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Tomb Raider 1: Unfinished Business Walkthrough [No Meds] | Level 3 - Atlantean Stronghold

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Tomb Raider 1: Unfinished Business Walkthrough [No Meds] | Level 3 - Atlantean Stronghold

Tomb Raider 1 Gold: Unfinished Business Walkthrough by badassgamez

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Tomb Raider 1 Walkthrough Playlist:

Key Moments:

0:50 - Secret #1 [2xSShells]

2:15 - [SMP]

3:00 - [2xSShells]

4:15 - [SShells, SMP]

4:50 - [SShells]

5:00 - Shortcut to end of level

6:00 - [SShells]

6:50 - [LMP, SShells]

7:20 - Minimize Fall Damage

7:35 - [2xSMP]

8:05 - Another shortcut to end of level

8:55 - Minimize Fall Damage

9:45 - [SShells] * Spawns atlantean

10:22 - [2xSShells, SMP]

11:55 - Room with switches and atlanteans

12:10 - [SShells]

14:25 - [SMP]

15:00 - [2xSShells, MagAmmo]

17:25 - [SShells, SMP]

17:50 - [SShells, MagAmmo, UziAmmo]

20:30 - [SShells, SMP]

21:40 - Large Water Area

21:50 - [SShells]

22:05 - [SMP]

22:15 - Levers for Secret #2

23:00 - Secret #2 [LMP, MagAmmo, 2xSShells]

24:50 - [4xSShells]

28:30 - [2xSShells]

28:45 - Lever for door above

29:00 - Lever for another door

29:20 - [2xSMP]

31:40 - [LMP]

31:55 - [SShells]

32:10 - [2xMagAmmo]

32:25 - Left lever

32:40 - [UziAmmo, SShells]

33:10 - Switch for room exit

33:35 - Right lever

33:45 - [SShells, MagAmmo]

34:25 - [SMP]

34:30 - Timed switch run

34:50 - [MagAmmo]

35:15 - [MagAmmo]

35:35 - [MagAmmo]

35:50 - [SMP]

36:50 - [SShells]

37:05 - [MagAmmo] * Spawns atlantean

38:35 - [2xSShells]

39:20 - [SShells, LMP, MagAmmo]


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So I'm facing out and then soon as I pick this one just uh do a running jump avoid him what's up everybody badass.

Games welcome back to to mere one unfinished business we are finally in the atlantean stronghold is the second to last level of this series so as you see we slid down the slope there that's actually supposed to be the end of the first lap of a last level the first game so yeah it's like a continuation apparently from what I understand I could be completely wrong about that but the what we want to do you may notice when you came over here there's a hole in the floor back here we will drop through that eventually but first we want to go grab the first secret of the level that happens to be over here with this ledge not trying to take too much damage from the lava of course it's really um kind of forced and random so good luck with that but inside of the first secret we have shotgun shells two boxes worth alright now we have that let's go ahead and head back over to that hole and finally jump through that thing I get a lot of requests to do a. Pistol only run like you know in the thing the thing with pistol only runs with me is that I just think that they take too long like it's kind of boring to sit there and just shoot at stuff but since I get so many requests I decided to go ahead and do a pistol only run for this level and it may be the next one but this is going to be the only level where I do pistols only so we're coming up on our first enemy here in a little bit um as you can see I pass the boulder trap and then I came into this room and I went straight I was kept going straight and I found this small med pack over here it's running jumping start the level over again I'll see you guys back at this spot alright guys I'm back I decided to show you a better way doing this trap I'll grab the edge last time you don't have to grab the edges to run and jump over that so that's awesome over here where I was at and I messed up terribly there is that small med pack just do a standing jump do not do a running jump and you should be al and make sure you grab in the air as well and she'll slide right on in to claim the small med pack alright let's not you know let's get out of here now so if we see if you look over here we didn't take a look we see this huge room with a bunch of eggs and a centaur guy going crazy in there yeah.

Like I was saying before we're going to be doing pistols only and there's an Atlantian here to my left so the the deal with these guys and pistols only go a little bit of lag there is that so you just wanna get in the sweet spot you don't want them to leave that sweet spot you know the sweet spot where they actually are just kind of walking toward you you know I'm saying so where he was at he was guarding some shotgun shells so let's grab a bunch of this stuff and. Then we're gonna head over here where we see this this tower thing and be careful there's a Ledge where you can fall off you don't want to do that we're going to go up in this tower real quick and we're gonna find some flappy guys let me flapping all over the place you know I'm talking about they are the ones that were in the speed up the the flying guy is a flying Atlantean guys we saw at the end of two meter one there's one right there there's two of them out here right now so first Pistons gonna take a lot.

Longer to kill these guys oh no I died.

Again well that's fun alright guys I'll see you back at the spot alright guys I'm back at this spot and I went ahead and dealt with those flappy guys home to worry about them now that we've done that we've got everything that we need up here let's go ahead and drop down into this tower we're gonna go all the way down to the bottom we're gonna find some items down here too so some shotgun shells and small med pack makes for a good day.

We might spawn another flappy guy here in a little bit but for now we're safe what we want to do is go to the back toward this lava wall over here and check take a look at weird you can kind of see the shotgun shells over there in the distance but we're gonna go get that guy right now let's run and jump over here now this is a boulder trap if for some reason only activates when you jump like this at least that's how it works for me so I hope that's how it works for you anyway let's go ahead pick up these shotgun shells and now there's a there's a away you can actually go directly to the other level from here in a legit fashion there's several ways you can do this there's one way that's you can actually shimmy across up there then pull up and then flip into the hole but the other way we go ahead and say my game here so way I can pick up where I left off so we want to do and get as far back as you can as far to the left as you can angle a little bit to the left and then jump backwards just like that you'll fall all the way down to the end of a level and since I'm not going to be going from here since I need to get all the kills and all the items I need to go through this whole level so but just so that I show you where the end of the level is it is right over here I'm wrong it is right over here there is. A lever on the wall right here you pull this and this is going to end the level so I will see you guys back at the other spot okay so since we don't want to go that way we want to go ahead and continue on through that section there's a boulder trap that's going on to the right of you and that's fine continue on over here and find some shotgun shells on the ledge right here okay now this is mites this is going to spawn a flappy dude I don't know where he's at he's over there we can take them out with our pistols well whatever you whatever you want to use I mean my pistols because I got a challenge going on here.

Once he's dealt with we continue on through this kind of going to go around in a circle here okay we pick up shock and chills over there and now we're going to go over here and pick up a large med pack but be careful because there's going to spawn this crazy nuts.

Guy he's uh he's not a shooter he doesn't shoot anything so you just bounces around I'll try to avoid his bouncing and shoot him with whatever weapon you decide you want to use let's pick up this large med pack and then go over here to the shotgun shells that are over here in the corner and that's all for the items that are in this section.

What we want to do now is we want to go over here to this little pyramid thing in the center of this area and we'll find this opening right here where we can go and we're going to go down now when we fall we're going to take a little bit of fall damage so in order to minimize your fall damage you want to go all the way to the right where the slope is the highest down here you'll take a minimal amount of damage from that there are two small med packs that we can get from here there's one that's right here and.

There's also one on the other side now be careful that you don't fall in these holes at least not yet we will be going down those holes as soon as I get this med pack but just so you know it is a.

Long fall we're going to be taking a serious amount of fall damage which is going to make this incredibly more difficult to get through without using a med pack there is also another shortcut here so I'm going to do is I'm going to save my game so that way I can reload back to here after I show you the shortcut and we can continue on what you want to do is go to this one right here okay if you try this on the other side you kind of just fall straight through and you die but this one it works really well what you want to do is we kind of want to stay on the edge here take a hop back and then just kind of do a run run off and grab and then she'll slide right on in to the end of the level and just fall through here and as you can see we're back in the same spot where we were to end the level so yeah clearly a falling down here is the end of the level and we will be doing that by the end of the level clearly haha alright I'll see you guys back at the spot alright so now that I've done that I'll show you the safest way to drop down here without taking minimal amount of damage joiners you want to fall off and grab this side not the other side where I did the trick you want to grab and you want to sue me all the way to the right and then as soon as you're at the very far right just let go and you'll take a lot of damage but that's fine that's not fatal we're trying to get to this about using the mid PEC so kind of makes it that awesome for the challenge okay now we got to deal with some Atlanteans gonna pop out of these eggs there shooters and stuff so we got to be careful we don't want to take any damage our goal here is no damage right now.

Unfortunately they are shooters and there's a lot of range here where you can dodge if they were bouncing around that'd be that make it a lot more difficult are there's another one right here this one's a little bit more difficult to try to avoid sometimes.

They'll come right at in that's a bad day when that happens we got all those. Guys saying care over here at the northwest corner of this room if you pick up the shotgun shells on the ledge it spawns this atlantean let's go over here and kill them and I just kind of run until shooters balls around you and you can just avoid all this project house that way now get close that's fine because you can heal up just bounce around but be careful because when you guys it does explode so you need to be wary of that if you're gonna try to minimize your damage all right so here is some more stuff each of the Hitler's here have stuff on them so just running around and grab all this stuff before. You leave this room now the only way out is there on the south side so make sure. You grab all this stuff and then head to the south get cool little view there of. This little area which is actually pretty cool looking now we come into this section we get a dart trap we got some lava spewing yeah just watch your step you can go into those over those areas over there you do you're going to pop some eggs which is really doesn't matter because going to pop later anyway so if you want to go do that that's fine if you were in first scare if you didn't know it was there I forewarned you what we want to do is want to kind of go toward this dart trap and then down this step now we're going. To find when we get down here is Atlanta maybe bouncing around all right so draw your pistols but I want to go to the top of these steps first so before I kill him because there is a little bug that I'll be using I guess I don't know if it's fair or not but I'm going to use it yeah it's kind of like to bounce around there in the wall I'm going to get free shots off at them so yeah I'll take it I'll take it let's go all the way down to the bottom here and we will find a door there this is a door now we're going to open this little later all that's behind there is a bunch of items so we don't need to go that way we do need to go in here because there's a lever we need to flip.

I'll take a look at all these guys chilling over here in the alcoves yeah.

That looks like fun let's go over here real quick and grab some shotgun shells and now this room has a bunch of levers in it just levers everywhere and we're going to pull all of them if you want all the kills and items if you don't want all the kills and I'll show you which ones that you the only ones you need to pull this is a lover that you do not need to pull you do not need to pull sorry what this lever does is it just spawns a centaur in the end I did that so I get that kill when I leave here so it's an extra fight that we can enjoy and you can see the items back there behind these Atlanteans now if you go try to grab those items you're gonna wake those guys up you have to fight them right next to you so don't do that what you want to do is wanna come up here you want to pull some of these levers if you're not really going for.

Kills and items and I'll show you which levers you want to pull you just really want to pull this one right here because I think it's this one that would be the wrong one okay you don't have to pull that one out and put that one opens the door to all the items this is the one that you want to pull this is the only one you need to pull a little to it will open up the way to the end of the level okay so fortunately we haven't woken up any of those other guys well we're going to wake them up now that's what these other levers do they wake them up so this one's going to wake up the far one so let's pull it real quick some shots off on now he's going to come up here maybe if his AI is working properly today but I'm gonna get this far over here on corn as possible so if he does take a charge of me he's got a long way to go to get looks like it didn't work out for him okay let's go pull this lever right here it's gonna do this thing's gonna wake up another guy so get ready to shoot at him looks like he's enough looks like he's a little smarter than his friend and that's good for his sake but fortunately I know a little trick we want to do is want to do this little thing I call dangled baton no see you're dangled a little bit and made him back to the ground and then as soon as he saw me we'll pull back up and it's opened fire as many shots off on him as I can or gets up here then we'll just mark dangle baton well we want to stay down I'm gonna stay down Laura there we go so a.

Great way to minimize damage there from these guys all right let's pick up the small med pack we got another lever here we got a pull and we got one more atlantean to fight after we do that okay. This guy looks like he's pretty smart too so no oh you turned around and you.

Just done right there dude thank you I successfully did that without taking any damage I showed you a really good way of doing that okay so let's go down here and grab all these items and then leave we've got some shotgun shells we.

Have two boxes of shotgun shells worth here in these alcoves they were being guarded by those crazy nuts guys and.

Some Magnum ammo so finally we pulled all the levers we open up all the doors that we needed to open you do not need to go this way this is going to be for items and stuff if you want I want to just go through the level you want to continue that way so let's go up here and get some kills and get some items now what I like to do is like to get up here now these guys are shooters so we're good on that draw your pistols or your whatever your whatever good range you need to either magnums or use these two that looks like I'm lagging a little bit oh there's a guy no I didn't get hit so I'm good I'd even realize he was there try it again.

Now you need to be careful cuz I don't know where his friend is oh gosh oh gosh there we go I'm not sure they want so.

We'll keep doing the same thing well well fortunately that wall doesn't kill you and they can't get down here where I'm at by the way I'm completely safe here let's get back up on this ledge this would be a whole different ballgame if these guys shot but they don't shoot so I have the advantage that's one guy down.

Whoa that pretty close we don't want to get hit right now we save as much life as possible because there's a spot later where we got to pick up some items and we spawn an Atlantian right on top of ourselves when we do it I knew as much life as possible to us prevent death so.

I'm gonna show you as many tactics as I possibly can to get through this without getting too much damage see this is why. I don't like puzzles only this is like this is ridiculous like this is the real qualms I had what he was only one shot away he had been dead a long time ago if they just used my mag I'm saying like come on man that is the columns I have with this is only and that's it honestly I think it's really a good challenge this good challenge do is just kind of boring so let's get these items shotgun shells and med packs.

All right and that's not all there's a bunch of items over here that we need to grab so we got a total of five pickups and two kills when we came in here and this is the whole area where you need to get the dart trap going off right there where we went down into the hallway and we also I told you if you when you enter the area if you want to cross the way you'd pop those eggs well these eggs are right here and as you can see they've already been popped so yeah all right let's cool let's go back going all the way back to that dart trap actually right now okay so if you didn't need items and you're still wondering where to go then this is the proper way to go we need to go back to the room where we fought three Atlanteans and we picked up a bunch of shotgun shells and a moment back this one right here and.

Fall off to our death in a lava pit because we won't pay attention all right I'll see you guys back at this spot ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Tomb Raider unfinished business the game where we die in weird and unexpected ways looks like the dart trap turned off after I reloaded the game or something over here is where the thing opened we. Can climb up this ramp but be careful because there is lava and there is an Atlantian crazy guy who will nuts all over the place out there just shoot him up this is the bait spot you want to bait them onto here in the in which will hop back just close only takes forever.

All right we got him out of the way go up here to the top maybe so climb this ramp okay now this area is pretty cool-looking if you want to take a look around is actually pretty cool design let's take a look around like we got a pixel thin wall right here and we also have just some lava back here and it's kind of open like what's the purpose of it really nothing it's just kind of awesome looking pretty cool all right so when we came into this section we just kind of want to turn around and pull ourselves up and we'll find another lava spew be careful just hop over here I took a little bit of damage from that that's fine I will live with it we want to climb up on the right side of this because there's going to be at lansing down here on this side that we're going to he's a shooter so some shots off and hot back we don't want him to have his a gun firing at us you can manage about four shots before you really need to hop back he's missing a little bit alright.

He's dead let's go down there and claim what he was guarding we got shotgun shells we've got a small med pack.

Sweet now that we have that the proper way to go is over there in that opening we can run and jump from here in order to get into their list aim basically.

What I'm looking for is I'm lining up Lara's ponytail with the opening and then I'm taking a running jump over into this section all right now we got to fight two Atlanteans so we have a dart trap here by the way just running jump you should be able to avoid the damage like that now before we break the plane and go into this water area we got to choose a the spot we want to go I'm gonna choose right here I'm gonna open up on this Atlanteans going to come crawling out of that corner there's one behind me too so I need to be careful partially bad giving shots off on this guy can anything is around the corner I took him out so where's the other guy he's over there these guys are being very calm on. Me as you can see the distance I'm it looks like let's give another sweet spot so that's always a good thing okay so we got this large water area let's fall into it you got some items down here we can get we got shotgun shells over here in this corner let's grab that and then.

We also have a small med pack over in this direction.

So let's grab this and now we're going.

To need to pull some levers they're not time so we might as well do it now but we are going to need some air before we go through the doors that they open okay so we're gonna pull this one and we're gonna pull it the next one this is for the second secret by the way all right I. Don't think you have enough air to actually pull the levers and then go get the secret all in one go I think you need to pull the levers and then go get some air before you go and get the secret just don't think you have enough breath for all that because there's so many items in there okay so the first lever showed us the door that opened and that happens to be the entrance of the secret and they gave us two levers to open both the doors there's actually two doors in here the second lever didn't show us any doors so but there's the door right there we enter in here and claim all of these items we got large medpac Magnum ammo shotgun shells the whole nine yards in the air as you can see that's why we needed as much breath as possible it takes time to pick all that stuff up sweet let's get out of. Here we have everything done that we need to do in here now what we're going to do is we're going to face off with a bunch of crazy nuts guys bouncing around all over the place I swear that's going to be interesting randomness factor with Mike will prevent me from doing this I'm going to save my game at a certain point here but I'll do it here in a little bit what we want to do is we want to pull this lever that we see right here take a hop back and then jump on to this box right here to protect ourselves from the Atlantians that are going to emerge from these two doors and there's only two Atlanteans only two of them sir now that's one it's there's the other one right there it's got some shots off on okay now these are not shooters they're not worried about them shooting at us we are worried about them hitting us and the side of the on the side of the ledge because they can hit us like if I'm standing right here if I'm now in the middle of the block that seems like they can't but I'm gonna do some baiting what I'm doing stand here on the edge and tap the circle button the roll button to get enough distance that all y'all have to do is uh jump backwards land on the block as soon as I see them just like this so that's a good tactic.

Oh no I fell off oh yes that was a bad I.

Should have lost it there okay let's one down we got get this guy down that's two down okay let's go get all the items that were in these doors reason why we opened these doors is to get the kills and to pick up all of these shotgun shells that are behind the door here. Alright so if you take a look around you. Notice that there's two other ways you can go from here if you already confused it why didn't these two doors take me anywhere I tried so hard to figure out how to open them with the switch that's right in front of them um yeah there's two different ways you can go you got this way right here and when you come in here you'll notice oh yeah oh yeah we do have to fight all of them as well and by pulling the switch open the door behind them but not doesn't actually open them there's just some items back there I'm surprised it's not a secret but what we want to do in order to open activate all those guys when a computer the switch now this is where I'm going to save my game because this randomness factor alright and we'll.

Pull the switch activate all four I'm taking the hot back I'm taking the hot to the right Kalama tall no I did not want to fall in the water that wasn't supposed to happen that's fine it's plot right here we're trying not to get these guys to shoot we do not want to get these at all shooters all four of them are shooters just want them to do that basically I kind of be all over here in the lower left-hand corner of this tile whenever I see a guy coming here he's gonna go hot back get some shots off on them probably the best way to do this I'm not sure it's kind of hard to it was easy to dodge them but sometimes everyone smile you get one of those guys it has to stand right there and shoot at you let's get rid of him all right so.

This going to take a while guys so I'll put the annotation so you can skip this if you don't know I sit here and watch me shoot these guys for a while I might actually fail and have to do it all over again too so we will see that this is a tactic that seems to work for me pretty well all I'm doing I'm not.

Even turning Lara at all on this counter jumping back and forth letting I'm not even holding while I'm not even keeping my lock on any of them I'm letting go of my rock right away as soon as I leave the room just unlocking anybody can come in here.

By the way you want to count how many you kill you want to count explosions okay going to be four explosions you need to make sure you have for them but there's one I'll need to make sure we get all four because if we don't that we count four and we actually only kill three then we're going to have a problem oh I took a little damage that's fine I should still be fine we'll see though.

All right that's two two explosions make sure we get four total explosions this.

Guy might be trying to trip me out making me think he's the last one but he's probably not I know is not hey we.

Got one more one more explosion is necessary see they like the trick yeah I.

Like to think they don't they aren't there but there there he is there I know the fight run out of here you just destroy me. Come at me man and there we go all of them are taken care of we now can go into this water.

Claim some items now I still need to go get those small med bags from behind where all of them were but there are two pickups of shotgun shells in these waters that I'm going to grab it and then there's a lever down here and this is going to open up a door if you would have explored in that area where I was doing the tactic to kill for those crazy guys you want to notice a door up above and this lever opens that door that leads back out into the main area where we started this level at so let's pour.

Ourselves up we still need to pull this switch this switch is going to open up the other door in the main area you would have remember there were two doors that I kind of just blew pass and show you where they're at but they're in that main area and you may have noticed them when you played your game get back here this where the four Atlantians stood and we have this door that's opens go back here and grab some small med packs all.

Right now let's head out of here we got everything we need we're going to go up the stairs now and out into the main area and we're getting pretty close to down this level this is a long level so.

Alright here we go here's this door and it's going to open out now we did spawn another Atlantean when we came when we up came in here so let's kill him real quick I think he is actually a shooter I.

Don't think he got close enough to shoot me though but that doesn't matter okay now we got to go in here we got to fight another Atlantean now be careful because there's a little bug where if you're walking he'll start shooting Lara starts running okay so keep that in mind and I want to shoot this guy but I want to walk to the edge also now if you're holding me up the action button and you start walking then you should you you won't do that you won't go over the edge so you can still use this - all right well dang it I want to get my lock on this guy there we go alright now we got to just keep doing this oh he got me this is bad I have don't have a whole lot of life now just going to keep doing this right here.

I'm still going to try it I'm still going to try to do this without using that peg even though I have about the threshold of health that I need all right let's run and jump over here where we see this large med pack we're going to grab all these items now if you fell down on the water you can still get back up here there is a Ledge down there where you see the switch kind of in the upper left-hand corner of the screen you see a switch there's ledges down there that'll let you get back up here so that in mine let's go up here and grab this large med pack that they hit over here in this corner and this will grab those shotgun shells over down here on this ledge we do actually want to go in the water now you don't need to stay up here jump.

Grabbing the air will slide in to grab the shotgun shells and then we can fall in this water we'll get that switch here in a little bit now you see these 200 water level levers we don't necessarily need to pull them just yet we'll get one of them here in a second let's grab the two Magnum pickups that are in the water here. Alright now remember you are limited on breath let's go over here and pull the left lever the one on the left side kind of hard to line up I think there's a little bug on it but if you just kind of tap the circle button in the direction that you need to align yourself toward then she'll swim a little bit in that direction and she won't go all the way now opens this door and I believe it is a time door I don't remember but the timer so long that just swim over and grab the items and leave the door maysha I don't think it's shut behind you so it won't shut you in I don't think they ever shut you in in these two meter games that would be mean pop or head out.

Of the water here oh quick grab some air then we're going to actually just pull ourselves out we do want to pull the switch we need to pull this switch because it's going to open up the door into the next area and there's two ways you can go from here you can either continue to climb up remember this is at once which I say that you can climb up from you can jump and grab that ledge right there where the shotgun shells were and then get on the ledge and climb up but if you do that you miss a kill and you miss some items so we're gonna get those items and get those kills actually I don't think you miss any kills but regardless let's go this way and pull this lever this time this is going to open up that other door alright let's go over there and swim through that now that is also a time door but the timer's still pretty long so you don't worry about it too long too much grab shotgun shells on the ground there and we'll come around this corner to find Magnum ammo right here in this little area they tried to hide it a little bit sneaky people surface here you may notice that. There is a door down in the water to the right as I'm facing right now we will be going in there and we'll just some Magnum ammo that's back there alright so we got the spike pit we're going to want to walk through this as usual we're going to go all the way to the end over here and take a right at the slope we'll find a lever and a small med pack this lever is going to open up the door in the water that I just mentioned and the time door so we got to pull it and we got to make our way over there now I'm going to walk through these spikes I basically rolled and then took a normal step forward and then I started walking to this ledge right here be careful because if you don't jump right you'll land right on the spikes you want to land in this water and swim through this door pick up the Magnum ammo ok the door.

Opens or yeah once you're in there. Climb back out in the spike pit this time we want to go over this way we're.

Going to get some more items and eventually get out of here to kill some enemies we're almost to the end of this guy's we hop over here on the left side it seems like I don't take any damage so that's good grab some items we got Magnum Clips right there pull ourselves up onto this tile and turn around all right I'm not sure what that shimmy ledge right there is for it seems like it just takes you over to that slope where you can slide off and kill yourself so that's pretty mean of them but haha just do a standing jump up to this ledge and we'll grab some Magnum ammo okay now we.

Want to do a running jump over to the next ledge straight across from it up. Over on this ledge right here there's a small med pack like I said in the last video and a couple last videos there's just items and enemies everywhere in these expansion levels so expect you know a bunch of stuff to do all right this this slope that I'm standing on is also this you can stand on it so just so you know that all right I've been playing for a little while I think I'll save my game just for we're getting toward the end here save it real quick and then I pulled myself up and I took a step forward now I'm going to angle myself to the left and then jump so that way I land on this pile right here if I don't do that then I probably fall through and down onto the spikes which is bad and it's a bad endeavor all right so we have to fight in Atlantian you see the shotgun shells over here in the distance we don't want to go grab those just yet take our pistols out or whatever you need and let's try to get in this guy's sweet spot if we roll there we spawn this guy looks like fire.

That's fine just dodge it stuff and shoot them up all right let's go grab this stuff right here and now this is the part where I spawn atlantean after I pick up an item that's like pretty much right on top of me he's actually going to spawn over in that crevice that's between Lara's legs right now and yeah we got to run and get out of here so I'm gonna veer to the left to dodge that bullet because I knew it was coming I tried over here without taking too much damage let's fire him up hey shooting at me someone I dodge oh no he's right here okay guys well at least I saved not too far from here I'll see you guys back at this spot we'll fight this guy our guy's a badass file it's CFO we can outmaneuver this guy this time pick up the items dear to the left to dodge the bullet alright here we go this is what I.

Was looking for jump oh you hit that.

Should be fine Banzai don't get hit the rest of the level this is this is the only damage that expect the res the level so but we'll see about that ah he's finally dead let me go ahead and save my game salon to put up with that again cuz that's pretty difficult I mean.

Randomness it's the randomness factor that gets me on that stuff I already. Picked everything up over here alright well whatever let's go over here that's the way we want to go we were re over here at this side we just want to keep going up here and I got some lava we gotta take we got a void cuz I don't have very much life oh got hit a little bit that not much a little bit there too but we're still good we're still alive let's go grab the shotgun shells that are on the floor here you still have to fight a centaur too by the way one of those big guys two wing guys and a centaur there's all the entities that are left in here pull ourselves out of here we got to fight the flappy dudes out here they'll spawn as soon as you enter here across the way I'll wait to pick up these items I really want to take these guys out you know I have like no health.

Last one just blow up.

Completely all right let's grab all these items that are sitting around here we get shotgun shells large med pack and then we got Magnum clips or across the way these are the last pickups in this level let's grab the mag ammo there on.

The ledge now what we want to do after.

This camera angle is we want to kind of go all the way to the corner here there's kind of showing you the hole in that pyramid it's the other hole that you need to go into the only one you haven't been through yet and this is how I like to line her up for this jump you kind of put the a so the pyramid the point that's closest to you for the blot the tile that you need to go through needs to be just underneath her right loin okay so if it's right if it's touching a right line that means you're in the right spot to do a running jump do not dive because there's a bug if you dive into this one it's fall all the way down and into the water and it's fight this final scent our final battle with a sliver of light will I do it where's he at where is he there he is. Oh I don't I'm okay I'll see you guys.

Back in spot please gentleman I've arrived back at the Centaur fight let's do this all we have to do is not get hit we can get him in the right spot you can do the jump tactic where is he I know he ran back in.

This direction here you go there he is here we go it's pretty much game over in this guy unless you land one lucky shot which.

Doesn't look like it's going to happen.

There it is okay so finally we're in the ending section of this now in order to end the level one of these directions has the eggs that I'm not sure which way I'm facing here it is over here eh this is the only way to go the only path pull the lever to end the level lays gel and I bast games and this has been in LAN teen stronghold no med packs pistols only all kills all pickups all secrets and took me about 35 minutes it appears so I will see you guys in the final level of Tomb Raider unfinished business we get one more level to go so I'll see you guys there take it easy.





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