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Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs FULL GAME Movie 100% Longplay (PS3, X360, Wii, PS2, PC)

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Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs FULL GAME Movie 100% Longplay (PS3, X360, Wii, PS2, PC)

Ice Age 3 FULL GAME 100% Walkthrough Longplay

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All right little pizzas since your parents have left me in charge it's the babysitter I thought I would tell you a bedtime story wait a minute I'm here too yes Diego but only one of us has real experience as a parent Syd you were.

Never a parent what's to those weren't even your kids they would dinosaur eggs.

Oh the real mother almost chomped you anyways what is this upon a time while.

Your parents were waiting for the special day for you to be born actually your mother and I'm your uncle Diego here we're waiting your father was freaking out yes yes he was but he did have the idea to surprise.

Ellie with a great present in honor of your arrival and good thing too because he was making Ellie nervous you should never make a momma mammoth nervous he.

Got me in your uncle's crashing that he just got around and find the crystals he needed but we'd have to do it all and yeah but first they had to wake you up that was the hard part.

It said he's waked awake means eyes open crash is that a sloth with poor toes or.

Toes ah who for toes said glad you're up we need to help you.

Need you to distract Ellie so we can sneak out this is a top-secret mission.

Seek admission Roger I'm Eddie come on mammals we're sneaking here.

This is the perfect moment to distract Ellie.

This is the perfect moment to distract le belly talking hey sit you're awake is.

It noon already ha ha that's a good one I say le done that's the sudden feel anymore Mike idiot no not really.

Why are you sure cuz you got a real age soak in said my eyes are stinging good.

Your technique is working Syd come on.

For outstanding swathi service in the field of sneakiness we salute you now to.

Find a baby gift forelli what wait a minute that's the secret mission.

Follow us and jump over that log.

Flap that shrub and see what it's got.

Let's try over here sit follow us.

Oh look a perfect gift said you've got to get that crystal guy I'm a sloth.

We're not known for a physical prowess yes but you're a tree sloth ah then make.

Way for the expert SID does it hurt only only when I breathe or dois good.

Thing ow owie it's a gift and your baby is on it.

Oh wow it's beautiful you guys know what goes best with crystals parmesan nope.

More crystals I saw some through that passage.

Cross over the tree and explore away are you sure this tree is solid walking on.

It's the best way to find out good luck.

Easy does it.

Try your hand at slam for here said.

Wow oh we've been spotted.

Sin you got to defend us me how pretend you're knocking down more bushes yeah.

Not angry rabbit beavers we'll be right behind you.

Whoa shit you are on fire yeah but right now we.

Gotta get past that Boulder oh wait let me guess.

You want me to move it with that stick see you are on fire okay guys I'm on my.


Yeah a cobweb come on Syd follow us what we need is some fine.

Bounce on the mushrooms to reach the fire careful don't bounce off the.


You're almost there.

This smoke this not get back down here by sledding on that ice.

Fire check cobweb this one follow us.

Today's your lucky day boys have I got an offer for you and you and what an.

Offer I got for you not now Tony we are on a mission Josie.

Sure yeah but you're gonna need supplies I got you fruits you gadgets the whole shebang so I've never even seen half of shebang how do you even keep a whole.

Shebang in this wedding talk fast fast Tony listen up and I'll tell you how you.

Yes you can buy items anywhere in the world.

Welcome to the trade check whatever you want fast Tony can hook you up now that.

Is the meaning of upgrade keep looking there's got to be something you can't.

Live without you don't look like the type of wants to buy that the type ticket you got the basics down already up fast Tony likes a quick learner Sid.

Let's go collect them berries in trade him for anything in this shop.

Sit up there the crystal Oh.

Who goes there nobody important is cheap for yourself oops well whoever you are you'll have to get past God's Park okay Syd you heard.


Watch out more hogs here comes it's to the extent not done yet you think with.

Your low hogs round here you have defeated the last of the Mohawks but now.

Your destiny lies to the noise I said Boulder take this stick and and use it.

To clear the big rock.

Whoa Ellie won't be able to take her eyes off that crystal assuming her eyes are open guys let me get it you sure about this.

Oh yeah I got it I got it should we do anything.

He'll be fine Wow another crystal pieces but you weren't expecting that courtesy.

Of air sloth thanks guys you're really taking her mind off her swollen ankles I heard there's another crystal by the edge of the cliff.

Wait up guys going kind of fast there oh yeah it is a.

Long way down when you look at it shit we found another crystal but it's tucked.

Up on a Ledge but that's no big deal cuz it's being guarded by birds natch.

Bird you nerd.

Let's go crash push on it come on crystal if that even is your real name.

Spotty oh well look after the crystal and you look after those birds.

Come over here.

Have you ever seen such a perfect crystal you should feel good about.

Yourself forgetting you know I do feel good I feel really go come your brothers.

With love you guys spoil me yeah almost makes up for all the other.

Junk they do okay it does doesn't anybody want to spoil me.

Well little pizzas one of the ways your Papa stayed out of your mama's way a year I wish you kept himself busy while he was waiting for you to be born was to.

Work on these little surprises one of them was a playground for you but there.

Was too much to do so he asked me your uncle said for a little help.

In retrospect your uncle said probably wasn't the best choice hey Sid really.

Appreciate you lending a paw here you see I built this awesome playground but my kids come in any day now and I need to baby-proof the place look at this the only game our kid can play here is daddy brings you to the doctor I hear you now what can uncle said do for you well let's see you can pad those sharp eye.

Poking out rocks with leaves you can put mud on those sharp rocks over there oh.

Yeah and you could melt the sharp icicles in the cave now now those are a.

Hazard yeah but not everybody thinks oh they may try and stop you stop me the.

Child safe inator bring him on.

Hey there welcome to the trade Shack Jack good choice fast Tony likes what.

You did there only the best for fest Tony's customers you're on a quest right.

That'll help you the kids will love this playground.

Now looks nice encoded to me.

All the rocks are covered now time to baby-proof the rest of the playground.

Now to throw these leaves over the rocks oh now it's like a big fat for.


All the rocks have leaves on them what should I do next.

Time to go melt those icicles we review the movies come chilly in here dad I.

Should go meet hot fire.

Don't move hard is gonna stop me from helping these icicles bow.

Sid you actually did it now all that's left is for me to uproot those tree.

Stumps playground looks safer already.

My wife eavers.

Well what was that too bad we didn't call and Frank proof the playground but.

Hey I couldn't move those logs rocks earlier but maybe they can I got an idea.

This idea included me if you can get on one of their backs you can guide them into the rocks this is what happens when I wake up before noon.

Let's see if RINO these mud balls.

Come on come and get me Hey thank you help I Rhino friend I'm never ever doing.

This again.

Oh did that hurt.

Amid hit the playground not the ground ground this playground it's amazing the.

Baby loves it well then the baby will really love this an ice mobile the baby.

Thinks you're the best dad ever Wow and where did you get all the energy to baby-proof this place hey is it okay oh he's probably just shocked that we're.

Nowhere to be found on your special family ice mobile.

Welcome back to the hottest trade shack in town.

Step right over here can I interest you in something else good choice Pass Tony likes what you did there.

Sometimes little peaches even your uncle's are wrong about stuff and by your uncles I mean Diego oh not this again he thought that since she wasn't asked to participate in the goings-on with the gift for you that he wasn't part of our family anymore he could have asked of course every time.

So your uncle Diego went off off into the wilderness oh he was sure that all.

This family life had dulled his hunter's touch so he came up with the perfect test.

Oh what's the matter need a break or something I was just.

Warming up oh well when you're warmed up let me know so I can blow your stripes.

Off step right up and start your training all right the one enough of my.

Story let me tell you about your uncle SID you've got nothing I'm clean above reproach a little element he thought that since everyone was busy waiting for you to be.

Born that nobody wanted to be his friend anymore how so he thought that he would.

Go off and find some new friends wherever might find them okay.

I think the freak out about I'm good at making friends oh there's my future heard hello hey and obey hurry fray and I guess they don't know.

Slaw flat.

Okay I'm not that desperate for Freddie.

Oh yeah I'm choking on well it's better to be alone in the cave then alone in.

The cave and spiders could be worse I mean you could be lucky cage.

My fires been fired.

Welcome back to the hottest trade Shack in town only the best for fest Tony's.


It looks like a good place for a fire.

More anyone.


Okay okay not gonna look down.

And balancing that ball not crashing not burning.

Oh shooting doesn't hurt right around the corner.

Whoa thanks really huh oh and then come hello hello Chad.

Wednesday must be the wind.

Somebody I gotta bring the guy to roast marshmallows.


Oh hey who left you guys here all alone.

Don't worry I'll make sure you're safe.

Welcome to the trade check whatever you want fast Tony can hook you up now that.

Is the beer on a quest right the thing about being a mama peaches you have to.

Learn to follow your mama instinct oh and I suppose you're gonna say that you.

Have this Mama instinct well something led me to those poor defenseless little.

Eggs left all alone to fend for themselves waiting for their real mama.

Oh shit see I knew I could be a good mama too just like your mama all I had.

To do was get them home somehow big Napper.

Wait wait hey where you going.

Now don't worry Mama's gonna take good care of you.

Oh yes I know what it's like to be left all alone.

Up over and away I say.

Ready okay now take a nap no arguing I'll be back shortly.

Welcome back to the hottest trade shack in town step right over here can I interest you in something else good choice fast Tony.


Now judge I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.

Oh don't you worry your pretty little shell Mama's here.

And over we go.

I'm the slot that loves to joke.

That must over.

No you don't.

Okay now look after your brother or sister or each other.

Never fear mama here.


If you are Egbert Shelly and Yoko one happy family oh I say give each other a.

Hug but maybe that'll be easier after you hatch step right up and start your.

Training good choice best Tony likes what you know that is the meaning of.


Well little peaches when I brought those little bundles of egg joy home your parents was so happy once you brought the eggs back to where they belong Oh what was the mother to do so I tried to take them back but got caught in a furious rainstorm and watched over them all night but that night something.

Wonderful happened the eggs hatch and my little babies were born well being the.

Young and inexperienced mama that I was still are well I thought that fresh air in playtime was exactly what my new little darlings needed who could have guessed that they would have played so rough look what they're doing to your.

Playground I'm looking I'm looking I'm looking away oh you are in big.

Trouble mister it looks like safe can't control his dinosaurs said can't even control his head lice.

By ice mobile you destroyed it.

I guess you're not a mega Cyrus one foot in front of the other.

I never knew asked about some fashion Barbie so scared.

No Angela back to the speeding right now.

No wonder extinct stop the pain the ones are you guys are extinct oh I'm dead.

These little.

My baby sit in the bathtub she's been father no she's mother.

What do you want a birth certificate she's a dinosaur.

Hey there welcome to the trade Shack Jack Hugh don't look like the type of.

Was well peaches to say that your uncle said put his foot in it would be an.

Understatement but when the big mama dinosaur came back for her babies she.

Took them and Sid back with her when his real friends showed up and saw what had.

Happened they decided to follow Sid and get him back before it was too late.

Welcome back said trade a lot you know that is the meaning of upgrade.

Your mommy and daddy followed the footprints of the giant angry Dino mama deep underground the places we had never been before we had wandered.

Into a strange land full of strange dangers old new adventures and no.

Friends now not them I mean him.

Right there in trouble oh you'll be fun they'll be your top.

Those nook I'll have to force my way boss.

Looks like the Donna is my only root down.

Thanks for the lift.

Looks like madonna is my only root down.

Thanks for the lift.

This looks like an ambush.

Merlin will expect me to use this plant as a weapon not even me.

Right and the Dinos are gone very my attacks.

To pull off different combos do you believe a weasel like me didn't know that already oh you're just giving me a friendly reminder welcome back to.

The hardest trade Shack in town only the best profess Tony's customers.

Hands off the merchandise step right over here can I interest you in.

Something else that is.

On the best around.

The names buck short for buckminster.

You're new to this whole survival thing aren't you we're looking for our friend he was taken by a dinosaur he's always a friend and always a dog we're not making this up those tracks should lead you to your.

Friend all his furry carcass.

Hey there welcome to the trade Shack Jack you know that is the meaning of.


Well while your family wandered all across the strange land under the ice.

Looking for you they knew they had to get your mama something to eat soon being a mama is hungry work so is being a mammoth hot - anyways little pizzas.

Your daddy and uncle Diego enough to find some food for your mama unfortunately something else found them first and there was only one thing to do.

Bark what.

Before listen every time you had bad feelings people me tell them oh I see.

You're on holiday well okay then.

You know you're on top you never needed their long start attacking yeah.

Looks like the tree is my only root up.

What do you mean I'll never get in that tree I see there's a plant nearby that.

Will help me.

I enjoyed it they even break a sweat.

I have the tools I have a talent we all go through a bit of a drought don't we.

You're right those leaves dude up with it.

Step right up and start your training step right over here can I interest you.

In something else keep looking if you really wanted that you would have.

Brought enough berries you don't look like the type of wants to buy that the type that can afford it.

It's a long way down from here.

If only unpack my insect repellent.

I'm gonna have to jump for it.

That nearly took me whiskers off.

This could lead to a sticky situation.

How do you like them fools.

That plants got Mannion Diego kind of plant eats means maybe it's the revenge.

Is Manny the cats or the big hairy thing make a save them both.

Welcome back to the hottest reign Shack in town you're on a quest right God will.

Help you your Uncle Buck arrived just in time to save your daddy and uncle Diego.

From the giant carnivorous plant but hear that fast that meant doing things.

His way please can we just skip this part it's so embarrassing Oh have a.

Mouse before that holy digestive SS you rule number 23 do not beat yourself - a.

Carnivorous plant we're in here someone help us time to whack this oversized way.

They go hey why don't you make like a tree and get out of here.

No flowers these girls don't do right.

Shooting it directly doesn't seem to work I need an alternative strategy.

Wow will you just shoot the big plants already but rate the plateau I'm gonna.

Make us an Italian.

Wow the vines let's want to end up in here with us stuff 1 points against one fuck.

Now I'm coach I can get inside the clock.

You two better thank buck for his help thank you buck we did almost have him by.

The roots so you did - aw Pat she's just for show thanks mr. buck if he'll help us find SID oh no no I'm sure he has better.

Things to do it's okay well I was on my way to an arm wrestling match with a giant tarantula he wanted another go at me see he's a.

Busy guy would you help us find SID oh you same dating foreground trelles okay.

Fine but I'm in charge.

Hey there welcome to the trade Shack Jack now that is the meaning of up and.

Your Uncle Buck saved your daddy and uncle Diego but your mama had some.

Choice words for them about wandering too far from the past buck had an idea.

But they would need to get a little higher to get a buck side view of the jungle ahead of them.

Welcome back say trade a lot good choice Tony it was obvious that in order to.

Find your uncle Sid Mimi your parents were going to need some help someone.

Cool under pressure someone who knew their way around someone with a will of iron someone absolutely crazy so it was settled buck.

Would help them but first he had a few short rules that everyone needed to.

Follow all right listen up from now on more habitat more rules rule.

Number one always listen to buck this buck rollover to stay on the trail Bach.

Don't like Wanderers rule number three expect the unexpected work are you okay.

All woke me up you go to the chasm of death and all catch up as a mom dead.

Sounds like a one-way trip all right so you've got tickets already ha ha.


I am buck you are like the buzzing of life to me.

I smell gas and not the funny kind.


Too easy looks like I've found a weapon of mass destruction.

I see only a weapon of explosive power can remove that barrier.

It's Hari step right up and start your training only the best professor Tony's.

Customers a little too quiet.

Next time maybe they'll think twice before ambushing a weasel.

That's not a very convenient place to stand my good d'Arnaud friend.

Marquand ferocious dinosaurs nil.

I'll be back with a gang in no time.

Welcome to the trade check whatever you want fest Tony can hook you up step.

Right over here can I interest you in something else good choice.

Yes Tony likes what you did there.

Never mess with a weasel.

I think I'm going to enjoy this.

Oh look who decided to show up.

Hey there welcome to the trade Shack Jack only the best profess Tony's customers.

Well let me tell you about your Uncle Buck little peaches oh he could tell a.

Yarn like nobody's business yeah sorry about everything about how he got to the world under the eyes how you got this eyepatch and even about the great white Dino Rudy well meanwhile I was in a pickle of my own trying to get.

My babies to sleep far off in the jungle their mama needed her beauty resting Oh.

She'd be cranky and hungry if she didn't get it mommy's friend here will keep.

Them quiet to the age of Thailand.

Try that again.

And away with you Staffing love.

The baby.

Shut up shut up thank you.


Laughter this.


Oh I'm so proud of you from leaf to roots okay help me over here if you need.


Hey there welcome to the trade Shack Jack you're not a quest right ah the.

Dawn brought a new day full of possibilities full of dangers in an unfamiliar land yeah but it also brought the joy and wonder of life a new friend yes what it also brought with it unwelcome foes yes but that led us back.

To welcome family but at that moment we were in some real trouble yes but together we could do anything I said don't you mean separately yes.

That's what I said separately together.

Come on you cranky old bird yeah the control till it's something okay okay.

Doesn't mean it you're a sweet fine young pterodactyl.

That's a girl birds like a sweet sock.

Incoming bogeys twelve o'clock.

Sad for the patented POSIX technique.

Tuck your back close.

But stop new rule when tryna pterodactyl boy frightening walk pose a fire.

Is that magma or lava this said if you all better know some cute walks bugs I thought we weren't good to X what time did you get this water.

Here comes round two.

We're running out of sky watch your fingers and times anything here partly.

Mind ahead is it hot in here or is that just burning lava the sky is falling.

We count fault.

And now for change more lava.

I'm a better lawyer than I thought.

I'll be back keep it fun.

These guys just don't play fair.


They just are.

Good but I wouldn't break open the puppy.

Awesome's rule that's quite nice don't get come hey there welcome to the trade.

Shack Jack keep looking there's gotta be something you can't live without so.

There we were peaches your daddy and I fighting off dangerous dinosaurs we.

Decided that since your dad wasn't in as good a shape as I was or any other mammal on the planet for that matter but I should go save your mama from certain doom excuse me what are you two doing Oh telling peach is a bedtime story oh all.

Right well just as long as it's not too scary back soon and remember nothing too.

Scary I told you this part might be too scary you did not anyways let me tell.

You the other side of the story where brave uncle puck was riding a giant flying pterodactyl through the caves to come rescue me.

Where we go this is a shortcut is it a shortcut filled with horrible danger.

That's hearts our bogies are sex I ain't finished thing up.

These Hornets just won't quit.

Not too dangerous.


Okay ready here they come.

Playhead is buzzy that's not your head something's not right fucking bring it to me wishes.

Only hotcakes we're in deep.

Keep shifting the hi.

We're on a roll.

Get rid of the Hornet.

We're ready and freedom feels good nice boys ballet not out of the woods yet 50.

Bucks to clear the void.

And we were getting along so well clearly boy.

Keep going.

That's for Olivia.

And that's what we mammals on a superior species.

There SID what's a seat my friend you bitola whoa whoa.

We need to shake him up.

Behind us he's getting closer by the second see closer.

We really need to teach these guys.

Hey don't someone your own size.


Hey pterosaurs on my cheek.

Welcome back to the hottest reign Shack in town keep working this gotta be your.

Daddy saved your mommy little pizzas and with the help of your uncle yeah yeah so.

Not only was he needed by his family but he had also never losses on his eggs.

Thank you meanwhile things were looking up for your Uncle Buck or rather pulling up he which is exactly what he did at the last second before hitting the lava he and your uncle's crashing Eddie we're okay yes which is more than you could say for Sid who at this time was still running from Rudy.

Big kitchen.

Oh you don't want to eat me I'm truck food.

Dried pine cones all were taken I'll be running away expert by the end.

Of it Wow got it wet top of those hole.

Alone I'm allergic to beanie.

Oh things are really heating up now lava well that's not good.

Hold on pink faux pas.

Every we could do with some smell right now.

Sorry miss alia balls this fern is heading home this is how bad the man.

Issues started.

Welcome to the trade check whatever you want fast Tony can hook you up now that.

Is the meaning of upgrade well I'm pleased to say little one that crazy or.

Not that little weasels save me was even more pleased when you were born right.

After Oh Oh all that was left now was for buck to.

Show us the way out but the world below us was a dangerous place no matter who.

Or what you were you had to fight to survive we knew it wasn't over yet.

Hey there welcome to the trade Shack Jack you're on a quest right you were.

Well on our way to getting out of the world under the ice that is until we week the end of the road but first you have to find a way to get across to the.

Skeleton bridge all right now who's being too scary for the baby what I just said skeleton why don't you just tell it what happened next hmm right right well it was your uncle buck that's what he sprung into action.

Springs pretty spring get in it oh you know what I mean.

Right mammals right here and protect the little one I'll be back before you can say cataclysmic doom oh one last thing this could be your last breath so make a.


Yeah this doesn't appear to be the most stable environment for a weasel.


Never girl.

Next time you might try putting out a fire I could die no frames.

Step right up and start your training now that is the meaning of upgrade.



Yeah yes.



I'm sure that skeleton moon.

And that's why we metals on a superior species.

Welcome to the trade check whatever you want good choice.

Ah the tranquility of bubbling tar.





Yes yeah.


It's time to slide.

That was close.

It's a long way down from here.

Krikey that will most blow me over the edge.

This doesn't look stable.

I've got that sinking feeling.

For the laughing you Chipmunks they breathed in the gas so besides acting.

Like idiots are they gonna be okay darn I the long-term effects of squeaky vocal cords loss of hearing welcome back to the hottest train Shack in town well.

Your Uncle Buck made it alright little pizzas and once she arrived he figured.

Out a way for the rest of us to get across oh this is gonna be too scary again is it no it'll be fun keep going you sure yes really yes go alrighty anyways once Uncle Buck made it he's figured out a way for the rest.

Of us to get across to the bridge and it was only just a little scary yeah.

You guys get moving I'll take care of Rudy where you've got a score to settle.

With that lizard.

Oh ladies right right one down.

Evolution those rocks in my lesson.

Boy someone your outside.

Georgia Tech Jonah.

Well jab mama.


Ernie's my.

Rule number 53 when things start collapsing.

Duck enjoy.

Oh Rosie's coming down.

I better get a move-on.

Angry mother.

No more Brady lost lie down Rudy longer hey don't you come back with us Uncle.

Buck has a nice ring to it I like it maybe it won't be so bad.

That's Rudy he's alive and Rory.

Who says a dinosaur can't be your destiny.

Hey there welcome to the trade Shack.

Mama had saved us from Rudy and because of her and your uncle book we all.

Finally made it back to the world above the and um you know Diego I miss her.

Sit you're not serious ah she almost jumped you yeah out of love oh stop it.

You just don't understand you know us mamas have to stick together it's it seriously you know mama talk to the towels nighty night little peaches yeah sleep tight

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