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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 24

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 24

October 15, 1888, Baker St.

November 8, 1888, Whitechapel

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Hello homes.

Good day Watson listen Holmes I know I should have got here sooner to give you a report on my research but this case has led me to neglect my patients and my wife more than I care to admit I've been able to sort things out over the last few days and now I am ready to pursue this investigation you don't have to justify yourself Watson whilst I do tolerate you as an observer and despite your occasional help with more menial tasks may I remind you that you are by no means an indispensable part of this case oh you tolerate me as an observer do you oh you're too much Holmes well mr. detective despite my absence I have been working on this case putting my relationship on the line in the process and I happen to have a confidential letter that only passed from one Lord's hand to another what it contains is extremely serious and concerns dr. Tumblety and his collection of uteri let me see that.

Excellent this American could turn out to be of great use to use that's right and that's not all I did some research and finally found an illness that affects the genitalia and can in certain cases cause facial symptoms resembling the mutilations seen on the last victim it is called would you believe syphilis and the emaciation that can be seen in affected children I have known that for days Watson really listen now you already hear Watson we may as well continue the investigation do you remember the map on which we established the area in which our killer lives I think we should continue our study well.

I discovered the case of another murder before that of Bucks row it happened in George yard we should put it on the map in order to see if it corresponds to our area of research we must place the murder of Martha Tabram in George yard on the map that is where Martha Tabram.

Murder took place there's no point going there I already have all the information we need on that matter you see this murder took place in the area in which our killer lives his safe zone nonetheless there are two major differences between the murder of this Martha Tabram and that of Polly Nichols firstly the blows inflicted are not the same and the second difference it follows on from a doctor's opinion he claims two weapons might have been used and if there is one group of people we absolutely must not trust in this business it's doctors don't you agree Watson watch it Holmes table Rams murder took place in an area where the murderer whose cowardice is clear was able to make a quick getaway that is to say near his home for his second murder he would have wanted to go further afield so the police would not link these two cases and as for the other murders seeing the ineffectiveness of his last one he headed in different directions to kill his victims while still staying in the vicinity and without going any further than necessary and all the while planning his escape My dear Watson we now know what this man looks like in what area he lives and as he suffered directly or indirectly from syphilis let's not forget the anatomical knowledge he must almost certainly possess given his lower-class background a butcher seems very likely however it may be the case that the man was a butcher once but is no longer he might also have been a medical assistant who knows that's why we need the testimonies of the other Joseph and dr. Tumblety in order to be certain what shall we do homes as the police's cooperation is futile and can be ruled out we have nothing to do but wait Watson wait and hope we see one of these two men before the killer strikes again. At last a long day's work done how're. You doing Holmes fine Watson just fine I suppose you still haven't heard any news from Whitechapel no Watson it's been almost a month now who knows our killer may have brought justice upon himself overcome by remorse and ignominy for his actions not a chance Watson you haven't done anything about the story of a kidney that was sent in the post and reported by the papers why not the killer left a message on one occasion with the intention of harming the letter accompanying this package served no purpose other than to give value to its recipient and aroused his gasped against its sender the killer has never done anything for nothing in order to authenticate the Goulston Street message he left an indisputable piece of evidence can we really say as much about this kidney I don't know all I know is that there are letters piling up on your desk isn't it time to move on to another case absolutely not Watson I think that the other Joseph is reluctant to meet me the man he saw must certainly have put the fear of God in him a man well known for his violence and his hatred towards Jews there can't be any shortage of those in Whitechapel I have hope yet as for dr. Tumblety we found in miss Elms we found him who's that dr. bumble bee he's been locked up by the bobbies but they've let him loose oi he was looking round like a rat it was scared of his own shadow he's gonna do a runner yes Watson this is our chance the game is afoot let's hope the TT will go to collect his trunk as for you my little friends thank you for lifting this burden that has been on my shoulders for almost a month.

He's here the doctor is here up in his room painting through my door I saw him go up the stairs and I think that he has a pistol regarding the trunk did you do what I told you to him yes i damped the lock and filled the trunk with stones should we call the police absolutely not your home lock your doors and if you hear a gunshot shout as loud as you can Watson wins dishonest man at all costs before attempting to confront him come have your pistol at the ready and stay alert.

Don't move a muscle or I shoot who but what is going on. Bravo Watson I take back everything I ever said about your less than full involvement in our investigations listen mr. policeman I already told everything to your colleagues at the station so don't you believe it sir we're not with the police we are here to talk about human organs and aeri in which you seem to have a great deal of interest what but who are you we are the ones holding the pistol listen Tumblety tell us everything you know and you will be spared from the noose or a bullet have you tried to get hold of any female genitalia from someone during these past months so.

That's it English listen as it happens I.

Do have a collection of female genital organs which I hold dear and never miss the chance to show my friends whatever the occasion if you knew what I feel when my eyes meet the young men's as they contemplate with astonishment and disgust this soft and flabby skin that they worship and place at the centre of all their passions women repulsed me gentlemen they are one of nature's greatest mistakes lying haughty and most of all nauseating no serves men.

Mankind we are not made to soil ourselves with such animals and it is my task to educate my peers like the ancient Greeks used to do and put them on the path to masculine relationships the only kind worthy of our intelligence my god this man has lost his marbles Holmes you haven't answered my question did you attempt to obtain any female organs indeed but a long time ago I was living in Liverpool at the time a few of my specimens were starting to lose their freshness but despite the Sun proposed their heads of the University Hospitals refused to accede to my man's the fear of what others would say certainly I know nothing more similar to an arrogant foul than an English doctor yackety-yak always showing up in the courtyard with their haughty airs and as soon as shutted Tumblety so was it you who killed all of these women yes or no I regret to say that it was not if I had really wanted a few more uteri I would have had them brought in from the United States where it would cost me much less than here or I would have shown a few gold coins in the hallways of a morgue or a hospital in London and they would have kissed my feet to sell them to me and not taken the least risk but kidneys are all the latest Sade I think that I could find one tomorrow for less than a pound in short gentlemen I do not know.

Your killer and I don't know why he's doing that but if you come across in one day please send in my friendship and my deepest respect you've gone too far this time come Watson let's not get carried away now thank you for your assistance doctor if I may offer some advice you should leave England as soon as possible each day that you remain in this country is a risk that an intelligent man would not take my pistol without that it will be even more risky can we believe this man.

Holmes he can't be the murderer and his story regarding the Orleans fits but we can't afford to take the slightest risk I will ask the Baker Street Irregulars topology miss EULA's when Tumblety leaves here follow him discreetly and come and tell me as early as possible tomorrow clay is currently residing understood understood captain. You are already ready Holmes what is going on I have been waiting for you for at least an hour Watson it would appear that a new drama has unfolded the youngsters came to give me this address but I have some doubt as to the actual location we are going to let's try anyway at worst we may come across the Baker Street Irregulars to put us in the right direction.

We are lost homes no Anat Watson we are heading for the very street I'd hoped for but as I wasn't sure it was this one I've made a few big detours in order to find the right one I'll know it when I see the name why of course Holmes why didn't I think of that the great Sherlock Holmes can't

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