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FIFA 19 The Journey Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Journey Continues (Full Game)

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FIFA 19 The Journey Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Journey Continues (Full Game)

FIFA 19 The Journey Walkthrough Part 1 - FIFA 19 Journey 3 Gameplay from PC version Chapter 1


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The football season is underway and that means a brand new FIFA FIFA 19 is out and today we're checking out the journey I've done fever journey from FIFA 17 I've done it from FIFA 18 all up on the channel the journey of Hunter continues Danny Williams Kim hunter Alex on saw the journeys conclude in this game leave a big ol thumbs up on this episode this try and get 5,000 likes perhaps even more than that I don't know but let's jump in let's go previously on the journey you're serious about going pro you're gonna have to make football your life I just love.

Playing football it's all I know how to do good luck on the new season tears image is emerging this morning of Hunter wearing a real Madrid it's not a chance.

For a new beginning it's like a.

Different world out here.

Educate man thanks for having me so I'm sure it's after the game I will see what I can do you think play it out just keep up the good work don't be getting 2000 buy those Hollywood lights alright dad didn't know you played yeah.

But all I'm doing is fighting every inch of the way to play the game I love well well well look who's back from everyone's watching me waiting for me to be the next Alex hunter it's time to stop and try to make everybody laugh it's time to start earning some respect apparently some of the big guns in Europe have been sniffing around you Atletico PSG fire I'd like to talk to.

You about your future as a player.

Yes sir have a good match I will.

And of course bernard to come by a jimmy-boy no other than the first 99 don't be thinking up again it now my son Jim hunter oh my god oh my go Jim hunter Oh.

Play for West Ham against Coventry as.

His hundredth go hundred goal Jim hunter grandad hunter were planners right now oh that is incredible it's muddy it's gritty proper fuck yes not these dive it's not name why we just fall low just falls over when he gets a slap bit of breath on him no pop a football this is awesome also we control the whole team I don't like there now I like to just control the one player it just feels.

Right Jim little bit of space hit oh.

Maybe one more goal this is a final I don't know it feels like a big game look at the hair Regis as Jim hunter in the box.

Good goalkeeper I love hats even it's blurry as well that's not full HD I'll say that Oh Jim answer again what a game he's everything beautiful the mud Papa grass proper grass it doesn't.

Really muddy as well I just want to kick a ball on that pitch but that's me it's.

Fair it's going up in the sky mate a couple of double deckers and it looks.

Like we're on the horizon for yet another change FIFA has announced that for the 1970 World Cup they're going to introduce red and yellow cards as a way to manage the game better two yellow cards would equal a red and any red card would see the player sent off for the rest of the game and potentially banned from following fixtures no confirmation about this is yet whether it'll come in the first division or not but it's going to be very interesting to see how liberal the referees are with the use of these cards I hope we don't see games of seven against seven oh no oh come to.

City might be in Ligue 1 right now how the mighty have fallen there whatever that well they will good. There weren't many enlighted for example appeal always that it's coming Jim go.

Lost my left I might have a shot what a.

Complete waste all the players look.

Absolutely knackered they are tired look at the boom that's not a circle ball they always talk about the new balls being round been Sark or been perfectly shaped that is not round that's almost like a square it's crazy they used to. Play like this that's why players like Pillay Bobby Moore us so respected no no he's like.

Almost like the gaff with prison a kid he looks exactly like him it's like a very dodgy moustache he looks evil it just does princess he could walk up he's actually called Walker what's is actually called Walker I don't know if careful Walker's gonna be in this game or not I have not seen him in trailers will feature at some point probably in need Danny Williams story.

They are score again well he's struggling to keep the ball here that was a poor pass get the ball back come on Jim come on guys use up all your energy keep this lead do not give up nice that's it.

Run run run run where's Jim there he is pass it off some. Of my postures would shock him I've got up my game no that's not who I. Passed her pastor Jim Jim just left it oh yeah no cuts vote.

Oh what's that lone goal they're pretty.

Good defending still winning nine minutes is now up can we finish it off and come on whistle for full time eights.

What does I'd like to see Jim underscore again.

Look come on whistle for full time Jesus this Ref clearly no West Ham fan yes.

Disappointing result for Coventry especially considering how well they played over the first 50 or 60 minutes that this game will be remembered for Jim hunters 100 career goal what a way to mark the milestone with a crapper of ivali thanks for joining us here we hope to see you again next time I'm put a little bit biased but Jim hunter we're in the West Ham kit just feels right I'm sorry it just does it really does Oh what intro loved it.

As well incredible I can't believe they.

Played football on the telly back in the stone Age's yeah tell you one clan that was a proper plan can't even get a rise out yeah you're all business as usual 12 hours before one whistle disappointing results of Coventry especially considering how well they played over the first 50 or 60 minutes but this game would be remembered the gem hunters 100 career goal what a way to mark the milestone with a crapper of ivali thanks for joining us here we hope to see you again next time I'm put a little bit biased but Jim hunter we're in the West Ham kit just feels right I'm sorry it just does it really does Oh what intro loved it.


As well forget what is incredible I.

Can't believe they played football on the telly back in the stone Age's yeah tell you what grand that was a proper play can't even get a rise out of you you're all business as usual of course back. Then we didn't have all the fuss you lot get these days you know we played for 150 quid a week if we won to us it was. All about just playing a game hmm Hey look at that squeezes our nut Hey no easy keeping a shot like that one target should I get going hello traffic hey hey.

Let me help you in a bag Jim don't you worry about that you stay there and I've got the backs take it I gave it to you.

Well with then share the luck just give it back when you're finished though we gotta catch this plane I cannot miss it or Butler will have my head I can't believe you gave me time off for training as it is I cannot believe that last time I drove to LAX we're gonna Japan you want.



You're training up until now should give you the confidence to move forward with your full potential the women here are the ones we want to take all the way to France but to get there you have to earn it every day butterflies right I hate.

Them personality so that's back where you get to pick different options also John Watson was in that commentary by the way like that first game he did retire last year but it's so good to hear that voice again it's so good what let's be let's.

Be a bit nerdy why not I just want to. Show them what I can do time to go to work so nervous I'm nervous all right first day with the developmental program I don't even think I can kick a ball right now look it's cool everyone here's nervous even you Shh a bit yeah sure you made a.

Heck of an impression against Germany I know we don't win you change the game when you came on yeah but this isn't a friendly is it and I'm like the youngest one here are you trying to make me feel old no you ready hunter chomping at the bit coach all right well show me ladies line up at the cones passing patterns time to. Impress the coach this is the is the World Cup qualifiers not qualifiers but they pick who's the who's the best who's the best player in that position they will pick you a heroes attributes will grow based on the way you play and how you perform in training training also allows you to target specific attributes for improvement as you increase the hero's / rating your unlock skill plants use them to unlock unique player traits all right let's work on our basic ground.

Path sounds good very basic press I a.

Simple simple does it it won't pass him. Too I think it's up to me and power of.

What they is that weird arrow thing that is confusing me you know might be the assist I don't quite know actually pasta.

Mold Oh keep it simple ladies that is Abby get.

An A here we go Smurf it my bad. You can't retry it but we got an A so we don't need to we impressed shooting basics although I'm gonna screw this up on I I'm so gonna screw up I know I am oh there we go I'm gonna hit the target there's a barrier in the way but man I'm pitting these well oh no soon as I said that it's the bit - Oh ma'am yeah let's go soon as I hit that I start to screw up one more attempt that's C. I'm gonna try again uh so I tried again and got a d yay that's struggled with that I don't know why are you don't press a fool to be under pressure alright my slight sack will this looks import by guarantee it's not alright is simple let's try get an eye on this Oh perfectly timed she's actually running very slowly when.

I'm smashing this right now so what to eighties and add a bit mixed.

Look I'll take your time what's a rush mmm nicely done perfect. See ya two A's and a D a bit mixed but I. Think it's a positive overall. Oh that's embarrassing so birth so my jealousy went up bull control and dribbling good work ladies some good work indeed meeting stillness uh bench but at least we're actually in the team so that best thumbs up for that loose one only reserves.

So in case you missed it I believe we started the game roughly in November or December and we've gone back to July so that's preseason Danny Williams will play for the Premier League club of your twist each club has a different expectation or rewards for some clubs it may be easier to make the starting eleven but way to do some bonuses maybe lower so it's all up to you I'm gonna go with West Ham again that's the team I've picked throughout the whole of my career on the journey so I'm gonna stay the same so Austin's 2.6 Chelsea is three.

Point one think might have to be the highest club goal in the league Wow Crystal Palace pretty low ever since. Finishing the top four ouch that's a bit tricky I live a full two point six three thousand four men City yes Josie's the highest that's surprising my friends anyway yeah let's ten so finish in the top six that's odd so extra-- three hundred pounds per go starting again extra bonus of 1000 and club goal if you reach the club goal an extra 65,000 and for a cup run eighteen thousands so I'm guessing we got to Chelsea the bonuses are bigger as well yeah not massively bigger but pretty decent West Ham is though I'm loyal to the end he's like training floor and ending your.

Season Michael what are you late anyway well just came from a meeting with Roger about investment opportunities and you know you got to speculate to accumulate and all that and everything right what are you doing it what types of meetings at my own bat me number one clients your only client you mean what.

You saved the best to last in you that's what you did alright so what is it cuz I've gotta get to training or really a Fuller's gonna me from like Danny I know last season wasn't quite how he planned it doesn't mean to say you're not a good player just it takes time to work while you're. Trying to say Michael truth is clubs in.

Two minds about you.

Oh this is not good this is really not.

Good I'm in luck Adele well then I guess it's. Time to start knuckling down and put a few double sessions under my belt now you're talking like a proper pro starting with preseason am i right go and show this club your indispensable and remember you my number one client go on Danny iced the hate Danny yeah well training I just absolutely.

Love Danny Williams please such a cool go here I want to see him do well hopefully no pressure strain yeah oh.

Look at that squad Andy Carroll this smaller zinnias Lezyne is in the reserves are you taking the mick well this is gonna be interested in a very very small pitch I love I love how he's.

Doing keep you up is oh my god that's not good start that's really not good such a small pitch oh we went in nice ah.

Come on such cheap goes. Such a small pitch it's incredible oh I'll go really go on Williams I really.

Want to win this it's hard to explain how much actually want it oh what a hit Anderson on fire like the best season so. Far but he's training well no no no good. Good block Glen zeny oh good save.

And again stop it with a Salesman I can't see us cause now oh he doesn't Anderson a would not miss that low wonderful run lovely fur ball still pretty even though oh nice have a shot.

One more less it's over with one Danny Williams no no no no no no done did this.

Thunder this no no I still want to win this no don't you dare oh you are kidding me right now I had a to go cushion and add her back into it sit oh.

Anderson with a final goal puts so much effort in that piece so that would be either an A or an F there's no in-between and we won nice just about that was close a little bit too close.

Anything got up no just a tiny bit of improvement I mean it was just a bronze training session nothing special oh so Danny Williams has.

Gone from the sub bench to the spine 11 in one training session not bad not bad at all in a month two tops.

You're right mate so have we got a deal.

Sweet sweet yeah yeah I'll swing by with the paperwork to self oh yeah all right so you my friend are the new face of.

McMillan's fish and chip shops have sausage' all the fish and chips you can eat 28 locations across england just call me the dawn of deals you mean McMillan's villans fish and chips from Millie's the place we used to eat every day lilies are very same yeah and they're.

Giving you a choice between a radio commercial and a photo shoot for ads in print like you know how it is which will it be key decisions during their journey.

Harris will be confronted with important decisions some of our decisions will determine the fate of certain countess key decisions are irreversible well so consider them carefully so what do I want to do radio or picture Danny will call a radio commercial which his teammates will likely hear Danny would do a photo shoot for the tip shot um radio hey get me on the radio hey adidas.

Is next door I'm telling you build up your reputation few trophies few more men of the matches and the Williams will be a household name maybe that's a D - now Danny Boy the.

Pipes the pipes are calling oh look it's. Roger the Dodger business manager extraordinaire it's Ringo Oh oh yeah my mistake of course nobody has ever called you Ringo you can't just make up your own nickname it doesn't work like that you fought it's what all the lads called me at school when I was playing the drums hello you played the triangle once in the school orchestra and you got that wrong oh it was toys business actually very.

Good Michael Roger here has just got me Ringo brand new endorsement McMillan's fish and chips we used to eat there all the time back in the day didn't we Roger yeah yeah well speaking of deals I just got a meeting in the diary about your contract extension they are the last preseason game so play out your skin in the Far East and we could be in business oh no pressure a pole your future depends on this Danny.

Alex hunters team Excellency will play for a top European club he could play for West Hamlin anyway the manage expectations to make the start 11 will be similar of each club however the wages and bonuses would if ur select the European club you'd like Alex hunter to sign with so in the last game FIFA 8 seen as with pH D so if I can do the same I'm down for that so annoyingly Pierce ting is actually the lowest in terms of weekly wage but the bonuses are pretty good so 1.7 to start over a thousand extra for scoring a goal if we week if we reached the club goal we get 110 thousands which is a lot of money yeah I'm gonna PSG I'm gonna keep it going.

Won't be the same around here without Dino I trust we're all feeling rested and are.

Ready to work because today we train hard source this the same lineup will show all players in their current standings increase and managers rate in by performing well in matches so we're currently in the started living already I bet so measure rates in will increase my chances of being in the starting eleven which obviously gets extra money we get to play more games so we're gonna choke hopefully impress the manager in 11 verses 11 and hopefully impress him on the pre-season tour as well oh that's not a great stuff lovely there they go quite to plan I've got to be confused there with the colors orange yellow I don't want the team was I had no idea and then they conceded lovely I want to. Control just Alex hunter why is that so hard oh well.

Good fruit border I next make a good run like that's not a good run and that's a terrible pass lovely and the way they just read that through what is going on right now it's like I don't exist so this team is not even come on how is it.

Seem and embed perfect name on both from the same team come on Alex get into a good spot up and cross it in go on Alex ah just moved in front in front of your. Man should have moved off site really I.

Thought all right fine not going very.

Well so far I'm not gonna lie it calm Alex please be free oh really he's on science it's so hard to like time the runs I just want to be Alex hunter keep saying it's like ten million times but I don't know why I'm controlling every player this is the journey this is not PhD journey well into the first half very frustrating um yeah just not great a nice answers got a score a goal basically yeah this is not what I expected I hoped it was a journey I could control Alex hunter always been punted a sub bench oh shoot was it one half shoot it flash.

In it those super agents are all the same do anything to get what they want less give her a chance here Conrad.

Alex so good of you to meet me miss Vil B this is my agent Michael mr. Taylor.

The force behind rising stars I have followed your work for many years a nurturer of raw talent it is a pleasure to finally meet you they do a scallop seviche hair which is simply unparalleled I'd recommend should we cut to the chase thing of course Alex I'm.

Sure as mr. Taylor may have already told you there comes a time in a player's career when they transcend the sport in which they excel they become a brand within their own right think Cristiano Ronaldo cr7 but this is only possible if.

You have the right team off the pitch as well as on it yeah Alex already has a team behind them sir one man does not constitute a team mr. Taylor a player like Alex needs a team working behind the scenes to get the most out of his career we do not afford such attention on all our clients only the special ones Alex my team and I had.

Villanova and associates can offer you a chance to become more than just a football player like a robot with dollar signs in Arabic on mr. Tanner please. Take a moment to think about it Tim I understand it's a big decision Alex but I must take this if you'll excuse me max yes I'm with him right now how are things progressing with Sergio shoot excellent sounds like she knows what she's talking about Michael my own brand.

What you know I've been around long enough to know a COO when I see one what are you talking about Beatrix Villanova does not share clients with anyone been offered a scallop seviche in a poison pill don't you let me guess is transfer here or in that's Marcus Tamara to help broker the deal one of those super agent types yeah well I am NOT going down that road again Alex it's me or her how what that's the last straw.

Oh don't say I know I'm disappointed in.

Michael I am disappointed but she could be mother thing you know I appreciate everything you've done for me Michael so. Recently I've just started to feel like maybe it's time to take things to the next level you know what you know I think I can take you there Marlin Pete could be good for us you could work together do you honestly think she has any intention of working with me soon as she gets her foot in the door she'll try to get shot at me you mark my words now this is a this is a path I can't follow you down.

What she's offering you it's gonna take some major sacrifices on your buyer you need to be ready for that your.

Beginnings are never easy Alex but sometimes we have to let go of the past to grab hold of the future.

Alright then my football yep am i one of the best players in the world I'll say ok then I am the Sultan of stepovers Christiano announcer well maybe in his dream you wish you wish.

You'll be saying that when we buy you in the Tokyo International behave you know that trophies gone they will seems the.

Plan is working I annex dad said you were climbing the walls back home waiting to hear about the color flags but well the plan was working dad until you brought it up so dad did you give me. What's the semies feel big bro this annoying Scouts works never done that's for sure so are you guys on talk anymore uh yeah yeah you can see right we better be getting off kin Oh get some shut-eye my clock is upside down your dad should get some rest too they've got big matches coming up double.

Or quits okay am i a celebrity yes okay sports.

Right there's some advance forwards I'm guessing pre-season is about to start yes you can customise your heroes that Danny Kim and Alex hunter you get also. Get particular items based off your personality and also your followers and earnings so it's good to pretty pick one personality traits unlock all those particular items and in perhaps move on so I might do that's right I'm not really that fast what's the objectives so alone each chapter has optional objectives see unlock stuff ultimate team also bonuses within journey as well achieve an average match rates in of 7.5 with Danny on pre-season there's also one hidden objective I've got no idea what it is also achieve a B or better in each of Kim's basic training girls so found out ready I got D fantastic cheers game lovely let's do a little bit of customization so for example the wardrobe is how you look in the cutscenes with just unlocked with a.

Ripped blue denim look good I believe.

Most of this stuff might be in the last game I'm not quite sure jackets 1.2 million followers what L is crazy.

That is absurd play one match I can do that that's quite simple let some shoes there as well in terms of the kit you can go for normal tire team fit up to right waist tucked in or untucked I reckon tucked in yeah all tricky though.

For sure perhaps to do a long sleeve in the winter may be boots boots are looking pretty good and I might go for these ones these are ocean storm and have some boots nice and Brett's socks higher the sock height I'll go for high I like how that Nami looks ankle tight I might match that with a nice yellow tape I got wrist you got gloves pretty much for winter but I think we're now ready actually no we're not appearance we have some haircuts what the hell that is scary that is very scary oh man man bun what day is crazy.

That is not pursue him at all I might go for baby is looks pretty good you can't go for some tattoos again I think these might been in the FIFA 18 customization as well tribal all rows sweet tribal band 10 all row a bit why.

Not I will of course add some more if you guys want to suggest anything let me know and just make sure you look at these new boots the next pair of boots which are brand new apparently just unlock them ah Paul Pope was predator 18-plus nice Amerika Amerika versus West Ham stick for July 2018 we need to get a lot more followers those followers that that's a low follower count and they've Terry Williams that is Danny Williams is brother which apparently plays football heard you're going to see that the fields in Tokyo beanpole Wow your club gets hit food poisoning or something if you've learned to play maybe a family reunion in the final Wow the evil brother lovely so. That's our team got the zeny pan as a cam we've got Anderson on the Left Bernard is back and gelo are also back in the team from the last game as well they are not a part of West Ham just in journey yeah let's play I'm paying up front as I'm not gonna present seem and play purely as Denny Williams cuz that's how you must was supposed to play the journey alright alright big welcome to you all pleasure to have your company for this match in this preseason tournament here in Osaka in Japan and the results important today to decide which team will get into the final again of course all these players Danny Williams included will be having one eye on the big kickoff to start the Premier League season and nobody wants to miss out on that so they'll be eager to impress out here today not sure at the haircut is I now have been battling the zone I'm now how about success 90% Williams is tall out front Ahmed son we need some goals losing knee.

Come on it's it's not the quickest / in. The world which I was expressing about at least a shot best at least this'll gave up bori back i petitioned and today williams isn't exactly the quickest player in the world his game today on the lane road his plan he can manipulate the ball super bleep play up to war seems as if it's on a string at times Mancini so company get on the boom wait. In the box rushing it here looking from one side to the other stupas the goalie a back cause a bad pass don't give me that play here with that interception put me a little bit early I'm the Zini I'm not gonna lie nice boy now he's a.

Tall fellow so he can definitely do that I have to say Alan we've had a terrific journey out here to visit the America is.

Under pressure.

I'll take it in striker Tommy linkers what what is that no I'll take it yeah yo me Lenny Williams take that.

I honestly didn't see that I feel that the refs are credibly sensitive in this game or in a really good show my very.

17.2 sorry Oh proper towel. Doing belly defending Ally this.

Defendant not too bad you're winning as a team I just want a 7.5 for Demi pretty.

Good first half I don't really I was apparently I don't really see anything when I was playing but there we go. Five shots free on target definite have more of the ball jockey your opponents avoid committing and diving attempt to pass the ball rather than giving up position to your opponents I am sorry manager I'm trying my best and zd1 designee oh good pass that should have. Been an assist to be honest I would have loved that ball myself we've got keeping though last-ditch goalkeeping we do have across our corner sorry at the moment we.

Are on 7.3 another Milla's 7.3 we're.

Winning the game it could be a lot worse.

Another corner I think what did it.

Bounce something what the bounce back.

It's all sweat deflection on the defender now and the boss of lots of Earp a more ideal boom burnout Oh an.

Assist 8.5 yes my game is over.

That was a beautiful assist a wonderful fruit wall and he buried it on the back of the net so that means we are solely.

Performance and not a goal from Danny Williams but 8.5 got a look from the bright side that's all you can do 8.1 again assist those actual one of my targets didn't realize whoops and win the match wasn't you know about getting the goal just by hitting that target 6.8 gained the assist and win the match all ticks around managers gonna be impressed with that yes who's my other match looks like it's your Malenko which I'm guessing is understandable Bernard also got a point six good performance waterfront lads.

Right so now we switch over to Alex hon so I'm gonna leave it there thank you I switch ins episode though hope you guys enjoyed it Pearce G is next with Alex and I cannot wait over 370,000.

Followers so you can see the comparison between Danny and Alex Alex the superstar Danny's the up-and-coming potentially who knows I'll see you guys soon and Bob ice

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