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Metro Last Light Walkthrough Part 2 HD Gameplay - Escape

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Metro Last Light Walkthrough Part 2 HD Gameplay - Escape

NEW Metro Last Light Walkthrough Part 2 includes HD Gameplay for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. This Metro Last Light Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review and the Ending.




Metro: Last Light (formerly known as Metro 2034) is the sequel to Metro 2033 in development at 4A Games and will be published by Deep Silver.

The story takes place after Metro 2033, with a new story guided by Dmitry Glukhovsky but written in house at 4A-Games. The story will continue from the canonical ending of the previous game, in which Artyom presumably destroyed the dark ones. In this setting Artyom, Khan and many others Rangers will join forces once again to defend D6 from many foes including the Fourth Reich, communists and bandits. With this new installment 4A has promised a multitude of new weapons, such as a bolt-action rifle, a hand powered chain gun, a single-shot pistol and a homemade grenade launcher, and new locations to play in. Weapons from Metro 2033 will make a return, such as the Bastard, Kalash, VSV, Uboinik, and even a new hand-held flamethrower.

It is the year 2034. Beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, in the tunnels of the Metro, the remnants of mankind are besieged by deadly threats from outside -- and within. Mutants stalk the catacombs beneath the desolate surface, and hunt amidst the poisoned skies above. But rather than stand united, the station-cities of the Metro are locked in a struggle for the ultimate power, a doomsday device from the military vaults of D6. A civil war is stirring that could wipe humanity from the face of the earth forever. As Artyom, burdened by guilt but driven by hope, you hold the key to our survival -- the last light in our darkest hour...

Locations include: Introduction, Sparta, Ashes, Pavel, Reich, Separation, Facility, Torchlight, Echoes, Bolshoi, Korbut, Revolution, Regina, Bandits, Dark Water, Venice

Sundown, Nightfall, Undercity, Contagion, Quarantine, Khan, The Chase, The Crossing, Bridge, Depot, The Dead City, Red Square, The Garden, Polis, D6, Ending

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My escape from the Nazi prison could be entitled the enemy of my enemy is my friend this friend's name is Pawel he led a red recon team wiped out by the Nazis I never liked communists much so how are.

You - ah all right for you are tough huh no wonder they made you a ranger alright guys welcome back to more of Metro last light hope you guys enjoyed the game so far I definitely am so I actually try to.

Speed things up when I'm reading so you might see a little fast for motion I'm not sure nice of a fuck you chair oh yeah thanks for all the likes and support on the first part I just up with like 7 hours ago as I'm recording this what the hell so Judith Emiquon oh shit.

Girls are located a real pleasure throw in legendary g6 bunker complex huge. Storage facilities filled with supplies there is medicine and enough gamble to sustain the Reich for a hundred years and enough weapons for us to wipe the freaks and genetically impure from the face of the earth some pretty amazing.

This game so far but these six has been seized the docufide by stupid or what do you want at your brain to yours in this game go ahead.

Trying to stay close with of Jesus I. Feel like bitch this is gonna be one of.

These sickest parts of the game so far the way this the way it's shot is amazing.

I hope he's my partner forever sheep you.

All right look I got shot controllers vibrating.

Bodo large oho was it Indiana Jones buggy cart there. Opening the gate.

There they are No I'm not gonna kill this other guy cuz it's a record I could have I'm not going to. We pulled off the impossible now I have to inform the order that the dark one is missing which means to acknowledge that I've failed my mission but now when he's down in the metro I won't be able to find him alone I have to get to the nearest untrue station and then to polish the orders HQ Pavel will show me.

The way.

Littie otter there's nowhere else to go huh Juba and he'll write you up shit.

Hold on are you kicked me end of the.

Liner well there's no helping it by oh. Honey we hoof it from here follow me so. Do I get a flashlight for this don't remember seeing this stunning whoo we're. Still in the right temp though be careful so if you think about buying.

This game I would definitely do so reviews everything's been pretty positive and I'm really enjoying it it's something different actually took their time and made a great game it's always tough to make a follow-up game to something that good.

What the hell's going on in there are. You fucking ninja let's take you to the guard post and one of these fuck is not alone that's your second guard post check your sector of the tunnel we caught a rat in the vents here stay sharp there anymore do you mean Lisa what you mean is that.

He's dead swab to be able to get in here like that oh shit is not the one I'm.

Worried about right who knows how many oh shit you.

Don't see me put your bastards I thought.

I would be safe absolutely nuts.

Was that a hit shot that was clean - that's very clean so they really did.

Kind of beefed up the combat I have nothing this is some bullshit Jesus the one thing is I can't see.


12 shots really oh that's it for him at his bitch ass.

I'm actually curious when you I think asking the first part like when you guys were born but where you're wrong or something like that I don't know whatever the opposite was of that oh shit are you kidding I don't have anything got throw nuts what the fuck Charles dammit it's about.

To be bad slut Oh get the fuck out of here that was.

Pretty much brutal damn it fuck did this.

Guy go all I was trying to do is take this now.

I got some finally got some ammo yeah. This reminds me a lot of cryostasis I play it on my channel like a long time ago but what the hell is this gun this.

Looks amazing so that guy that I was.

With finally bit the dust.

There's no need to even get that so so far this game is I really shown that stealth can work but it's not required.

Oh shit oh come on ten bullets at a time and be.

Careful shit one shot at a time I like.

That makes it really have to count two.

Looks like it did a whole lot of damage too so I have played this on xbox 360 a.

Lot of people ask me to play it on PC but I did explain that uh I didn't quite have the computer power just yet you got decent decent graphics cards but the computer itself was not it's a process it's really a process where's this last fool at Illyria's that's it.

It's actually very sick gotta get you.

For that you know what I think I'm some state of the thing yeah the first thing I'm using oh shit yes god I just.

Just straight mugging everybody in this game what good level was that oh it.

Looks like a sawed-off shotgun I bet it's good too what I surrender you here.

I should toast this fool the bigwigs.

Duke it out I ready mom there's a lot of.

Stuff in here I'm just gonna knock him out oh yeah I.

Don't want to spam you guys with this game hang on let me read this really quick I got so no I don't want to spam.

You guys in this game but I'll kind of based off how the videos are doing like likes and just the amounts the quicker you'll like the videos I guess the more quicker I'll upload that's kind of what I usually do I don't want to spam you guys with videos uh like taking my time okay what the fuck look at this thing this is.

Obviously the way to go it's about to be bad now that that chase it holy shit that chase scene was amazing oh my god what the fuck.

Pavel's almost certainly going to hang who knows what what I've happened to me had he not released me with you yellow what difference does that make he risked his life for me you don't get that much in the metro I can't just walk away on him

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