the gym later what's up with that got ourselves you might notice in the bottom left-hand corner how it's saying that there's like these red words being popping that's because these guys have evidence of stashes inside their inventory and so it just adds though so now if we go to our map you see these little marks that it's added these locations are being populated by random notes inside the bodies that will give you sort of like these mini objectives you can go to and you can search them for like free balloon extra bullets and extra supplies and stuff to sell things of that nature so lots of goodies it sounds like we got a wounded guy around here somewhere oh it's this guy okay so let's put him out real quick yeah that is a part of the game there's no reason to heal that guy or help him like seriously he'll just get it he's an enemy for life because we already got into a gunfight with him so you might as well just put him down now or he's gonna bleed out that's pretty much the way that it goes and this my friends is they.

Had vodka crates in here damn I love vodka anyways this is nimble well I mean.

You could try thanks brother you did us a great service I don't even know how to thank you listen I need that flash drive you were taken to the trader you have it yeah I got it those morons didn't even do a proper search well what the hell take it after all you saved my life it was well hidden and these thugs can't frisk for shit thanks where'd you keep it anyways who knows it might come in handy I didn't keep it down there I mean don't worry I work for the trader a long time so I can store information safely by the way I told the thugs a nice little story about a cache full of artifacts and they ordered one guy to go there the cache exists but it's only got one artifact I can give you its coordinates if you want sure thanks but don't forget there's a lot of wild animals there besides the gangster they sent is armed with more than a scoop and a shovel so be careful thanks man thanks to you two I need a job you got anything find the perfected suit while I was in captivity I heard the bandits talking about their secret stash where they keep the hub our heard that they hid a cool coat there the next day some monster got his eye on the stache he became so interested in it that they're afraid to go there do me a favor and bring the suit and I'll pay you well sure thing alright and so there it is we got ourselves a new quest let's go upstairs we'll look around but actually I think we're out of time my name is bladder cap they converge on to be here at the new cast for the first episode in our stalker shadows of Chernobyl playthrough I appreciate you being here this is a really fun really cool game and I'm glad that I get the chance to show it off right now because honestly I think a lot of people don't know about it a lot of people do but I'm always surprised how few people have actually played it so anyways I'll see y'all later I do everybody

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