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Alpha Protocol Walkthrough (4k PC) HARD / VETERAN - Part 24 - ROME - Intercept Marburg

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Alpha Protocol Walkthrough (4k PC) HARD / VETERAN - Part 24 - ROME - Intercept Marburg

Welcome to my stealth walkthrough for alpha protocol played on the pc in 4k. I will be guiding you on one of the most overlooked games in recent memory. Sit back relax and become a SPY in Alpha Protocol.

Alpha Protocol is an espionage role-playing game set in the modern world. Loyalty carries a price and no one knows this more than agent Michael Thorton. A talented young agent cast out by his government, Thorton is the only one with the information needed to stop an impending international catastrophe. To do so means he must cut himself off from the very people he is sworn to protect. As players determine how to accomplish different objectives, the decisions made and actions taken in each mission will ultimately transform the type of secret agent Michael Thorton will become. Every choice the player makes as Michael Thorton will carry consequences for his future and the fate of the world.

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What's up ladies and gents of course welcome back to more Alpha Protocol continuing right where we left off the last thing we did was a glorious sex scene with Madison st. James literally although it didn't show anything but that's okay leaves it to our imagination let's go and check our email here before we continue our final mission I believe in realm and it looks like we've got nothing save look at the clearing house.

Any Intel we do and that's gonna be it.

For now let's check out we did upgrade.

And get a bunch of stuff let's see if. There's anything that obviously we still have that is the best mod alright looks.

Like we're good to go there as far as weapons go barrel sights.

Alright so we get better recoil but we get less stability with the pistol linear compensator but we need D that's gonna be better we got you stability is -1 but accuracy goes up too.

So we're gonna click that one magazines.

We've got extended and oversized stability goes down one but ammunition goes up two.

Yeah we'll go and go for that one accessories nothing yet we still got 90 it looks like shrank around so that's obviously good and we're gonna go ahead and continue on guys this is going to be a tough mission this is a lot of stealth in this mission however there's also a tough decision to make that we're gonna go up against we can take a look at some of our things. That we have picked up along the way there's probably some I know that we have missed unfortunately yeah so we're.

Gonna go ahead and go again every decision that I make I make using the decisions that I would make being in this situation this is a one of those kind of tough situations to be in in this mission but hopefully you guys will enjoy we're going to try to go through as stealthy as possible obviously there will be some moments that some action is required but it is time to intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art and we have. Won Intel which is a map of the museum with details on security it is goat it.

Smokes man. Damnit and she was sleeping peacefully. Come on.

Alright looks like we got one guy up ahead let's go ahead and take him out.

Just in time for the camera I guess the battles are still under construction how did you know I went were you spying on me she was wasn't she.

All right 7,000 bucks and deactivate.

All it moved.

Got it just in time those are hard it's like when you're when you're this late in the game on this difficulty it is so tricky reflexes have to be there and everybody knows that I don't have the best of reflexes seeing out of one eye it's crazy but I enjoy it definitely makes more things more challenging and.

What is this over there objectives all the way up there why don't we go ahead and make sure that we have shadow operative equipped.

All right member we took out the cameras we don't have to actually worry about them seeing us so that was good and I'm not seeing anything in this part.

Of the level no enemies up ahead and nothing there okay.

Oh we gotta love these new systems is.

Not as hard oh right let's go ahead and get up.

Against some cover here and let's take a look at our surroundings and make sure that we're golden we got one enemy upstairs two three looks like we have a.

Total of four do you think we can get to all four of them in time that's the real question only one way to answer that I.

Think our best thing to do it's gonna be. Close all right well it looks like we.

Did I don't know where those guys came from they came out of nowhere.

See the game just kind of throws people in your direction they're for no reason other than that I think we're good should be it.

Yeah so it looks like enemy's just kind of appeared out of nowhere which happens in this game a lot the game tries to confuse you I guess we're.

Still good no alarms there is no like 100% stealth of this it's all about raising alarms or not don't see anything.


I guess maybe because it's on this difficulty they came out of this room like extra enemies trying to throw you off a little bit.

All right his first ones.

Got it just in time slight change of.

Plans we have a live asset with us today just in case if anyone tries any funny. Business they will be killed alright so obviously we already know that they have Madison.

Get it 6,000 bucks nice is this anything.

I mean is there anyone in the museum normal hours a few tour groups security guards for tourists that's still a lot.

Of people the bomb goes off I won't let.

It happen.

I looks like we got a guy heading this way.

This'll vac we can hide underneath the stairs so gonna have to wait.

What an amazing around the back shot there.

Like you need to hurry why what's going on.

Or is that it now there's still one more left somebody's shooting.

All right let you guys look at that obviously some some shits about to go down. All right so here's the kicker we got a safe over here we want to get the contents of the safe but it is extremely hard for me as it always is.

Got it hello man that just always gives my nerves up so sensitive alright looks like we're good to go we were able to at least keep a few of them alive even though they disappeared on us.

No come on no freeze on me hey well that. Happens hopefully the video is still good like here's the thing when you record with PC a freeze like that could actually ruin the entire video whereas if you're recording on console and you're using like the elgato a freeze like that isn't gonna record because the elgato just records whatever it sees.

That where your bombs are - you're right.

About that nürnberg why don't you stay put I'll be right there your choice which way should I go.

I don't know this is where those tough decisions come up obviously did we try. To save Madison but then risk the bomb blowing up a lot of people or do we go for the bomb and then risk in Madison dying this is one of those decisions that you have to make in the game that is very tough to do but because of the person I am we have to go for the bomb this is one of those times where the amount of innocents they could be messed up here is more than just one unfortunately I hate making this type of decision but that is a type of decision that we have to make so before I move on though okay we can't go through that door we're gonna go to the East Wing we have to get rid of the bombs sorry Madison I do apologize yes there's only one way to.

Go now.

I am picking up some interference on the channel from the frequencies there's some proximity mines near your location I'll keep an eye out.

I ought to see only two enemies that I could see for right now that are all the way down three enemies now.

Like we can't get up against this cover.

All right he's gonna be coming back around this way we might be able to take him out even though we can't get up against the cover.

All right so we took care of that.

You can see that it's really difficult to find the best way to go you can't.

Even go this way there's just too many.

It's like we do have another one a couple of them just emerged all the way those are charts.

All right so since we're taking out turrets we know what to do I'm gonna go for pistol rounds.

And of course she always have to make sure you switch back or else you're accidentally kill people when you don't want to do that I got still still up there technically alright so there was something here yeah I just want to make sure that I'm staying away all right so it looks like it looks like we pretty much made it I just wanna make sure that there's nothing that I see all.

Right I think we're good to go we made it through there stealthy.

Don't freeze over now.

All right let's get in here and take as many out as we can as quickly as possible trying to do this without setting off any alarms don't worry we've.

Got the evasion.

Buys us a little extra time.

Oh shit spies like thank God I got a mixed up I got on backwards there.

You gotta be kidding me I don't see it.

Got it whoo just in time.

Deus vult.

You brought it on her please just let me. Help her there's still time the bullet went through her heart ironic when you think about it I know you had feelings for her killing her makes no sense it will when you look back on this it will.

I'm impressed you stayed focused carried out your mission disarmed the bombs and left her for last I didn't think you had it in you I couldn't let you set off the bomb whatever you have planned I couldn't let you hurt anyone else did you think you had time to save her no no I was quite. Clear with you about that you've knew Thornton you didn't have to kill her there wasn't any point she was a hostage she could have used her as leverage know what assets are no longer needed I removed them like your government did with you did you really think this exhibit was worth protecting I'm curious like did you choose the bomb wasn't about the bomb or the people I had a mission I had to carry it out of course are you done because you're gonna answer for what you did to Madison Oh the choice is an agent in your line of work is to make it MIDI the choice of saving the innocence you know against the dozens hundreds even thousands of possible innocents I wonder what miss st. James would say about that are you ready to die not. Until I kill you you're my new mission warbird - all.

Right so we're gonna try to do this stealthy I'm gonna try to get up there and kill as many as I can.

Dissected more from my self-appointed hero you are disposable and obsolete surrender now and I can negotiate a deal Marburg oh why don't they sell Thurmond immunity protection those things don't interest me even if the authorities knew I existed which they don't don't add to the body count Marburg there's no point to any of this I think you'll see Miss st. James before I do Thornton keep talking lets me know where to shoot it doesn't have to end like this the authorities are on their way you've won the bombs are diffused there's nothing left for you to do here except stop you from what I failed the authorities get here if they'll arrest us both I'll be out in an hour you will die in prison so what I let you walk away from a murder yes both of us I never returned to Rome you you get another chance something but no enough of this alright well there you.

Go ladies and gents unfortunately obviously the death of Madison st. James so I am interested to find out you know what happens if you actually choose to try to save her do you actually get to save or or does he killed her automatically obviously I still think we made the right choice in these situations it's very very tough to know what you're really going to do and that's what makes these games so fun and interesting to me so operation Deus vult completed no orphans created no alarm triggers the alarm triggered can be very very difficult because in that especially in the last two sections if you fire a single shot especially even if you fire even at the if your when we were deactivating the bombs right before then you saw there was like four or five guards right if you fire a single shot at any one of them you'll create an alarm automatically there's no other way around it so you have to take them out stealthily by knocking them out each individually same thing for the ending if you take out two of the targets and then you wait too long before you take out Marburg the alarm will trigger and then more enemies will come in and then you'll screw yourself over so get to them those two enemies as soon as you can that's why you want to go invisible knock them out and then hurry up and do your change shot on Marburg make sure obviously you switch to something a little bit more powerful since you're not really actually killing him but yeah I'll go ahead and play the the scene that plays right after this but thank you guys for watching hopefully you enjoyed and of course I'll see you on the next one peace out bitches so you chose wrong I.

Underestimated you and so did mr.. Marburg I hope so one string how does that.

Benefit you the reorganization is the benefit held back surveillance airport speeding tech weapons mr. marburg's little crusade in Rome was to remind Europe what fear is so you killed Madison for profit no Mike you did you brought her into this mess you haven't take you to marker despite the risks and then you fail to protect her you must have thought about it when.

It was all over you were the big hero saved all of Rome when things were quiet. I know I'm shooting at you no bombs what.

Did you think about them.

What's up ladies and gents this is previously recorded from my live stream this is the suit only silent assassin challenge very very difficult to do as everyone from the stream can protest to this took quite

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