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Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower (Part 1) - Meeting Dexter and Lisa

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower (Part 1) - Meeting Dexter and Lisa

A video guide for "Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower". In this section, Nancy writes a letter to George that tells the backstory to the game. I explore Nancy's room, getting a hotel menu, seeing the Sassy Detective magazine, learning what her locker is, and grabbing the room key. Then I go see the hotel caretaker, Dexter Egan (AKA Grumpy Old Man). He says that there have been a few incidents, like Professor Hotchkiss being robbed and the library being vandalized. Then I talk to Lisa Ostrum the photojournalist, who talks about the exact same things.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hey everyone how's it going my name is michael gray and today i'm playing Nancy Drew treasure in the Royal Tower which is the fourth game in the Nancy Drew series not the fifth one I had a mixed up drew so I'm playing this one instead of the fifth one dear George so much for my Wisconsin ski vacation I arrived here at Wickford Castle last night just before a blizzard swept in the mountain is completely shut down and the surrounding roads are closed I think I'm one of the few guests who made it to the castle at all the place is huge old and slightly creepy under the circumstances you should hear this wind what's more the owner Christine Lane my father's friend is away on business I tried to ask the caretaker Dexter Egan how I could contact her but he said he didn't know doesn't that seem odd I couldn't help feeling like there was something he wasn't telling me oh this makes me a little nervous but I'm determined to enjoy myself after all this is a vacation right I have big plans to explore the castle that Ezra Wickford the original owner must have been quite a character to have built such an extraordinary place it's feels strange did importers for one thing and I noticed one of the towers is totally ticker for me other ones of course I'll have to save some time to meet with Jacques Rene the French ski instructor tale best she'll be the first to know these half as gorgeous in person as he looks on his website so George I guess things never quite go according to plan but at least this time the culprit is just a snowstorm talk to you soon live Nancy okay I only need is a mailbox. Most of the Nancy Drew games start off with a letter but this time we actually have the letter that's kind of cool huh what's that sound radiators broken up I.

Guess it's the radiator let's see what we can explore Nancy's room.

Sassie detected exclusive QA with.

Canada's hottest new girl sleuth Lorna mcnamer ooh what's in her bag I'm.

Reading the title of the magazine I wasn't being a you know a pervert or anything like that fingerprinting 101 using fingerprints to determine keypad access codes when we test things some of the oil from our skin is left behind on the surface of things we touch our fingertips each have a unique oil oh I'm falling asleep here anyway the thing to learn is that here's how you dust for fingerprints one two three four see you dust for the oil that's left on the fingerprint and as time goes on the oil that gets left is less and less that's why this was touched first this was touch second this was touch third and this was touched fourth yay yay learning how to fingerprint people that'll come in handy later on in the game let's check out only other things you can check out is Nancy's dresser which forecastle menu. Baby back ribs with creature of the night barbecue sauce hot diggety all you can eat fried chicken drumsticks dumped in smoke into a Chinese dog better than nothing broccoli surprise and uh deceived a banana LAN for dessert awesome I want to have that I'm kind of hungry honestly that the nano land huh and this is Nancy's drawer wherein we find when. It opens we find the Wickford Castle vacation resort so shoes Locker 310 combination five one seven good to know good to know and let's grab her room card and let's start exploring the castle.

Doo-doo-doo-doo exploring the castle it's the castle and we can explore her.

Hmm let's start off by meeting the caretaker we talked to him a lot hello miss drew did you get squared away upstairs sure did mr. grumpy grumpy Kenz yes thanks mr.. Regan my room is charming but I think there's something wrong with my radiator it hisses and there's a clanging noise too would you mind checking it out for me sorry about that inconvenience but you're just gonna have to sit tight for a while I'm the only one on duty while the owners away and around here it seems like even if it ain't broke it still needs fixing last time I checked there were only 24 hours in a day and now to make matters worse there have been a couple of incidents I hope it's nothing serious the owner Christie Lane is a friend of my father's and I know how much she loves this castle everything's under control is there something else miss drew I just need a stamp to send this letter and then I'll be off to explore the castle well I can take your letter but the Mail's not going anywhere for a while it's snowing like there's no tomorrow out there so explore all you want take the Grand Tour but forget about the library it's off-limits no no ah someone vandalized our historic. Library really turned the place upside down the owner miss lane she's gonna be pretty upset Oh No but the library's where they keep all the Nancy Drew books Oh Nancy's definitely gotta solve this case why would anyone want to vandalize the library I have no idea I straightened up in there before checking yesterday and everything was fine no it looks like a bomb went off Oh books everywhere somebody hacked a big hole in one of the wall I locked the place up and called the police but who knows when they'll be able to get here that sounds serious Wow a hole in the wall what do you think they were looking for I can't tell but somebody's definitely after something hmm what else has gone wrong well this professor Hotchkiss just called me in a terrible flat saying our rooms been robbed I went up there but she wouldn't open the door to talk about wouldn't even tell me what was missing so what'd she want me to do about sounds like you're swamped mr. Egan is there any way I can help well Hotchkiss has a pair of ski boots in the basement the Frenchman has been working on a fort but he won't deliver him says he's a ski instructor not a bellhop I hate to ask this but if you could grab those boots and bring him up to her it might smother feathers sure would smooth mine okay see ya mr. Egan you're a trooper okay so that's what talking to mr. Egan does he gives us chores to do okay Oh who's this hi I'm. Lisa did you hear what happened someone broke into the library and vandalized it Dexter walked it up he's saying the culprit must be one of us in the castle can you believe it I can't believe it at all yeah Dexter just told me the library as a disaster area and then it's totally off limits to bad huh I'm dying to see what they did to it don't quote me on this but I think Dexter has an extra key to the library somewhere around his desk hmm interesting you've really got your finger on the pulse around here in the other castle scandal I should know about oh we got scandal honey professor Hotchkiss is Clinton she's been robbed for one thing but the real scandal is downstairs his name is Jacques Brunei really what's the scandal was Jacques dormez-vous scandalous cuteness of course didn't you watch the last Winter Olympics he's France's big cheese of skiing he holds the record for the 500 meters swollen but he totally choked the games I guess he's washed up now but at least his looks haven't gone down the tubes this place sounds like a soap opera oh my gosh wait till you hear this Hotchkiss is this nutty old woman who's always typing and talking to herself in her room I was walking past her door earlier and I heard her screaming that her room had been robbed you said she's a professor do you know what she teaches I'm really not sure she just kept wailing my theory my theory I think she teaches history or maybe a foreign language I thought I heard a couple of French words pop out of her mouth but don't quote me on that either I'd only barely pass Spanish in high school habla espanol hardly I'm just a humble photo journalist covering weird old mansions in the Midwest and this place is one of the weirdest did you know Ezra Whitford the original owner shut himself away in here for like 50 years oh you must know a great deal about this place not really but I sure want to get to that Tower that came from France it'll be great for my story too bad Wickford sealed it off maybe it's his ghost making those creepy noises at night uh what noises oh just your average bump in the night sound effects it's probably just dexter trying to spook up the hotel for the publicity i mean did we stumble onto the set of it as the castle turns or what well you probably want to get settled i wonder what we're gonna do with ourselves while we're all cooped up in this place i'll let you get back to your magazine stay warm okay so that's Lisa

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